Top 10 Best Men Slippers

The best men’s slippers in 2019 are designed to deliver comfort, convenience and versatility of use. While slippers are essentially footwear made to be worn indoors, the best manufacturers have opted for a blend of features that render these shoes appropriate in certain casual, outdoor settings as well. As you go through this detailed review of the top ten best men’s slippers in 2019, you will see that our ranking has prioritized functional design, all weather features and comfort above all else. Whatever your style and fashion sense, you will find a perfect slipper from our selection the ten bestsellers.

10. Snoozies Men’s Non-Skid Sole Plaid Slipper

Snoozies Men's Non-Skid Sole Plaid Slipper

Complement your most casual and all-at ease indoor outfit when you don these colorful men’s slippers. Made from a comfortable blend of polyester fibers with plaid patterning, they are the very definition of indoor convenience, comfort and warmth. The slip-resistant sole further offers protection against the untimely hazards that may arise as you work in and around the house. To suit your style and personality, the slippers are available in a selection of about two dozen different colors and styles. Go on, rock your weekends when you opt for the Snoozies Men’s Non-Skid Sole Plaid Slipper as your preferred indoor footwear in 2019!

9. J. Fiallo Mens Stiched Faux Suede, Fleece Lined Clog Slippers

J. Fiallo Mens Stiched Faux Suede, Fleece Lined Clog Slippers

As you would expect of any slipper made primarily for use indoors, this faux suede footwear product is both comfortable and lightweight in design. To offer you adequate variety for your personal style, you get to pick from brown, black and grey colors for the perfect complement to your personal style. Moreover, each of the three is fitted with a distinctive though entirely decorative copper button on the side, an embellishment which further enhances the overall look of the slippers. A soft, fleece lining with memory foam comfort value further makes this a really enjoyable shoe for use indoors or at the spa. Indeed, you will come to love these slippers that they will become an essential piece of gear as you travel.

8. Deer Stags Men’s Nordic Clog Slipper

Deer Stags Men's Nordic Clog Slipper

This is a slipper made for easy slipping on and off after the classic Nordic style. The manmade upper shoe offers adequate protection to your feet and toes without adding unnecessary bulk to what is essentially a pair of indoor shoes. That said though, the styling of the round mocc-stitched toe as well as a resilient sole guarantee this is a shoe which won’t feel out of place as you walk about in the yard. A Sherpa lining offers further comfort and protection while the fully cushioned insole will give you the confidence to take bold steps well aware that any shock resulting from such will be absorbed fully.

7. Hideaways by L.B. Evans Men’s Roderic Slipper

Hideaways by L.B. Evans Men's Roderic Slipper

While this is a shoe styled a slipper, it is for all intents and purposes a perfectly functional shoe for both outdoors and indoors use. Its upper shoe is made from quality synthetic leather while its manmade sole is tough and all protective to meet any challenge of the great outdoors with resilience. The slipper’s Sherpa lining is fluffy and comfortable for all round warmth. Moreover, it is trimmed with the same material as well as an elastic side goring for easy on and off motion grabbing the heel. A protective rubber outsole and bumper offers all the resilience you would want in casual outdoor footwear.

6. Perry Ellis Portfolio – Men’s Microsuede Clog Slipper

Perry Ellis Portfolio - Men's Microsuede Clog Slipper

While this clog slipper is made from a form of synthetic microsuede material, it is nonetheless as comfortable as you would expect of any indoor footwear product. It easily fits your feet and toes, warmly ensconcing them with the fluffy memory foam insole. Admittedly, this is a clog that is only fitting for indoors use but that shouldn’t necessarily be a disadvantage. It is warm, comfortable and offers a snug fit right from the time you take it out of the packaging. The shoe is also made to size, freeing you the trouble of having to worry about whether you should order half a size bigger or smaller. This is borne out by the fact that barely one out of ten customers who buy the Perry Ellis Portfolio – Men’s Microsuede Clog Slipper ever attest that the shoe failed to fit as expected.

5. Deer Stags Men’s Wherever Slipper

Deer Stags Men's Wherever Slipper

These men’s slippers follow the classic clog design, guaranteeing easy slip-on style yet a comfortable fit for your feet. The upper shoe is made of a soft blend of fabric with woven trim and features the S.U.P.R.O. Sock technology as well as compression nxo0dules on the outsole for added padding and comfort. Even more appropriately, the sole of the slipper is enhanced with an Altron heel cushion in order to provide even better shock absorption when walking the stairs or hard surfaces. For walking around the house and simple chores, you will find these slippers very appropriate and fitting for the occasion.

4. Dockers Men’s SMNF2697DK Slip-On Moccasin

Dockers Men's SMNF2697DK Slip-On Moccasin

Made of high quality leather and designed to fit certain fashion profile we have all come to expect from Dockers, these are men’s slippers which will offer you excellent indoor comfort while proving to be fashionable as well. The enduringly simple slip-on design has moc-toe seaming as well as all round plush lining for extra comfort. There is nothing effusive or preposterous about these shoes. Just the essence of comfort and elegance you crave to show off. And, to underline their quality pedigree, there is a subtle though nonetheless conspicuous Dockers logo emblazoned at the back of the slipper moccasins.

3. UGG Australia Men’s Ascot Slipper

UGG Australia Men's Ascot Slipper

Though a trifle aggressive in their outer appearance, these men’s slippers are nonetheless the very essence of comfort in the home. That said, there are many who find them irresistible while opting to travel in comfort. And why not! These slippers are made form the highest quality suede leather for easy maintenance and unrelenting durability. Indeed, the suede upper is lined fully with carefully cured sheepskin, complete with a layer of natural wool for added comfort and soft padding. Moreover, they are fitted with a genuine sheepskin sockliner as the insole, offering unparalleled moisture wicking properties to keep your feet completely dry in all prevailing weather conditions.

2. BEARPAW Men’s Moc II Slip-On Moccasin

BEARPAW Men's Moc II Slip-On Moccasin

Soft, lightweight and comfortable, these men’s slippers from Bearpaw will prove a great addition to your closet in 2019. The slippers are made from genuine suede leather to ensure longevity as well as ease of maintenance. Designed in the classic slip-on moccasin style shoe for men, they are shoes which will primarily suit the indoors but which won’t be totally out of place if you don them for a casual outing in the yard. For a set of easy weekend footwear, you could not have bet on a more suitable pair of slippers.

1. Tamarac 7161 Men’s Camper Moccasin Slipper by Slippers International

Tamarac 7161 Men's Camper Moccasin Slipper by Slippers International

Combining a soft suede upper with an easy-tread synthetic sole, these are trendy slippers for men of style. The interior of the shoe is intended to offer comfort and easy pampering of your feet with its soft, plush lining. In other words; these slippers are designed in the classic moccasin style in order to prove a huge comfort for your feet after a day of constrictive official footwear. The lightweight but distinctively treaded sole will easily let you wear the shoes indoors and outdoors as well. Though the sole is not made from natural rubber, the synthetic compounds are soft to the tread and you can walk with barely making a noise even on hard tiled floor.

As you shop for a set of comfortable and warm men’s slippers in 2019, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind. To begin with, the products we have featured in this review have demonstrated resilience of use over time and have the quality features to show for it. They will make you feel right at home in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings as you prod through the year in fashion!

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