Top 10 Best Nightstand Lamps in 2021 Reviews

Nightstand lamps will always have a place in every bedroom interior design. Whether they’re for aesthetic or practical purposes, choosing the best lamps to have can make or break the entire look of the room. That is why you must not select the first lamps you find on the market but make careful consideration in determining the right design, functionality and other features that will best suit your room interiors as well as your personality.

When searching for the perfect lamp, there are some factors you can consider such as the following:

  • Task lighting: even if your bedroom is meant for sleeping, you will generally want to read or write something before you go to bed. So when searching for a nightstand, consider one that can give ample light.
  • Decoration: As mentioned, nightstand lamps can make or break the entire room design. So consider selecting something that blends well into your bedroom.
  • Size: Big lamps are best to have when you have a huge bedroom, while smaller lights are perfect for smaller rooms.

List of Best Nightstand Lamps in 2021

Are you ready to shop for your nightstand lamps? Check out our top 10 list here!

10.  Globe Electric 12398 Lamp Set

Globe Electric 12398 Lamp Set

Add a vintage touch to traditional settings with the Globe Electric 12398 lamp set. Made of beige fabric shade and bronze-finished base, both lamps feature an aged, antique look perfect for a classic environment. The design of the base is a play on geometrical shapes in three dimensions. The lamp’s switch is located on the socket that can be conveniently hidden to give the lamp an innovative appeal.

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9.  Home Source Industries LMP106

Home Source Industries LMP106

Classic with an old-world appeal, Home Source Industries LMP106 is the perfect table lamp for traditional settings and interior design. The combination of cappuccino finish, metal, glass and polyresin make this table lamp a rich and elegant masterpiece. The faux marble detail on the base is especially eye-catching, the ideal conversation starter. Home Source Industries LMP106 will look right at home with traditional decor. Light up space the classic way.

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8.  Simple Designs LT2007

Simple Designs LT2007

Paying homage to the classic with just a touch of trendy flair, Simple Designs LT2007 is a basic table lamp with different colorful shades, including blue, yellow, purple, red, pink, green and the classic colors of black and white. Add a pop of color to any room, or keep it simple and minimalist. The choice is up to you. Simple Designs LT2007 is made of a fabric shade and mini chrome base.

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7.  Light Accents Table Lamp

Light Accents Table Lamp

A table lamp that is also suitable as a side table, desk and end table lamp, Light Accents is ideal for reading, writing, working, resting, meditating and conversing. It may have a modern minimalist design, but its functions are anything but minimal. With a bright, colorful fabric shade propped on a brushed nickel base, it is all you need to add a pop of color to any room. Choose from a shade of red or blue, and add accent to your bedroom, office and living room.

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6.  Simple Designs LT2021-WHT-2PK

Simple Designs LT2021-WHT-2PK

Built with modern simplicity in mind, Simple Designs LT2021-WHT-2PK follows a classic look while embracing technology. It has on/off touch controls that easily cycles through four different settings in low, medium, high and off. As a mini lamp set, it is a space-saving option for bedroom lighting and a great value for your money, as you get two in one go. Simple Designs LT2021-WHT-2PK features a shade in fabric and a base in brush nickel.

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5.  Light Accents Bedroom Table Lamps

Light Accents Bedroom Table Lamps

When you wake up in the middle of the night feeling groggy and disoriented, the last thing you want is to figure out where the lamp switch is and how to turn it on. But with the Light Accents bedroom table lamps’ on/off touch feature, turning the lights on would be a breeze. Simply touch the base and the lamp would illuminate your way. This set of lighting fixtures is made of a fabric drum shade and brushed nickel base.

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4.  Elegant Designs LT1025-BLK

Elegant Designs LT1025-BLK

If every square is a rectangle, is every rectangle a square too? No matter. You get both with the Elegant Designs LT1025-BLK table lamp. It features a square shaped fabric shade and a rectangular body in genuine leather. Even the choice of material will make you ask is leather a fabric? The table lamp is small enough to fit a small nightstand and can be set at an angle for a more playful arrangement. Works best with an incandescent bulb.

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3.  AUKEY Bedside Lamp

AUKEY Bedside Lamp

The AUKEY Bedside Lamp is the epitome of architectural simplicity. Straightforward with no frills, it can practically pass off as something else than a table lamp. But give it a tap and it will give off a soft, gentle glow. It is equipped with a 2-in-1 touch sensor for One-Touch operation and auto-cycling mode activation that turns the lamp into a light show. It automatically cycles from red to a number of different other colors. Get a table lamp and disco lights in one.

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2.  Park Madison Lighting PMT-1809-17

Park Madison Lighting PMT-1809-17

A sophisticated piece designed for a luxurious environment, the Park Madison PMT-1809-17 follows a truly classic, crystal design. It features handcrafted shades and a polished nickel finish, making it suitable for both commercial and residential applications. It’s one of the easiest ways to give a home or hotel room that elegant touch. Turn it on using the 3-way switch, and bask in its soft glow.

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1.  LumiSource Doe Li – Best Nightstand Lamps in 2021

Best nightstand lamps in 2021

Beautiful to look at, but even more impressive in its operation, the LumiSource Doe Li table lamp will turn on and adjust its brightness with just a simple touch on the base or the metal arm. It is the touch-sensitive lamp in the lighting world that will never leave you in the dark. Say goodbye to blindly grope for a switch, even when the entire room is completely dark. Its frosted glass shade is reminiscent of a conical hat, propped on an elegantly designed hat stand. LumiSource Doe Li will look right at home in both classic and contemporary settings.

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Choose the nightstand lamps that will best suit the theme of your bedroom interior design, your personality and even a little of both. And most importantly, make sure that the light it emits has practical purposes, that is, to lull you to sleep or to help you read a book before sleeping.