Top 10 Best Paper Trimmers & Paper Cutters for Office Reviews In 2021

Paper trimmers are one of the most important gadgets in every household and office. They help you with different things. From making cards to building paper models for your child’s projects, a trimmer can help you with a variety of tasks. However, it is not possible to cut papers with a low-quality paper trimmer and they cause several problems instead. That is why; you need to have a look at our list right now.

In this list, we have selected the best paper trimmers available and reviewed them thoroughly. These trimmers can cut through a variety of materials and the blades that they are equipped with are manufactured from high-quality material. So, why wait any longer?

Table of the Best Paper Trimmers Reviews

10. Swingline Paper Trimmer – Guillotine Paper Cutter

Paper Trimmers

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A paper trimmer machine that comes in handy when one needs to cut through a lot of paper. This is an excellent trimmer with a unique design. Equipped with a very sharp guillotine blade, cutting is as easy as cutting through the cake. The lovely blade can cut through 12” length of paper at once given scope for a lot of action. Further, the board is equipped with dual scale ruler and alignment grid to make the most precise cuts.

However, the safety of the users is also taken care of. The useful instrument features a blade latch hook to safely secure the dangerous blade while not in use. As a matter of fact, it has a strong plastic base that confirms it’s long-lasting.

Key features:

  • Swingline gives a 10-year limited warranty against this wonderful trimmer.
  • The trimmer indeed has guard rail that keeps the fingers well away from the blade.
  • Can accurately cut almost 10 sheets during one single operation.

3. Dahle 15e Vantage Paper Trimmer – Guillotine Paper Cutter

Dahle 15e Vantage Paper Trimmer - Guillotine Paper Cutter

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The Dahle 15E Vantage trimmer is an excellent paper cutter. It is fabricated out of a sturdy metal board that is highly stable at all situations. Next, it gives a firm base to cut the papers. Also, it includes a machine ground blade. The blade is curved and protected by spring action to prevent from falling over. Plus, it gives a ground lever machine type of cutting.

Moreover, the trimmer is fitted with an automatic clamp that securely holds all the papers in pace when it is being cut. The base is pre-printed with ½” grids for the convenience of the user. One can cut as many as 15 sheets at one point in time. Having a strong metal base, the backstop is adjustable as per requirement.

Key features:

  • Have metal guides with it such that the papers are held ever securely to give the best possible trimming.
  • The board is scattered with detailed inches, centimetre and angled guides that ensure the finest, hassle-free cutting experience.
  • The automatic clamp certainly keeps the sheet in place.

2. Dahle 552 Professional Rolling Paper Trimmer Cutter

Dahle 552 Professional Rolling Paper Trimmer Cutter

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Critically German engineered using the most innovative technology; the Dahle 552 rolling trimmer is a grand and handy article. Firstly, it comes with a small circular blade that rolls around, giving it a higher standard of safety. Secondly, the ground steel blade works fantastically on a solid foundation. Thus, it becomes more precise and can cut 20 sheets. The board indeed has a 20” length allowing cutting of versatile array paper-like materials.

There is an automatic clamp in the front along with the roller blades which holds the work in place. Further, the board displays an array of screened guides for the most comfortable and precise cutting.

Key features:

  • Card stock, paper, photo paper, name the kind and it can be cut using this trimmer.
  • The roller-blade comes with a self-sharpening mechanism and goes on sharpening itself as it cuts through paper after paper.
  • This trimmer is rather given a sturdy metal base that adds to its stability and gives better cuts.

1. X-ACTO Commercial Grade Square Guillotine Trimmer

X-ACTO Commercial Grade Square Guillotine Trimmer

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The X-Acto Square Guillotine Trimmer is created for the sake of commercial use. It is crafted with a humongous 24” x 24” board that can support a lot of rough use. The blade is very sharp and highly efficient and can cut through up to 20 papers at any given cycle.

Moreover, the wooden base is quite heavy giving a very stable platform to place the papers to be cut. The base is 0.75” thick giving it much sturdiness. It is loaded with a self-sharpening system that never lets the blade go blunt. Thus it is ready for long-term use.

Key features:

  • Cut anything, be it paper, painting borders, photographs and so on with the utmost precision.
  • Comes with a safety guard and a lock to keep it securely and safely when not in use.

Now, getting precise cuts is extremely hassle-free. The paper trimmer cutter maintains the exact shape and also, safety issues are looked after.