Top 10 Best Leg Extension Machines & Leg Curl Machine Reviews In 2021

It is always everybody’s desire to be healthy and fit in today’s generation. Well, as we all know, everything comes at a cost. One of the best ways of exercising at home, working out your back and thigh muscles is by having a leg extension machine. If you are the kind that enjoys leg press sledge, hack squat among other exercises, this full-size home gym equipment got your needs covered. With the confusing array of brands available in the market, I must accept the fact that laying your hands on the best leg extension machine can be such a bewildering task. Lucky enough, we have done everything it took us to get there and finally, we have compiled an in-depth review of the Top 10 Best Leg Extension Machines. Check them out:

Table of the Best Leg Extension Machines Reviews

10. Body Solid Cam Series Leg Extension Curl Machine – GCEC340

Leg Extension Machines

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Top on our list is the Body Solid Machine that is designed to challenge your lifestyle by introducing a modern and advanced home exercise equipment. The space-saving design ensures this machine fits anywhere in your home. Jumbo pop-in allows for adjustment of the range of motion. The two seats are comfortable and designed to take in people of all sizes.

For a range of exercises and exceptional comfort, the 8inch foam rollers, and the quads super-thick DuraFirm padding are well integrated into this system. With the fully adjustable 7-gauge steel cam frame construction, you can be sure nothing will break down. Overall, the Body Solid Cam Series Curl Machine is a great choice that boasts durable and efficient components.

Special Features

  • Ultra-thick DUraFirm Padding
  • Designed for people of all sizes
  • Fully adjustable
  • Excellent leg curl and leg extension

9. Fitness Leg Extension and Curl Machine – DF807

Deltech Fitness Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine

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This is another popular machine that will help you develop both the size and the strength of your thighs and back. Manufactured by DELTECH FITNESS, the DF807 Leg Extension provides you with a stable heavy-gauge steel construction that won’t break down. It is super-stable and reinforced with a powder-coat finish to resist wear and rust. For excellent exercising and toning of the hamstring and thigh muscles, both leg pads are designed to easily adjust in and out.

Stable base and the adjustable pads make the DF807 Curl Machine an all-rounder. For exquisite comfort, the backrest pads and the seat are made from high-density foam padding. Plus, the top-grade vinyl is very easy to wipe and clean. If you are after a leg extension machine that will offer you a confident workout, this model makes a great choice.

Special Features

  • Reinforcing powder-coat finish
  • Heavy-gauge steel hardware
  • Easy to clean top-grade vinyl
  • Fully adjustable and stable

8. Pro Leg Curl Extension Unit – TDS

TDS Pro Leg Curl Extension Unit

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The TDS is another well-crafted Leg Curl Extension Machine that will give your legs a perfect workout. It features a perfectly contoured rear seat and a stitched extra-wide front seat delivering proper body alignment and body comfort. Expect this unit to last owing to its heavy-duty construction. Versatility is excellent here, you can easily pull the pins when adjusting from leg extension to curl exercises. Plus, the T-Bar Hold-Down Roller among other rotary range of motion exercises allows you to try different workout regardless of your body size. Kindly note that this machine was designed for Oly % Std plates.

Special Features

  • Highly adjustable and versatile
  • A rotary range of motions
  • Extra wide well-stitched front seat
  • Adjustable and removable T Bar Hold-Down Roller

7. EA Plate-Loaded Leg Extension Machine and Curl Machine

EA Plate-Loaded Leg Extension Machine and Curl Machine

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Instead of spending your hard-earned bucks on hefty gym equipment, grab the EA Plate Loaded Machine and enjoy the leg and curl workouts in the comfort of your home. Stability and durability are well taken care of by the 2” heavy wall steel tube framework. Excellent comfort is well taken care of by the 2.5” high-density foam padding. For easy cleaning and wiping, the padding is wrapped in a black marine-grade vinyl. TO be honest, in its simplicity, this machine works great for those that love leg extension workout and leg curls. A split pad allows for easy and proper isolation of muscles.

Special Features

  • Perfect for leg conditioning and developing hamstrings, thigh and knee muscles
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Weight: 110lbs
  • Simple design

6. Multifunctional Inflight Fitness Leg Extension/Curl Machine

Inflight Fitness Leg Extension/Leg Curl W/Shrouds

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The Multifunctional Inflight Fitness Machine is another great addition to any modern home gym. It boasts several robust features that will make you change your decision. Its multifunctional design alone allows users to go beyond the ordinary hamstring, glutes and quads exercises. I wouldn’t recommend anything better for leg curls and leg extensions.

Plus, the unit also features a lying leg curl position in order to prevent harm or discomfort to your lower back. For greater ankle comfort, the rollers are automatically adjusted. Moreover, the back adjustment takes versatility a level higher when using this machine. Other robust features include the durable 4000-pound cable, 4 pulleys and the 2×4 flat oval tubing.

Special Features

  • Adjustable rollers for excellent ankle comfort
  • Simple back adjustment
  • Multi-functional design
  • Perfect for hamstring, glutes, and quads

5. Powerline Leg Extension Curl Machine – PLCE165X

Powerline PLCE165X Leg Extension Curl Machine

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One of the most popular and highly reviewed leg extension curl machine in the market today is the Powerline PLCE165X. It is not just known for offering great body training and coordination but also popular for a safe and effective workout experience.  You can buy weight plates and collars separately and use them on Powerline for a richer experience.

You can also practice both upright and prone leg extensions and curls. Plus, it is designed to protect your body joints from stress. When you want to strike a balance between speed, coordination, and strength, it makes a perfect choice. Also, it is perfect for developing quadriceps.

Special Features

  • Comes with 10 years warranty
  • Can be used to perform both upright and prone leg extensions and curls
  • Protects joints from stress
  • Pretty solid for a modern home gym

4. Marcy Adjustable 6-Position Utility Bench with Leg Developer & Foam Padding

 Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench with Leg Developer

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For over 50 years, Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company has been making a difference in the lives of gymnastic enthusiasts by offering professional-grade leg extension machines. Actually, this machine is equipped to help you achieve your fitness goals without spending your fortune on useless hefty equipment. It boasts a six-position adjustable back pad so that different users can fit in here.

The top-grade high-density foam padding forms part of this bench taking user comfort a level higher. Powder-coated steel framework provides exceptional strength, stability, and guarantees durability. The ergonomic dual bench design trains your upper body and the lower limbs altogether. Comfortable foam roller pads plus the vinyl covering are just a few of the many robust features of this bench.

Special Features

  • Durable powder-coated construction
  • Quality dense foam padding
  • Great lower body and upper body developer
  • Comfortable rollers

3. Multi-Function Adjustable Weight Bench Leg Extensions for Home Fitness – POPSPORT

Popsport Weight Lifting Bench 440LBS

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Designed with exceptional stability and strength, the Popsport Bench is one of its kind. With a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs, this weight lifting bench is one of the best in the market. The steel construction and the multi-station weight bench is everything you need for whatever body workout you desire. It boasts a fully adjustable wide bench platform that offers 5 difference incline or decline levels.

You do not have to spend your fortune visiting high-end gym facilities, Popsport provides a convenient solution for you to build your muscles in the comfort of your home. Anyone can adjust the height within the 35”-52” range. Overall, this weight lifting bench is more suitable for both standards and Olympic barbells.

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Maximum weight capacity of 440lbs
  • Multifunctional and fully adjustable bench
  • Perfect for both standard and Olympic barbells
  • Great for developing quadriceps, glutes, and hamstring

2. Rotary Leg Extension & Curl Machine – XMARK XM-7615

useless hefty equipment

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The XMARK Leg Extension and Curl Machine combine comfort and versatility for gymnastic enthusiasts. It boasts 20 different adjustable press arm positions to allow you to customize your workout experience. Plus, you can also adjust the thigh-pad in 12-different positions not to forget the backrest pad. Cushioning is excellent, thanks to the ultra-thick 3” Duracraft cushions plus the double stitching that offers firm yet soft support.

Plus, the padding is wrapped in a tear-resistant and easy-to-clean Duraguard vinyl cover. Even more adorable are the oversized rollers that take comfort a notch higher. For excellent development and workout, especially for stronger quadriceps and hamstrings, the XMARK is an ideal choice.

Special Features

  • 12-Position adjustable thigh pad
  • Heavy-duty 11-Gauge Steel construction
  • Ultra-thick 3” Duracraft cushioning
  • Vinyl covered rollers
  • Adjustable backrest

1. Adjustable Valor Fitness Leg Curl Machine – CC-4

 Valor Fitness CC-4 Adjustable Leg Curl Machine

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Greatly-crafted, the Valor Fitness comes with a Sun Dial Adjuster that allows users to perform two key leg exercises, leg curls and leg extensions hassle-free while enjoying a range of motions. Depending on user experience and height, the back seat rest can be adjusted forwards or backwards. The thigh and the foot positions can also be adjusted to accommodate different users, regardless of size and height. The high-density foam upholstery and the sturdy steel gauge construction guarantee users a confident workout. If you want Olympic and standard plates, you can load standard size pegs. Overall, the Valor Fitness CC-4 is an outstanding home gym piece.

Special Features

  • Perfect for two key leg exercises and leg extensions/curls
  • Maximum weight load 200lbs
  • Heavy-duty steel gauge construction
  • Great padding upholstery
  • Fully adjustable

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