Top 10 Best Model Airplanes in 2019 Reviews

Model airplanes make for some of the most inspirational and authentic gift ideas. In 2019, you have almost a limitless selection of highly accurate and realistic model airplanes going back to the very beginning of man’s adventure with powered flight. You can buy model airplanes either as kits (set of parts) which you then assemble or as discrete molded pieces. You can then offer them to someone as an outlet for their flights of fancy or as a distinctive memento.

10. InAir WWII Planes 6-pc Set with Aircraft ID Guide

For history buffs with a fascination for the motley collection of fighter planes from World War II era, this is a gift idea to melt their hearts. The set includes an assortment of six airplane models, complete with an aircraft ID guide to help you identify them and glean anecdotes about their place in history.

  • Brand: InAir
  • Model form: Assorted WWII plane models
  • Color: Assorted
  • Other color choices: Yes
  • Recommended for: Children 36 months – 12 years of age

9. Top Race Interlocking Building F15 Fighter Jet Airplane Model Toy Kit

This is a model plane kit consisting of a set of interlocking blocks. It is a toy model plane and puzzle building set in one package. As a 1:48 model of the F15 Fighter Jet Airplane, it is a great gift idea for children with fascination for aviation. You can also put it as a decor item for home or the office.

  • Brand: Top Race
  • Model form: Airplane Model Toy Kit Blocks Set
  • Color: Gray
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: Ages 6 and above

8. Fascinations Metal Earth Cessna 172 Airplane 3D Metal Model Kit

Designed for hobbyists at least 14 years of age, this model airplane kit is a very appropriate gift idea. It will guarantee endless hours of fascination for the intricate hobbyist in you. You begin the model with a 4 inch square sheet of metal and progressively pop out the pieces wire cutters, following the instructions set out in the booklet. In the end you will have a realistic, 4-seater Cessna model, arguably the most popular airplane in aviation history if the number of units assembled is the standard.

  • Brand: Fascinations
  • Model form: 3D Metal Airplane Model Kit
  • Color: Silver gray
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: Ages 14 and above

7. 9″ X-Planes US Navy F-18 Hornet Blue Jet Toy with Pull Back Action

For a fighter jet airplane model, this 9 inch replication of the X-Planes US Navy F-18 Hornet Blue Jet is as good as they come. Made from die cast metal, it is designed to last for years without suffering much in the way of chipping or breakages. The manufacturer has gone to extra lengths to include authentic detail in all parts and sections of the plane. Indeed, it is so realistic that many fighter pilots who have held the model in their hands have expressed a surprise at how meticulously replicated the model airplane is.

  • Brand: Kinsmart
  • Model form: Die cast metal model airplane
  • Color: Blue with yellow trim
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: 3 years and above

6. Daron Southwest Single Plane

If you have ever flown in a Southwest airplane, this model will be a great way to mark your flight for all posterity. It comes with the right colors and insignia. Intended to last and weather any amount of play use, the plane is made from die-cast metal and durable plastic elements. As a memento, you could not have chosen better. The model measures approximately 6 inches from tip of the nose to the tail wing. Moreover, it is officially licensed by Southwest Airlines.

  • Brand: Daron
  • Model form: Die-cast model airplane
  • Color: Aqua blue
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: Universal gift item/ souvenir

5. United Airlines 777 airplane toy plane, RT6266

If civil aviation models hold as much fascinations as fighter airplanes, you will find this uncanny replication of the Boeing 777 plane in accurate United Airlines colors and insignia very appropriate. Designed and marketed by Daron, the airplane model comes as one discrete toy, designed to last through many hours of boisterous play. Whether used as a gift idea, souvenir/keepsake after a memorable flight or just as a decor item, it will be a meaningful way to express an idea about aviation.

  • Brand: Daron
  • Model form: Die-cast airplane model
  • Color: White
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: Children under 12 years

4. A10 Warthog 1:48 Model Airplane Kit

The A10 Warthog is one of the most successful fighting machines in the US Airforce arsenal. It was commissioned in 1975, fitted with a 30mm GAU-8 Gattling gun as well as a motley collection of missiles such as the AGM 65 Maverick air to ground missiles under its wings and fuselage. This one is a 1:48 scale model replicating both the looks as well as the actual plane’s aerodynamic profile. Being a model airplane kit, there are 167 molded plastic parts to put together, complete with full instructions on how to do it.

  • Brand: Revell
  • Model form: 1:48 airplane model kit; 167 plastic parts
  • Color: Jungle green with camouflage patterns
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: Skill Level 2 hobbyists (requires glue and paint – not included)

3. 40B Tiger Shark Plastic Airplane Model Kit

Designed for use by children aged from 8 to 11 years, this model plane is a great birthday gift idea, especially for boys. To help customize it and change the appearance, there are adequate patterned decals to change the appearance to at least three versions. As usual, there are detailed assembly instructions to help you assemble the plane fully.

  • Brand: Revell
  • Model form: 1:48 model airplane kit,
  • Color: Camouflage with shark jaws detail
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: Children 8 – 11 years

2. F6F-5 Hellcat Model Airplane Kit from Revell

This is yet another 1:48 scale model of an Airforce jet. The F6F-5 Hellcat model will delight anyone with a passion or fascination for fighter planes. As withy most other Revell model airplanes, this one comes in pieces ready for assembly. In this case there are 55 pieces and detailed as well as illustrated instruction booklet to help you put it all together.

  • Brand: Revell
  • Model form: 1:48 model airplane kit, 55 pieces
  • Color: Blue
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: Ages 10 and above

1. P – 51D Mustang 1:48 Model Airplane by Revell

The P-51 Mustang warplane is one of the most distinctive fighting machines deployed by the United States Airforce. This is a 1:48 model designed and marketed by Revell. It comes in 49 realistically molded parts. To increase its realistic appeal, the engine panel can be lifted off and the machine gun access panel is also very realistic. To help you put it together the package includes detailed assembly instructions with easy to follow illustrations.

  • Brand: Revell
  • Model form: 1:48 Model plane kit, 49 molded pieces
  • Color: Silver
  • Other color choices: None
  • Recommended for: Children 8 – 11 years

As our comprehensive review of the best model airplanes available for sale this years serves to show, there is no shortage of choice in terms of design, age appropriateness and even hobbyist skill. Choose one of the ones featured above and let someone special’s dreams take off.

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