Top 10 Best Manual Food Choppers of 2022 – Reviews

You would be surprised how many people still rely on shark knives alone when chopping food of any kind, even in this day and age when there is a wide array of kitchen utensils to choose from. With food choppers, for example, you get to chop food much more efficiently than you would with knives, not to mention how faster the entire process is.

Safe to use and highly durable, manual food choppers are among the most popular kitchen utensils nowadays and understandably so. Having said that, let us point out that not all food choppers are built to the same standards, which is why you want to do some proper research before buying one. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best manual food choppers money can buy.

Best Manual Food Choppers 2022

10My Healthy Way Mini Food Chopper

elaborate productsIdeal for preparation of most ingredients, foods and even fruits, the mini chopper is definitely an accessory every chef needs to have. Besides being compact and preventing cluttering, it is characterized by a remarkable pink design, a high-performance cutting system, and a plastic container that can serve as temporary storage. Moreover, besides its components being all durable, they are also BPA-free and simple to clean. It also boasts a multi-functional design that allows it to chop, slice, and effectively cut most ingredients in a timely fashion.

9OXO Good Grips Chopper

the pampered chef

elaborate productsThe Good grips OXO chopper is a typical restaurant grade accessory boasting two rotating sharp blades that chop evenly and very fast. It comes with a sturdy ad manually operated design which makes it suited for both outdoor and indoor usage. Moreover, besides being dishwasher safe, it is quite simple to set up and use. It is also powered by a long-lasting and durable cartridge which is conveniently detachable for easy maintenance. Not only that but it also comes equipped with a soft knob type of handle that makes the copper quite comfortable to use.

8Westmark Multipurpose Grater, Cutter, and Slicer

elaborate products

elaborate productsFeaturing a multi-purpose quality design, Westmark grates, cuts and even slices efficiently. It has a simple to use system (rotary blades) that is simple to use and sharp blades (stainless steel) that work effectively on every ingredient.

As a safety precaution, it is well packaged with features such as suction pads that are non-slip which properly secure the pot and ease control. Moreover, it has a comfy handle complemented by a typically long arm which orients the user’s hand from the chopper’s sharp blades. Besides the general cutting, slicing or even grinding, it allows you to tailor the consistency of your ingredients with ease.

7Kwik Kut Serrated Tooth Edge

distinctive stainless steel sharp blades

elaborate productsContrary to common opinion, expensive and elaborate products do not necessarily represent quality and at times, simplicity is a quality in itself. One such product is the Kwik Kut manual serrated tooth chopper. At just 2.93-inches, it comes with a multi-functional compact design which enhances how users slice or chop vegetables and fruits. Even though some might consider it uncomfortable to use due to its design, the fact that it comes with a wide handle that allows easier control along with BPA-free components make it a must have.

6The Pampered Chef Food Chopper

the pampered chef

elaborate productsWhile everyone enjoys tasty delicacies, the work needed to prepare such dishes will often discourage most people. Nonetheless, with the Pampered chef chopper, this can instantly change in a jiffy. At 9-1/4 by 3-1/4 inches, it is large enough and even fun to cook with. With this chopper, you can chop all your ingredients in a single wave; and aside from simple cutting and chopping, it facilitates heavy-duty fruit, tenderized meat and vegetable cutting with minimal effort on your part. As opposed to standard choppers that break or dull easily, the Pampered chef is conveniently resilient, as it boasts blades made of stainless steel and is both BPA free and rust-resistant.

5Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper

elaborate products

elaborate productsRecommended for its multi-functional capabilities such as blending, shredding, mixing, and chopping ingredients, the manual Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper never disappoints. Ideal for both commercial and home use, it has a desirable versatility and admirable construction.

The fact that it is crafted off quality materials, certainly explains why this chopper enjoys the popularity it does. It also comes equipped with curved triple Samurai stainless steel blades which slice both vegetables and fruits with ease. Its blades are not only rust-resistant but are also durable and resilient enough to handle even the most intricate mixing and slicing tasks.

4Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop

distinctive stainless steel sharp blades

elaborate productsKuhn Rikon is among the best choppers on the market and is particularly prominent owing to its characteristic sharpness. It boasts a standard versatile design complemented by durable components which produce medium, fine and even coarse chops. As opposed to its competitors that dull and break over time, this chopper will offer you service devoid of any hassle.

With this simple to use chopper, you will enjoy a tireless experience cooking whatever delicacy you please. Its considerably sharp blades (stainless steel) offer and effective cutting experience and are rust corrosion resistant up to an impressive standard. Safety is key when shopping for typical manual choppers and this Swiss Pukk Kuhn Rikon chopper has this all sorted for you. It is characterized by a standard non-slip base and a characteristic sturdy body that boasts a safe-to-apply pull system which many people seem to appreciate.

3Brieftons Manual Food Chopper

the pampered chef

elaborate productsCompact, powerful and boasting a handy handheld design, this Manual chopper from Brieftons is ideal for salad preparation tasks. Not only that but it also works amazingly in slicing garlic or onions and boasts a characteristic innovative design which delivers consistent and very fast results with minimal effort on your part.

What exactly sets Brieftons aside? Aside from boasting a remarkable 3-cup capacity, it facilitates dicing or slicing large ingredient amounts without going low on storage space. It also has a BPA-free dishwasher-safe plastic body and distinctive stainless steel sharp blades that effectively cuts clean devoid of crushing or bruising ingredients. Although it pulverizes tomatoes, it is an easy and reliable kitchen accessory that every kitchen ought to have.

2Chef’n VeggiChop

elaborate products

elaborate productsThis cost-efficient chopper is an ideal accessory for the preparation of boneless meat, vegetable-based dishes, and herbs. It boasts professional-grade durable components and a lightweight design that requires little effort on your part, even when using it for long periods of time. It also saves on space with its compact design, which is always something to look for when shopping for a chopper. Aside from having a lockable and at the same time portable storage container which reduces spills in the long run, this chopper also stands out by being very easy to store due to its compact construction.

1Vidalia Chop Wizard

distinctive stainless steel sharp blades

elaborate productsA properly designed seasoning and spice chopper, the Vidalia Wizard is an accessory that is best suited for both commercial and home use. Crafted from premium plastic, it is not only durable, but it is also quite stunning as inspired by its characteristic green theme that will last you quite a while before fading away.

Its versatile design allows it to dice and chop all types of vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, its distinctive insert disks enjoy a properly honed design that allows the machine to cut devoid of crushing and bruising fruits and vegetables in any way. Other than being rust-proof and boasting a sturdy heavy-duty design, this chopper comes accompanied by BPA-free containers which double as provisional storage bins if needed.

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