Top 10 Best Leg Positioner Pillows Reviewed in 2021

The positioning of your body when you sleep can profoundly affect the quality of sleep. The pressure you exert on your legs when sleeping sideways may interfere with blood circulation, thus waking up tired and restless. During the evening, you always feel you want to sit restfully after a long day of work, but you find it challenging to position your legs properly. Well, with the best leg positioner pillow, all your worries will be over. It will provide you with the right posture and angle to rest your legs in bed. You will find a sleep partner in this product to help you sleep comfortably. Look for one of the following best brands:

List of the Best Leg Positioner Pillows in 2021

10. NATUMAX Memory Foam Leg Positioner Pillow

NATUMAX Memory Foam Leg Positioner Pillow

NATUMAX Memory Foam Leg positioner pillow comes in a very comfortable design to rest in between your legs as you sleep. You may also use it to align your hip and or back naturally while resting at home. This pillow has a leg strap to keep it in place firmly and to ensure it does not slip when you roll over in bed. It is ideal for relieving leg pain, joint pain, and backache.

NATUMAX Memory Foam Leg Pillow is a multipurpose pillow is handy during pregnancy and beneficial for side sleepers. It has a high-quality cover, which does not irritate the skin. The cover is also removable and washable by hand when dirty. Hence, it will always look as good as new for a long time. This package comes with a sleeping mask and earplugs as well for a silent and calm sleep.

What We Like
  • Soothes backache
  • Washable clover
  • Supports hips and back
  • Free sleeping mask
  • Free earplug includes
Our Verdict

Do you struggle to sit comfortably whenever you are resting or watching a movie at home? Look for NATUMAX leg positioner pillow. Its memory foam core is comfortable. It not only supports the legs comfortably but can also support the back. Finally, its removable cover is easy to clean when dirty.

9. LightEase Leg Positioner Pillow

LightEase Leg Positioner Pillow

Do you have a leg injury and after surgery? Does your doctor recommend that you elevate your leg while resting to fast track healing? The LightEase Leg positioner pillow is a supportive cushion, which is ideal for patients who have undergone hip replacement or femur replacement surgeries. You will experience reduced back and leg pain when you have your leg elevated. This pillow aids in easing and improving the circulation of blood to your leg. Hence preventing swelling, and fastening your recovery process.

The pillow has a memory foam core with smooth and a soft cover for protection. Its design has a strap handle for carrying from one room to another. Its cover is removable and easy to wash, thus keeping it as clean as your beddings. A brand new LightEase Leg positioner pillow comes vacuum-packed for your ease of carrying home and will inflate within a few hours.

What We Like
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Washable cover (removable)
  • Has a sturdy carrying strap
  • Safe for most people
Our Verdict

Are you shopping for a pillow for supporting and positioning your leg comfortable? LightEase is the best. It has a luxurious design with a wedge that prevents legs from rolling over. It also has a stable/secure base and a removable and non-irritant cover that you can wash when dirty.

8. Abco Tech Half Moon Leg Positioner Pillow

Abco Tech Half Moon Leg Positioner Pillow

The Abco Tech Half Moon leg positioner pillow is one design that will give you a good night sleep. It will help you separate your legs comfortably while sleeping on your sides. Hence, your joints will not strain, and your legs will have better blood circulation. Moreover, your spine will have a better alignment for pain-free lower back, spine, and legs.

This design does not slip from its position while sleeping. Therefore, you will wake up refreshed and energized. It is suitable for a quick recovering after surgery. This pillow bolster comes in a breathable cotton cover that is comfortable to your skin. This cover is machine washable odour-free, thus maintaining high-level hygiene. The inner cover does not hold body heat like most pillows. It allows heat to flow outwards to prevent burning sensation and sleep disturbance.

What We Like
  • Machine washable cover
  • Non-slip design
  • Supportive wedge shape
  • Breathable design
Our Verdict

Do you have a sore spine or legs that you struggle to support while watching a movie? Abco Tech’s half-moon design offers excellent results for many reasons. First, it cradles the back and legs without irritation. It also has a long-lasting no-flat design with a washable fabric cover.

7. Everlasting Comfort Leg Positioner Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Leg Positioner Pillow

Everlasting is a pure memory foam pillow that guarantees a luxurious and restful sleep. This design comes with orthopedic contours to keep your knees separated. It creates equal spacing in between your legs. It supports and aligns your spine and back while alleviating pain from your hip and knees. This pillow is of high quality, premium memory foam. This foam is soft on your skin and does not cause skin irritation.

The inner cover has vents to discharge excess heat generated from your body. It is also very durable and will serve you for many years without losing its shape and contours. It comes with an adjustable and removable hook-and-loop strap. This keeps the knees in perfect position is you toss and turn in bed. Finally, you get memory foam earplugs for blocking noise.

What We Like
  • Free earplugs (foam)
  • Perfect leg position
  • Hook and loop strap
  • Has a luxurious cover
  • Pure memory foam
Our Verdict

Everlasting is a premium leg positioner (memory foam) with a durable memory foam core and luxurious cover. It also has a strap (hook and loop) for transport and free earplugs that you can use to entertain as you recuperate. The pillow will boost your quality of life after surgery, which is good.

6. Cushy Form Knee Positioner Pillow

Cushy Form Knee Positioner Pillow

Say goodbye to sleepless nights or painful nights from your recent leg injury. The Cushy Form Knee positioner pillow is a superior quality design. It comes in a soft memory foam cover to allow you to sleep all night comfortably. The cover is washable to maintain high hygiene levels. The model comes with orthopedic contours to keep your legs a distance apart. It also assists in proper alignment and support of your legs, spine, and the hips.

The pillow’s innovative wedged shape relieves pain from several ailments and thus ideal for pregnant mothers. It also enhances blood circulation for side sleepers and post-surgery recovery processes. This pillow features the ability to soften in warmer temperatures and firms in cold months. It will also react to your body temperatures by softening and yielding throughout the night. Its high-quality premium cushion material is durable, breathable, and odor-free.

What We Like
  • Comfortable wedge shape
  • Breathable pillow structure
  • Odor-free materials (cover and core)
  • Supports the leg and back
Our Verdict

Do you struggle to sit comfortably while reading or watching a movie? Cushy Form’s unique wedge shape can support and position the legs and back comfortably. It is robust, odor-free, and has a plush cover that you can wash easily when dirty. With one, you will sit and read comfortably at home.

5. ComfortLife Elevating Leg Positioner Pillow

ComfortLife Elevating Leg Positioner Pillow

Intended for lifting your legs and positioning your body normally, the Comfort and Support Elevating Leg Positioner Pillow is a creative design. The robust foam used to make its core does not lose shape or usefulness over some time. It is durable and recommended for supporting all body parts.

By placing your legs at an elevated level, this positioner eases pressure on your back weight while sleeping. Thus, it reduces back/knee pains and lowers the risk of varicose veins and phlebitis. The angle of elevation of this design is very comforting for all genders. It is also spacious enough to rest your both legs a distance apart. Its cover consists of polyester and cotton to offer a soft landing for your legs. This material allows enough airflow underneath your legs, preventing sweaty conditions. This cover is also removable and washable to keep it clean and free from odors.

What We Like
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Comforting for men and women
  • Large pills (fits both legs)
  • Lon-lasting foam core
  • Fits both legs comfortably
Our Verdict

As the best travelling pillows are, ComfortLife is a beneficial product for people who enjoy reading in bed. It cradles and positions the body comfortably, which enables people to read a book for long issue-free. Its foam core is durable, while its polyester cover is comfortable and very easy to clean. The natural fabric is machine-washable.

4. EBUNG Leg Positioner Pillow

EBUNG Leg Positioner Pillow

You can improve spine alignment, relieve swelling, and reduce edema using the EBUNG Leg positioner pillow. Its design also improves blood circulation and supports muscles and ligaments when you are sleeping or resting on your sofa. The wedge design offers you maximum support by aligning with the natural curves of your legs. Hence, it takes off excess pressure from your knees and hips for a comfortable sleep.

The high-density foam used to make this pillow is sturdy and thus retains its shape for long. It will instead last longer. Its high-quality cover material is dustproof and washable. Hence, it is easy to keep clean to attain hygiene levels. It is also hypoallergic and soft on your skin and does not retain heat from your body. This wedge pillow is versatile and suitable for post-surgery recovery. You will also enjoy using one during the postpartum period or while relaxing at home.

What We Like
  • Dustproof cover (washable)
  • High-density foam core
  • Supportive wedge shape
  • Boosts blood circulation
Our Verdict

EBUNG is perfect for recovery after the post-partum period. It is also a beneficial product for individuals who enjoy reading in bed and those with sore legs. What makes it special? You will love the stability of the foam used to make its core. It not only retains its shape well for long but also is breathable and long-lasting. Its machine washable cover (dustproof) is also ideal for most people.

3. ComfiLife Positioner Pillow

ComfiLife Positioner Pillow

Ergonomically designed to fit between your legs comfortably, the ComfiLife Positioner Pillow can help you alleviate your sciatic, lower back pains, and hip discomfort. It is also suitable for spinal alignment after surgery and pregnancy-induced sciatica. ComfiLife will soothe your sleepless nights by stopping tossing and turning. It will also improve the quality of sleep if used between your legs or thighs in bed.

While delivering maximum support, its high-quality foam is also durable. It will not lose its shape or go flat anytime soon. The contoured design keeps your body aligned for better blood circulation. This design also features a breathable cover that allows the cushion to release body heat to the outside. The cover has a zipper and hence easy to remove. Finally, a washing machine can easily clean it.

What We Like
  • Machine washable cover
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Long-lasting memory foam
  • Safe for nursing mothers
  • Smooth and comfortable cover
Our Verdict

Are you a nursing mother with a sore back that needs support? Do you have pregnancy-induced sciatica or sore legs that require support at home? The ComfiLife leg positioner is an excellent remedy for many reasons. Its unique shape, for instance, is beneficial to people of all cadres. You can rest your feet on it. Moreover, to induce faster and better sleep, you can cradle it between your thighs as you sleep without irritation. ComfiLife’s foam core is durable; while the polyester used to make its cover is comfortable.

2. Cushy Form Post-Surgery Elevating Leg Positioner Pillow

Cushy Form Post-Surgery Elevating Leg Positioner Pillow

Keep your legs elevated with the Post Surgery Elevating Leg positioner pillow. It will relieve your back, knee, or hip pains after surgery. This perfect memory foam pillow will improve blood circulation for a quicker recovery. It reduces the discomfort of swollen feet. Due to its versatility, you can use it to improve the quality of your sleep at night. You can as well use it at the comfort of your living room after a tiring day to get some relief.

It has a wedged shape design for a comfortable fit on your legs. This cushion prevents painful varicose veins by aiding blood circulation. Made from polyurethane and memory foam expect this pillow to outlast the rest. This pillow does not compact or loose shape and density over time. The cushion has a soft and well-ventilated cover to maintain comfortable temperatures. It is also detachable and machine washable.

What We Like
  • Supportive wedge shape
  • Well-ventilated cover
  • Prevent varicose veins
  • Machine-washable design
  • Long-lasting memory foam
Our Verdict

Cushy Form is a well-ventilated post-surgery leg positioner with a washable cover and a solid memory foam core. Its unique wedge shape cradles and positions the legs of men and women comfortably. It also has a breathable cover that you can remove and clean when dirty without its shrinking or ripping. You can travel with this pillow on demand easily.

1. Compact Technologies 3-Level Leg Positioner Pillow

Compact Technologies 3-Level Leg Positioner Pillow

The New 3-Level Leg Positioner Pillow is a unique design that allows you to find your perfect fit for maximum comfort. The three-level design ensures better elevation, alignment, and knee protection. The result is quality sleep and waking up energized and without soreness. The design includes a smaller memory foam layer besides the standard thick foam. This allows you to easily fit the pillow without over spacing legs or under spacing them as other models do.

The Compact Technologies pillow spaces and hugs the legs, knees, and thighs gently to enhance comfort. A stay-put strap ensures the pillow does not slip off at night. This dual-density memory foam is sturdy but comfortably soft. It will not compact down and go flat after extended usage. This pillow comes in a breathable quilted cover to allow body heat to escape. The cover is also removable and machine washable.

What We Like
  • Excellent knee protection
  • Machine washable cover
  • Non-slip leg positioner
  • Versatile three-level design
  • Stay-put carrying strap
Our Verdict

This three-level Compact Technologies pillow is a versatile household accessory that plays many roles. Whether you have painful feet or a back that requires support, check out this product. Its memory foam core is durable and adjustable into three levels for optimal support. You will love its breathable cover as well and the secure carrying strap on offer.

Shopping Tips for the Best Leg Positioner Pillows


What is the material of the core and cover of the positioner you are planning to buy? To get value for your money, look for a product made from memory foam. Even though lighter than traditional foam, it is durable and cradles the feet comfortably while in use. Natural covers such as polyester are also ideal. They do not scratch and or irritate the skin and are easy to clean when dirty. Removable ones are the best.


Do not buy a pillow with a reputation of flattening over time or ripping while in use. Instead, look for a product that can support heavy loads without flattening over time or ripping.


A huge leg positioner pillow will clutter your couch or bed and lower your experience. For the best results, look for a product that is of the right size. It should fit your legs or thighs comfortably. Portable leg pillows are also good.

Conclusion: Herein, we have reviewed 10 of the best leg positioner that can soothe leg pain and hasten recuperation after a surgery. They are durable products (memory foam) that work well on couches and beds. Some models even have straps for transporting them, which is beneficial to men and women who travel often.