Top 10 Best Metal Detectors in 2019 Reviews

Metal Detectors are widely used in various fields including security institutions for detecting metallic weapons. They are also used for mining of valuable metallic assets. It is very helpful not only for your personal use but also great good of your family. Metal detecting is fun giving you a chance to participate in outdoor exploration of valuable resources. Choosing the appropriate metal detector is sometimes confusing because they are different types in the market. It is very helpful if you consider the following factors as a guide to choose the best metal detectors in 2019;

i)Field of Interest

Are you looking for gold, coins, artifacts or relics? It is recommendable to choose multi-purpose metal detector. Garrett Ace 250, Minelab’s X-Terra Series and Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 are perfect for your day-in-day-out hunting. It can be used by seniors, juniors and experts. If your main agenda is to have great adventure especially coin shooting, you will require a metal detector with pinpointing capabilities.

ii)Locality of metal detection

Place of detection can be at the beach, valleys and mountains, schools among other places. The ones to be used in the beach, water banks and swimming stations should be waterproof for it to last longer. It should withstand high temperatures if you are to use in in arid and semi-arid areas. A more comprehensive metal detector should be highly resistant to any form of corrosion.

iii)Frequency of hunting

Consider how often your detector will be effective. This is very essential especially if you intend to use you metal detector for fun and exploiting your hobby. It should also withstand daily use without any faultiness. Accident do occur and you might find that day use can result is unplanned dropping of the detector. As a result, your choice should be strong made from good quality materials.

iv)Level of experience

We have got metal detectors for beginners, seniors and experts. Modern detectors have a beginner setup. Using a push button, the user can trace lost diamonds, rings and gold nuggets. Automatic knobs give the user humble while calibrating the detector.

v)Cost of the Metal Detector

Gauge your financial status. Choose the best you can afford. Excellent quality metal detectors are more sensitive and penetrating though slightly costly.

Underrating widespread research and reading published documentation. Here are our Top 10 Best Metal Detectors in 2019 Reviews;


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10. Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector

It is an ideal choice for getting treasures in hand. Finding coins, relics and jewelry is made easy by use of this metal detector. It has a selective mechanism that discriminates unwanted iron metals. This aid is separation of resourceful objects from scrap goods. It features dual search coil for deeper detection hence greater performance. Garrett Ace detects metal at high frequency so as to have detailed objects at ease. It includes large capacity control headphones for magnifying different sound intensities that are dependent to each metal. Its electronic pinpointing precisely directs the major targets. It uses five different search modes. The indicator shows the condition of in depth battery.


i)Extended battery’s lifespan.

ii)Excellent discrimination ability.

iii)Operates at higher frequency.


i) Gives false signal once in a while

Best Metal Detectors

9. Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

This product features various useful characteristics. It is of high quality constructed in USA. Available in the market at a friendly price. It operates silently unlike other metal detectors that disturbs the user and surrounding humankind. Its micromax design makes it portable. It delivers the intended purpose a high frequency up to 10 KHz. This detector is powered by 9V battery that last longer. Presence of 8” concentric coil allows the detector to collect large size treasures. It has a rejection mechanism for eliminating junks from high grade metallic objects. This metal detector is very easy to use. It makes use of micro-controllers so that you can program the metal detector to only collect whatever you are after during hunting.


i)It is portable because it is made from lightweight materials.

ii)Excellent value with high penetrating depth.


i)It has no ground balance.

Best Metal Detectors

8. Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector has automated ground balance for controlling its maneuverability. The balance also neutralizes the feedback to mineral content located underground. It features Squelch technology that get rid of mendacious signals therefore making hunting of metallic objects very easy. Its pin pointer directs the user to locate exact position of the mineral content he is searching. It displays its progress by use of LCD display screen.  The triple tone audio feedback ensures very accurate identification of buried riches. Additionally, the LCD display show the distance covered during hunting of valuable minerals. It uses dual 9 volt batteries. It has an in-built battery indicator that shows the battery status.


i)Easy to manage due to little settings.

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i)This detector cannot manage mineralized soil.

Best Metal Detectors

7. Fisher F2 Metal Detector

This metal detector is perfect for shooting at the beach. This is because it is constructed from waterproof materials. It features two interchangeable 8 inches and 4 inches water resistant coils. On purchase, the dealer includes pin pointer for tracing exact location of the valuable objects. Its 8 sections visual target ID gives the user easy time to distinguish between junk and valuable minerals. This detector has large easy to use LCD screen. It operates a frequency of 5.8 KHz. The detector distinguishes between various metal by use of 2-digit numeric display monitor. On reaching the valuable metallic minerals, 4 tone audio feedback allows the user to comprehend target metals.


i)Affordable yet it is of high quality.

ii)Great choice for hobby activities.


i)It cannot deliver great performance in humid areas.

Best Metal Detectors

6. Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER Time Ranger Metal Detector

This metal detector offers much fun during metal hunting. It has extraordinary features for commercial gem hunters. The product features adjustable coil and manual ground balance. Its large touch screen LCD monitor manages the target ID, attained depth. Moreover, the display shows iron levels so the machine will discriminate it very easily. The touchpad ensures all modes of operation are accessible. This metal detector boasts 4 level iron discrimination for greater performance. The 3 tone audio traces the valuable minerals by use of audio feedback that are specific for every valuable.


i)Its stem and coil are made of waterproof materials.

ii)Highly sensitive.

iii)Four modes of operation.


i)It cannot penetrate deep in the ground.

ii)Highly priced.

Best Metal Detectors

5. Makro Deephunter 3d Metal Detector

This detector is very versatile. This metal detector is a perfect choice for deep hunters for tracing valuables, coin shooting and relic searching. It looks awesome due to its triple dimensional color. The detector makes use of advanced technology for accurate hunting saving a lot of time that could be used in beating the push. The Makro Deephunter combines ability to locate profound treasures, cavities and personalized coins all in one unit. It performs both motional and non-motional detection. It very easy to use. The user can switch from manual to digital mode simply by pressing switch button.


i)Ideal for deep search hunters.

ii)Includes universal wall charger.


i)Highly priced.

Best Metal Detectors

4. Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal Detector

Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal Detector embraces proprietary VELEX technology that includes single frequency over wide range of coils. The interchangeable coils have different three different modes. These modes include, target discrimination and metal elimination. Various tones are employed for every metal diameters makes the detectors more versatile. It works well with 7 KHz and 18.75 KHz frequency. It features very accurate ground balance that is adjustable with range of 0 to 20 mm. This improves mineralization level. You can adjust the level of sound produced when the detector is working. The user can easily change the represented target using multi tone target ID. They are available in different sizes even for youngsters. Additionally, this detector is lightweight.

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i)Interchangeable coils.

ii)It has a back-lit LCD screen.


i)It very difficult to comprehend the feedback sound especially for beginners.

ii)The coils are highly priced.

Best Metal Detectors

3. Teknetics EuroTek PRO Metal Detector

Great performance is what every native will embrace. This metal detector has an iron indicator that distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous objects. Also, the indicator illuminates when detector passes through an ironic metal. This improves its efficiency by discriminating resources that are not the major target. Stationery pin point mode helps in targeting the major recovery. It is perfect to be used in iron-infested areas. 11 inch DD search increase searching depth as well as wide coverage.


i)Excellent DD search coil.

ii)Selective discrimination settings.


i)Absence of notching features.

Best Metal Detectors

2. Winbest Elite Edition Metal Detector

It operates in type. It has flexible stem that is adjustable within the range of 22 to 30 inches for more convenience. The handle is made of rubber for more comfort while shooting coils and tracing valuables. Control settings are available for manipulating output volume and mineralization sensitivity. The company provides 1-year guaranteed warranty.


i)Reputable dealers.

ii)Triple operation modes.

iii)It has LCD display screen.


i)Inappropriate depth gauge.

Best Metal Detectors

1. Tek Motion MD-3010II Metal Detector

If Gold digging is one of your favorite hobbies, I will recommend this awesome Tek Motion MD-3010II Metal Detector. It features an automated operating system. It gives gradual audible signal that progress until metallic resource is reached. Its LCD monitor includes illuminating lights. This allows the hunter to use the detector even at night. Perceived valuables are shown on the display so that the hunter can eliminate the target metals from other underground components. It is so sensitive hence you can set it so that it responds when the target metal is reached.


i)Water resistant coil.

ii)Extraordinary design prevents tangling.


i)You cannot adjust headphones volume.

Best Metal Detectors

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