Top 10 Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies in 2022 – Reviews

It often happens that breastfed babies refuse to suckle on pacifiers that they don’t feel comfortable with, which is why new parents are always on the lookout for pacifiers that are either identical or highly similar to the ones their baby likes. Now, you always want to consider the quality, construction, and durability of a pacifier before buying it, but as it turns out, it usually comes down to the baby’s preference and nothing else.

For this reason, you want to keep your options open at all times when it comes to pacifiers, so as to at least have a shortlist to choose from. For this purpose, we put together a list of the ten best pacifiers for breastfed babies for you to look at.

Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies 2022

10Nuby SoftFlex Orthodontic Pacifier (2 Pack)

PhillipsThis pacifier has by far, one of the most unique designs we’ve ever encountered in a pacifier. When your baby sucks on the pacifier, it initiates a flexing action, which is supposed to emulate the movements of a nipple while breastfeeding. It also has a numbing mechanism, to relieve any discomfort felt by a baby while teething. Ideal for babies up to 6 months of age, this pacifier also has an air system design, which is meant to alleviate any skin irritation experienced by the baby.

9Ulubulu Expression Pacifier

United States

PhillipsThe bright, playful citrus-inspired design of these pacifiers is guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face. Made from the most secure and highest quality of components, completely lacking in any BPA or lead, these pacifiers are every parent’s dream. Additional features include a design contoured to fit your baby’s mouth and also, chin protection, to keep your baby’s skin totally free from any irritation. A medical grade silicone nipple and ventilation holes make this pacifier doubly safe.

8Playtex BinkySilicone New Born Pacifier


PhillipsMade particularly for newborn babies, this pacifier should be a delight for both the baby and the parents. The design is very practical, with a concave nipple which allows for room for a
baby’s tongue as the tongue develops. If your baby has sensitive skin and is prone to infection or rashes, this pacifier will be a very wise investment with its completely safe and BPA free components.

7NUK Newborn 100% Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier

leader in the United States

PhillipsNUK has forever been a leader in the United States when it comes to baby accessories, and they certainly live up to their reputation with this top-notch silicone pacifier. Completely BPA-free and featuring air holes to prevent infections, this pacifier with its innovative, non-restrictive design is designed to help your kid’s jaw and tooth palate develop fruitfully. It may even finally stop your child from sucking on his thumb.

6Baby Epic Mustache Pacifier

United States

PhillipsThis might just be the cutest pacifier out there with its mustache attachment, making it an ideal choice for parents who wish to click cute pictures with their babies. There is zero PVC or BPA to worry about, making it completely safe for daily usage by any baby. Also included in the packaging is a playful cover and an attachment which ensures that the pacifier never falls down or gets lost. When it comes to being both cute and practical, this pacifier is pretty hard to beat.

5MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier


PhillipsA favorite of moms nationwide, this pacifier boasts of a symmetrical nipple which is designed to help your kid’s jaw develop. The super-soft silicone fits perfectly into your baby’s mouth, and the anti-slip texture ensures it doesn’t fall off. It also features a protective shield, for added air circulation and to prevent any unsightly rashes from developing. To top it all off, it glows in the dark too.

4The First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier

leader in the United States

PhillipsOne of the best buys on the market currently, this one is ideal for kids in all developmental stages. Trusted by hospitals nationwide and because of its extremely affordable pricing, it has quickly evolved into one of the most popular choices of pacifiers in the country. Completely safe from all sorts of hazards, it features a very innovative design, which is also compatible with most pacifier attachments out there.

3Philips AventBPA Free Soothie Pacifier

United States

PhillipsRest assured your kid will positively love this complete darling of a product from Phillips. Composed of extremely durable silicone, it is very soft and ideally contoured to fit into your kid’s mouth. The silicone never gets sticky, nor does it develop any disagreeable taste or smell. It’s BPA free and also very commonly used in hospitals because of all it’s safety features. Usually sold in a pack of two, this pacifier is also quite affordable, at least when compared to other similar pacifiers.

2Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier


PhillipsThis pacifier from Phillips is sure to become your baby’s favorite bedtime companion. Highly durable and reliable, this product is built to endure all manners of biting and sucking. The silicone used is totally latex free and is perfect for soothing any aggravated baby. Manufactured for toddlers, who are 3 months or older, it fits smoothly into their mouths and is also good for the gum and jaw development of any healthy baby.

1WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

leader in the United States

PhillipsNot only is this pacifier extremely soft and safe, it is also absolutely adorable with a super cute giraffe toy attached to its end. Being latex free and mostly free from germs due to its one-piece construction, this pacifier is also a favorite of hospitals throughout the nation. Although a little expensive, some moms consider it to worth every penny simply to get the plush giraffe toy attached to it.

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