Top 10 Best Panasonic Shavers in 2019 Reviews

If you are in need of high quality, ergonomic and affordable shavers which give a close shave, then the best Panasonic shavers would be a perfect choice. Philips has been in the electronic market for a long time which has enabled them to perfect the art of making shavers. If you are looking for reasons to buy Panasonic shavers then here they are:

Why are Panasonic Shavers the Best Choice?

1.They are engineered to last for longer and frequent use.

2.Affordable cost attracts most of the customers.

3.Excellent quality and easy to maintain.

4.Panasonic shavers are available in different types to suit different skin types.

5.Readily available in the market.

Types of Panasonic Shavers

Like other brands, Panasonic shavers are available in three types, that is;

  • Foil shavers
  • Rotary shavers
  • Trimmers

The type of Best Panasonic Shavers you will invest on will depend on your shaving needs. Some people want a shaver to keep their face hair-free and smooth all the times. Others just want to trim their facials hair. Foil shavers are the best for people who shave daily and have sensitive skin. This is because it is free from irritation but cannot trim long hair. Furthermore, the foil is characterized with a metal foil that hinders the razor from coming close to your skin. Contrary, rotary shavers have rotating discs and floating cutting heads that conform to one’s head. They are good for trimming hard to reach hair.

Best Panasonic Shavers in 2019

To help you narrow down on hundreds of Panasonic shavers, we have reviewed the ones that we feel give you value for money and are easy to use. Here are Top 10 Best Panasonic Shavers in 2019 Reviews to make your work easy.

10.Panasonic ES-RW30-S Dual-Blade Electric Razor

This device is another top-rated shaving machine that offers excellent performance. It features a high-power motor drive and precision honed, a dual inner-blade system for smooth, close and clean shave. The dual floating stainless steel foils give broad shaver coverage to trace contours of the neck, face, and jaw gently. This shaving machine is 100% washable, and it rinses clean in few seconds under the warm running water. You can use this product for shaving dry or in the bathtub hence very convenient. The built-in pop-up trimmer improves the sideburns, beards, and mustaches finish. Its ergonomic design makes it naturally fits in any hand for maximum trimming and shaving control. The product comes with an AC charger that keeps your shaver charged.

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i)This product work as expected.

ii)The user has full control over shaving to minimize burns and cuts.

iii)Comes with a travel charger, carrying case and a cleaning cloth.


i)A bit heavy.

Best Panasonic Shavers

9.Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc3 Wet Dry Electric Razor

The Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc3 Wet Dry Electric Shaver is a three-blade electronic shaving system. The more Arc3 foils mean that there will be a better coverage and less shaving machine time. Additionally, nanotech blades are honed to an acute angle of 30 degrees allowing it to cut whiskers more cleanly. Its multi-flex active pivoting head enables the shaver to glide over the user’s contours. The product features fast 14,000 CPM linear motor drive system that assists the shaver to remove tugging and pulling. To clean this shaving machine is simple and quick as you just rinse it under the running water. The ES-LT41-K delivers equipped with 10-stage LCD, travel pouch, pop-up trimmer and switch-lock button.


i)Made of waterproof materials to last minimize water corrosion effects.

ii)Easy to clean and maintain.

iii)Includes sonic vibration mode to make rinsing very simple.


i)Full charge serves only for an hour yet there exist other shavers which can last for a couple of hours.

Best Panasonic Shavers

8.Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor

The Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 men’s electric razor is a five-blade shaving system. The machine is equipped with five nanotech blades honed at an acute angle of 30 degrees letting the whiskers cut cleanly. It features multi-flex active pivoting electric razor head that lets the device uniformly glide over the jawline and chin. This feature enables optimal comfort and adequate coverage. The model comes with a 14,000 pm fast linear motor drive system that removes tugging and pulling. The device features 10-stage LCD, travel pouch, pop-up trimmer and switch-lock button. The pop-up trimmer details the mustaches and sideburns quickly. This shaving machine also includes a premium automatic cleaning and charging station to clean, charge and dry the shaver.


i)Provides close shave especially on the face.

ii)Easy to manipulate and LCD screen display the battery status.


i)A bit costly.

Best Panasonic Shavers

7.Panasonic ER-GB40-S 19 Precision Hair and Beard Trimmer

This is another shaver that offers you optimal performance. This device is one of the top 10 best Panasonic shavers. It features sharp 45 degrees angle stainless steel blades to develop an optimal cutting edge for efficient mustache, hair and beard trimming.  The quick-adjust electric trimmer dial offers 19 precision settings for beard and hair trimming. It features masculine, ergonomic design with a grip that is rubberized. This product is designed to make the mustache and home-beard grooming simple. The device comes with a cleaning brush, AC charging stand, mustache and beard trimmer. The charger stand illuminates red when charging. It is 100% washable and rechargeable. The blades should be replaced when dull to make sure you get the best performance from this device.


i)It includes many accessories such as the trimmer, charging stand and a cleaning brush.

ii)Rubber handle ensures comfortable shaving to minimize burns.

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i)Does not fit in a small pouch.

Best Panasonic Shavers

6.Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

The ES2207P women’s Panasonic Shaver use three floating heads to smoothly glide along your skin’s contours for a comfortable shave. It allows you to comfortably shave your legs, underarms and other areas of your body. This shaver is convenient since you can use it to shave in the shower or dry anytime. It features ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic inner lady shaver blades that safely minimizes irritation on the sensitive skin. The device shaves closely and trims the bikini area safely. It helps eliminate unwanted longer hairs with the pop-up trimmer. Additionally, this shaver comes with a waterproof design and rinses clean faster under the running water. With this device, you can enjoy silky-smooth results.


i)Pop-up trimmers for cutting long hairs.

ii)The head glides smoothly over your skin surface.


i)Recharges very fast.

Best Panasonic Shavers

5.Panasonic Linear ES8243A Arc4 Men’s Electric Wet Dry Shaver

The Panasonic Linear ES8243A Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver features four super-sharp Arc4 Nanotech blades for a quick, convenient and comfortable shave. The ultra-thin stainless steel Multi-fit Arc4 foil gently conforms to the contours of the face for outstanding results and closeness. This shaver comes packed with creative features that offer close and comfortable shave. This product’s trimmer delivers with a powerful 13,000 CPM Arc 4 linear motor engineered to provide clean, close and smooth shave. This shaving machine is a wet and dry shaver. It features 10 Stage LCD to show razor status, built-in pop-up trimmer, travel pouch and rechargeable battery status. The blades and foils should be replaced when dull for maximum performance. This device is 100% waterproof and features sonic vibrations for easy clean-up.


i)It is waterproof hence suitable for use in the showers.

ii)Replaceable blades make the shave multiple purposes.


i)The company should improve on battery lifespan.

Best Panasonic Shavers

4.Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver

This Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Shaver can be used on-the-go or in the shower.  It is a perfect underarm and bikini shaver. The model features a rechargeable battery that charges for 12 hours to provide usage up to one hour continuous. This product includes a compact AC adapter and a charging stand. The model is great for travel since it is lightweight and portable. Its sleek and ergonomic design offers a sure grip handle. The bikini shaver attachment with multiple height settings and precision pop-up trimmer cleanly groom the bikini area. Additionally, this women’s Shaver features pivot action shaving head equipped to glide along the skin contours for great closeness. It also has super-sharp hypoallergenic inner blades that help minimize skin irritation.


i)Lightweight hence suitable for traveling.

ii)Various height settings for convenience.


i)Chargers for long.

Best Panasonic Shavers

3.Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Shaving Machine

The ES-LV95 Arc5 Panasonic shaver enables you to enjoy a comfortable, close shave. This shaver is one of the best and most advanced electric shavers for men. It features ultra-sharp, five precision honed, hypoallergenic Nanotech blades for perfect closeness. The shaver also includes 14,000 CPM linear-drive men razor motor, active shaving sensor, and Arc 5 Multi-Flex quick-pivoting shaving head. The active shaving sensor helps in detecting different densities of beard. With this device, you are guaranteed of even, smooth and comfortable results. This shaving machine fits into your hand naturally for optimum comfort and control. It also features a built-in precision pop-up shaving trimmer that adds a perfect finish. The 10-stage LCD to check shavers’ status at a glance.

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i)It features pop-up trimmer that ensures a smooth finish.

ii)Hypoallergic blades for safety.


i)Harsh to sensitive skin.

Best Panasonic Shavers

2.Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver

The Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver for men utilizes a floating single blade system. It uses a single precision-honed stainless steel floating blade and foil. The device also features a durable high speed 8500 rpm motor for close, comfortable and quick shave. The foil and blades glide naturally conforming to individual face contours for close and fulfilling shaving experience. The device is designed to fit perfectly in any hand. This wet and dry shaver comes with a sure touch design to offer full control as you shave. It is 100% washable travel shaver that rinses clean easily under the tap. The device includes a cleaning brush and is powered by two AA batteries. This shaving machine is ideal for grooming at work.


i)The package includes a cleaning brush for easy cleaning.

ii)Small and lightweight perfect for traveling.


i)You have to take great care when shaving otherwise you will develop skin irritation.

Best Panasonic Shavers

1.Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer

The Panasonic ES2113PC Facial hair trimmer eliminates the unwanted hair comfortably and quickly from the face, neck and the body. The shaver can also be used as an eyebrow trimmer, upper lip hair remover, and nose and ear hair remover. The pivoting trimming head allows the trimmer to gently follow natural contours of your face for optimal comfort and coverage. It features ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic blades that treat the skin with great care and with no need of moisturizer. The device comes with two eyebrow trimmer comb attachments. It arrives in a compact size to allow you carry it along in your purse. The model is equipped with round-tipped, ultra-thin blade to trim sensitive skin without any irritation safely. One AAA battery powers it.


i)It is small.

ii)Suitable for shaving hard to reach hair in the nose and ears.


i)Its rechargeable battery does not last for longer hours.Best Panasonic Shavers


The above Panasonic shavers have been thoroughly tested, and you can put your money on them without any fear. We hope that you will get one that meets your needs and is affordable. Don’t compromise on quality, go for the best Panasonic shavers! Happy shopping.

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