Top 10 Best Memory Foam Floor Chairs with Back Seat Reviews In 2021

Human comfort always elevates to a higher level day by day, thanks to continuous technological improvement. After a long tiring day, we all love to relax, watch television, play video games or even play with our loved ones. At such moments, you definitely need great comfort and relaxation, which can only be offered by a floor chair. The floor chairs offer unparalleled comfort when you are relaxing in a free open space in your house, the major reason for their skyrocketing popularity.

Apart from being super comfortable, these chairs feature a unique design that is visually appealing and décor enhancing as well. You probably are thinking of buying a floor chair and being the first time, you have no clue where to begin. Well, we know the dos and don’ts when one is buying the best product and it is for the same reason that we are here for you. We have taken the hassle into our own hands and compiled a thorough review guide of the 10 Best Floor Chairs available in the market today. Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Table of the Memory Foam Floor Chairs Reviews

10. Adjustable 14-Position Home Memory Foam Floor Chair – BirdRock

Floor Chairs

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Whether you want to read your favourite novel, watch a movie with a friend or play board games, BirdRock is the chair designed for you. Engineered to perfectly contour to your body, expect unmatched back comfort when using this heaven-sent floor chair. One aspect that makes it extremely comfortable is the high-quality chopped memory foam that is soft on your body.

Even more interesting are the 14 different positions that allow you to take any position to suit your activity, whether reading, taking a nap or watching your favourite series. Storage is pretty simple, with the intelligent design of BirdRock, you can lay this floor chair flat and push it under the sofa. Being multifunctional means you can use this chair as an extra seat when watching or playing games with friends.

I wouldn’t recommend anything better when you want your kids to have a safe soft spot when playing, reading or crafting.

Special Features

  • Perfect/comfortable gaming tool
  • Multifunctional floor chair
  • Great for playing and crafting kids
  • Intelligent easy-to-store design

9. Five-Position Multi-angle Adjustable Polyester Folding Chair By Sundale

Sundale Outdoor Indoor Adjustable Soft-Brushed Polyester Cord Five-Position Multiangle Folding Chair

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Designed for outdoor leisure enthusiasts, the Sundale Floor Chair is another favourite model never disappoints. One nice aspect of this chair is its thick, soft and comfy padding that will make you want to spend your entire day meditating or playing video games. You will definitely appreciate the sturdy back support that keeps you comfortable all day long.

With the removable soft-brushed polyester cover, it is very easy and quick to clean this chair. Five different positions allow you to enjoy a steady back and lower support while reading, meditating or playing games. Storage is a breeze when this chair is fully reclined in a flat position. Moreover, it is also lightweight for hassle-free transport and storage. If you want a floor chair that strikes a unique balance between beauty and comfort, look no further than Sundale.

Special Features

  • Very elegant
  • Ultra-comfort
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Foldable floor chair
  • Quality soft-brushed polyester material

8. Floor Gaming Cushioned Sofa Floor Chair from Best Choice Products

Folding Adjustable Memory Foam Cushioned Padded Gaming Floor Sofa Chair

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This is another top-rated floor chair that will allow you to sit and relax on the floor in whichever position you want. Allowing you to adjust the chair in 14 different positions, you can enjoy a quick snooze or relax in an upright position playing video games. Expect top-notch comfort when using this outstanding floor chair, thanks to the carefully crafted memory foam.

Whether you want to entertain your little ones in daycare, watch movies or play some games, Best Choice Products Floor Gaming Chair is perfect for anywhere, whether in your private room or anywhere else. Plus, this floor chair is a multipurpose lounging material that can be used anywhere and will blend with any setting. It is an elegant, lightweight and portable for use in more than one room.

Overall, Best Choice Products Cushioned Floor Gaming Sofa Chair is a high-quality product designed to get comfy as you relax and enjoy.

Special Features

  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The perfect addition to any setting
  • Adjusts in 14 different positions

7. Adjustable Folding Floor Gaming Sofa Chair – Giantex

Giantex Floor Folding Gaming Sofa Chair Lounger

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Giantex is another incredible meditating tool. Engineered with high-density foam, this floor chair delivers the ultimate support for floor seating, gaming and relaxing. The sturdy iron hardware keeps the chair sturdy and firm, the reason it can comfortably support up to 200lbs. In order to customize your experience with this floor chair, the back allows you to adjust up to 90 degrees to an upright position or flat. Ease of use is simply top-notch, anyone will wish they had this chair much earlier.

With an overall dimension of 40.6” x 20.1” x 5.5” and an approximate weight of only 16lbs, you won’t find it hard to move this chair around or store it. Just like other models, it is a multifunctional unit, making it ideal for use at home, garage, camping, outdoor adventures, or for sporting purposes. Another pretty likeable aspect of Giantex Floor Folding Sofa Chair is its friendly price, you do not need to sacrifice your fortune to acquire one.

Special Features

  • Soft flannel fabric for unparalleled comfy
  • The durable sturdy iron framework
  • Multifunctional unit
  • Designed with high-density foam
  • Lightweight and portable

6. Foldable, Comfortable Padded Floor Chair – bonVIVO Easy III

Foldable, Comfortable Padded meditation Chair – bonVIVO Easy III

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The perfect representation of modern home comfort and luxury, bonVIVO Easy III surely does a pretty decent job. Combining unique upholstery fillings, PU and PE foam, this floor chair is designed to conform to your body curves delivering maximum comfort. You can finally say bye to back pain, slouching and posture-related health problems with the stable backrest of bonVIVO that can support up to 220lbs.

Apart from being easy to use practical floor chair, its small footprint makes storage and transportation hassle-free. Moreover, cleaning the high-quality synthetic fibre is simpler than ever, you just wipe-clean the entire cover. Flexibility is top-notch, you can adjust this chair to a maximum of 100 degrees by choosing a position of your own.

Special Features

  • Comfortable upholstery
  • Stable and supportive backrest
  • Easy to transport and clean
  • Can be used universally

5. Foldable 5-Position Lazy Sofa Chair By Merax

Foldable 5-Position Lazy Sofa Chair By Merax

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When all you want over the weekend is relax, watch movies and play video games, you definitely deserve a special floor chair such as the Merax. It is a very handy chair that will let you enjoy sitting or lying in your favourite position anywhere you want. Even better, you can adjust Merax Floor Chair in 5 different positions till you achieve you’re the most comfortable position and style.

It also boasts of adequate support due to the ample stuffing and the superior padding. The sturdy metal frame adds to the strength and stability of this floor sofa. Overall, nothing beats this floor sofa when you desire optimal comfort and luxury when chatting, playing games or watching television.

Special Features

  • Handy and lightweight
  • Sturdy framework
  • Provides great support due to adequate stuffing and padding
  • Made of quality microfiber
  • Made to deliver exclusive support

4. Cushioned Folding Adjustable Gaming Sofa Chair By Giantex

Cushioned Folding Adjustable Gaming Sofa Chair By Giantex

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The Giantex Adjustable Floor Gaming Sofa Chair is another gorgeous unit that boasts exclusive luxury and comfort. Wherever you want to take comfort, whether, in the living room, child’s room or anywhere else, Giantex never disappoints. Allowing to adjust the angle of the chair in 14 different positions, you can lay flat 180 degrees, 90 degrees or any other angle depending on user preference.

It boasts a plushy surface fabric that is ultra-soft and spongy in design. Moreover, you can use this floor sofa while watching, playing games, meditating, reading a novel or any other activity that will require to enjoy floor comfort. It is also preassembled and ready to use.

Special Features

  • Ultra-soft spongy plushy fabric
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Universal sofa chair
  • Highly adjustable
  • Doesn’t require assembling

3. Gray Folding Adjustable Floor Chair By BONZY

Gray Folding Adjustable game Chair By BONZY

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This is where quality meets comfort. For years, BONZY has been giving people what they need, unmatched comfort.  This floor chair is made of ultra-soft soft-to-touch linen inspired fabric delivery a special feeling of luxury and comfort. You can adjust the backrest into different positions turning the BONZY into a flatbed or chair. It is easy to clean, lightweight and can be stored under the closet or couch when folded.

Materials used in the construction of this floor chair are not only safe but also compliant with basic standards. If you are out there looking for a durable floor chair that will offer adequate support and comfort while watching TV, relaxing, reading a novel or playing games, look no further than this floor chair.

Special Features

  • Available in light or blue colours
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Soft to touch linen
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable backrest mechanism

2. Multi-Angle Indoor/Outdoor Adjustable Floor Chair By Sundale

Multi-Angle Indoor/Outdoor Adjustable Floor Chair By Sundale

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Make your space stunning and accommodative with the Sundale Outdoor Indoor Adjustable Multi-Angle Floor Chair. It is the perfect floor seat for those that love spending their time indoors watching TV, playing games, meditating or reading. With adequate staffing and superior padding, this unit offers extra comfort compared to its competitors.

Plus, the back support is ergonomic and plenty to give you ample time when you spend hours on the floor. To make cleaning easy, the soft-brushed polyester cover is removable. Being lightweight and portable, you can easily carry this unit anywhere.

Special Features

  • Can be reclined at any angle for easy transport
  • Has wide applications
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be reclined in 5-different

1. Adjustable 6-Position Folding Lazy Home Sofa By Jhua

Adjustable 6-Position Folding Lazy Home Sofa By Jhua

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Are you tired of waist, neck and spine pain caused by your chair or couch? Say bye to all ergonomic-related pain by grabbing the Jhua Home Adjustment Folding Lazy Sofa. It is the ultimate source of comfort when you want to enjoy watching TV, playing games or even taking a midday nap. It is a multi-angle floor chair allowing you to adjust through the 6 different positions. The sofa material is exclusive, the fleece and the foam sponge takes comfort to a whole new level.

Storage is a breeze given that you can adjust this chair from 90 degrees to a flat position. The pure metal skeleton gives this unit the strength it requires to last for ages. It is a great option for unparalleled soothing relaxation at home, bedroom or even office. If you are the kind that is obsessed with casual and relaxing comfort, Jhua Home Adjustment Floor Chair is the best bang for your bucks.

Special Features

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made of quality fleece
  • Can fold from flat to 90 degrees
  • Durable
  • Easy to store
  • Can be adjusted in 6 different positions