Top 10 Best Marine Speakers Reviewed In 2021

Do you have a yacht or boat that you spend a lot of time in during weekends? If you are upgrading its speakers, check the type you order – not all models work the same, especially on the water. Therefore, it is advisable to order the best marine speakers with quality sound, and that will blend with and work well on your vessel for years. To help you to make a good choice, we have reviewed a few bestsellers herein:

List of the Marine Speakers of 2021

10. Sony XS-MP1611 Marine Speakers

Sony XS-MP1611 Marine Speakers

Perfect for use on waters, it is resistant to salty or freshwaters. Therefore, they will serve you well on the lake or the ocean, as they will withstand splashes and rainy conditions. Its versatile design is also suitable for use on open roof vehicles. It also boasts of high-quality engineering as its dual cone is from ultraviolet and high-temperature resistant polypropylene material. Besides, a treated cloth offers an attractive finishing as well as a protective covering from external elements for durability.

The magnet structure comes with a heavy-duty voice coil that is resistant to high temperatures. Thus, it can work for longer hours without fatigue. Even though this speaker has a lower RMS power of 65 watts, its sound quality and range of frequencies do the payoff. Its installation features both front and rear mountings. It also has detachable and paintable grilles to match your vessel or vehicle colors.

What We Like
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Polypropylene dual cone
  • Paintable plastic grills
  • Easy to install and operate
Our Verdict

Are you tired of water or humidity always ruining the speakers in your yacht or boat? Sony XS-MP1611 speakers deliver impressive results in such settings. Both are 100% waterproof and have paintable surfaces that you can customize to match your décor. These speakers sound great, as well.

9. Polk Audio DB+ Series Marine Speakers

Polk Audio DB+ Series Marine Speakers

The Polk Audio DB+ Series speakers have marine certification. Its audio performance is excellent, thanks to the fitted rings kit. They help to focus all the sound into the cabin, bringing out the full potential of your speakers to produce quality sound. The design can reduce panel vibration while increasing mid-bass. It also reduces destructive waves, hence providing better sound than your factory set.

Polk’s inner/outer shell has a durable polypropylene lining. The cone is from a UV tolerant material, which is sturdy, dirt proof, and water-resistant. Besides, it can withstand salty fog, Ultra Violet light, and humidity experienced in saline waters. It is also simple to install without the need to engage an electrician. The speaker is ideal for open-roof vehicles, boats, and any other water vessels.

What We Like
  • Marine certified speaker
  • Works in cars, boats, and yachts
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Impressive sound quality
Our Verdict

The best floor-standing speakers are suitable for entertaining at home. To extend the fun to your boat as well, you will need a marine-certified speaker such as Polk Audio DB+. It works well indoors and in outdoor spaces such as decks. Its marine-certified design not only sounds great but is durable as well.

8. Polk Audio Coaxial Speakers

Polk Audio Coaxial Speakers

The Polk Audio Coaxial Speakers is an affordable pair of two-way speakers, which are marine certified. The high waterproof rating makes them suitable for freshwater sports. They are also durable against saline waters and high humidity conditions. Its quality sound is beyond your factory-installed system speakers. Its design is sleek and has a laser-image that ensures smooth sound with minimal distortion, and incredible sonic. It comes with a polypropylene woofer cone that is resistant to harmful UV light.

The cone edge has a rubber surrounding to hold it to the brass for longevity. These powerful speakers can handle between 100 watts to 300 watts of power and with a frequency range of 55-22000 Hz. The well-cut out diameter and depth of brackets allows flush mounting and bottom mounting. It comes packed with the owner’s manual, grilles, and other accessories necessary for ease of installation.

What We Like
  • High frequency (55-22,000 kHz)
  • Polypropylene woofer cone
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Marine-certified speaker
  • Easy to install in yachts
Our Verdict

Polk Audio is a set (two) of marine-grade coaxial speakers that work seamlessly outdoors. They are 100% waterproof, durable, and have low-profile designs that install flush on surfaces. Moreover, even though small, their 300-watt systems generate loud and soothing sound, which anglers and homeowners like.

7. Kicker KB6000 Marine Speakers

Kicker KB6000 Marine Speakers

Designed to work in most open spaces, the Kicker KB6000 Marine Speakers is an all-weather set of speakers that deliver exciting results. It has a UV treated enclosure that lasts for long. It also has a unique and sturdy design with the ability to produce clean, crispy sound over long distances. Finally, it is portable, versatile, and works well in listening rooms, lounges, patios, and even family rooms.

Kicker KB6000 has an 8-Ohm load and is ready to use with home stereo receivers. The speaker features a contoured front face, which offers a striking wave effect. To enhance audio clarity, it has many holes in the front cover fastened onto the speaker’s frame. Its finishing is attractive. You can install the speakers on the wall or ceiling or place them horizontally or vertically to get accurate and quality sound.

What We Like
  • Contoured front face
  • Loud and clear sound
  • UV-treated enclosure
  • Work on walls and ceiling
Our Verdict

Speakers with cheap plastic cases fade or disintegrate when exposed to water and UV. Models with low-grade components, on the other hand, fail to deliver the quality sound most people want. Kicker KB6000 is different. Its UV-treated enclosure is not only stylish but also durable. Sound quality is fantastic, while its 6.5-inch design is easy to install on walls and ceilings. They also work well on patios and garages.

6. Kicker White Marine Speakers

Kicker White Marine Speakers

The Kicker white marine speakers are unique designs specifically for boats and the outdoors use. Built with the capacity to handle 195 watts and an RMS of 65 watts, you will hear everything clearly from your stereo. Fitted with removable multi-color LED lighting, you can change colors to suit your taste. They are also bold-looking with charcoal or white grilles that blend in most spaces. It also includes a smart, integrated moisture-draining system suitable for use in water vessels such as boats.

These are splash and spray resistant marine speakers with locking terminal covers that surpass industry standards. Made with rust-resistant material, this speaker will last for a long time. It is simple to install. Its spectacular highs and midrange sounds provide full-range audio designed purposely for a marine environment. To ensure marine-grade installation, they come with stainless steel mounting screws.

What We Like
  • Rust-resistant shell (stainless steel)
  • Multi-color LED lighting (removable)
  • Marine-grade speakers (waterproof)
  • Powerful system (195 watts)
  • Full-range audio output
Our Verdict

Kicker White speakers are eye-catching marine-grade items with a full range audio output. They work well on patios and gazebo. You can also set them up in your yacht or boat blat your favorite music on the water. Each speaker is powerful (195 watts) and has removable LED lighting.

5. Pyle PLM R605W Dual Marine Speakers

Pyle PLM R605W Dual Marine Speakers

The Pyle PLM R605W is a two way and waterproof design. It also features an all-weather resistant stereo sound system with a handling capacity of 400 watts of power at its peak. The design works with a non-corrosive aluminum voice coil. It also has a neodymium dome tweeter for rich highs. The grilles and basket are white, which blends well in most marine boats. They are suitable for naval vessels since they can withstand heavy water splashes during the rainy season and other outdoor conditions.

This model has wide dual cones made of high-quality polypropylene and resistant to vibrations. The cones and basket connect with butyl rubber. This feature makes them waterproof and offers flexible movements. They have a frequency response of 85Hz-20 KHz with a low of 4 Ohms. The heavy-duty plastic basket and grill are rust-resistant and helps in combating harsh sunny conditions. Pyle PLM R605W has a low profile design with a sensitivity of 90db.

What We Like
  • Sensitive system (90dB)
  • High-quality polypropylene
  • Marine-grade speakers
  • Low impedance (4 Ohms)
  • Non-corrosive voice coil
Our Verdict

Pyle PLM R605W is a set of two 90dB marine-grade speakers, each with loud and wide dual cones. It is a durable product. It also has loud neodymium speakers and a marine-grade design that works well outdoors. You will have an enjoyable time with them on your patio, yacht, or man cave in your garage.

4. Pyle Hydra PLMR62 Marine Speakers

Pyle Hydra PLMR62 Marine Speakers

Do you want a marine speaker that will fit and blend well with your vessel? The Pyle Hydra PLMR62 Marine Speaker is perfect. Its low-profile design is sleek (white) and designed to blend with the interior finishes of most water vessels. More so, its waterproof design can resist heavy water splashes and moist outdoor conditions. Its water resistance allows its installation on enclosed as well as on open spaces.

This make comes with a heavy-duty magnet structure with a non-corrosive aluminum coil. The combination offers full-range stereo sound and longtime service. Additionally, the baskets and grilles are from high quality molded ABS plastic resistant to UV rays. It can also withstand power as high as 200 watts comfortably without experiencing fatigue. Also, its high-frequency response and low impedance of 4 ohms allow you to listen to high tones clearly and at lower watts input.

What We Like
  • Large and stylish (6.5 inches)
  • Powerful system (200 watts)
  • High-frequency response
  • Durable ABS plastic shell
  • Low profile (installs flush)
Our Verdict

The heavy-duty plastic (ABS) used to make these speakers lasts for long. It is stylish, water-resistant, and has a low-profile design that installs flush on walls. You will like their robust 200-watt systems, as well.

3. Kenwood KFC Marine Speakers

Kenwood KFC Marine Speakers

Designed to bring power and precision, the Kenwood KFC Marine Speakers will keep you entertained in your boat or yacht. The uniqueness of this marine speaker lies in its superb engineering. Its injection-molded polypropylene cone woofers, for instance, have stress and water-resistant designs that last for long. Set up on decks of boats, they can withstand splashing waters on a stormy and rainy day. The stainless steel basket is also long-lasting and resistant to rust, even in salty water.

Additionally, the grilles and speaker baskets are white to reflect strong UV sunlight to offer exceptional performance for many years. They also come with dome tweeters that balance well with the woofers to produce a mix of midrange and high-frequency tunes. Their low impedance only requires a 50watts input from your stereo to generate loud and clear tunes on the water.

What We Like
  • Two-way marine speakers (6.5 inches)
  • Stainless steel baskets (long-lasting)
  • Well-balanced sound and tunes
  • Injection-molded cone woofers
  • Stress and water-resistant design
Our Verdict

The stainless steel components of Kenwood KFC speakers resist corrosion and rust. They are waterproof and have low set designs that install flush on surfaces. If you enjoy music, you will enjoy using this pair.

2. Pyle Hydra Series Marine Speakers

Pyle Hydra Series Marine Speakers

The Pyle’s Hydra series speakers are waterproof devices that work seamlessly in all marine vehicles. They withstand water splashes during the rainy season or in the sea. Each package comes complete with operating manual and mounting accessories. Its power capacity is 75-150 watts and has a frequency response of 80Hz – 18 KHz. The low impedance (4 ohms) ensures maximum utilization of its wattage, while its circuit magnet generates full-range audio and stereo sound.

It has a classic appearance, which adds style to your vessel. The low profile design comes with an aluminum voice coil. Additionally, the woofer cone is heavy-duty polypropylene, which is weather-resistant as well. The basket and grilles are of heavy-duty molded ABS plastic. It, therefore, protects the speaker from damage by intense sunlight and corrosive saline waters in the sea.

What We Like
  • Molded ABS plastic (heavy-duty)
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene cone
  • 75-150 watts power capacity
  • Low impedance (4 ohms)
  • Full range sound and audio
Our Verdict

The Hydra Series Pyle speakers deliver interesting results in outdoor space. Moreover, if you have a boat or yacht with an exposed deck, this set of speakers will benefit you as well. They are loud, powerful (150 watts), and have heavy-duty polypropylene cones that boost sound projection and quality.

1. BOSS Audio Systems Marine Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems Marine Speakers

Built with style and elegance, the Boss Audio Systems are weatherproof marine speakers with a low impedance of 4 Ohms. Therefore, they generate loud and crisp sound in boats or outdoors. Additionally, they have a magnetic structure with a frequency response of 80Hz-20 kHz and a sensitivity of 89 dB.

BOSS marine speakers have a waterproof polypropylene cone, which works well in open spaces such as cabins and decks. The cone also has a treated fabric that filters dust and other contaminants from settling on the woofer or its sensitive high-frequency drivers. It has a one-inch aluminum voice coil for powerful sound output and a one-inch Mylar Dome Tweeter that balances sound production.

What We Like
  • Full range two-way speakers
  • Sensitive system (89 decibels)
  • Mylar dome tweeter (1-inch)
  • Crisp and loud sound output
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Weatherproof marine speaker
Our Verdict

BOSS weatherproof speakers generate stunning sound no matter where you set them up. They work well on boats and yachts. You can also set one up on your patio and use it to entertain outdoors without worrying about dust or water damage. Each speaker has a three-year platinum factory warranty.

Shopping Guides for the Best Marine Speakers


Designed for use outdoors, marine speakers endure abuse for the sun, the rain, and dust. They are also exposed to high winds and humidity, which damage electrical devices. Look for a product that can withstand such a level of abuse. It should have a heavy-duty and or UV stabilized ABS plastic shell. Stainless steel is also a good option because of its style, rust resistance, and longevity.


While in use outdoors, marine speakers face interference from the wind and natural or artificial sounds, to name a few. To overcome such cons, opt for a product with a robust system. Models with noise canceling mesh cloths are also ideal, especially if you like hosting outdoor parties on boats and or yachts. Check out what people are saying about your marine speaker of choice. Good reviews indicate quality.

Ease of Use

Many times, people spend cash on speakers that are hard to install or require many third-party accessories to work well. If you are a novice and plan to install the speaker system yourself, avoid such items at all costs. Instead, look for a product that you can install and then maintain effortlessly.

Conclusion: Do you have a patio that you are planning to spruce up with a pair of marine speakers? Are you planning to replace the old and worn speakers that came with your boat or yacht? Our top 10 picks are not only durable but also designed to work seamlessly in such settings. They are easy to install, are resistant to humidity, water, and UV; and have high-performance designs that keep people entertained outdoors.