Top 10 Best Luggage Locks in 2019 Reviews

Adequate security to your luggage is something that you cannot take for granted.  The best option to keep your luggage safe is by investing in the best luggage locks. There are various luggage locks available in the market hence it may be a daunting task to choose the best. The quality of any lock is rated in terms of security it provides, durability and versatility.

Factors to Consider when choosing Best Luggage Locks


There is wide range of materials used to make luggage locks. Some companies might opt to use a different material on the body and the cable. Most of these are metal. It is essential to invest in strong metallic locks because they last for many years. One of the metal includes brass. The only drawback with brass luggage lock is that violent destroying methods can easily destroy them. Brass materials are very cheap. Other metals include steel, aluminum among others. Steel padlocks offer good security. They are hard to drill.

b)Shackle design

The shackle is an essential part of every lock. It works in hand with lock body alongside locking system to provide sufficient security. Check the shackle carefully because it is always the first area to be targeted. Be precise with the size of hasp you intend to lock. Not recommendable that you go for a shackle that is too big nor too small. Closed shackle offers more security than open ones.

c)Level of protection it provides

It is a bit hard to determine the safety level of a lock. This is because there are many factors to consider before rating it. It is recommendable that you check one that is affordable and durable. Consider one that is not easy to damage or drill.

d)Intended purpose

Some luggage locks are best for indoor while others are well designed for outdoor security. It is upon the user to choose one that serves his/her needs to satisfaction. For economic reasons, invest on versatile locks though they might be so expensive. Do not use an indoor padlock for outdoor since they are a bit week. Outdoor padlocks can be used confidently for indoor purposes. Also, outdoor luggage locks are design specifically to resist weather corrosion.

The Best Luggage Locks in 2019

Choosing the best luggage is not any easy Job. It entails more struggle. After undertaking thorough research while seeking information from reliable sources, we have sampled the Top 10 Best Luggage Locks in 2019 Reviews. Consider them for sufficient security.

10.Brinks 161-20471 Solid Brass TSA-Approved Luggage Lock

This luggage lock is a TSA-approved lock which is constructed using brass making it very hard to open or break. It comes in a 4-pack that will enhance your belongings’ security. Each pack has the same keys for it to be used easily. It is ideal for all the luggage types, backpacks, and briefcases. With this luggage lock, you do not require any technical skill to know how to use it as it quite easy to use. They are high quality, lightweight which ensures the protection of your belongings. To add on that, Brinks offers this luggage lock with a lifetime warranty. This padlock is also affordable and lasts longer.

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i)Lifetime warranty guarantees that it is of high quality.

ii)Replacement for tuning keys is readily available.

iii)It is small in size hence portable.


i)TSA stickers fall off easily.

Best Luggage Locks

9.Lewis N. Clark Luggage Lock

This is an appealing luggage lock which has a strong metallic architecture and measures 9 inches and 4 inches in width and height respectively. It is manufactured from cast zinc, and thus very reliable and durable. The worst experience that an individual can ever encounter during a journey is forgetting the set combination code as the whole traveling experience will be affected. This issue is solved by this Luggage Lock where someone has up to 3 different lock combinations for unlocking the lock. Therefore in such a situation where you forget one of your combination codes, there is still other two options for you to open the luggage lock. This is a guarantee for more than excellent services from these well-designed locks, and thus you get more quality for the lock price.


i)They are made of sturdy cast iron to last longer.

ii)Well fished steel cable provides more security.


i)This lock is very expensive.

Best Luggage Locks

8.Landing Gear TSA Approved Lock

This luggage lock is a high-quality 3-digit combination padlock that is TSA approved. The lock is lightweight but is a secure solution to protect your luggage. It has been constructed with a high quality steel making it sturdy. It is very simple to use, and it comes with the instructions for setting up and resetting the combinations. This lock also has a lifetime warranty allowing it to last a lifetime and you will be guaranteed of having a secure and reliable luggage lock. It is also environmentally-friendly ROHS and SGS certified.


i)Sold out by reputable dealers that offer friendly customers services. These services include discounts and lifetime warranty.

ii)Provides safety for wide luggage.


i)Tuning numbers small hence may be hard to read.

7.Lumintrail Luggage Lock

You can use this luggage lock to secure your briefcase, computer bag, backpack and small bags apart from luggage. This lock is a high-quality lock that is perfect for frequent travelers, adventurers, beach goers and any individual who values security the most. It features a convenient 3 digit private combination hence you do not need to worry about misplacing your keys. It also includes a 4-inch flexible foot cable that is using a coated steel for added security. This lock has been built to last and is very strong. It can be unlocked and relocked by the TSA agents.


i)Available in different assorted colors for the customer to choose.

ii)Steel construction to improve its durability.

iii) Multi-purpose.


i) For indoor locking only.

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Best Luggage Locks

6.Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock

Tarriss is one of the best luggage lock manufacturers worldwide. The trademark understands that traveling with protected luggage makes one be at peace, and with that, Tarris is coming up with some of the good locks for luggage. These locks are made of durable zinc alloy. The TSA Luggage Locks offer your luggage a better security for many years after one acquires it. The locks’ cables are flexible thus one applies little efforts threading through the zippers of the luggage. The locks also have a 3 dial combination that is very simple to use, that can either be set or reset to suit the customer’s choice of combination for high security. TSA luggage locks have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, and a very high level of satisfaction is guaranteed.


i)Packed with lifetime guaranteed warranty.

ii)Adjustable cable eases its threading.

iii)Offers a high-level security.


i)Difficult to manage the bottom button.

Best Luggage Locks

5.Master Lock 4688D TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock

Failure in securing one’s luggage during a journey is a situation that is yet to happen. This Master lock has a flexible steel cable which ensures easy threading through luggage zippers of various types and therefore helps resist poor handling from luggage handling equipment. The locks are designed in a manner that offers you an option to set a lock combination of your choice for increased convenience. The TSA-approved lock is manufactured with a 29-millimeter metal frame that enhances its functionality and performance. The Master Luggage Lock is flexible in the sense that it can also be used to lock various types of luggage including briefcases, computer bags, small cabinets, bags, backpacks among others. The locks are available in a variety of bright colors which include blue, silver, red, and black thus it’s very easy to acquire one which best satisfies what you need.


i)Its flexible cable resists strain.

ii)The presence of accurate tuning keys offers more safety to your luggage.


i)It is meant for indoor use only.

Best Luggage Locks

4.Acrodo Acrodo TSA comb lock black single All Metal Combination Padlock

This luggage lock is a TSA-Approved Lock and is environmental-friendly. It offers you the safety that you need. This lock is constructed from a solid steel of a high quality which ensures that there is optimal security, reliability, and durability. It is a 3-dial combination lock in which you the dial numbers are easy to read and move smoothly. It has an inspection alert that will notify you whether or not you have been checked. This will allow you to confirm if your luggage is locked properly. It is very straightforward and efficient to use this lock. Additionally, it is available at the modest price.


i)Pop-up indicator alerts in case of emergency.

ii) Easy to re-adjust, set and use.


i)Limited functionality as they are only meant for light duty.

Best Luggage Locks

3.Wordlock LL-206-RD 4-Dial TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Worldlock LL206RD luggage lock comes with shackle made of steel, 1¼ inches and an extra tough body for optimal strength. With this product, you can access more than 10,000-word combinations and resettable letters that are very reliable. This luggage lock has also been constructed with a waterproof material and has a pull strength rated 382 pounds. This product has been approved for the security of the airport for you to carry it with you freely. It is perfect for all the travel use. It is also suitable for locking your backpack, office desk, briefcase, and instrument case.

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i)They are easy to set and use.

ii)It offers excellent security.


i)Some customers might opt for other colors, yet it is only available in red and pink.

Best Luggage Locks

2.Forge Open Alert 4-Pack TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

This luggage lock is one of the very easy-to-use luggage locks that can be found on the market. It has a 3-digit combination that is easy to remember and very simple to set. They are constructed using a Zinc alloy that is tough to cut or break, enhancing the security of your luggage at all instances and the durability. The beauty of these luggage locks is that they offer you 2 different options that are 4-pack and 2-pack. With these locks, you are guaranteed of the optimal security of your luggage. You can use these locks for the heavy duty luggage. They also have indicators that will pop-up to enable you to know if you have been checked. The manufacture gives a lifetime warranty on this product since it can’t be broken.


i)Has an indicator that alerts in one try to unlock your suitcase with your permission.

ii)It is made of durable materials that last longer.


i)Incase of any damage, it is hard to mend the lock.

1.TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks for Suitcases

The least of all things that one would expect is to have his or her luggage contents stolen. Therefore TravelMore manufactures high-strength zinc alloy luggage locks that will guarantee hundred percent satisfactions from its customers. The TravelMore luggage locks provide maximum security to the contents of one’s luggage during a journey. The locks are designed to offer lifetime service to the customers due to its durability. They have flexible steel cable to ensure easy threading through luggage zippers of various types. On addition to that, the locks have a 3-dial combination which is easier to set and reset to a combination of customer’s preference. This TravelMore lock is very flexible and therefore can be used to secure a pelican case, suitcase, gym locker, briefcase, and backpacks.


i)These locks are perfect choice for suitcases

ii)The company provides a lifetime warranty.


i)You need to order many as it comes in as a single unit.


We have compiled this list by doing a thorough research on the bestselling luggage locks in the market and the ones that deliver on what they promise. The list is a product of unbiased reviews of the available luggage locks in the market hence you can buy any of the locks above with a guarantee of excellent quality. Happy shopping!

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