Top 10 Best Loofahs Sponges Poufs 2019 Reviews

Loofahs Sponges is a popular bath accessory mainly because it does its job effectively. It is a great way to cleanse your skin from dirt and dead cells. Get yourself the best loofahs sponges and your bathroom experience will never be the same. Loofahs has been around for a long time due to its numerous benefits.

What are benefits of using Loofahs Sponges for bathing?


The epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin, sheds dead skin cells naturally. Bathing cloths can remove some of these dead cells, but they are not effective in removing them. Loofahs sponges have superior exfoliation benefits that other bathing solution don’t have. It prevents black spots in elbows and knees by removing dead cells in areas where soil and bacteria would collect. You therefore get a glowing and vibrant skin.

b)Helps in blood circulation

Bathing with a loofah sponge causes friction on the skin which in turn causes an increase in localized blood flow. Blood capillaries are known to expand when stimulated. It uses the same analogy as rubbing hands together to stimulate blood flow. The skin get more blood flow in areas you scrub with a loofah sponge. Unlike other scrubbers and sponges, loofah’s scrub is gentle and is not likely to cause a scratch on the skin.

c)Accelerates cellular activity on the skin

There is accelerated cellular activity on the skin due to the increased blood circulation to the epidermis. This enhanced cellular activity helps the skin to be healthier and stronger against skin infections. The skin infections also drop due the scrubbing of harmful bacteria that accumulates on the surface of the skin.

How do you Choose the Best Loofahs Sponges ?

Due to the amazing benefits of bathing with a Loofah Sponge, its demand has been constantly going up. The high demand has seen production of hundreds of brands in the market. Due to these large number of brands, choosing the best Loofah sponge has become a challenge for many buyers. You should therefore consider these factors when buying Loofah Sponges:


Size of the Loofah Sponge will determine if it will work well with you. A small Loofah sponge will give you a hard time when scrubbing while a big one will make it hard to fit to your hand. Choose the one that best suits you.


The price of a Loofah sponge ranges from a few dollars to a hundreds of dollars. Most Loofah sponges are relatively cheap but this is mainly because it is something you only use for a couple of weeks-typically three weeks. Choose the best Loofahs sponges that gives you value for money.

iii)Type of material used to make the Loofah

Loofah Sponges can either be natural or synthetic. Natural loofahs are extracted from natural sea plants while synthetic ones are manufactured. Each has it cons and pros. The advantage of natural loofah sponges is that they last longer. Its main shortfall is ability to harbor bacteria if not cleaned well. Synthetic loofahs comes with anti-bacterial treatment but they usually fall apart after some weeks.

Having enumerated the benefits of loofah sponges and the factors that one should consider when buying one, it would only fair if I included my pick of the best loofahs sponges. First, I picked the 100 bestselling loofah sponges in different online stores. I then did a research on each product to ascertain the satisfaction of the client. The Top 10 Best Loofahs Sponges-Poufs 2019 Reviews are:

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10. Luxury Bath Pouf – Shower and Bathing Sponge

Luxury Bath Pouf are opens our list of the best loofahs sponges. They are smaller meaning that they rinse more quickly. I like the fact that they are packaged together in different neutral colors. The texture is a bit firm which is a plus as it will perform better. The pouf is tightly knitted together and will not unravel after a few uses. It is recommended to change your bathing loofah at least once in three weeks but this loofahs can take even a month! It does not need a lot of body wash to lather.


i)They are durable and does not unravel

ii)It has a firm texture which is pretty effective for exfoliation

iii)Comes packaged in four lovely neutral colors


i)They are a bit small and may not suit you if you are looking for something bigger

ii)They have a firm texture during first use but gets gentler after a few uses

Best Loofahs Sponges

9. HOMMP Bath Sponges

HOMMP Bath sponges lights up your bathroom thanks to its bright colors. This sponge produces a rich lather with small amount of bathing gel or soap. They don’t fall apart like other cheap loofah poufs in the market. Its incredible cleansing power leaves you skin smoother and brighter. They are gentle but firm enough to be effective without being scratchy. They perfectly fit to the user’s hand as they are neither small nor too big.


i)They are gentle on the skin

ii)They are brightly colored for bathroom aesthetics

iii)They are affordable


i)Some users don’t like these brightly colored loofah sponges

Best Loofahs Sponges

8. The Body Shop Bath Lily

This bathing loofah pouf is a great choice if you want to increase lather of your favorite shower gel without having a use lot of it. Body Shop bathing loofah is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin that needs exfoliation on a regular basis. Dry skin will absorb more moisture as this bathing pouf sponges remove the layer of dead skin cells. You will therefore have a smoother skin. They are available in a range of colors and you can choose the one that matches your bathroom décor.


i)Available in a range of colors hence you can choose the one that suits you.

ii)It is tougher and does not fall apart easily

iii)It is small hence does not occupy lots of space in your bathroom

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i) It is a bit tough and can cause scratches if used before it lathers

Best Loofahs Sponges

7. G2PLUS [2Packs] Soft Bath Shower Sponge Pouf Loofahs

G2PLUS loofah sponge are large, dense and firm. These qualities makes it more outstanding than other brands. It creates a ton of soap foam with a small amount of bathing gel. Being larger, you are able to cover a large area in a shorter time. These poufs are made of good meshy material that is not tough on the skin but still effective in exfoliating the skin. After a few weeks of using this loofa sponge, you will notice that is an improvement in the skin especially in the arms and legs that always get rough during winter. It is a great choice and worth every penny.


i)It is bigger hence you cover more area quickly

ii)It is effective in exfoliating the skin

iii)It comes with a storage bag hence you can take it with you wherever you go


i)They are a bit expensive but considering their quality, it is worth every penny

Best Loofahs Sponges

6. Body Puff Loofah for Women and Mens

Body Puff Loofah is made of 100 percent nylon hence it lasts longer. Unlike natural loofahs, this body sponge dries quickly hence preventing buildup of bacteria. It is great in exfoliating the skin leaving it smoother and healthier. The loofah is designed to be durable and does not unravel like most of the loofahs in the market. It is a great purchase that gives you value for money. The Loofahs are made in Korea and is subject to different quality tests so that you can get nothing but the best.


i)It is flatter and more attractive hence nice addition to any bathroom

ii)Has a ribbon to hang it to dry

iii)It is of high quality and does not unravel easily


i)Needs more soap to lather

Best Loofahs Sponges

5. Eco-friendly Mesh Bath and Shower Sponge

Just as its name suggests, Eco-friendly Mesh Bath and Shower Sponge, it is made of recycled material and is fully recyclable. When used gently, it provides great exfoliation without causing any damage to the skin. It forms a rich lather with a small amount of soap or shower gel. This loofa leaves your skin glowing and looking younger. They are available in different colors and comes in a set of six.


i)Economical as it comes in a pack of six

ii)Great in exfoliating the skin


i)It is a bit firm and can cause scratches if not used gently

Best Loofahs Sponges

4. Loofah Bath Sponge set of 6 colors (50 gram each)-Large Mesh Exfoliating Shower Pouf

This Loofah bath Sponge comes as a set of six each adorning a different color. The loofah is gentle but tough enough to get rid of those dead cells and other toxins making your skin to be smooth and health. It lathers up fast and requires less bathing gel. Its size is just perfect to cover a large area at ago. The loofahs are tightly woven together and lasts longer. It comes with a handle that makes it easier to hold while bathing and hanging it to dry.


i)Comes in different colors hence you can choose the best

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ii)Great exfoliating capabilities without harming the skin

iii)Durable and can handle much abuse


i)The size is a bit smaller but still performs the job decently

Best Loofahs Sponges

3. Voda Reve Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber for Shower for Men and Women

This Loofah Scrubber has been designed for exfoliate hard to reach areas such as neck, back, shoulders and feet. Voda Reve Scrubber has two functional sides; the loofa portion that is great for rough skin, eczema, dry skin and back acne while the back side is made of soft cotton which smoothens the skin. It lathers easily and rinses off quickly. It is of great quality and lasts for months but it would be great to get a new one after a month.


i)It makes it easy to scrub hard to reach areas

ii)Has two sides; one for exfoliating and the other for smoothening



i)Too short for men with bigger bodies and if stretch too much handles break off

Best Loofahs Sponges

2. Bath Shower Sponge Pouf Loofahs Mesh Brush Shower Ball

Having bought many Pouf Loofahs over the years, I can say this one has always been my pick. They are available in different neutral colors which does not shout in the bathroom. They are of great quality and don’t unravel for weeks on. These loofahs are so cozy and gentle and works even for those who have a sensitive skin. If you get this Bath shower Sponge Pouf, your bathing experience will never be the same. You get 4 in every pack you purchase which makes more economical sense.


i)They come in a pack of 4 hence one order can last you for a while

ii)They are gentle but has great exfoliation ability

iii)Does not unravel easily


i)It is a bit smaller but fits to user’s hands perfectly

Best Loofahs Sponges

1. Aquasentials Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge

Top of our list is the Aquasentials Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge. This is a gentle loofah sponge that exfoliates the skin without causing a scratch or a rash. It lathers easily which makes your soap and bathing gels last longer. The Pouf has a diameter of 5 inches and has a loop for hanging it to dry. What is makes this Loofah outstanding is its great quality while still managing to remain cheap. The hanging loop remains attached after many times of use and it keeps its shape unlike others that unravel with time.


i)The loofah is of great of quality and keeps its shape for long

ii)It lathers easily without much gel

iii)It is gentle but firm enough to exfoliate


i)Notably small than regular poufs

Best Loofahs Sponges

Having gotten the best loofahs sponges, it is important to know the best way to take care of it. You should rinse it well and let it dry by hanging it. It should be sanitized once a week by dipping it in a low concentration of bleach. Change Loofah sponges at least once a month. Have a nice bath!

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