Top 10 Best Music Stands In 2019 Reviews

When music went digital, we praised the new edge it added to entertainment. But one piece of analog technology equipment tagged along. There is more information about music stands that might not be covered in this article so feel free to check it up. The role it plays has become irreplaceable even with the dawn of digital sheets. If you play the instruments or are in a band, you may constantly refer to the lyrics of your music. That’s why you’ll want to invest in a reliable music stand. The market takes up all designs and finding one that fulfills its claims can be a bit hectic. Most of them compromise on either style or design but don’t you worry. We have taken out the hassle of finding one by going out there and finding the ones that matter. With this list, we hope you find it informing as you take your pick.

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What to Consider when making a choice of the Music Stand

Adjustability: Does the music stand you choose, offer different angles of view? For comfortable viewing and reaching out to other accessories go with the stand where the music tray/desk and height are adjustable.

Weight: If you plan to move your music stand much, you should consider the less bulky ones, but if you only use your stand at one place, the heavier ones are better for retaining stability.

Portability: Does it fold for transportation? Most of the time you’ll need your stand on the go, consider a collapsible music stand to make transport and storage easy.

Durability: Most likely than not, the construction materials will guide you in deducing its longevity. If it has a metallic construction, you can count on it to last.

Stability: Here, the design and materials equally contribute to the sturdiness of the stand. What to remember, though; check if the bottom is heavier than the top. You’ll get an idea of what will happen when you place the most substantial music books you have on it. If you like reading music books check more at.

Audio 2000’s Portable AST4442PL Purple Music Stand

If you are looking to practice your music or make a presentation, you’ll need this music stand by Audio 2000’s. They realize the need for stability when making presentations, so this music stand represents a perfect solution for wobbly stands. It is sturdy as it incorporates dual steel links for the tripod links. Steel is quite strong, and as you can tell, this music stand has durability qualities to enable you to use it for a long time when it’s still in good condition.

You’ll love the versatility on this piece of equipment. First, the feet can be used in an upright position when using it for light music sheets, or you can spread them out to acquire a broad base. This aspect adds to the stability of this stand. Secondly, it incorporates zinc section joints which give it more strength to withstand pressure. It can, therefore, take on bulky music books and remain unshaken.

It comes with a spring loaded paper holder which accommodates bulky items with no signs of stress. You’ll appreciate how well the clips work. When well mounted on the underside, one can use them for holding single sheets or more so utilize them for large, weighty books. It makes it possible to go through pieces in music fast without fumbling with sheets. You can use this stand for both contemporary and formal settings like in competitions and other music presentations.

Audio 2000’s Portable AST4442PL Purple Music Stand

It carries a heavy-duty carrying pouch which withstands the bulk of the stand to enable you easy transport when on the go. You can use it even in the outdoors since it is water and rust proof. The quick mounting allows for regular use when facing competitive situations where anxiety is high, and you’ll need to rely on the stand to boost your confidence and take on the world.

With this music stand, you can comfortably adjust the height settings as it allows flexible changes for adding extra height up to 3sections. This feature means it can extend another 44-inches. If you are a tall singer, you can still use it at its full capacity taking on new and challenging music since it does not wobble. You’ll like that you can use it for a couple of reasons including learning music or playing other equipment like the violin. It adds to the fun of taking on involving music since it assures consistent working without losing the ability of its functions.

You’ll love that it comes with rubber-fitted feet, enabling it to stay stable on the floor so that you get a secure footing to fit all your purposes. It folds into a slim, lightweight piece of equipment which does not sacrifice strength over style. It is available in many colors, and if you are keen on design, you’ll love the great choices afforded to you.

In a nutshell, this music stand showcases the qualities of high-grade music equipment. You do not make any compromises as it covers every detail there is. It comes reasonably priced under $20 with a weight of only 2.6 pounds; it manages to maintain stability quite comfortably. You can now practice music with your kids when you choose to gift them this incredible piece.


  • Putting on weight above its capacity will make it wobble
  • It does not have clamps on the music tray

Hamilton Chrome Folding Stand 2 Section

When you want to show your commitment to music, you’ll want to keep all your music accessories together. The Hamilton Chrome music stand affords you a relaxed and comfortable time when practicing your music. This piece of equipment proves essential for the convenience it adds to your sessions. You can include your sheets as you play the instrument as it helps maintain them in a vertical position, so you don’t have to bend your head sideways when looking at a piece. It also gives you proper access such that your body always aligns ergonomically releasing you from quick exhaustion and fatigue associated with long hours of practice.

This stand will keep you organized since it can hold together all the necessities you need for a session including your sheets, instrument, tuner, pencil and large books. Again, it integrates the 2-section design where you can quickly learn your pitch on a wide display, as it also angles nicely to keep your sheets at the eye level. You’ll love the adjustable height it features because it can take both short and tall musicians, more so, with the allowance of accommodating even children heights. The angle desk folds from 21½” to 55”, now, you can tell it covers nearly everyone. With the help of thumb latches, any height you want is achievable.

When it comes to assembling, you will have it up and working within minutes. The parts easily go into one another, and you’ll not need a professional to help you bring it together. You’ll love how sturdy it is since the tripods spread out in a manner which gives the base a large capacity for holding quite a lot of weight. The parts exhibit resilience because they have a construction from chrome plate and it can take numerous abuses from playful kids and hard rock guitarists. It has rubber feet as an addition to the tripods such that now one can rely on it when performing outside on rugged terrain. It assures you 100% non-wobbliness for excellent performance without the chance of losing your sheets.

Hamilton Chrome Folding Stand 2 Section

Transporting is not an issue with this stand. It folds to a portable size that fits into a carrying pouch to take it to all the concerts with ease. This feature makes it easy for proper storage. You’ll notice that it does not take up much space so you can use it at home where space is a problem. It eliminates the problem of carrying it in buses or crowded places because its compact nature; hence you will not go knocking people over. It does not require

Everyone loves a piece that is affordable and works great at the same time. With this music stand; it is a combination of great price equals great performance. You’ll be hard pressed to pass it for all the capabilities it affords. You can buy a number of pieces for your musical family. Even the music band at your school will love using this stand as a part of their session, as it is wide and the conductor can put most pieces of a performance for quick access. With a chrome finish, you can be sure to spend several years with it.

Stage Rocker, Powered by Hamilton, Portable, SR 950080 Black Sheet Music Stand

To have excellent performance, you’ll want to have the best tools that will not jeopardize your show. With the Stage Rocker Sheet music stands, it works to totally bring your music to life by aiding you to play music in the quality it deserves. It affords you a wide desk; 19¾ inches wide with a 2¼ depth in the ledge giving you more than enough space to vertically place your sheets. You’ll be impressed by the rugged design of the tray which keeps the sheets from folding when in use. Also, it utilizes adjustment knobs such that you can tilt and tightly get the desk to lay flat or at any other angle that fits your working position.

This music stand is one of the lightweight but sturdy designs there is on the market. You’ll find that it is heavy enough to remain steady when holding bulky music books but light enough for even children to move from place to place. The base is not shifty, and once a proper height is achieved you lock it with a cam lever, and you won’t have to keep readjusting it as is the case with other stands. It utilizes heavy duty metal for the tripods to last it a while without losing its agility. For the height, the two-section central tube allows adapting from 35 3/8 “to 57.”

The portability quality makes it all the more versatile. Apart from being sturdy, you can now take it to every practice you need. This music stand is collapsible to fit a carrying case making it suitable for traveling or school. Since it takes just a little space, you get to use it even from the comfort of your room. Storing it is also not an issue since the collapsed size allows for fitting into small spaces. It, therefore, gives you the chance to practice regularly with no restriction in movement.

Stage Rocker, Powered by Hamilton, Portable, SR 950080 Black Sheet Music Stand

The sections in this music stand are well designed, meaning your work does not face the problem of wobbly features. This is because when it comes to assembling, it has just the right amount of lubricant that allows the shaft to stay bolted. The bolt never backs out and with regular use; you’ll notice that the washers do not show any signs of depreciation. Remember to always avoid over tightening of the parts as it may create unnecessary tension which may result in deformities of the stand.

This stand fits a variety of applications; first, individuals who like moving around much on their set will love that the adjusted height holds. Secondly, kids and sets which need performing when seated will benefit from the low height it affords. If you play the guitar, you get to place the sheets on it and leave room for a pencil, extra picks and other music accessories you may need for your piece. Seeing that it has rubber footing, it works well on slippery floors, and the metallic black matte finish keeps it from corrosion when facing the outside elements. Conductors will also find that the width is quite accommodating. You can always learn more from other people about the music stands and become more knowledgeable.

You get high-quality features at a reasonable price with this stand. It is a definition of perfection, and everything about it is likable. From the strong features to the height adjustability, many users indicate it has improved their standing and sitting posture when playing music instruments. It is a total saver when you need to move from concert to concert. And, it does not deform or lose its abilities after numerous heavy uses.

OnStage SM7211B Folding Professional Grade, Orchestral Black Music Stand

If you perform on formal occasions, and especially if you play string instruments, you know how much you need a proper music stand for placing your sheets. It can be embarrassing when trying to sing from your head when you could use this OnStage music stand. It is inarguably the best you can acquire for your next music session. Robust metal makes it so you can breathe easy when it comes to the strength. The base has variable spread abilities where you opt to either spread them out fully when you want to use it with heavy books, or you can just use it in the normal dimensions when you are using sheets.

You’ll appreciate the wide bookplate which measures a good 18¾” by 13.5”. It, therefore, can accommodate a few music accessories including wide sheets and pitch pencils. It carries smooth rolled edges that are safe to use around kids since they cannot injure the user. It is also tiltable such that it can accommodate different sized sheets. With the tension locking knob, your angled level remains steady, and you can use it for consequent occasions.

OnStage SM7211B Folding Professional Grade, Orchestral Black Music Stand

It features a telescoping height where you adjust the height to fit your frame. Whether you perform seated or standing, this stand goes as low as 24 inches and extend to 45 inches. The middle shaft helps with these adjustments and with the friction locking knobs, the height you choose no longer shifts. This feature allows you the flexibility of sharing this music stand with other persons of different heights. Even your tallest musicians can use this stand because of its long extended height.

If you are tired of dealing with wobbly stands, this one comes in a robust plastic housing for the base. It can withstand heavy use so if you plan to use it for holding weighty books you are assured of security. The rubber feet come in handy when you need to protect your floors from scratching. Its base ensures pulling on it leaves no marks. You’ll be impressed by the collapsible size because it becomes more compact, enabling you to take it to all the performance and practice sessions you need.

When it comes to assembling, you’ll notice that it is fast and easy and the parts slide into each other nicely. Applying as little pressure as possible will ensure that you get your stand working without deforming its frame. It is due to last a very long time since its most critical parts are made of durable metal. This feature will keep it from breaking, and as you’ll see, it carries a black powder coating which protects it from rust and other corrosions from the sun and rain.

Peak Music Stands Collapsible SMS-20 Music Stand with Carrying Bag

When you rely on sheets of your music, you will need an effective music stand to aid your practice and performance sessions. The Peak Music Stand is a reliable piece that is perfect for all the accessories you’ll need to make your performances better. It showcases resilience since it has a construction from robust steel on the frame. This means it is virtually unbreakable hence it can withstand heavy usage.

When it comes to the desk, flexible but hard plastic makes it. It is foldable such that it can angle in whichever position you choose. The lip is 2inches deep, and now you can place your sheets in binds upright and comfortably. It maintains an ergonomic design where your frame is covered through keeping an upright position when using the stand. The bookplate also has a rugged surface which comes in handy when holding sizable music books. It leaves so much room to include your tuner, music and instrument case if you like.

You will grow fond of the base because it is heavy and keeps the upper frame light while itself it’s stable. If you like to refer your lyrics on your laptop, you are sure to rely on it since it does not stress or show any signs of toppling over. Users have indicated that it is of high-grade quality and safe. You’ll like it even more because of the adjustable height. It utilizes lever clamps to adapt the height of your liking. The lever clamps keep the height from shifting so that you gain stability when using it.

Peak Music Stands Collapsible SMS-20 Music Stand with Carrying Bag

The assembling comes easy, and the parts do not need technical help to get it working. It has steel and plastic elements which add up to make a nice sturdy piece. After you unscrew things, you can move the parts comfortably, and when the components come in place, you can then tightly secure everything together, such that it easily folds and adjusts height. The extended elevation is at 47inches to take up even the tallest of musicians.

Another unique feature of this music stand is the latches that come with the music tray. You can secure your instrument and use it when playing the piano standing. It is corrosion and rust resistant, and it assures longevity in all its dimensions. Traveling with it is even easier since the base is collapsible to fit into the carrying bag it carries. With the insignificant weight at 4.9pounds, you can carry it on you back. The folding plastic desk makes storage easier since you can detach it

It’s hard to pass the cost of this music stand. At under $40 you get to own a high-quality, flexible and durable piece of equipment. The folding plastic desk makes storage easier. You get to choose from four models of this stand; either, steel, tubular or aluminum. It also comes with a one year warranty that covers repairs and replacement. Also, we cannot forget that it is usable on the outside because it carries rubber feet for handling the bumpy stages.

Musician’s Gear Deluxe Conductor Level 3 Music Stand (88683039041)

The Deluxe Conductor is every music director’s go-to when it comes to reliability and convenience. It is by far the widest stand where there’s need for extra room to hold large sheets for a whole performance. It is the best addition where everyone can see the music since it has a high elevation. It towers at an adjustable height of 24”-45”, so you get to use it at the height that fits you. One can still use it when sitting or standing. This feature adds to the flexibility of performance.

It is exceptionally sturdy since it has a construction from steel making it also durable. The tripod base spreads to 18 inches which help it gain stability. With such a base, holding other delicate materials like laptops, tablets and headphones becomes an option for studying your lyrics. It is dependable to keep them secure since it is not wobbly. It is built to take on most applications including live performances, school or on the road concerts. And, if you love listening to music on the go, you will love the best Bluetooth headphones.

Looking at the bookplate, it also has a construction from steel and is deep enough to hold bulky books. It is tilt-able to such that it can go all the way to an almost vertical or horizontal position to fit any performance style. It is also detachable from the rest of the frame making storage and transport a lot easier. The collapsible size is at 25½ inches long to fit into a travel bag and carry on your back or the back of the car seat. Since it does not take up any significant space, it makes an ideal addition to home music sessions.

Musician’s Gear Deluxe Conductor Level 3 Music Stand (88683039041)

When you have your new Deluxe Conductor Music Stand, it is quick and easy to assemble. It does not carry any instructions but the parts which include base hinges, upright poles and of course the music tray all come together effortlessly. The base is fastened with steel hinges and the vertical poles by plastic cams. You will be amazed by how well the clams help keep the adapted height from shifting. It is, however, advisable to not over tighten the plastic clams since they may stress and begin cracking.

If you are worried about the long run condition of this stand, you no longer need to worry. Its steel body is virtually damage resistant. It can withstand heavy use, pressure and can last a long time while resisting damage. Uniqueness is seen on the stand’s finish since it has a rust-proof coating and it can take on extreme weather conditions when used outdoors. The feet remain sturdy and do not compress and start sliding over time. Whichever technique you like to adopt, this stand fits any style you choose.

We highly recommend this stand for the resilience it exhibits and great price. It impresses from every angle from a collapsible design to a stable base and strong poles, sturdy music plate and its versatility. Musician’s Gear ensures they don’t compromise on their stands’ materials as they offer the most reasonable prices on the market. This one is another piece where you get to enjoy the high qualities for a decent period.

GearluxOrchestra Collapsible, Black Music Stand

Greatness is in music means mastering the art and delivering it skillfully. Using the Gearlux Orchestra music stand, you can comfortably showcase your string instruments like the best acoustic guitar to the classical concerts. It affords you an adjustable height from 28-48 inches so if you want to perform when seated or standing it can accommodate both positions. This feature is important because even children can use it for practice. Now you don’t have to buy a music stand for your daughter and yourself.

It carries twist knobs on the telescoping pole where it helps fasten the desired height so that it does not fall back to a prior position. The last thing you expect from a stand at its price range is stability. But this music stand proves that the price does not reflect the quality of this product. It carries its maximum weight with great agility, and it does not showcase any signs of stress or wobbling when subjected with wide spring books. You’ll be impressed by the magnetic feature on the tray where you can easily hold up all the single music sheets that keep altering when in use.

The operations are smooth where you place your instrument on it and the tilted music tray with a bottom ridge keeps it from sliding. This ridge is also handy for light papers that need to be held in a vertical position. You also get to tilt it to the angle you choose as it can level a good 180 degrees horizontally and also go up to a near vertical position. It affords the user the choice to experiment with different styles when you present your music.

GearluxOrchestra Collapsible, Black Music Stand

When it comes to the construction, you’ll grow fond of its steel desk with holes where it not only assures you longevity but also reduces the top weight of the stand so that it remains bottom heavy for added support. The pole carries a tubular design where you can use it outdoors since it can withstand the elements like high winds. The tripod base adds to the uniqueness of this stand. They spread to an admirable width and with the help of support straps, it becomes virtually unwavering.

You probably are wondering about how to transport this piece of equipment. Well, no need to worry because it collapses to a compact size and the music tray is detachable. You do not want to forego using an instrument because you feel this stand will take much space. It leaves enough room to fit even other entertainment accessories in your travel case.

The last thing you need when you are getting next on stage is a hard-to-figure-out stand. With so little time and so much on stake, this stand will work for you because you get it working in less than five minutes. You can accomplish your music dreams, goals, and go far with the help of this dear equipment.

Worry not about the pricing of the great qualities showcased; for under $40 you will own this music stand. Take it to every concert, competition, and see doors open for you. You will never have a hard time practicing or learning you music at heart again.

#48 Manhasset Model Sheet Music Stand

If you love music stands, then you have the chance to acquire a super quality piece of music accessory. You get to achieve efficiency in the way you present and perform your music since this stand holds sheets upright. It helps you set up the stage fast and as you’ll see, the way you get organized for performances changes. When you want to use a couple of items for your music like say the tuner, music, and instrument, you would need a pretty big large surface to place them but this stand can accommodate them all.

When you consider how much weight this stand can hold, it is unbelievable. Manhasset utilizes the best materials to extend stability in a tough design. This stand is just one of them where it proves reliable in holding delicate music accessories like tablets and laptops. If you store your lyrics in software in your digital gadget, the tray carries a deep ridge to secure your device. At only 7.6 pounds it is quite movable, and as every performer needs a portable stand, the feet are also collapsible for taking it on the go.

Speak of a reliable music desk and this one pops up. You will like the dimensions at 20 by 12 ½ where you can now place your heavy music without risking collapse. The depth gives it the upper stability where other users indicate it has significantly assisted them in carrying double spring books. You don’t want to fumble with the position of the desk since it can adjust to meet your style of performing. You’ll like the telescoping height which is between 26”to48”, with it, you’ll never worry about seeing your music because it towers just at your eye level.

#48 Manhasset Model Sheet Music Stand

What you need for a sleek performance is a sturdy stand which will keep performing in excellent condition. We love this stand because of its construction from aluminum. This feature makes it strong, corrosion resistant while remaining lightweight. You can face extremities from snowy weather to saline foggy conditions, and this stand comes back resilient as ever. With a textured finish, any abuse subjected to this stand from pulling and tagging does not show. It is, therefore, protected from chipping and scratching and you can always look good paying you instrument.

No need to worry about getting it to work since it comes to life in a couple of minutes. When you are hard pressed on time, you make quick connections and have it up for a super fun time performing. All the parts are replaceable and can be purchased separately. This means if at any moment your stand breaks, you can fix it by yourself by acquiring parts on the market.

The insignificant space it takes makes it all the more attractive for use at home. If you want to show more commitment to your music, you get to fit it into small spaces and use it from the comfort of the place of your choice. This stand has grown even more popular among school bands, orchestras and individual musicians where they find it is dependable and the operations are simple.

Other unique features include the “magic finger clutch”. This feature allows musicians to adjust their stand using one hand. It also has an inner chrome shaft and does not utilize grease to keep it rolling. Every quality showcased by this stand represents durability plus ability. You will own the best when you make this stand you choice.

Crafty Gizmos, Folding, Adjustable, Black Music Stand, with Carrying Bag

For the best performances, there’s no room for error, and if you use music sheets for your presentations, then the Crafty Gizmos is what you need. Music is a very unforgiving industry, and as much as talent gets you there, a simple addition of a music stand can make you top the charts. Own this music stand and get to receive the benefits that most users praise every day.

First, you’ll notice that it is fast to set up. When time is not of the essence, you can still play catchy music because any delays do not show on the setup. It has an ergonomic design such that your back remains upright saving you from exhaustion and tension when you use it for extended hours.

Secondly, it carries position adjusting knobs where after you acquire the perfect height, they keep it from sliding back to a different position. The elevation is adjustable at three different locations for complete flexibility as you use it. It also collapses to a compact size to aid carriage and storage. It does not take up much room so you can place it in your room and practice as much as you want. You don’t want to drag your stand against the floor causing unsightly scratches everywhere. That is why it comes fitted with rubber feet for that purpose.

Crafty Gizmos, Folding, Adjustable, Black Music Stand, with Carrying Bag

Since large music books associate every musician, this stand eliminates the problem of being wobbly. It can withstand heavy use and take abuse without losing its balance. It comes with two spring holders on each side for placing sheets separately in a vertical position for easy access. The base features a tripod design and spreads out nicely to afford you more stability in taking up big melody books, sheets, and instruments.

The best part is that it is preassembled so that you can just add the height and you are ready to go. You’ll love the waterproof carrying case it comes with since it proves handy when you need to protect your stand from the elements. You’ll love that you can take it anywhere since it is lightweight and can take on extreme weather conditions. If you live in places where the sun is scorching or in freezing areas, there’s virtually nothing that can keep you from performing great music.

There are unique additions to this stand which include adjustable clamps for keeping the sheets from sliding. It also has smooth operations when it comes to maintaining the height using wheel locks for added strength and reliability. All in all, this is the stand that showcases resilience and durability never experienced with another stand.

Musician’s Gear Black Music Stand, Folding heavy-Duty

Qualifying as a high-quality brand; the Musician’s Gear does not hesitate to exhibit high resilience and broad applications. It is the greatest addition for any musician who wants to learn their pitches fast and in a convenient manner. If you are looking to benefit from using a music stand, then this is what you should consider.

With an adjustable height of between 37.01” to 58.07”, this stand makes it more useful for taller musicians. You get to place your sheets at the position of your liking, and now you can use it while seated or standing. It is even, more, pleasure when you can place your instrument directly on the stand and it keeps it from sliding. You’ll be impressed by the ability to secure intricate music material without showing stress signs.

The abilities showcased by the music tray are loveable. It is wide enough, leaving extra room for carrying other accessories like the tuner, pencil, instrument and case. It is what we like to call “all-in-one” stand for the best time on stage. It does not take up much room and setting it up is just in a couple of minutes. You won’t need extra help bringing it together because the components are extraordinarily easy to come together. The fastening parts rely on proper tightening so that it does not deform and cause problems when in use.

The least attractive factor you could encounter is a wobbly music stand. With this one, that situation is solved with the tripod base that spreads perfectly for added strength. The construction is also sturdy, and you’ll appreciate the connecting pole to the music desk and base. It plays a major role in ensuring the two parts maintain their weight where the bottom part is heavy and the top lighter. It has two sections for holding two sheets of music, and it also has the capacity of holding thick music binders.

Musician’s Gear Black Music Stand, Folding heavy-Duty

Playing outdoors is always a challenge because of raging wind and unpredictable weather conditions. However, this stand carries waterproofed characteristics from the black finish which keeps it corrosion and rust resistant. It can withstand multiple abuse and heavy usage, maintaining good condition. It, therefore, counts for one of the most durable music stands on the market.

When it comes to portability you will enjoy working with a stand that folds into a compact size for transportation. Since it features a lightweight design, you can even carry it on your back. The worry now may be about the price presented by this music stand for the high quality it shows. But Musician’s Gear ensures that you don’t have to forego great music because of lack of stand. It is quite affordable extending the flexibility and convenience that comes with such a great piece of equipment. So if you like the outdoors, on the road or camping, choose this music stand. You can check out the best camping house.


An ideal music stand should not only withstand heavy usage but also maintain its form for several years. Having said that, we hope the list above serves as a point of reference for your next pick. Remember to avoid compromising on the qualities since what one lacks another stand has. Music should be effortless so if your stand is taking more energy than your performance you should just ditch it and make a better pick from our list. You can also have a look at the best audio mixers and the best accordions.

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