Top 10 Best Organic Baby Lotions

A very significant decision you will make in the care of your baby is what lotion to use on her soft, sensitive skin. One of your primary concerns in making your selection is how healthy this lotion will be for the baby; not only will you be considering how well it affects the skin itself, but how well it affects the baby’s entire body. A good place to start is by examining lotions made with organic and natural ingredients, as these are highly unlikely to cause your little one serious, internal issues. Below are reviewed the best organic baby lotions: seven healthy options for your baby.


California Baby Calenula Everyday Moisturizing Lotion, containing organic ingredients, is another outstandingly reviewed product. Parents not only state that it doesn’t irritate their children’s sensitive skin, but also say that it helps their babies with skin irritations, such as eczema. There are almost no major complaints about this lotion. A few parents do not like the scent at all, but others really love the scent of the organic Calendula. The other issue upon which parents disagree is whether or not this product leaves an oily residue on a baby’s skin. Skin Deep gives this lotion a one. The ingredients used in this lotion are so healthy, that there is basically nothing to be concerned over in selecting it for your baby.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion is an organic product with a lovely vanilla, orange scent. While most parents state that it is an excellent lotion for their babies–even ones with particularly sensitive skin–others say that their children broke out in a rash after using it. On the positive side, parents say that this lotion absorbs nicely without leaving an oily residue on the baby. On Skin Deep (EWG’s Cosmetics Database) this product is rated as a one, which is outstanding. The only health concern expressed is an extremely slight one about irritation to the skin, eyes, or lungs due to Glyceryl Oleate.

Puracy Organic Baby Lotion is another product that is loved by most parents, some mentioning that it even works excellently for their babies with sensitive skin. That being said, there are serious complaints from some parents that it badly irritated their children’s skin. The majority of parents love the natural lavender grapefruit scent of this lotion, some even saying that is soothes their little ones and helps them go to sleep. Others, however, say that the lotion is too strongly scented. Parents like the consistency of this lotion, stating that it doesn’t leave the baby’s skin tacky feeling. Skin Deep rates this product as a two; while this is not quite as low as the previous lotion on this list, it is still an excellent rating. One of the more concerning ingredients mentioned is Tocopheryl Acetate, which could possibly be carcinogenic.

Babo Botanicals Lavender Meadowsweet Calming Baby Moisturizing Lotion is another organic option that most parents rate very highly, saying that it is a great product, even for their babies with very sensitive skin. On the other hand, there are a few complaints of this lotion causing dryness, burning or rash. While many parents love the lavender scent of this lotion, some even saying that it helps their babies sleep, others find the smell too pungent. Comments on whether or not this lotion leaves a baby’s skin feeling greasy are mixed. Skin Deep has unfortunately not rated this particular product; however, in another scent it is rated a three which is comparatively quite low. One of the more concerning ingredients mentioned is Potassium Sorbate, which possibly is toxic to a person’s internal organs.

Babyganics Daily Baby Lotion contains wonderful plant based and organic ingredients. While most parents say that this lotion works nicely for their babies–even ones with especially sensitive skin–some complain emphatically that it made their children’s skin burn. One parent even said that it made her son’s eczema a lot worse. Also, many parents deeply dislike the smell of this product. On the bright side, most parents say that this lotion absorbs well without leaving an unpleasant residue. This product is rated as a two on Skin Deep. It does contain Phenoxyethonal which could possibly be toxic to the organ system.

Tom’s of Maine Baby Lotion–made without artificial ingredients–is incredibly well loved by parents. They say that it works excellently, even for babies with eczema, and enjoy its light scent. Its consistency is also well liked, being somewhat thicker than some lotions, and absorbing well. Aside from some very slight negative comments about the scent by some parents, there are almost no complaints concerning this lotion. All of that being said, this lotion is rated as a four on Skin Deep; which, while still relatively low, is higher than the majority of the lotions reviewed here. The fragrance used in this product is concerning for a person’s internal organ health.

Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion is ninety-nine percent organic. While many parents love this lotion, even saying that it has helped clear up skin irritations such as eczema, others have very serious complaints about it, stating that it made their children’s skin burn and caused eczema. Opinions on the scent of this product and how well this lotion absorbs are mixed. On Skin Deep this products is rated as a four; however, that rating was given in 2022, so that it is possibly incorrect. According to the information available, the greatest concern for this lotion appears to be the fragrance which could be toxic to one’s internal organs.

To conclude, all of these baby lotions are well loved by many parents. On the other hand, a few of these products have cause serious reactions in little ones, that you would like to spare your baby. Moreover, while all of these lotions are on the healthy end of the spectrum, some of them have an edge over others. With this information, you will be prepared to make a decision that results in a happier and healthier baby.

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