Top 10 Best MacBook Pro with Retina Display Cases, Covers & Sleeves

For us, one of the first things that come to mind when purchasing a MacBook is how you’re going to protect it. And, you probably think the same way. For the price you pay for a MacBook, it’s definitely a wise decision to get a little something to prevent your lovely gadget from damages.

Sleeves and cases are the most popular choices these days, with its unique designs and its ability to protect your MacBook. Here is a list of the best cases, covers, and sleeves for MacBook Pro.

List of Best MacBook Pro with Retina Display Cases, Covers & Sleeves in 2021

10. Snugg Leather Sleeve for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 with Retina

Snugg Leather Sleeve for Apple Macbook Air 13

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This sleeve fits perfectly with MacBook Air 13 and MacBook Pro 13. This one comes in not just black, but also a variety of bright colors like purple, green, orange, red, as well as some pastel colors as well. What’s more, it’s made from high-quality leather and precision. The leather used to produce this sleeve is scratch-resistant and eco-friendly. Its interior is very soft. And, it also comes with spacious pockets to carry your phone and also your cables and wires as well. Plus, there is also a slot for storing business cards or bank cards.

With that being said, you won’t have to worry about your MacBook’s falling out of the sleeve since it has magnets to secure it completely. Best yet, this laptop sleeve is backed by a lifetime product warranty, too.

9. Lavievert Soft Neoprene Sleeve Cover for Apple MacBook Retina Pro

Sleeve Simple and Elegant Case Bag Cover for Apple 15 inch Macbook Retina Pro

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What makes this sleeve special is that it’s water-resistant, so if you’re stuck in the case of bad weather, you won’t have to worry about getting your MacBook damaged. Along with that, it comes in a few size options; compatible with 13” to 15.6” MacBook, and 3 colors black, pink, and blue. This laptop sleeve will definitely protect your MacBook with its lining stuffed with cushions.

This sleeve is able to absorb shock, and bum as well as protect your laptop from dust, and scratches. It has zippers in 3 directions, making accessing your laptop and putting it in and out quick and easy. This laptop may not guarantee a snug fit, but it will fit without being too loose.

This sleeve can also be used as a mouse pad. In addition to that, the straps that come with the sleeve is removable, too. Plus, this product is backed by a Lavievert lifetime warranty as well.

8. LuvCase MacBook Pro 13 Retina Case Plastic Hard Shell Cover

LuvCase MacBook Pro 13 Retina Case

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This hard case is made to fit 13” MacBook Pro. Though it’s a hard shell, it does come with a variety of designs for you to customize and make your MacBook unique. The designs include different patterns like marble, bohemian, indigo, feather, oil painting, diamond as well as plain wooden colors. The cover, of course, gives access to all your laptop’s ports.

Not only that, the case is to be super lightweight so you won’t have to worry about having an extra weight. On the back, there are some holes for air ventilation, preventing from overheating. And, it is also slim enough that you can use along with a laptop sleeve if you’d like. Best yet, the cover is made with a layer of rubber oil paint that helps resist slipping, scratches, liquid, dirt, fingerprints, and more. This is such an attention to detail design.

In addition to that, it does protect your MacBook quite well since inside the case, there is a thin layer of oil for a nice texture. With that aside, you won’t have to think about your rubber feet wearing out, the case does come with its own set of feet to protect it. To put the cover, simply snap it on your laptop.

7. Customized Creative Cartoon Series Sunflower Special Design for MacBook Pro 13”

Customized Creative Cartoon Series Sunflower Special Design

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So, this sleeve has bright sunflower design on the front leaving a hollow spot for the Apple logo. This laptop case is also quite easy to keep cleansed as well. But, that’s not it; it’s also sturdily made to keep your MacBook safe despite its lightweight.

Surprisingly, this laptop case is super thin. It is less than 0.1 mm thick, allowing you to use it along with a laptop sleeve easily. In addition to that, it also keeps your MacBook safe from water and oil. The natural and beautiful look of this case will give an elegant touch.

6. Sinoguo Gray Felt and Real Leather with Black and White Grid

Sinoguo Gray Felt and Real Leather with Black and White Grid and 2 Pockets Carrying Bag Case Sleeve

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This coolly designed sleeve made from high-quality leather is nice and thick to keep your MacBook safe from any scratches or bumps. It comes in 3 sizes ranging from 11” to 15.6” and 5 colors/designs of gray, black, and camel with grid patterns and without. This best leather sleeve for MacBook Pro has 2 storage pockets for cables, your phone or even a notepad.

Though it’s durable, it is also quite thin and lights adding almost no weight to your MacBook. So, you can store this laptop sleeve conveniently in your backpack or briefcase. And, this product is also backed by a lifetime guarantee.

5. Batianda Dream Catcher Gradient Color Crystal Hard Sleeve Laptop Cover

Batianda Dream Catcher Gradient Color Crystal Hard Sleeve Laptop Cover Case for Apple MacBook Pro

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This hard case is made for a MacBook Pro with retina from 11” to 15”. Its dreamy dream catcher design will make sure that your laptop or MacBook stand out. Especially with its gradient color, making it just beautiful. Not only that, this plastic hard shell cover for MacBook Pro is made to protect your laptop from top to bottom.

Being aesthetically pleasing and durable at the same time is what this case is made to be.

4. Kuzy Retina Clear Crystal Hard Case

Retina 12-inch CLEAR Crystal Hard Case for MacBook

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Kuzy’s crystal clear hard case is made to fit 12” MacBook Pros. The design is made to display the Apple logo completely. But that’s not it, it is also very smooth and clear for the aesthetics. Though it has a grippy texture, so it won’t slip out of your grip while being carried.

The vents will let air in and out of the case meaning no contribution to heating up your laptop. And, comes in gold color, this hard case will look great for MacBook Pros of any color.

3. Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case for older MacBook Pro


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Another Kuzy product is this one designed for the older versions of MacBook Pros. It’s compatible with a 13.3” display screen. Besides that, it comes in a whole variety of colors. And, its top and bottom cover has rubber painted all over to keep it safe from the loss of grip while being carried.

It is also not difficult to put the case on and remove it as well, unlike most cases.

2. Batianda™ Unique Pro Retina Lace Matte Hard Sleeve Cover

Batianda(TM) Unique Pro Retina 13-inch Lace Matte Hard Sleeve Cover Case MacBook Pro with Retina Display Cases

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This plastic hard shell cover is made from the MacBook Airs and Pros from 11” to 15”. It does come with many different color options that you can choose from as well. With this lace design on your MacBook, this laptop case will definitely make your MacBook stand out.

Putting the case on and taking it off is a breeze. This case is also going to keep your MacBook protected from scratches; so no worries.

1. KEC MacBook Pro Retina 13” Case

KEC MacBook Pro Retina 13 Inch Case

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KEC’s interesting designs of colorful prints, features, and flowers on a MacBook’s hard plastic case makes your laptop look even more unique. The plastic is completely transparent and will show the Apple logo on your MacBook. This is designed to fit 13” MacBook Pros and shield it from scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. But, be noted that the case is not matte but rather glossy.


With all the best sleeves and cases being listed down, now the last thing you have to do is choose the one you like best for your MacBook. Your laptop does need a laptop case or sleeve; get one before it gets damaged.