Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Pens & Dog Playpens for Sale Reviews In 2020

Whenever you are out for your daily work or for an adventure, the tension of keeping your pets secured is very real. There are chances that you may suddenly find them missing if proper precautions are not taken. Thus, the dog pens are introduced to keep these notorious pets completely safe whenever you are failing to keep an eye on them. Besides accommodating dogs, these pens are perfect for other small pets. Further, it acts as a play or exercise area. And the shapes can be changed accordingly.

To keep your dogs active and safe at the same time, buy the portable dog exercise pens for sale. However, to know about the trustworthy products, read the review below.

Table of the Best Portable Dog Pens Reviews

10. Midwest Portable Dog Exercise Pen – Pet Playpens for Any Dog Breed

Dog Pens

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With the Midwest Exercise Pen, you can safely give your dog a lot of space and freedom to stretch as well as play. It has a flexible design which enables you to use it inside your home in the living room or out in the backyard or camping trip. Assembling it is even easier. You just need to unfold the pain at the joints end use the snaps to secure the panels at a place.

Plus, dogs a quite agile and athletic and boast a lot of strength. So when you are outside you can firmly secure the position of your pen to the ground with pins that are shipped with the package. Along with 8 ground anchors and 4 thumb-snaps, it has black e-coating for ensuring durability.

Key features

  • There are 8 dog pen panels that come together to leave a lot of room and space.
  • Comes in 5 heights for dogs of most shapes and sizes
  • Panels have a width of 2 feet.

9. Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Pen – Small Pet Playpen for Indoor & Outdoor

Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Pen - Small Pet Playpen for Indoor & Outdoor

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Assembling this pen for your active dog required no special tools or gears. It has an ingenious foldable dog exercise pen design that is advantageous for both storage options and ease of assembly. You also get a lot of customizability with this pen since you can either choose to make a smaller space or a larger one depending on the size of your pet. Overlap the panels to make a small square space or use them to make a larger round space.

So even if you are not a dog owner you can easily use this for rabbits, hamsters, ducks and more. Moreover, with this pen, you get the added customizations that you can avail with Midwest accessories. They include sunscreen top, mesh top, dog crates and more.

Key features:

  • Available in 5 height options from 24-inches to 48-inches that can contain pets from small to large.
  • When fully opened up your pet will get 16 square feet of play area.
  • Ships with four thumb snaps and ground stakes.

8. IRIS 24-Inch Indoor Small Dog Playpen with Door – 4 Panels

IRIS 24-Inch Indoor Small Dog Playpen with Door - 4 Panels

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The IRIS Pet Playpen is probably the best gift you can get for tour growing puppy or small dog. It has a 4-panel design that has robust construction and made of superior quality heavy-duty plastic. Metal pens usually rust and need a bit of maintenance. However, this pen from IRIS is virtually maintenance-free and will last you for a prolonged time since it doesn’t corrode by elements easily.

Furthermore, it is a lot lighter than metal alternatives too since plastic can provide a lot of strength and sturdiness with less weight. Your dog will stay inside the pen securely. The metallic latches lock the door in place. Also, the portable dog playpen has a wide area of 8 square feet area for allowing them to move freely.

Key features:

  • Easier to transport due to lightweight design.
  • Your floor doesn’t damage either since the pen comes with rubber feet for skis resistance.
  • Assembly is tool-free with the plastic rods that connect the panels.

7. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Pen and Dog Play Pen

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Pen and Dog Play Pen

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Amazon like their service is very reliable when it comes to their products. This metal pet playpen enclosure is from their own AmazonBasics line-up that is affordable and much better than competitors in its segment. You get 24-inch metal panels that would contain both large as well as small pets in a comfortably large area. Due to its sturdy iron structure, it can maintain its shape and would last you for years to come.

Plus, it’s black coating not only makes it look good but also protects from exposure to everyday outdoor elements. So it is fit for use even when you are on the road. Above all, for anchoring it to the ground firmly, it has 8 ground anchors.

Key features:

  • Tool-less assembly.
  • Getting one year warranty
  • Folds to a very compact size for efficient storage.

6. IRIS 34-Inch Dog Pen Panels with Door for Indoor and Outdoor Use

IRIS 34-Inch Dog Pen Panels with Door for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Since it is made of plastic, you will find this pen to be nice and light. First of all, you can easily lift and fold this outdoor dog exercise playpen with a door for transportation and won’t require anyone else for assembly. Also, you don’t need a toolbox for assembling this pen either since it has a draw pin assembly that secures the panels to each other. A cute door is integrated into one of the panels so that your pet can move in or out easily. IRIS has also taken care of the safety factor by adding in two-hinge latches for locking the door. This secures your pet within the boundaries of the enclosure and keeps it safe.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about leaving longevity since they are made of non-reactive plastic that won’t rust or corrode due to outside elements.

Key features:

  • A total of 8 panels that are 34-inches high.
  • Made of moulded plastic that has high-quality
  • Cleaning it is a hassle-free task.

5. Tespo Portable Small Dog Playpen with Floor – Pop up Dog Kennel Crate

Tespo Portable Small Dog Playpen with Floor - Pop up Dog Kennel Crate

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Experience the joy of crafting a separate world for your pet with this DIY pet pen. Unlike other pens, this has a transparent white material design which causes less stress for the pets. You can interact with them from anywhere or anytime. For gifting the pets with enough room, it provides 20-square feet of an area. Having cable ties for securing the full set-up, it also comes with an anti-slip mat that prevents any damages to the floor.

Furthermore, it is perfect for small pets such as hedgehogs, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. All the things you need for assembly is shipped with the package so you don’t need to buy anything extra.

Key features:

  • Just under 11 pounds.
  • Have 12 panels in total.

4. BestPet Foldable Dog Playpen Crate – Outdoor Dog Kennel for Playing Exercise

BestPet Foldable Dog Playpen Crate - Outdoor Dog Kennel for Playing Exercise

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You forgive your pets no matter how many couches or clothes they tear up after you have returned home. But you can avoid that situation with the 24-inch high pet pen from BestPet. With the iron metal construction, they are quite long-lasting and can contain your energetic pets with a lot of room for them to stretch. Even using it outdoors is fine due to an e-coat that protects it from UV rays, fading, rusting as well as water.

Having a fence design and featuring 8-panels, the double latches system ensures double security in every instance. Further, the durable welding adds to the strength of the product.

Key features:

  • Various shapes can be made including octagon and rectangle.
  • Setting it up or folding down is easy.
  • No tools needed.

3. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Metal Pet Dog Exercise Playpen Kennel -16 Panels/8 Panels

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Metal Pet Dog Exercise Playpen Kennel -16 Panels/8 Panels

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Just in terms of sheer size and customizability, this is one of the best heavy-duty pet pens you can get in the market. It consists of 16 as well as 24-inch panels that have excellent craftsmanship and is made of reinforced metal. Unlike other manufacturers, Yaheetech doesn’t stand for shoddy work and poor quality products. Besides a single panel design, it’s iron panels are generously coated with premium powder. You can use this for multiple pets or just use fewer panels for a single pet.

Further, one even gets two special panels with integrated doors that are not only great as an access point but have a great safety feature. They come with a latch lock that keeps your adorable pet within the safe limits of the enclosure.

Key features:

  • Effective area coverage of 66-square feet.
  • Coated with a protective layer to prevent rusting.
  • Fit for use at both outdoors and indoors.

2. MyPet Petyard Passage 8-Panel Pet Containment

North States Pet MYPET Petyard Passage

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This pen from MYPET has a design which stands out from the rest due to its mesh metal panels and ultra-strong structure. Design and functionality wise, it’s very unique and provides you feature that other brands fail to deliver. It has a transparent pet door that swings freely and allows four paws and a tail to pass through with ease. But you don’t need to worry about safety since it also comes with a locking knob. Just simply twist it to lock the door in place and keep your precious pets safe and sound.

It doesn’t even require metal stakes to hold itself to the ground. Also, it’s a sturdy shape and strong build having anti-slip pads allow it to stand on any surface. Interlocking panels allow you swift assembly and easy access while aiding in portability.

Key features:

  • Does not leave any scratch on floors.
  • Customize to your needs by removing or adding panels to increase or decrease area.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

1. BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen – Dog Cat Exercise Pen

BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen - Dog Cat Exercise Pen

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When you will receive this pet enclosure, you will be astonished to see such a large enclosure having an extremely compact form. It comes in the form of 8 panels that can be set-up and broken down very quickly. Even if you are living alone, you can set this up easily. It doesn’t require two people or any to be assembled into form. The eight panels can be shaped in the form of a rectangle, octagon or a square to keep things interesting. Since they are made of heavy-duty and reinforced metal they are quite stable in holding the ground.

At the edge of the panel, you will find slots for metal prongs that hold the panels together.  One of the panels even includes an integrated door so that your pet can easily move out or enter the enclosure. For an extra layer of security and your peace of mind, this door has two latches for locking it. If one doesn’t have a large dog and would like a smaller area for tinier pets, then you can do so easily. Also, an individual can use a lower number of panels to make a smaller area for your guinea pigs or rabbits

Key features:

  • 40-inch by 31-inch panels.
  • Portable design that you can wherever you want in your car.
  • Protective coating for shielding against rust.

Keep your pet at the best of their health by installing dog exercise pens for indoors and outdoors as well as outdoor usage.

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