Top 10 Best Motorcycle Cellphone Mounts of 2022 – Reviews

Given how many uses modern smartphones have, it would be a shame not to have the possibility of taking them with you when you’re out riding your bike. With the help of a cellphone mount, you can use your smartphone as a navigator at any given point without having to improvise any contraptions on the actual bike itself.

Also worth mentioning is that these devices are lightweight, easy to install, and even easier to use. For your consideration, we put together a list of the ten best motorcycle cellphone mounts on the market today.

Best Motorcycle Cellphone Mounts of 2022

10LEXIN Mtb03 Motorcycle Phone Holder

portable media playersThis device is compatible with most phones with screens up to 6.3-inches or less. It is a high-quality model that can be outfitted with all motorcycle/bicycle/scooter handlebars of 15 mm to 30 mm in diameter. On top of that, it features a stretch clip design for additional security. The 360-degree rotation allows users to easily adjust the mount as per their convenience. Not only that but it is also quite easy to install without using any additional tools.

9Tackform Solutions Bike Phone Holder

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portable media playersThis unit is specially made for modern smartphones including the iPhone (6S/6/5S), Samsung Galaxy Note (4/5) Galaxy (S6/S5) LG, G3, and G4 models or any other device which is up to 5.95 inches in length. With it, you get complete unrestricted touch access to your phone while it is in the mount. This model utilizes VHB adhesive which is very functional and which also makes mounting and un-mounting exceptionally easy. This model also comes along with a 2-year warranty for good measure.

8Rymemo Universal 360 Motorcycle Cellphone GPS & MTB Support

portable media players

portable media playersThis cell phone mount from Ryemo is highly versatile and is compatible with most of the mobile phones and other portable media players out there today. It can support most mp3/mp4/mp5 players, GPS devices and PDAs up to a screen size of 6.3 inches. This mount can be outfitted on most motorbikes, bicycles, and scooters with handlebars of 15 mm to 30 mm in diameter. It also features a stretch clip for additional security and its ability to rotate 360 degrees makes it very convenient indeed.

7Bestrix Universal Phone Bike Handlebar Mount

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portable media playersThis is one of the most popular choices of handlebar mounts for phones out there and for very good reasons. It offers full 360-degree rotation and uses a pair of silicone bands which keep your phone firmly in place without obstructing usage at all. It is designed for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Notes, LG phones or any other phones with screen sizes up to 5.7 inches. It also comes along with a lifetime guarantee.

6Arkon iPhone Smartphone Bike Handlebar Mount

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portable media playersThis handlebar mount is specially designed to fit most of Apple’s iPhone models (6S/6-Plus/6/5/5S) and also Samsung Galaxy Note, Edge 3, 4, 5, S6, and S7 models. This model is very secure with elastic bungee cords which wrap around the phone. The patented technology used in this mount can fit devices which have screen sizes up to 8 inches. It can be equipped with any bike with handlebars up to 33 mm in diameter.

5Ipow Cell-Phone Handlebar Holder Cradle

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portable media playersThis one is designed to be compatible with most devices, and is particularly compatible with all iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy and Note models, Nexus, HTC, Blackberry and LG phones. This mount utilizes two silicone butterfly bands which grip the phone from all directions and keeps it completely secure and protected. A clamp along with rubber lines protect the phone from excess vibration and accidental surface damage. The phone also comes with a lifetime warranty.

4Bicycle/Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

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portable media playersThis universal cell phone mount can accommodate any mobile device up to 3.7 inches in width. It can be attached to most motorbikes or bicycles with a handlebar compatibility of 0.6 inches to 1.4 inches in diameter. It features an adjustable grip and 360-degree rotation. The grip on the handlebars is immensely secure with a very strong rubberized bracket and ball design. On top of all this, it even has a money back guarantee.

3Aduro U-GRIP PLUS Universal Cell Phone Handlebar Mount

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portable media playersThis particular mount is compatible with most cell phone models on the market today, particularly Apple iPhones, Motorola Droids, HTC, LG and Samsung phones or any other phone up to a screen size of 5.5 inches. It has a very quick and easy mounting and unmounting feature. It can be mounted on most motorcycles with handlebars up to 1.5 inches in diameter. The device offers 360-degree rotation and also tilting capabilities.

2Ram X-Grip Cellphone Mount

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portable media playersThe unique 4-ball design used by this mount lets you have complete, unhindered access to your phone, all the while keeping it completely safe and protected. This model is interchangeable with a whole host of popular RAM mounting devices. This mount is also waterproof and can be outfitted with as many RAM ball mounts as you need, provided that you have the space to accommodate all of them at the same time.

1Vibrelli Bike/Motorcycle Phone Mount

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portable media playersThis one tops our list of phone mounts as it scores high marks in virtually every aspect. It can accommodate all phones up to a maximum of 4.5 inches in width and can be equipped with any handlebars from 0.9 inches to 1.3 inches in diameter.

The sturdy and adjustable clamps with additional silicone bands ensure your phone never slips out accidentally. It also offers full 360-degree rotation capabilities and a complete unhindered access to your phone while on the mount. Overall, it is one of the best motorcycle cell phone mounts money can buy.

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