Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best motion sensor light bulbs? Motion Sensor Light Bulbs are very indispensable devices in our homes. They are both functional and decoration accessories. Functional in the sense that they provide lighting together with safety. This is because it detects darkness and any form of movement within the area where they are installed. Lighting dark areas minimizes accidents. Moreover light discourages the breeding of harmful insects especially if they fitted in the garage, store areas and corridors.

Due to increasing technology, most of the motion light sensor are automatically operated by use of electronic devices. It automatically switches off when there is no motion, and when the sun comes up which is critical in saving energy translating to reduced bills. Most of the modern ones use LED though some still use fluorescent lamps. Despite this difference, all motion light bulbs do the same job. They make use of generated heat to detect motion. This the reason they majorly used to sense movement of people, cars, animals and solar energy.

Factors to consider when buying the best motion sensor light bulbs

Choose a motion sensor light bulb depending on the coverage of your area of concern. It is advisable you invest on a motion light bulb having its distance adjustable so that you can manipulate according to your needs. It should have different adaptability for the user to operate manually in case the automatic system fails. Consider the following factors so as to choose the best device;

a) Technology

Though modernized motion light bulbs are quite expensive, they are the best when compared to the analog system. They are easy to operate most having automatic switch hence you do not need any human resources to keep turning on or off.  Old version light bulbs are a bit tiresome since manual operation is required. Also, LED bulbs provide brighter lights while they consume a small amount of power.

b) Detection Area

Some wish to illuminate large areas while other people opt for motion bulbs that cover their individual rooms only. Based on your desired purpose, go for one that satisfies your needs. Motion light bulbs are available in many types others covering only 4 feet’s. You can still access in today’s market that covers a large area of 70 feet’s. These are perfect for commercial purposes and people with large compounds.

c) Power Consumption

Power output that is measured in term of brightness should correspond to the power input. Like any other electronic device, light bulbs have some power losses. This power loss should be minimized as possible.

d) Installation mode

It should be easy to install and compatible existing sockets in our homes. This reduces expenses of rewiring the room again. Also, it should be flexible so that you can fit any surface without any problem.

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Which are the best motion sensor light bulbs in 2019?

Do not worry about which product is worth investing on, here are Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs in 2019 Reviews.

10. LAMPAT Security Bright Motion Sensor Solar Light

This light sensor lamp is engineered based on modernized technology. It senses the motion wireless. Also, they are made of waterproof materials that last longer. It is very easy to install as it does not require any complicated wiring system. You can also install on any surfaces.  It includes brighter bulbs that light up more than 80 lumens at ago.  Solar Li-ion battery is recharged using solar energy that is free.  Good choice of materials ensures that it last longer. Plastic construction makes waterproof. The company offers a lifetime warranty. This implies that the product is of great quality. Available at an affordable cost.


i)Illuminates bright light hence you get maximum security.

ii)Compact and lightweight design make it easy to install.


i)Sometimes the chip takes sometimes to turn off lights.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

9. OxyLED Luxury Motion Light Bulb

OxyLED Luxury Motion Light Bulb is one of the favorite safety devices in the market. They are made of a quality aluminum material that is highly resistant to corrosion such as rusting. It conserves a lot of power making it one of the reliable and economical gadgets in our homes. Its outstanding design makes it perfect for corners of the rooms including stairways, lobbies, gardens, resting rooms among other preferred areas. The digital sensor features an automatic mode that monitors atmosphere of earth. 4AA batteries power this motion sensing bulb.  Stainless steel finish maintains its color for longer periods.


i)It looks beautiful at an affordable price.

ii)Detects motion over long distances of up to 4 feets.


i)Its frame is made of plastic, so there is a likelihood that it can discolor with time.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

8. QPAU LED Bulb with PIR Motion Sensor

QPAU LED Bulb with PIR Motion Sensor is uniquely designed to offer outstanding illumination within your residential area. This motion sensor light bulb makes use of PIR motion sensing capacity that is more advantageous in comparison to other similar products on the market. It is electronically operated. It is more beneficial than other conventional light bulbs because it consumes little power. Also, this device does not pollute environment since it is made of quality materials that are durable. Fits into existing E27 sockets within your rooms. Extends its purpose by providing warm lighting color.


i)Tripod stand is very flexible so that you can install anywhere.

ii)The magnet mounted at the base stick easily to any metallic surface.


i)You have to move closer for the sensor to detect your motion.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

7. Heath Zenith HZ-5411-WH Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light

This motion sensor detects a motion far as 70 feet’s away. The user can adjust the sensitivity of this sensor so that it is more sensitive during an emergency. If you are looking for outstanding functional features such as adjustable timers within the range of 1 minute, 5 minute and 20 minutes, I would recommend that you try this motion light sensor. The device consumes 120 watts maximum for 38 flood bulbs. This is essential to power conservation. Its metallic frame is strong enough to withstand day to day corrosion. Individual bulb lasts for longer hours up to 3000 hours. It is well designed to deliver safety, convenience together with maximum protection within our residential areas. Available in various colors including white and gray.

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i)Its assigned price is reasonable that every native can afford without straining.

ii)Sold out by reputable dealers who offers 10 years warranty.


i)The extra cost is incurred when purchasing 38 Flood Bulbs.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

6. Amir Motion Sensor Light

This device is available as a package of 3 rechargeable batteries motion sensor lights. It delivers excellent performance in the kitchen, stairs, corridors closets and bedroom sites. Inbuilt LED light sensors last longer. Lights are automatically turned on or off by sensor every time it detects motion within a distance of 10 feet’s. Consumers little power. This brand uses auto PIR innovation system making it more sensitive to even slight movement. 2200mAh rechargeable capacity battery last for more 12 hours when working continuously. It is made of waterproof materials to last longer. The company provides guaranteed warranty. Also, they do not breach customer’s promises. Very easy to install the sensor in his preferred locations.


i)Gives brighter light than other similar motions light bulbs in the market.

ii)Automatic sensor switches off the light at sunrise and on sensing darkness and any movement.


i)Batteries discharges over time hence you have to replace them regularly.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

5. iRainy E27 LED Infrared Motion Detection Light

Most people desire to have greater output than what they input so as to optimize efficiency. Every device should obey this principle. iRainy E27 LED Infrared Motion Detection Light meets the properties mentioned above. Highly versatile as you can install anywhere in your home. LED technology is incorporated to control the amount of heat generated boosting its durability. Ideal for offices, home, and other various places. PIR movement system automatically it’s on and off states upon sensing movement or not respectively. PIR consumes very little voltage while giving saturated colored light. The company designs this device bearing in mind environmental safety. They used good quality materials that last longer.


i)Trustworthy dealers provide reliable customer services.

ii)You can install it in the block wall such as in the storage rooms.


i)You cannot install the light bulb within the gate area.

ii)Bulbs take a bit of time to light especially if it cold outside.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

4. Kohree 3PCS Motion Sensor Light

Kohree 3PCS Motion Sensor Light consumes little power while giving bright light. It makes use of influential automatic sensors that detects slight movement within the length of 10 feet. During construction, it includes a magnet that gives you a chance to install the sensor on any metallic surface easily. Bright light that is emitted does not generate shadows that could lead to slipping or any other form of accidents. It is very easy to install by use of provided screws, magnet alongside 3M adhesive pads. Powered by 3 PCS AAA batteries. Its stylish design improves the interior décor of your room. Perfect choice for your bedroom, washrooms, stairs and also reading rooms.

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i)It is a pack of 6 bulbs installed together in an array to giving maximum illumination.

ii)Perfect for your closets and cabinets.


i)Adhesive tape loses its activity with time.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

3. First Alert PIR725 Motion Light Sensor

First Alert PIR725 Motion Light Sensor is very popular in the market due to its outstanding features. It uses guided movement detecting innovation to turn the sensor on and off state automatically. Appropriately engineered to work best with existing available light sockets in our rooms thus no need of rewiring you home. It senses up to 12 feet distance movement.  Consumes 50 watts supply, therefore, compatible with most of the fluorescent and radiant knobs rated 100W. It automatically switches to on state whenever it senses any locomotion and off when the area is free from any form of motion. Suitable for pantries, stroll, carports and storm cellars.


i)Consumes little power of 50 watts hence compatible with most sockets that are already installed in our homes.

ii)Delivers excellent performance especially in the garage because the sensor switches on and off automatic there no manual operation required.


i)The sensor fails to work in some instances.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

2. Mr. Beams MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Light

These 3-in-1 motion sensors make use of LED illuminating systems for greater sensitivity. Sensors detect any movement over a wide area up to 15 feet away. These lights are uniquely designed to automatically switch off after a few seconds in case there is no motion. It is highly versatile so that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor sensing. Lights provided by this motion sensor are very bright so that in case you are asleep you will easily notify the difference in your bedroom. This classy sensor turns on only when dark approaches and when it senses motion. It measures about 1 by 4 by 3 inches. Easy to install by following easy to interpret steps. Uses 4 AA batteries.


i)Does a great job with Lithium 4 AA batteries rated 1.5V.

ii)Brighter than other motion light bulbs available In the market.


i)Shuts down very fast so that in case you are sleeping you may miss the movement

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

1. Fulcrum LIGHT IT 20031-101 Motion Light Bulb

This is one of the best motion sensor light bulb in today’s market. It is a powerful 6 knob LED featuring robust and water resistant construction.  This aspect makes it a perfect choice for outdoor use such as in the yard, carport, and farm. Remarkable silver coating blends well with the interior décor of your room. It includes highly effective 25-foot detection sensor. Six volts photographic innovation available consumer very little power saving on the cost of energy. Its simple construction makes it awesome and easy to operate. Powered by a battery that lasts for decades. Photocell innovation guarantees that the light emitted is endorsed appropriately.


i)Water-resistant casing protects the lamp from corrosion.

ii)It uses LED technology, thus no worry of glares.


i)This lamp is a bit expensive due to its great quality

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

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