Top 10 Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Men in 2022

A perfume is considered something personal that reflects the character of an individual. It can be difficult to find that perfect scent but when someone finds the perfect perfume he tends to use the same fragrance for years. It is part of their identity each and every single day.

One of the major complaints of most men with regards to perfumes is that they do not last long. This is because many perfumes are actually eau de toilette which is a more diluted eau de perfume. Long lasting fragrances come from high quality eau de perfume and sadly men do not have that many options. The selection of perfumes for men is significantly smaller than what women have available. This is common for many personal care products. Men usually have fewer items to choose from.

For today’s pick list some of the most popular fragrances have been picked. The most appreciated long lasting men perfumes have been handpicked based on their combination of fragrances to meet all sorts of tastes ranging for woody notes to less harsh and mildly sweet tones. We’ve also included a wide range of prices, so you’ll find something great for your budget whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift. Here are the top 10 best long lasting perfumes for men in 2022.


Hanae Mori is a small brand but it managed to benefit from its combinations of scents and affordable price, gaining more and more popularity amongst men. It is a simple perfume with distinctive notes yet quite discreet which recommends it for regular daywear.

The perfume relies on woodsy and exotic citruses notes that give it a masculine and refreshing tone. As expected the perfume does have a higher concentration but lasts only a bit longer than an eau de toilet. However its price and fragrance makes it a great purchase.

Price Range: Low



Creed Aventus for men combines inspiring notes that make up for a perfume that is suitable for any occasions. Its low water content and the reduced quantity of alcohol used make it evaporate much longer which makes up for a long lasting fragrance that can last almost an entire day.

Among its top scents the most notable ones are bergamot, apple, blackcurrant, musk, oak moss and dry birch. It combines masculine notes with discreet tones that give it a seductive fragrance. It can be used to accompany a smart casual dress code.

Price Range: Very High



The Bvlgari Man in Black eau de parfum has been around for quite some years. It was launched in 2010 and since then it managed to become the favorite of many men. The combination of leather tones with natural spices and extracts makes it a great perfume that can complement a more formal dress style.

The perfume combines subtle notes of amber, woods, rum, iris, spices and tonka bean to portray a masculine and imposing scent. Its woody notes does also make it quite seductive and highly appreciated by women.

Price Range: Low



BOUCHERON is one of the less known brands mostly due to its highly priced products. The French brand offers premium luxury perfumes that have been highly appreciated. Their men’s eau de perfume is not only long lasting but also quite intense.

The perfume combines strong notes that might seem too strong for some. It blends notes from orange, lacender, lemon, orris root, sandalwood and musk among many other fragrances. The scent is excellent for a fancy night out or a classy event.

Price Range: High



Christian Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum is an excellent choice for men that need to match a stylish look with a masculine and seductive perfume. As with other perfumes the fragrance is much more concentrated making it last much longer tough out the day.

What is remarkable about the fragrance is the fact that it combines only a few scents to obtain a truly memorable perfume. Using subtle notes of ambrette seed, iris, vetver, cedar and iris the perfume surely stands out when compared with others.

Price Range: Medium


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Guerlain has several signature fragrances for men out of which L’instant has been one of their oldest introduced that is still available and remains a popular pick. Its fragrance makes it an excellent choice for everyday wear and casual nights out.

It combines inspiring scents extracted from cocoa, vanilla, various spices and sandalwood. Its distinctive smell makes it bot masculine and mild at the same time due to the discreet sweet notes and the rough fragrances extracted from spices.

Price Range: Low



Even if it was launched a few years ago the Tom Ford Noir eau de parfum still remains the main choices for a lot of men. It has a unique scent that demands attention due to its strong masculine fragrances.

The perfume has a higher concentration than the eau de toilette version. Its blend of bergamot, caraway, pink pepper, violet and verbena offers a perfect balance between masculine and sweet notes. It is recommended mostly as a daywear perfume and depending on the user it can last almost an entire day.

Price Range: Medium/High



The Guerlain Habit Rouge eau de parfume surely demands attention due to its unique fragrance. It is a premium perfume that comes with a moderately higher price but its uneaque scent makes it extremely appreciated.

Some of its key tones come from extracts from citrus, mandarin, lemon, spices, vanilla and leather. It has a fruity scent with discreet masculine tones. Unlike other perfumes it is much more mild and quite refreshing making it a great complementary choice for a casual outfit.

Price Range: Medium



While many might not be familiar with the Prada Luna Rossa Extreme eau de perfume the brand is surely notorious. It is one of their few fragrances for men available and the ones that have tried it seem to be delighted by the combination of scents which translate into a great perfume suitable for special occasions.

The perfume combines dark fragrances from amber with delicate lavender tones. It is a perfume that is both seductive and masculine. Its long lasting scent will last for an entire night without being too intense.

Price Range: Medium



Versace is not only a well-known brand but also a premium one due to the quality of their products that also makes them a bit exclusive. Versace OUD Noir for men is one of their finest perfumes.

It is an eau de perfume with almost no water content and just 1% alcohol which makes it last longer and have a more intense fragrance. Its predominant notes are extracts from leather, agarwood, oriental woods and spices that makes it both masculine and stylish.

Price Range: Medium


A high quality perfume should contain as little water and alcohol as possible. Unlike an eau de toilette, they are more concentrated and can last longer but everything is variable as it depends on the type of skin of a person and several other factors.

When it comes to scents, most men’s perfume rely on woody notes to portray a more masculine fragrance. Those who like something a bit more sweet will find that several such perfumes have been included in our list of the best long lasting perfumes for men in 2022. However, finding a suitable scent can be difficult. It’s more than just how it smells in the bottle. It’s how it smells on you. Your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear. And dry or oily skin can also affect how long a fragrance lasts on you.

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