Top 10 Best Long Lasting Colognes in 2021 Reviews

When it comes to Cologne, it seems like almost every scent is your favorite and it is hard to distinguish which one suits you the most. The anxiety of choosing the wrong colognes for yourself will soon be over.

Here we are with our curated list of the top 10 best long lasting colognes in 2021. And, we hope after going through this, you will find the perfect choice of cologne for your beautiful self.

List of Top 10 Best Long Lasting Colognes in 2021:

10. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense for Men

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense for Men Best Long Lasting Colognes

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First on the list, one of the most well-known brands in the perfume industry, “Polo” never fails to impress us. Specially designed for men, this Ralph Lauren Polo is has a Woody Spicy fragrance that appeals to most men. It was launched back in 2021 and caught a lot of attention from consumers, which is why this model is still here until the present time.

On a side note, being an Eau de Parfum, this is a long-lasting perfume as it contains 8-14% of perfume oil (while the Eau de Toilette contains only about 5-9% of perfume oil). And, it has a slightly intense smell, contributing to the long-lasting effect. For a 4.2 Oz in one bottle with this price, you don’t get that very often. Check this one out!

9. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Eau De Toilette Spray

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Eau De Toilette Spray

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L’Homme is here to bring more charm to all the gentlemen. This perfume for men was first introduced in 2006 by Yves Saint Laurent, and it does not stop its magic until now! Interestingly, from the top to its base notes, this one delivers a different kind of scent to the consumer. As an Eau de Toilette, it lasts for a good 6 hours. The top note has ginger, bergamot, and lemon scents while the middle one is a bit of spice, white pepper, basil and violet, and the base note is Tonka bean, Tahitian Vetiver, and cedar. How mesmerizing!

If you are looking for a fresh spicy, citrus, and aromatic scent, then this is probably the right choice for you.

8. Avon Mesmerize For Men Cologne Spray

Avon Mesmerize For Men Cologne Spray

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Thinking of getting a reasonably-priced cologne with an enchanting scent? How about something as mesmerizing as “Avon Mesmerize”? The unforgettable smell from perfume from men comes from a combination of precious woods and exotic spices with the intrigue of Chinese mandarin and bergamot.

As an Eau de Toilette, you can expect the sweet and long lasting smell of this one to last around 3 to 4 hours. Take Avon Mesmerize smell to the date with you, and let it be your personal assistant to steal her heart!

7. Bvlgari Man in Black Eau de Parfum Spray for Men

Bvlgari Man in Black Eau de Parfum Spray for Men

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Allow Bvlgari Man to work its black magic on you! This Eau de Parfum is definitely one of the best yet cheapest colognes you could ever find on the market. With the tag of #1 best seller of all time, this Italian perfume will make sure that the smell you have will stay with you from dawn to dusk.

This one is very noticeable as it comes with the black bottle and golden letters. With 3.4 ounces per bottle, this can be easily packed and carried around.

6. AMEN Eau De Toilette By Thierry Mugler Refillable Rubber Spray

AMEN Eau De Toilette By Thierry Mugler Refillable Rubber Spray

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Tired of getting the counterfeit perfume all the time? Don’t worry, you can rest assured that the perfume for men you get from AMEN is 100% original. With an awesome offer from the brand, this best perfume is way cheaper than the one sold at department stores. Quite a unique scent you will have on your body, this scent is a well-mixed scent of mint, coffee, caramel, lavender, and tar. This Eau de Parfum is fairly strong. With just 2 sprays, it can last a whole day.

However, please keep this in mind that dry and oily skin of the consumer might make the smell last shorter than usual. Plus, the level of your bad mood, stress level, body chemistry, diet, and smells on your body will affect the original smell of the product as well. A 3.4 Ox EDT spray with a special price like this, we are sure you don’t want to miss this!

5. Infinity Eau De Parfum for Men

Infinity Eau De Parfum for Men 3.4 Oz 100ml by Sandora

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One word to describe the Infinity cologne, “Superb”. Not a long-lasting perfume you could ask for, but this one guarantees that while it lasts, everyone around you will have it around their noses. Coming in with 3.4 Oz (100ml) per bottle, the smell is kind of sweet with a great scent of aroma in it.

This magical potion is definitely highly recommended from retailers and other customers who have been a fan of this amazing Infinity product for quite sometimes. If women catch a whiff of this cologne, get ready for compliments! Plus, the price is unbeatable!

4. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo Parfum Vapo

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo Parfum

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Born to be different! You will not find this unique smell elsewhere besides Acqua Di Gio. Most of the men’s perfumes recently have made their products in sweeter and lighter scents which is very similar to women’s product.

However, coming in with strong smell, this one will alert everyone around you from miles away. What’s more, this perfume has a high concentration of scent by lessening the aquatic and citrus. Plus, adding more woody and incense, this magic potion is designed for long-lasting effects. The incredible scent and last all day!

3. Joop Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Joop Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

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We can’t stop but keep adding more for you! Joop fragrance is best categorized as an oriental, refined, and woody cologne. The scent of this perfume consists of cinnamon, jasmine, tobacco, vetiver, and the sweet flavor honey. This 4.2 Oz Joop is 100% authentic product with their own original design.

The customer’s review says it lasts longer than you can ever imagine. Indeed, women love this scent even more than men do. So, get ready for compliments. This is a true fragrance classic!

2. Hugo Boss Hugo Eau de Toilette Spray

Hugo Boss Hugo Eau de Toilette Spray

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Another long-lasting cologne from famous brand “Hugo Boss”. The first impression from this cologne is the bottle as it was designed with the military theme. This one possesses the smell of Cinnamon, and spices, which will bring the strong smell to this fragrance.

With this 4.2 Ounce Hugo Boss cologne, you can actually use the perfume for a longer period of time due to the strong smell it has. One small spray will cover your body for the whole day. This unique will let you stand out from the crowd. Well worth the price!

1. Creed Aventus by Creed Eau De Parfum Spray for Men

Creed Aventus by Creed Eau De Parfum

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Keeping the best for the last, this is the most top-rated Eau de Parfum, the Creed Aventus by Creed Eau De Parfum Spray for Men. With just 2.50 Ounce per bottle, this one stands as our number one for a reason! It was introduced in 2010 by Creed Aventus, one of the most famous fragrance brands from France. This one is suitable for use in any occasion, especially for romantic wears.

With its magical long lasting and strong smell, this will keep you fresh for hours. Quit your hesitation and doubt, grab what is rightful to be yours!


After going through our list of top 10 best long lasting colognes in 2021, we hope you realize that with these fragrances on your body, your confidence on going out with someone will be on the next level, and your date will love being near you all the time!