Top 10 Best Outdoor Speakers Reviewed in 2021

Entertainment should only be restricted to indoors only. When you are relaxing outdoors, you can still enjoy high-quality music. But, this calls for installation of bigger outdoor speakers. They are ideal for fitting in your swimming, backyard and your relaxing area in the home compound.

Most of the outdoors speakers are designed to tolerate a certain degree of weather conditions. The majority are designed to resist rain, dust and sun damage. Therefore in case of weather change, you don’t have to panic. However, though they are tolerant of weather conditions, it is ideal to offer some protection. If you are searching you are for reliable heavy-duty outdoor speakers, we have the most competent guide for you.

Types of Outdoor Speakers

Before embarking on the buying of an outdoor speaker, it’s prudent to know the existing types.

Wireless Speakers: These speakers are wireless since they connect to the media device through Bluetooth or on infra-red. Setting them can be a little bit complicated since they must within the signal range. Besides wireless transmission, power connection requires wires.

Stereo Speakers: Stereo speakers are perfect installation if you have a small backyard. They are designed to offers great sound especially when you are between twos speakers. That is why they are ideal for installing in small areas for instance swimming pools.

Omnidirectional Speakers: When you have a large compound, this type of speakers is a significant consideration. They are crafted to ensure sound is transmitted all around for a better experience. This type is ideal for a large group of people as they can be placed at the center.

Mono speakers: These speakers are good for large compounds. They are meant to transmit sound for long range. Therefore you can hear the music when you are at any point within the backyard.

Further on the type of speakers, we can classify them according to weather tolerance.

Waterproof: These are designed to withstand l lights moisture for a period. If moistures exceed a certain level, you have to provide additional protection. Otherwise, your speaker will get damaged.

Weatherproof: Weatherproof speakers are heavy-duty. They are constructed with premium materials which are resistant to weather changes. The speakers are tolerant to extreme temperatures or rain.

What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Speakers

Area size: If you have a small garden, you won’t have to buy large speakers. This is because large one tends to be more powerful and can become a bother to the neighboring homes. Contrary, if your garden is large, you will have to buy a bigger speaker to enjoy a high-quality sound.

Features in the garden: A compound with more features requires powerful speakers. This is because they will block sound thereby reducing its quality. To correct the situation, you will have to increase bass levels or adjust the speaker installation. Features on the garden will determine the type and size of a speaker to buy.

Height of the speaker: Some speakers are available for mounting while others are self-standing. Regardless the type of installation height will determine the quality of music you will experience. The ideal height should be above from the ground level and other obstacles for better performance. On the others hand, mounting yours speakers high produces a thin sound.

10. DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The Doss Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers delivers good quality sound with its 20W high performance drivers. It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology which allows for instantaneous connection with music devices. It is not only the sound however, this outdoor speaker is made of IPX6 waterproof material and rated IP66 for resistance against dust and water. It can endure strong splashes of water which makes it ideal for any outdoor trip such as camping, hiking, beach etc.

The speaker comes with two flashlights with 5 varying modes such as – low brightness, medium brightness, high brightness, intermittent flashing and SOS. This makes sure, you can clearly see in the dark outside and won’t have to fear low for effectively capturing your precious moments in the camera. Besides, the SOS flashlight mode would be helpful in times of any emergency.

It comes with a powerful battery life with 12 hours of playtime and the energy efficient flashlights will last for 48 hours.


  • IPX6 waterproof material
  • Flashlight with 5 varying modes
  • 20W drivers and Bluetooth 4.0 technology


  • Sound may not be of top quality


The Doss Wireless portable Bluetooth speakers is a good affordable option for some musical adventure outside. Though sound quality may not be top class, it is reasonably good and with 5-mode flashlight it is a handy and fun tool as well.

9. Zealot Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker, Waterproof

Zealot Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker, Waterproof

If you love cycling, there is a great way of making it more interesting. Instead of cycling when its all quiet, get the Zealot Bicycle Speaker, which stands out for its versatility and performance, and enjoy music when riding.

While this speaker is best for bicycle riders, it is also great for use at rooms and when going for camping or road trips. To fix it on your bicycle, mount it on the bicycle handles and activate the Bluetooth. When Bluetooth feature is on, you can play music and answer phone calls handfree. That’s not all, you can use it as a torch when cycling at night.

There is more; the speaker can also be used as a radio, when you’re not playing music, keeping you engaged all the way. And since when traveling charging your phone is big deal, this speaker is also usable as a power bank. So when traveling you don’t have to worry of your phone battery charge getting depleted.

Despite the speaker’s small size, it delivers a stunning and strong sound. This is thanks to the 40mm driver. This speaker also stands out for its long battery life, which can last for a full day. On top of that this speaker is shock proof, dustproof, and waterproof


  • Can be used as a radio, plays music and can be used as a torch
  • Usable as a power bank, thanks to the strong battery
  • It is shock proof, dust proof, and waterproof
  • Easy to mount and to operate when cycling
  • Apart from being great for bicycle riders, it is usable during any other outdoor activity


  • The efficiency of the radio depends on the radio signals in an area


Enjoy music, listen to the radio and when your phone’s battery dies, use this bicycle speaker as power bank. You’ll also love the design and the overall performance of this speaker.

8. Yamaha NS-AW150BL Outdoor Speakers, 2-way

 Yamaha NS-AW150BL Outdoor Speakers, 2-way


  • Power: 120W max, 35W nominal
  • Impedance: 6 ohms
  • Frequency response: 120W
  • Weight: 8 pounds

Yamaha is a known company which invests much in quality sound. These Yamaha NS-AW150BL are designed to offer solutions for all your outdoor speaker needs. They are suitable for installation in your garage, poolside, backyard, and patio. The speakers are perfect for the production of balanced sound with a controlled bass response. Further, they are easy to install making them ideal for every home.

When you think of durable outdoor speakers, these are on the top of the league. They are durably constructed and can withstand ever changing weather condition. They are completely weatherproof and will withstand any intensity of rainfall without getting harmed. Each speaker is enhanced with acoustic suspension mechanism to allow easy installation on the wall. They feature a frequency response of 120 watts, 6 ohms impedance and 80Hz to 40kHz +/-3dB Sensitivity. Above that, they have 5-way terminal post allowing easy connectivity.


  • Extremely weatherproof
  • Great balanced sound production
  • They are easy to install


  • They don’t have any replacement part


Outdoor speakers should be able to withstand the harshest conditions outside. These Yamaha NS-AW150BL can withstand a severe weather for months without getting compromised. They are easy to install and delivers your desired sound quality.

7. Pyle Home PDWR50B 6.5’’ Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Pyle Home PDWR50B


  • Power: 250W RMS/ 500W Peak
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 30-22K Hz
  • Weight: 7.4 pounds

Are you looking for speakers which you can mount anywhere indoors or outdoors? Get these Pyle Home PDWR50B 6.5’’ Indoor/Outdoor Speakers. They are designed to fit any installation since they are waterproof. Moreover, they are constructed from heavy-duty ABS material which is hard to break and offers high-quality protection. This renders the speakers useful for use in marine, patio, poolside and decks among other places.

These speakers feature 6.5 inches injection cone which is backed by 50 Oz. Magnet Structure. This allows the speakers to provide exceptional crystal clear sound with a balanced bass. Additionally, for the speakers to delivers full sound to a large area, they have a maximum power rating of 500 watts. The 1-inch tweeter Compliance Myia assist ion clearing the speakers sound by delivering highs. The bass reflex vent is ideal as it allows for a more powerful sound, leading to delivery of frequency response of 30 Hz to 22 kHz. A network of inbuilt capacitors is responsible for the separation of sound between the two speakers hence allowing each to have a clear sound.

Connecting these speakers to the music source is easy through the fitted quick speaker terminals. Besides secure connection, these pairs come with a spring mounting system for easy installation. Removable rustproof mesh grill protects speakers.


  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors use
  • Sounds quality is outstanding
  • Durable construction


  • Speakers guard comes out quickly


We can say that Pyle Home PDWR50B, are great speakers to install in your homes and other outdoors areas. They are durably constructed and have high power output. Sound quality is alright; balanced and soothing.

6. Archeer A226 Outdoor Sports Shower Wireless Speaker

Archeer A226 Outdoor Sports Shower Wireless Speaker


  • Power: Dual 5W
  • Extra: Dust and splash proof
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces

Outdoor speakers should not be necessarily big for you to enjoy quality music. You cans haves this Archeer A226, and you will have sound satisfaction. It’s a compact speaker designed with high portability to allow easy transportation. It has a protective cover which allows the speaker to be waterproof. Therefore it’s a perfect device when you are in beach, cycling or bathroom.

No connection wires are required; it connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to the media devices. This allows you to enjoy higher quality music unlike when you are listening from iPods or smartphones. It is fitted with dual speakers each 5 watts hence providing you with superior quality sound. It can also connect to the 3.5mm jack. The dual connection modes enable it connects with CD players, mp3/4 and 5s players, and smartphones.

The speaker comes with a rechargeable battery capable of providing 12 hours music playback. It takes 3 hours to recharges it, and you can use as a power bank to recharges it. With an inbuilt microphone, the speaker enables hands-free phone calls. Moreover, at night you can struggle since it is has LED flashlight. Once you buy this speaker, it comes backed by 18-monts warranty or 40 days money refund policy.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Inbuilt microphone for hands frees calls
  • Longer music listening times: 12 hour
  • No sounds distortions


  • The flashlight isn’t bright enough


Goods bass, flashlight, rechargeable battery and highly portable, this Archeer A226 guarantees all these. Therefore, it is highly versatile and fits all yours outdoors activities. Above all, you won’t complain about waters damage as its waterproof.

5. Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Taking position one in our list is this wireless Bluetooth speaker by Cambridge Soundworks. First, this speaker is usable indoors and outdoors. This makes it great for homes, kitchen, bathroom, car, dorm room and parties uses. Apart from the versatility, this speaker stands out for being powerful. Many reviewers and users indicate that very few outdoor speakers can match the crystal clear and high quality sound produced by this speaker.

Thanks to the proprietary radiator design, this speaker delivers enhanced bass and excellent stereo sound, which is definitely every buyer’s wish in a speaker. Another feature that is dealmaker in this speaker is the ability to stream music live and enjoy music, as you like anytime you love. Also, this speaker can connect to Internet radio services like Spotify and Pandora.

As you know the weather out there is predictable which is a great risk when you’re carrying your speaker. To save you from such agony, this speaker is sandproof, dustproof, rainproof and splashproof.


  • It is waterproof
  • Usable both indoor and outdoors
  • Delivers a high quality and crystal clear sound
  • Ultra portable
  • Bluetooth feature


  • Some isolated complaints of the speaker stopping to play.

Enjoy music anywhere you’re whether in your car, bathroom or when playing golf with this Bluetooth and ultra portable Bluetooth speaker.

4. Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

The Polk Audio Atrium 4 comes in a steeply -angled baffle design which allows for maximum critical mid- and high frequency dispersion without compromising on detail, for wider sound dispersion in a large open area making it ideal outdoor speaker.

With the 4 ½ inch mineral filled polypropylene cone, you get a very powerful bass and with the ¾ inch anodized aluminium dome tweeter, and 80W power, the speaker provides better power handling and smoother response. Coming with a speed lock mounting bracket, this outdoor speaker can be easily installed either vertically or horizontally to optimize the sound quality.

The speakers come with aluminium bracket with stainless steel and brass hardware which ensures there is no rust and the 5-way binding posts make for secure and dependable hook-ups. The small profile of the speakers makes them easily blend with the surroundings.


  • Steep angled baffle design for higher sound dispersion
  • Powerful bass and 80W powerful sound
  • Speed lock mounting bracket
  • Aluminium bracket with stainless steel and brass hardware
  • Blends easily in the surroundings


  • Small size may produce less powerful sound when compared to bigger speakers


The Polk audio Atrium 4 delivers quality sound with its 80W power and powerful bass. With easy installation, strong build and good looks they make for a good choice speaker. Their small size provides the convenience of space but may limit the quality of sound when compared to larger speakers.

3. PYLE PLMR24 3.5’’ 200 W 3-Way Weather Proof Outdoor Speaker

PYLE PLMR24 3.5’’ 200 W 3-Way Weather Proof Outdoor Speaker


  • Power: 200 W Peak 100W RMS
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 70-21 kHz
  • Weight: 3 pounds

Outdoor activities can be exhausting and mood draining. You can soothe your soul by incorporating a good outdoor speaker which delivers outstanding sound. With its heavy-duty construction, it is ideal for use in different areas such as poolside, decks or outside your house. The speaker features weatherproof construction to withstand heavy rains or extreme temperatures.

Enjoy a high quality and soothing music with an exceptional bass. This 200W speaker is equipped with 3.5 ” aluminum injection cone woofer which is powered by 24 oz. Magnet structure. It further boasts 1 inches super dome tweeter which enhance soft highs and wide dispersion cone that delivers an excellent Mids. Further, it provides low distorted music due to the inbuilt capacitors networks. The Bass Reflex Vent ensures you get additional bass responses which give you a soothing and clear music.

The PYLE PLMR24 is durable speakers protected from weathers elements to deliver high-quality music for a long time. It is fitted with a removable rustproof mesh grill which protects the speaker coil. The outer cover is constructed from ABS material to protect the internal components without breaking. The speaker comes with a full installation kit.


  • Completely weatherproof
  • Mounting is versatile
  • It has a heavy duty construction


  • It isn’t wireless-enabled


PYLE PLMR24 3.5’’ 200 W 3-Way Weather Proof Outdoor Speaker is your companion when you want a crispy music. It has an excellent quality sound with a good bass response. Additionally, it’s durable and weatherproof.

2. Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers

Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers


  • Power: 10-80 w per channel
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency response: 75Hz-25 kHz
  • Weight: 3.60 lbs.

When you think about buying an outdoor speaker, these Atrium outdoor speakers are here for your solace. Their construction features a heavy duty material which gives them tolerance to environmental weather conditions. This renders them above the industrial and military standards; hence, delivering super performance. The speakers are fitted with an anodized aluminum tweeter domes enhanced with rubberized surroundings to prevent weather elements effect hence producing smooth and constant sound.

These speakers are designed to top deliver sounds at 360 degrees dues to their perfectly angled and wide baffles. They are steeply angled to produce stable mid and high frequencies dispersion over an extended area. Further, the tweeter phase cap assists upscaling frequency from 12 KHz to 20 KHz. The mineral-filled cabinet, on the other hand, helps in perfecting the sounds while providing years of protection against weather elements.

Installing theses speakers is sans easy task. They come with a speed lock mounting system. It enables a one hand installation even in challenging situations. Grilles are stainless steels material and brass manufactured. The materials are resistant to corrosion or rusting. The 5-way binding post is gold plated hence provides a secure and dependable hooking. It comes with a 5-years warranty


  • Durably constructed: anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and brass
  • Easy to install: features speed locks mechanism
  • Covered by a longtime guarantee: 5-years
  • Excellent sounds output


  • The speakers doesn’t have wireless connectivity


Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers provides years of use. By being constructed beyond military grades, they guarantee extended usability high performance and outstanding sound delivery.

1. Dual Electronics Dual LU43PW 3-way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Dual Electronics Dual LU43PW 3-way


  • Power: 100 W (pair)
  • Nominal impedance: 4-6 ohms
  • Frequency: 100Hz – 20 kHz
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds

Get these Dual Electronics Dual LU43PW speakers and never worry about the impacts of environmental factors. They are strong and constructed from a variety of sturdy materials to improve on durability. Therefore, you can mount them inside or outsides either temporarily or permanently. However, these speakers should be shielded from, water as they aren’t waterproof. Installation is simple with speakers fitted with a mounting bracket. This allows you to suspend the speakers at any location whiles allowing pivoting.

They are powerful speakers featuring 100 watts speakers (50watts each) that deliver a smooth and balanced bass. The installed 40 mm midrange poly cone and piezo dome 20 mm tweeter ensure that speakers produce clear and smooth sound. Additionally, the speakers have 4-6 ohms nominal impedance coupled with a frequency responses of 100Hz – 20kHz to facilitate a robust and powerful bass production. The 3-ways speakers are crafted with a guarantee of high-quality sounds regardless the point of installation. Whether you place them indoors, poolside or outdoor that won’t compromise sound production.


  • Goods sound quality regardless of placement
  • Smooth mounting: has a mounting bracket
  • Cheap compared to other top brands


  • They aren’t waterproof


Dual Electronics Dual LU43PW speakers are the only speakers that offer cheap, high-quality music. They are easy to install and features a durable material. Although they aren’t water resistant, they can withstand various weather elements without compromising sound delivery.

Conclusion: Getting good quality outdoor speaker can be an uphill task. But with a proper guide on how to select it eases the work. On the others hands, with theses featured products, it becomes even much easier to turn yours compound lively and soothing. Get one today and keep your soul high.