Top 10 Best Misting Fans of 2022 – Reviews

Misting fans can be a godsend when summer comes, just ask anyone who was wise enough to invest in one. These fans are designed to blow layers of water into the air, thus providing a cooling mist that quickly evaporates and taking the heat with them. They also come in difference sizes for you to choose them, which gives you the possibility of picking between outside or inside misting fans depending on your needs. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best misting fans the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Misting Fans 2022

10SPT SPT SF-3312M Misting-Fan

HolmesAvailable in a set of 2two, this is very good handheld portable misting fan. Made out of plastic, it utilizes a pressurized tank and a nozzle to expel the mist. It is also incredibly easy to use as it runs off two AA batteries and has a simple ON/OFF switch. Not only that but it also has a clip on top, which you can use to clip the fan onto a backpack or somewhere else of your preference.

9Designer Air Misting-Fan

tech product

HolmesThis standing pedestal mist fan is perfectly suited for both outdoor and indoor usage. The height of the fan is adjustable up to a maximum of 15 inches. The robust and broad base renders the fan exceptional stability and ensures it doesn’t fall over even in the windiest of conditions. The fan has three preset speeds and is invaluably helpful in dry weather, a multifunctional capacity any high-end misting fan should have.

8Arctic Cove Misting-Fan


HolmesIt may be small and portable by design, but you can sit this fan on top of a bucket or attach it to a garden hose to ensure an unending supply of water so as to put out the type of mist a much larger misting fan would usually be capable of. This feature alone places it on top of our list. This one is powered by 18-Volt Lithium-ion batteries which can keep the fan running for up to 7 hours on a low power setting.

7Welltop Misting-Fan

handheld device

HolmesIf you’re looking for a portable fan-cum humidifier, look no further than this premier product from Welltop. The compactness and the minimal weight of the fan allow it to be your companion everywhere, from your home to your office. The fan has a water tank capacity of 20ml, which should prove enough for anyone. The integrated battery charges itself in around 30 minutes and runs for around four hours on a lower setting.

6NewAir Misting-Fan

tech product

HolmesIf you’re looking for a traditional outdoor standing fan with the added perk of mist, then this one should be your pick of choice. The fan head is at a height of 18 inches, which is adjustable. The head can be tilted and also rotates, thereby making it extremely customizable. It has three speeds and the highest of them extends the mist up to an area of 500 square feet. The sleek black finish makes it fit in seamlessly with all outdoor configurations.

5SPT SF-241WM Personal Hand-Held Misting Fan


HolmesThis fan may be a handheld device by design, but it boasts of a ton of features to protect it from detrimental environmental conditions. Among them, a 3M epoxy coated finish which makes the fan waterproof and resistant to rust and UV rays. The manufacturers claim the fan is capable of producing 6500 cubic feet movement of air per minute on the highest setting, thereby significantly reducing the impact of outside temperature.

4Holmes Misting-Fan

handheld device

HolmesNext on our list is this pedestal standing fan from Holmes which stands tall at a height of 16 inches. This one scores top marks on simplicity and practicality. The fan oscillates by itself and can effectively sweep out and cool a large area. It does not drip and features 3 different speed settings.

3Lasko 7050 Misting-Fan

tech product

HolmesThis high tech product from Lasko has an in-line GFCI line along with a three-prong stopper for safe outdoor usage and is certified safe by the ETL. Capable of reducing the outside temperature by 25 degrees, it also has a 90-degree sweep ensuring that the mist gets spread all around the crowd.

This makes it perfect for picnics, patios, and small outdoor get-togethers. This one is also highly durable and impervious to disagreeable weather conditions, UV rays and rust. On top of all this, it has a very contemporary, sleek look and would also make an excellent gift for a loved one.

2iEGrow Misting-Fan


HolmesThis is highly capable handheld portable misting fan that features three modes: fan, fan & mist, or only mist. As lightweight and compact as they come, they are perfect for those of us who are constantly on the move. It has an integrated rechargeable battery which can be easily charged with a household micro USB cable. The mist is dense and the blades move fast, all the while staying completely silent and noiseless.

1Luma Comfort Misting-Fan

handheld device

HolmesWhen it comes to mist fans, it rarely gets any better than this gem of a product from Luma. It is a standing pedestal fan, made out of anti-corrosive material which lends it an added degree of durability. The impressive 26-inch fan head effectively cools an area of a 1000 sq ft and can also rotate to spread the air throughout the room. The inbuilt tank of 5 gallons capacity can keep the fan running for up to 5 hours on high-speed. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best misting fans money can buy.

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