Top 10 Best Outdoor Fireplaces in 2019 Reviews

Do you have an outdoor installation such as a patio that you relax on or host small family parties on often? In addition to a sturdy table and chairs, setting up a functional outdoor fireplace will benefit you immensely. During cold nights, for instance, you will be able to snuggle your loved one and enjoy a warm and enjoyable experience without wearing bulky jackets. Because of their portable designs, setup and operation are simple while their power efficient designs spare individuals the hefty expenses individuals with built in fireplaces often grapple with. To help you make the best decision, this top 10 review highlights the most trending models in 2019.

10. Endless Summer GAD1401M


Endless Summer GAD1401M is an outdoor gas-powered fireplace with an impressive heat output of 8.79 kilowatts. During cold nights, therefore, it keeps users warm without predisposing them to toxic smoke and or compromising their safety and that of their pets as some models often do. Out of the box, setup is simple. The weather resistant steel used to make it has a charming outlook that blends well on patios. The lava rocks it comes with improve charm and heat dissipation, while its sturdy design never topples over when placed on a flat surface. Buy one today to get a high-performance accessory complete with a stainless steel 30,000 BTU burner and a 1-year warranty.

9. Best Choice Products BCP


Featuring a durable hex shaped body with stylish bronze-finished lattice design; Best Choice Products BCP is an excellent fireplace for use on backyards, gardens, and patios. Compared to the Endless Summer GAD1401M model reviewed herein, it is lighter (17.75 pounds), portable, and very easy to setup in most outdoor spaces. Its low maintenance wood burning system is super convenient, while its deep and wide bowl fits a great amount of wood to keep users warm for longer. During a party, therefore, you can concentrate on having a good time rather than constantly restocking your fireplace with wood. For safety, this fireplace has a flame retardant lid.

8. Deckmate Sonora


This Model 30199 of the renowned Deckmate Sonora fireplace is a premium wood burning accessory that works outdoors. Manufactured by Kay Home Products, using embossed cast iron, this fireplace is durable. Its painted high-temperature finish does not discolor, chip, nor lose its charm over time, while its compatibility with both natural and artificial wood diversifies your heating options. Unlike wooden fireplaces that spill ash all over the place after a night of merry-making, this model has a large ash catcher that contains spills well. It also has a large sliding door that eases clean up and an integrated fire tool and logs grate that makes it an excellent addition to patios.

7. Char-Broil Trentino


Designed to deliver soothing heat without creating an eyesore in backyards and patios, Char-Broil Trentino is a deluxe outdoor accessory that sells for a few dollars. It glowing design is aesthetic. Its sturdy frame has fine mesh screens (on all sides) that contain hazardous embers and sparks, while its unique open view design delivers enchanting warmth from all corners. As such, you do not have to sit in a specific direction to have a memorable experience outdoors. All screens are removable for easier cleaning and feeding. Management of firewood is also easy using the large log crate on its body.

6. Endless Summer GLT1343SP


Forget about ash and toxic embers that most wood burning fireplaces release when in use. To enjoy a soothing experience outdoors while avoiding such challenges at the same time, this LP gas-fired fireplace is an ideal replacement. Featuring a compact tabletop design that works well in tight spaces, its clutter-free design is admirable. Heat output is approximately 10,000 BTU, while its durable stone faux construction also features a stain-proof satin finish that does not fade over time. If you have kids that mill around your patio whenever you are away, this fireplace has a safely hidden control panel and electronic ignition system, which makes it safe for use on backyards.

5. Endless Summer GAD1429SP


In the outdoor fireplace niche, Endless Summer GAD1429SP is a sought-after product with many novel features. Gas-powered, for instance, it is cheaper, cleaner, and safer to use. By taking wood out of the equation, individuals who are conscious about the environment can also enjoy their much-needed warmth at no expense to the environment. Even though buyers have to spend additional amounts on LP tanks to use this fireplace, the 30,000 BTU burner (stainless steel) it comes with offers professional grade service for years. Its concealed electronic ignition system and hidden control panel improve its safety rating significantly, while its wicker base, sturdy steel bowl, and slate time mantle improve its performance. You even get real lava rocks that improve aesthetics and heat dissipation.

4. Fire Sense Bon Fire


Measuring 28-inches, Fire Sense Bon Fire is a portable patio fireplace that also works well on beaches and campsites. Featured in top 10 best outdoor fireplaces in 2019 reviews, its unique domed design is a major draw because of its stylish outlook and ability to radiate heat better than comparable outdoor fireplaces. The corrosion-resistant enamel bowl (lidded) it comes with is durable, rustproof, and has an easy to clean wide rim design while its large single door eases refueling. It also comes in handy when roasting marshmallows or cleaning

3. Landmann 26364


Do not confuse this fireplace’s compact design (23.5-inches) for a weakness. Even though small, the myriad of advanced features offered improve its performance significantly. The fire bowl pit that contains wood and other synthetic fuels, for instance, is durable and oriented to deliver a 360-degree view of fire whilst in use. Apart from enjoying a warm and soothing experience as it radiates heat, you will also appreciate its romantic allure when snuggled with a loved one. Landmann 26364 also has a long-lasting steel body, decorative cutouts that create a unique ambiance at night, and a built-in spark screen that prevent embers from escaping and compromising safety.

2. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC


Featuring a new and improved design with a heat output of 40,000 BTU, AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC is a reliable fireplace with an antique bronze finish that lasts. Measuring 28 inches tall, it is light and portable. The battery-operated pulse ignition system it uses is super reliable, while its support for butane and propane appeals to most homeowners. These fuels burn cleanly. They are also flare-free and lack harmful embers common with wood-burning fireplaces. This CSA-approved fireplace heats areas up to 15 feet.

1. Heininger 5995


Renowned for its power (58,000 BTU), Heininger 5995 delivers an unmatched heating experience outdoors. Durable, portable, with a clean propane burning system, it is an ideal day-to-day fireplace for use on patios and backyards and for tailgating. Forget about smoke, embers, ash that you wood-burning fireplace produces whenever you are lounging outdoors. Heininger 5995 is weather resistant and has a wide 19-inch fire pit with decorative lava rocks.

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