Top 10 Best LG G5 Cases & Covers Reviews

Though the LG G5 comes with a metal body the truth is that it is still susceptible to drops and scratches. To prevent this from happening should get an LG G5 cover or case for your phone. Below are the top 10 best LG G5 cases and covers reviews that include the name of all top LG G5 covers and cases and some of the features that make each cover or case unique. You can use these reviews when shopping to ensure that you take home the case or cover that will serve you right and keep your LG G5 in mint condition.

10.  Cimo Shock-proof Case

Cimo Shock-proof Case

This LG G5 case comes in a slim design and it is cut to perfectly fit your phone. The beveled edges on the front allow the phone to sit comfortably on a table or any other flat surface. The polycarbonate and shatterproof premium silicon used to make this covers ensure that your phone is well protected from falls and scratches. The cover’ anti-slip property works to ensure a firm grip for maximum phone protection.

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9.  Hybrid Dual-Layer Protective Cover for LG G5

Hybrid Dual-Layer Protective Cover for LG G5

As the name suggests, this cover comes in two layers designed to offer maximum protection. The TPU layer is flexible and ensures that the phone fits snugly into the cover. The hard outer polycarbonate shell keeps the phone protected from wear and tear, scratches and dirt.

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8.  VRS Design Crystal Bumper LG G5 Clear Cover

VRS Design Crystal Bumper LG G5 Clear Cover

This simple yet practical cover is ideal if you want a cover that will let your phone’s beauty shine through. The cover fits snugly and covers all four edges of your phone. It also comes with raised edges and a TPU lid that protects the phone against scratches and also prevents the phone from actually touching the ground in the event of a fall.

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7.  Arae LG G5 Flip Wallet Case

Arae LG G5 Flip Wallet Case

This wallet type case comes in a variety of unique colors to suit different users’ tastes and preferences. The case is designed with the user in mind and the camera, the speaker and all buttons are easily accessible. The TPU inner layer ensures that your LG G5 is held in place and protected against scratches.

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6.  Ringke ONXY Resilient Strength Anti-slip Case for LG G5

Ringke ONXY Resilient Strength Anti-slip Case for LG G5

This is a slim and lightweight case designed to offer maximum protection against damage when your phone falls. The flexible TPU inside layer and the raise lips designed to protect the screen and the anti-slip shock absorbing exterior offer proper all-round protection.

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5.  Moze LG G5 Wallet Case

Moze LG G5 Wallet Case

This wallet case features a cash sleeve and four card slots. The cover is made of a TPU interior and a synthetic leather exterior. The case is made to the highest quality and allows full access to the buttons, camera, and charger. Generally, it is a simple yet effective case specifically designed to perfectly fit the LG G5.

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4.  Caseology Wavelength LG G5 Textured Grip Cover

Caseology Wavelength LG G5 Textured Grip Cover

This cover comes with an attractive ridge pattern that also ensures a firm grip. The polycarbonate bumper and the TPU sleeve both work to ensure that the phone is well protected when the phone accidentally falls. The cover also comes with a quality coating and you can confidently use your cover every day without having to worry about fading and damage in days to come.

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3.  Pleson Ultra-Thin Case

Pleson Ultra-Thin Case

This case is made using quality materials and is lightweight, flexible and durable. The cover allows easy access to all ports and buttons and the transparent body ensures that your phones beauty will not be hidden. The cover comes with raised edges on the front and a TPU shock absorbing bumper for maximum protection.

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2.  LG G5 Tough Amour Case

LG G5 Tough Amour Case

This is a slim and functional case that comes with precise cutouts for buttons and other key features on your phone. This makes it easy to use your phone and you do not have to remove the cover every time you have to use your phone. The soft and flexible TPU layer together with the polycarbonate work to protect your phone from scratches and more serious damages in case your phone accidentally falls on a hard surface.

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1.  OBLIQ Flex Pro LG G5 Case

OBLIQ Flex Pro LG G5 Case

This case comes with numerous features that put it at the top of best LG G5 phone cases available in the market today. Notable features include a classic fit, tear and scratch resistant TPU cover, and accurate port openings and button covers. The workmanship here is perfect and most people who have used this case for a while have nothing but good things to say about it.

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These are the top 10 best LG G5 cases and covers reviews. Go through all the reviews to see which case or cover comes with all the features you are looking for. You can then go ahead and purchase the cover you are sure will provide maximum protection to your phone.