Top 10 Best Nursing Pajamas Reviewed in 2019

For nursing mums, getting the best set of pajamas makes all the difference in this precious journey. Unfortunately, the market has so much to offer, but very few of these can qualify as the best. There many little details that can be ignored by most people but they make an enormous difference for a nursing mum. This article outlines these features and gives a list of the top 10 best nursing pajamas reviewed in 2019.

Features To Consider Before Buying A Nursing Pajama

  • Nursing access: The whole point of these pajamas is to give you the best nursing experience. It should be discreet and comfortable for both the mum and the child.
  • Under the bust design: You should feel totally comfortable under your bust.
  • Waistline design: No one wants to spend the day in pants whose waist feels like it’s cutting through the flesh. It should be loose with a drawstring for adjustability.
  • Stretchiness: If you want to use your pajama during and after pregnancy, then choose a pajama that stretches, so that will accommodate the changes in your body without compromising on comfort.
  • The size: Getting the right size for your pajama means that you will be more comfortable.
  • Ease of washing and drying: As a nursing mum, you need to clean your pajamas every so often, and the worst part is you will always have so much to do so you won’t have all the time in the world to clean and dry your set.

10. Sweet Mommy Maternity & Nursing Satin Piping Pajama Set

Sweet Mommy Maternity & Nursing Satin Piping Pajama Set

Every nursing mommy would do well with a satin made pajama set. It makes you all comfortable while giving you the easiest way to breastfeed your little one. The fabric is soft and stretchy thus making it a better option for even pregnant women as it “grows” together with your growing baby bump. It features a unique one-handed-pull-aside nursing access which makes breastfeeding super easy and discreet when in a company. This also makes it easy for the baby to feed comfortably. You can also get this pajama set if you are looking for something to wear while at the hospital because it will give you the best comfort that you need before the baby arrives and after.

The best part is, this set is so cute and carefully designed to make you feel much better in any situation. It has little details like the empire waist and the white ribbon line that accents on your sleeve and a hem at the legs, all adding more cuteness and femininity. With this set, you even have a choice to either put the pants on or just wear the top as it’s long enough. The set is available in different colors so you can get it in your favorite color.


  • Great design
  • Quality materials for a soft texture
  • Easy nursing access design
  • Available in different colors
  • Super comfortable set


  • Nursing mothers say it’s difficult finding the right size but the designer advice you to select a size bigger than your normal size


This pajama set is ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is designed to give you all the comfort you need during your pregnancy and easy breastfeeding. It available in various sizes and colors for easy selection.

9. The Olian Nursing 5 Piece Pajama Set with Matching Baby Outfit

The Olian Nursing 5 Piece Pajama Set with Matching Baby Outfit

If you love floral outfits then here you have a chance to own a super quality nursing pajama set. The design and the choice of fabric make this pajama so attractive you might be tempted to get several pairs. And, in all this, our child is not left out as the set includes a matching baby gown and a little beanie hat. The top features a nice and comfortable pull-aside nursing access thus you and your little one will have an easy time feeding.

For the pants, they are so comfortable as they feature an elastic drawstring waist to ensure that the tightness is just right for you and the general sizes fit perfectly as long as you select the right one. The pajamas are available in three different floral prints so you can own two or three and make your nursing journey easy and comfortable. You will also love sleeping in this pajama or just lounging at home, and your child gets to enjoy every bit of it with you too.


  • It’s a floral Asian print pajama set
  • Comes in 5 pieces, a matching baby gown and a beanie hat included
  • Features an easy and comfortable pull-aside nursing access
  • Super comfy pants
  • Stretchy fabric


  • Plus sized nursing moms say its hard getting a fitting size


Nothing beats a cute floral outfit, and this pajama proves this right. They are so cute you can’t wait to have them on, and the fitting is outstanding. They are perfect for any nursing mum, and your little one gets a baby gown too and a beanie hat! They are worth the price.

8. Bearsland 3-Pieces Set Maternity Night and Nursing Pajamas

Bearsland 3-Pieces Set Maternity Night and Nursing Pajamas

Sometimes when the weather is unpredictable, we need something that will be okay if it gets hot and even better when it’s cold, and this three pieces set pajama design makes all this possible. The whole set features a half sleeved shirt, inside tank top and a waist robe which makes it all-weather-conducive. For anyone dealing with the post-baby body, this pajama’s pants will make it smooth for you as it features an elastic adjustable waistline which makes it fit well and comfortably for both nights and day.

This pajama wins when it comes to design as it has everything a nursing mum would want. Is it too hot, take the shirt off, want more air hitting your skin, take the inside tank top off and remain with the shirt? The pajama is made of a rich cotton material that’s comfy, breathable, super stretchy and ideal for Autumn, Summer and Spring. When breastfeeding, you only lift the top front layer of the tank top for a quick and discrete feeding. You will enjoy the process all through.


  • Ideal for Autumn, Summer and Spring
  • Designed for smart and discreet breastfeeding.
  • Features a 3-pieces design
  • The material used is breathable, comfy and stretchy
  • The pants has an elastic and adjustable waistline to help those dealing with a post-baby body


  • Available in just one color, this denies you the chance to have your favorite color


This is a classy and stylishly designed pajamas. It features a 3-pieces design making it ideal for any weather condition. If is also breastfeeding friendly and it is intended to make the process easy and comfortable.

7. Majamas The Lacey Cropped MJ Nursing Pajamas, Womens’

Majamas The Lacey Cropped MJ Nursing Pajamas, Womens’

These are pull-aside nursing pajamas made for those nursing mums that would want a change from the pull-down neckline designs. This design makes breastfeeding super easy and comfortable whether you are nursing at night or during the day and when seated or laying on your side. The top is designed to offer comfort for those mums who are still in the pregnancy journey and those who are still dealing with a postpartum belly bulge as it is spacious enough.

The underbust design is also perfect for both big and small busts as it stretches comfortably. The waistband is also so elastic with comfortable tightness which makes it preferable even by those mums who got their babies through C-section. The pants’ lengths are designed as 3/4s making these pajamas ideal for both short and tall nursing mums. This is good news for tall women who have a hard time finding fitting pajamas. Also, these pajamas are stylish enough to be worn even after the pregnancy and nursing periods. If you buy a pair, you will be able to use it for a long time, and they are also available in many colors thus you can get them in your favourite color.


  • The top features a pair of breast pad pockets
  • The tops design is a pull-aside nursing access for easy breastfeeding
  • They are available in different colors
  • Because of the pants design, they are ideal for both short and tall nursing mums


  • The pajamas is pricey but the quality and comfort level is worth every penny


Whether you are tall or short, these pajamas will be a great deal for you as the pants are in 3/4s design thus even if you have tall legs you can still wear them comfortably. The top features a pull-aside nursing access for easy breastfeeding, and they are available in several colors.

6. Kindred Bravely, The Amelia Shorts Set Ultra Soft Nursing and Maternity Pajamas

Kindred Bravely, The Amelia Shorts Set Ultra Soft Nursing and Maternity Pajamas

Do you ever have some days that you feel only a short can make your nursing day go better? Well, for those days, Kindred Bravely, The Amelia Shorts Set Ultra Soft Nursing and Maternity Pajamas will be your saviour. They are so stylish that you will love being in them and you can confidently wear them all day long. They are very soft and don’t be surprised if you notice that they have become your favorite lounge wear set during and after your pregnancy. You will also love their color selection and the texture of the fabric as it’s a combination that makes you look brighter.

The top features a simple elastic pull-down neckline that allows for an easy breastfeeding whether at night or during the day. The waistband is so elastic which makes the pants ideal even for those moving from pregnancy to motherhood. You will also forget the clips, snaps, itchy and constrict pajama under the bust as these are designed for utmost comfort.


  • They are short sets
  • Super comfortable design that eliminates clips, snaps, itchy and constricting pajama under bust
  • Features a simple elastic pull-down neckline to allow easy breastfeeding
  • The short has a comfortable elastic waistband


  • Some users report that the pajamas were shrinking after washing. To avoid this, follow the cleaning instructions


If you like being in comfortable shorts, then these pajamas will serve you perfectly. They come in different great colors and are very stylish. The fabric is super soft and stretchy for a comfortable fit.

5. Majamas The Genna Nursing & Maternity Pajama Set

Majamas The Genna Nursing & Maternity Pajama Set

The Genna by Majamas Maternity and Nursing pajama set features a great design that makes it the best for both pregnant and nursing women. The designer must have known how important it is to be comfortable for both pregnant and nursing women. This pajama here is made in the USA and serves to see that both pre and postpartum journeys are super comfortable for all women. It’s made from a super soft fabric that hugs your body right and makes nursing an easy job to do.

It features a discreet pull-aside nursing access which enables you to feed your baby easily and comfortably in whatever position you are in, seated or laying down. It also comes in different colors and some are even floral for people who like specific colors. The pants are roomy to give you that comfortable feeling that cannot be found in tight clothes. You can wear it the whole day and still go to sleep in it and still feel comfortable. For pregnant women, you will love the style of the top as it has enough room for your baby bump and the waist is super elastic which also makes ideal even for women who are recovering from C-section.


  • Super soft fabric
  • Available in many colors
  • Features a discreet pull-aside nursing access for easy and comfortable breastfeeding
  • Ideal for both pregnant and nursing women


  • Some buyers complained of receiving the wrong sizes but this is avoidable by confirming the size of the pajama before purchasing


This is a very comfortable and high-quality pajama set. It is perfectly designed to suit both pregnant and nursing women and even those who underwent C-section or still dealing with the after-baby body. It is made of super soft fabric, and it is machine washable for easy maintenance.

4. Everly Grey Nursing & Maternity Pajama Set, Comes with Baby Gown

Everly Grey Nursing & Maternity Pajama Set, Comes with Baby Gown

Well, here you are not only getting your pajama but also a matching baby gown which makes you and your little one look so cute and enjoy the comfort together. It is the only 4-piece pajama you will find for the price and quality. If you are tall and you are finding it hard to find the right sized pajama then look no more because Everly Grey got your size. The designer has ensured that every pregnant and nursing mum enjoys the comfort that comes with these pajamas and their little ones enjoy the huggy feeling of the baby gown.

The set comes with a surplice top that enables easy nursing access which plays a great role in making the mum and the baby enjoy the feeding moments. This top makes it possible to even breastfeed your baby confidently when in a company. You also get smoked-waist pants which make it easy to be in your it all day long or even sleep in it. This design also enables pregnant women and those dealing with the after-baby body enjoy wearing a pant. There is also a robe that you can just tie around when you just want to feel free or if it’s cold and you need something on top of your top.


  • This is a 4-piece pajama set
  • Features a smoked-waist pant
  • Has a surplice top to give an easy nursing access
  • Comes with a matching baby gown
  • It is machine washable


  • A few users were complaining that the robe ripped


This is the only pajama set that allows you to enjoy the comfy moments with your little one by throwing in a baby gown matching with your pajama. It is all you need for a smooth nursing journey or to complete your pregnancy journey.

3. Kimbered Bravely, The Amelia Nursing & Maternity Ultra Soft Pajamas, Pants Set

Kimbered Bravely, The Amelia Nursing & Maternity Ultra Soft Pajamas, Pants Set

If you are looking for nursing pajamas, kindly get a pair of these. They are so stylish and very comfortable that you will enjoy every moment of your nursing. You can get these pajamas in a variety of colors so you can get your favorite color or get several pairs in different colors. They are totally designed to make your nursing journey enjoyable all around, and they will also help you to transition comfortably from pregnancy to motherhood. The fabric used if very lightweight and breathable to make you have a balanced temperature all through. It is also very stretchy which most mums will love especially if you toss & turn when sleeping. The stretchiness also helps a great deal if you just come from your pregnancy or still so pregnant as it adds more comfort.

About the designed, these pajamas are wide enough to give you enough room mostly for your thighs as no nursing mum wants to feel trapped in so tight pants. If you are still dealing with your postpartum belly bulge, you will love the waistband style of the pajamas as it holds your pants in place with zero tightness. When it comes to breastfeeding, you will only need to pull down the neck part of your top, and you will do it comfortably. And, because of their classy style, you can still wear them even after you are done with nursing.


  • Available in different colors
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric for more comfort
  • Very stretchy fabric to give more room for your bust and thighs
  • Stretchy waistband making them perfect for anyone still dealing with postpartum belly bulge
  • Creative neck design for easy breastfeeding


  • Some nursing moms complained of the pajamas reaching just close to the ankle length for tall people


Enjoy your nursing journey by getting yourself a pair of these pajamas as they are of high-quality, well designed and super stretchy for all your comfort needs. They are available in different colors, and you can continue wearing them even after you are done with nursing.

2. Baby Be Mine Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Pajama PJ Set, Nightwear Sleep Lounge Pants/Top

Baby Be Mine Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Pajama PJ Set

Every nursing mum hopes that they will get the best nursing pajamas in terms of comfort, ease of use and durability as the nursing journey needs everything possible to make it as smooth as possible. The Baby Be Mine Nursing Pajamas are specifically designed for this, and the designer was keen on every detail to ensure that it serves its purpose correctly. For anyone looking for a pajama that combines as a Lounging, Nursing and Going Out pajama, then this one here is what you should get. It is well designed to make you feel comfortable either at home or away. It gives you an easy time nursing as it has all the necessary features for this and it is super stylish. With this pajama, you will go through your pregnancy journey and the post-baby journey just fine.

And, when it comes to materials used, this pajama features Viscose and Spandex, both in a generous percentage and it is machine washable which makes it easy to clean and maintain. It comes in a form of pants and a top, and it is available in black and blue, whichever you like most. Nursing mums will love its cut as it enables you to breastfeed without struggles of fiddling the common straps and clips. Enjoy the first steps of motherhood with this pajamas.


  • Quality materials
  • Available in two different colors, black and blue
  • Comes in form of pants and a top which enables you to mix and match whenever
  • The design features a great cut that makes breastfeeding easy
  • The pajama can be used when nursing, going out or lounging
  • Its waist goes over your baby bump for more comfort. It has a drawstring and is stretchy which makes good for use even after a C-section


  • They are only available in two colors, black and blue


This pajama is a must have for pregnant and nursing mums who want to feel comfortable throughout whether they are just relaxing of sleeping as it is designed for offer the best level of comfort. It features a nice cut that makes breastfeeding super easy and comfortable and it is available in two great colors, blue and black.

1. Kindred Bravely, Nursing & Maternity, Davy Ultra Soft Pajamas, Sleepwear Set

Kindred Bravely, Nursing & Maternity, Davy Ultra Soft Pajamas, Sleepwear Set

The nursing and pregnancy journey, in general, is beautiful and for it to be smooth, you need all the necessary accessories that will add to how you sleep, move around, recover from the giving birth process and finally, breastfeed. All this can be made possible by getting the right pajamas that will serve all these roles with a level of perfection. The Kindred Bravely Nursing & Maternity Davy Ultra Soft Pajamas comes in handy as the designer has you in mind when working on it. Whether one is in their first or last trimester of the pregnancy, just delivered either naturally or through C-section or dealing with the nursing process, this pajama is designed for you.

First, the material used is super soft. You will love sliding in them every day during and after your pregnancy. The pajamas are also discreet enough enabling you nurse your bundle of joy confidently even when you have company. It has a 2-layer top thus offering easy breastfeeding. If you hate pajamas that dig or chafe under your bust, you will love these as they are designed to have an elastic-free under bust, and a comfortable elastic waistband and they are machine washable. With them, you will enjoy your transition journey from pregnancy-motherhood.


  • Super soft material
  • Available in a variety of cool colors
  • Has a 2-layer top making breastfeeding when alone or in a company discreet
  • Features an elastic-free under bust and a comfortable elastic waistband to prevent digging and chaffing
  • They are all machine washable
  • Comfortable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mums, and anyone transitioning from pregnancy-motherhood


  • They do not have a “Tall” size for the tallest moms


Enjoy your journey through pregnancy and after pregnancy by owning these pajamas. They are so comfortable and super-soft that you will love every minute in them. They have an elastic-free under bust and a comfortable elastic waistband for total comfort.


For the nursing mums, you will never know how badly you needed a pajama until you get one. Some people think that all the discomfort that comes after getting the baby and during nursing is normal, but you will be surprised by how easily you can avoid them by getting the right set of pajamas. One thing for sure, though, you must know what to look for in a good pajama so that you get the best out of it. We hope that you will get your best set of pajamas and enjoy your nursing journey.

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