Top 10 Best Photo Scanners of 2022 – Reviews

You definitely need a photo scanner if you’re planning on digitizing your prints, but what photo scanner should you get? Most such scanners come equipped with photo-friendly features that enable you to scan high-resolution photographs or to scan slides and negatives. However, only a select few can do so while maintaining a high reproduction standard, especially when it comes to processing multiple photos within a short time span. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best photo scanners the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Photo Scanners Reviews 2022

10Pandigital Photolink PANSCN04

EvernoteFirst on the list is the fast Pandigital Photolink PANSCN04 5 x 7’ photograph printer whose efficiency is quite unmatched in this price range. This versatile device boasts a handy one-touch exceptional stand alone design that facilitates direct scanning of photographs directly to your memory card. Better than its predecessors, it eradicates the need of relying on a computer to scan photos and premium payments for classic creations backup. It minimizes image distortion on scanning by its 600dpi resolution which when coupled with its space-efficient compact design and its own memory card (512MB) gives you more than your money worth.

9Avision IS15+ Scanner

scanning technology

EvernotePortable and versatile are the perks that best describe the Avision IS15. Its design is a highly efficient one to add, allows direct scanning to media devices like USBs. Besides being a durable model, it has a simple setup and is accompanied by a free SD card (4GB). It has a capacity of 300dpi in terms of resolution, an automated system of feeding and a scanning technology (one-touch) all which makes it a perfect commercial scanner.

8Epson Perfection V19 Scanner


EvernoteSimilar to the V370, the V19 is a similarly versatile scanner with the quality resolution of 4800 x 4800dpi and which allows faster photo uploads to cloud by simply touching a button. Its simple and easy design allows fast scanning (10 seconds) devoid of compromising on quality. The Epson perfection is equipped with a software, Epson Easy Photo that enables scanning to Dropbox, Evernote, and Picasa among other cloud services.

7Doxie Flip Flatbed Photo Scanner


EvernoteAs suggested by the name, this is a freestanding compact photo scanner that is accompanied by a handy cordless system and flatbed design all ideal for on the move settings. It works well for home and even school purposes such as in the creation of albums and offices for scanning of personal documents to share devoid of compromising on quality; and if you are cash strapped, aside from coming with a free battery and SD card, it also boasts an affordable price tag.

6Epson Perfection V370

scanning technology

EvernotePerfection V370 is a perfectly designed color printer that comes with a resolution of 4800 x 9600 dpi and a subsequent versatile design. Besides being durable, it allows scanning to cloud and is further equipped with an inbuilt TPU that allows photo enlargement devoid of compromising on quality. With its typical high-rise lid, photos and 3D objects can easily be placed. Moreover, it allows direct access to documents and photos to smartphones and restores faded picture color using its novel photo restorer.

5Canon Office Products LiDE120


EvernoteIf you frequently do photo scans and need to boost scan quality devoid of digging deep from your pockets, then the LiDE120 is the right choice for you. With it being internet-enabled, its design allows direct backing up of photos through services like Evernote and Dropbox. Its EX-buttons facilitate easy one-touch operations while its exclusive software My Image Garden make personalization and photo organization a simple task. It boasts a superior photo resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi, USB convenience, and an automatic placement auto fix provision.

4Canon CanoScan LiDE220


EvernoteThe CanoScan LiDE220 is an all-inclusive portable document and photo scanner that is complimented by an aesthetic theme-black which blends ideally with offices and homes. Aside from printing fast, it allows one-click photo uploads to cloud-centred services like Evernote and Dropbox. It also boasts an exclusive feature (Auto Document Fix) that works to boost the overall image quality while operating at high speed.

3Epson Perfection V550

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EvernoteThe V550 is a wonderful recommendation for both commercial and personal use. It is a compactly designed color photo high-performance printer that is characterized by a characteristic 6400 dpi resolution that facilitates breathtaking scanning experiences. It comes in a flatbed design that is both easily usable and stable and an ensuing technology (Micro Step drive) that steers its resolution to 12,800dpi breathing life on old pictures during scanning. It is equipped with a color depth and gray scale of both 16 and 48-bit and better yet a large scanning area spanning 8.5 by 11.7 inches, not to forget a unique lighting (LED) technology and ReadyScan capabilities.

2Doxie Go Plus Scanner


EvernoteAn ideal addition to photographers with frequent crafting projects, Doxie Go Plus is a standalone portable document and photo scanner with a high performance and durable design that is unfailing. It allows mobile scanning a technology that is easy to understand and use. Besides featuring a resolution of 300dpi, it allows you to synchronize all your scans through its exclusive app and comes with a universal power adapter that will prove itself quite useful in the long run.

1Epson Perfection V600 Scanner


EvernoteCapping off the list is the V600 Espon Perfection. It is a coded image, photo, and document scanning machine that is accentuated by a perfectly finished stylish design that significantly saves on space. Aside from boasting a 6400x9600dpi resolution, it is characterized by a system (high-powered) that produces large scans (17x 22 inch) and an inbuilt transparency unit not to add digital ice provision which eradicates the tears that can found in virtually every damaged photo. Moreover, it has a one-touch Photo Fix feature that instantly restores added color to any photograph. What’s more, it allows you to convert your documents scans into test files (editable) through the OCR ABBY FineReader.

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