TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

In a game like soccer, the players’ performances greatly depend on the shoes they wear. Cleats are the studded part under the shoes, that help the players gain more control and speed during their game. While choosing good soccer cleats, its material, comfortability, weight, flexibility and the incorporated technology are to be considered. Leading manufacturers are continually coming up with products that have better features than their previously launched products. Here are the Top 10 Best Nike Soccer Cleats of all the time.

10) Nike Hypervenom Phelon FG

This soccer cleat is built for agility on firm surfaces, due to its tight, glove-like fit. It is made of a soft thin synthetic leather. The Phelon gives you a clean striking zone because the laces are pushed towards the outside of your foot. It ranges from $65 to $130. Though at this price range you can find higher quality boots from previous generations, the Phelon is really light weight and durable, so you get what you pay for. It is good for defenders due to its agility and great fitting.

TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

9)Nike T90 Laser IV

These cleats are all about the innovation. They were designed for power and for players to experience superior performance while striking the ball. These type of cleats might not be suitable for every player. The boot has portioned cleats for extra contact with the ball on the field. Its outer power zone shield is very adaptive, which helps to maintain friction between the shoes and the ball, even during wet conditions. It has a price range of $130 to $170. These shoes were developed for “The Perfect Strike”. They are suitable for both forwards as well as defenders.

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TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

8)Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII

These shoes are used by various top players to get that great fitting. They differ from other shoes in terms of shape and material. Its sole is made of glass fiber and its front cleats are shaped as heels. These upgrades help increase player’s acceleration in the field. The heels help penetrate and release from the ground with less friction, resulting in a quicker release. The shape of the shoes help get grip over the ball. These shoes cost around $190 to $240. These are great for mid-fielders.

TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

7)Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III

These are typical light-weight shoes, that provide good grip over the ball. These are one of the best among the cleats of vapor series. It has its light-weight due to a material called tejin microfiber, which makes it durable. It has been chosen by top players as it is one of thee best striker shoes. These shoes are extra comfortable and due to their carbon last, they easily fit on curved lower legs and increase the speed of the player. Nike even made a special CR version for the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

6)Nike Magista Opus FG

These shoes are best for daily use, and they are also comparatively better. They have cleats at the striking edge that help gaining control over the ball. The upper is designed using Kanga-Lite which makes it smooth and attractive, and helps reduce weight of the shoes. These shoes perform best on short-grass fields, but get weak in the muddy ones.

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TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

5)Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

These shoes deserve their place on the 5th rank due to the high speed and durability they provide. Many great players have these shoes among their best shoes of all time. The upper is made of Tejin microfiber which gives the synthetic feel and makes it lightweight. These shoes will support you in every weather condition, wet or dry. They are considered cheap for the comfort they provide. They range from about $140 to $210. These shoes are best for forwards.

TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

4)Nike Tiempo Legend V

These light weight shoes provide great touch to the ball. The upper is made of Kangaroo Leather and Kanga Lite material. This makes them waterproof and suitable for all conditions and gives the player, speed and control. The cleats create direct pressure on grounds, due to their shape like cone. Nike has used ACC (All Conditions Control) HyperShield technologies, which reduce water uptake, a common problem in natural leather shoes. These cleats cost around $200. Most of the famous defenders have used this product.

TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

3)Nike Premier

Its upper is made of soft Kangaroo leather and the heels made of synthesized goat leather. Due to soft upper, it smoothly molds over the shape of your foot. They provide great support and shielding. 12 conical studs and a bladed stud provide firm grip on the ground. The studs have been trimmed in length and width, providing a low center of gravity, resulting in quick release when you push off to sprint. Just spend from $79.99 – $203.44 and you will get the best performance at field.

TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

2)Hypervenom Phantom

This was 2014’s best Nike soccer cleat. Its upper consists of only single layer of PU Film, thus contributing to its light-weight. Its chassis is made of nylon which provides good support. In this product, Nike has inched the upper towards the side of the heel in order to create a slightly looser, more naturally stretched feel. You won’t feel much difference but it only makes the shoes better. It has great flexibility on wet fields, and release faster when sprinting. These cleats cost around $160 to $200. These are a great pair for strikers.

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TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

1)Nike CTR 360 Maestri II

These are, so far, the best Nike Cleats available. These shoes have a fantastic stitching that crosses the forefoot of the upper. It has a new stud configuration, which provides more comfort and control. The damping pods on the forefoot were made larger for greater control. These are designed to significantly boost the player’s performance. They are made of Kanga-Lite material, which makes them more durable. This keeps them dry on wet fields, as this material absorbs less water. The control pads have a fin-like design, for controlled traction. These cleats are clearly build upon the success of its ancestors. This shoes are the best in a defender’s feet.

TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time

These were the TOP 10 Best NIKE Soccer Cleats Of All The Time. It isn’t true that the best shoes are good for everyone. It depends from every individual which suits him/her better. Mid-fielder, forwards, defenders may have different choice of shoes. It all matters on the performance of the player on the field.

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