Top 10 Best LED Lanterns in 2019 Reviews

LED lantern is one of the most important accessories you can’t afford to miss in your house. Whether you are looking for something to light up the house during a blackout or something to take to your next camping trip then LED lantern has you covered. Best LED Lanterns are extremely economical. This is because it consumes very little power while giving a powerful source of light. The great devices are lightweight hence you can carry for longer periods. It is available in different sizes, shapes, colors and models. Different color options give the consumers chance to choose the one that best suits them.

Some users can differentiate between the different types of lanterns available. I will therefore introduce the types of lanterns. They are:

i)Electrical Lantern

It makes use of light emitting diode Technology (LED). Their rechargeable batteries have an extensive life span. It is versatile it can be used almost in all environments including arid, tropical and semi-arid areas. Electrical lanterns give excellent lighting output. They are very safe to use in our homes since they do not generate any form of heat energy.

ii)Fuel-Burning Lanterns

Various fuels can be used to run this type of lantern such as propane, butane alongside liquid fuel. They are very easy to use and efficient. The good side of this type is that it provides dense lighting. On the other side, the lantern requires large ventilation. This makes it unreliable in places with limited space. Also, they are comparatively heavy. We therefore recommend LED lanterns over fuel-burning lanterns.

Having got the difference between the various types of lanterns, we have to know the important factors that we have to consider when buying LED lanterns. These factors are:


Performance is measured in term of light output and duration. Greater lumen output ensures higher light intensity. Sophisticated wattage gives poor energy consumption. Light duration is highly dependent on average run time. Operating timing fluctuate as per the settings.

b)Lifespan of the Battery

Even though lithium or Lithium-ion batteries gives excellent performance especially in cold areas, never use them for electric lanterns unless the instructed by the manufacturer. Alkaline-based batteries are mostly used with LED lantern. the only disadvantage with it is that it losses power faster in places with lower temperatures below 20°F. it is advisable to place this kind of batteries under the cloth in such areas.

c)Size and Weight

Most of the lanterns are intended to be used away from residential. Depending on this, they should be lightweight and compact for portability.

Do not worry on which lantern to purchase, as we have already done research to narrow down the Top 10 Best LED Lanterns in 2019 Reviews based on the above factors. We have reviewed each product while listing its pros and cons.


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10. Coleman CPX 6 Rugged LED Lantern

This lantern incorporates durable metallic construction. Aluminum parts are highly resistant to corrosion. This improves its durability. Diffuser pipe gives a beam pattern. This pattern eliminates unwanted glare. The user can adjust intensity of light easily by use of provided settings. Its battery last for more than 50 hours on standard use. When set at high intensity, it last for 25 hours. The comfortable handle is a welcome addition for most users. On purchase, it includes a CPX 6 power cartridge. Also, this Coleman CPX 6 Rugged LED Lantern uses 4 D-Size cells. It does not generate any form of heat hence this device is very economical. Polyester covers makes it waterproof. It measures about 13 inches’ height and 185 mm diameter.


i)Gives excellent quantity light.

ii)Economical since it consumes little power.


i)Charging port not easily accessible

Best LED Lanterns

9. Housweety 12-LED Deluxe Camping Camp Lantern

Housweety company provides LED lantern at affordable prices. The lantern produces light of high intensity. It has sturdy construction and has dual handles for better gripping. It is made of aluminum to last longer. The compass included makes it a great choice for outdoor occasions such as hikes, fishing, sailing and camping events. It will direct them on wild area especially forest on which root to follow so as to reach their destination. They are available in blue and black colors. 2A Switch is specially located at side allowing the user to adjust the brightness easily. Good choice materials including plastic casing guarantees waterproof lantern.


i)Available at affordable price.

ii)Lightweight since it is made of plastic materials


i)Made from cheap plastic materials.

ii)Dimmer knob is flimsy hence it can break easily.

Best LED Lanterns

8. UCO Alki 150 Lumen LED Mini Lantern

UCO Alki 150 Lumen LED Mini Lantern is very versatile and can be used for both household and outdoor activities. It is highly flexible so that you can adjust to serve as a solid flashlight. Moreover, the R3 XP-E CREE LED offers 150 lumens of expansive white light. It features three diverse brightness settings so as to meet the lighting needs of an individual. Strobe manipulation is also included for emergencies. The shock absorber cord at the base area allows the user to hang the lantern at tree branches, wall among other areas. It weighs approximately 4 ounces. It is highly resistant to corrosion therefore it last longer. This lantern can work for more than 70 hours continuously. The company provides one year guaranteed warranty.


i)Offers full satisfaction to the customers.

ii)Made of quality materials.


i)Power cord is not durable.

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Best LED Lanterns

7. ThorFire LED Camping Lantern

It features dual brightness settings including 125M for high mode and 30LM for dim levels. Brighter settings are ideal for reading while dimmer setting is best for camping. The lantern is supple so that it can work as camping lantern at the same time as mini flashlight. You can recharge the battery by use of USB cable or via hand cranking system. This product is highly portable due to its lightweight nature weighing approximately i68 grams. It is very small so that it fits into our travel backs. This lantern is a perfect choice for outdoor events such as travelling, hiking and camping. It makes use of built-in 300mAh 3.7V batteries. It is available at affordable price.


i)Compact design makes it more portable.

ii)The company provides two years guarantee warranty.


i)It cannot be charged by solar nor wind energy.

Best LED Lanterns

6. Weatherrite 600 Lumen High-powered LED Lantern 5949

This lantern brand features 3 different lighting modes. These modes include 270 lumens, 600 Lumens and 600 Lumens. It is uniquely designed featuring easy to carry handle that conveniences most of the users. Hanging hook is also available. It is made of long lasting rubber alongside ABS base engineering. Good choice of materials guarantees waterproof lantern that is suitable to be used in areas with high humidity such as fishing and boating in the lakes. This lantern is powered by 6 D batteries. It provides intense illumination for both outdoor and outdoor lighting. Its cone shaped reflector is situated at the top to ensure the lantern emits steady and reliable output.


i)Foldable hanging hook.

ii)Highly resistant to water corrosion.


i)It is relatively hard to operate.

Best LED Lanterns

5. Active Research LED Lantern

This type of lantern is exceedingly resistant to water corrosion. This aspect makes it perfect for hunting, camping, and hiking among other outdoor events. It includes 30 high-intensity LED bulbs therefore providing high intensity light. Additionally, the lantern features unidirectional lighting system for giving 360 degrees’ bright light. Its collapsible design makes a perfect choice for camping. This is because the lantern is easily transported from one place to other with minimal strain. It is made of excellent military grade plastics so that it last longer. Its reliable battery last longer while consuming little power. This is very economical. It illuminates continuous bright light for as long as 72 hrs.


i)It uses 3AA batteries.

ii)Available at affordable price.


i)Limited warranty of only 30 days

Best LED Lanterns

4. MalloMe LED Camping Lanterns

Lanterns are not only for personal use but also as the best gift for family, friends and men. It makes their camping pack complete. This brand is of high quality made from durable materials that last longer. These materials include high quality ABS. It is portable due to its lightweight and compact nature. The product is multi-functional so that you can use it for reading, at work place, emergency and also camping. They are sold out by reputable dealers who provides satisfaction guaranteed warranty. It includes 4 entertaining lighting colors such as black, green, blue and brown.

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i)Made of highly resistant materials

ii)Provides light of great intensity


i)It is very difficult to insert batteries.

Best LED Lanterns

3. Browon Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern

Browon Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern makes use of natural solar energy. Its batteries are recharged using solar panel. It is lightweight therefore transportable. Good choice of materials used to engineer this lantern makes it highly resistant to corrosion. It features USB ports for charging various devices while on your camping site where you cannot access power from the main supply at ease. On delivery, it includes backup battery that serves during emergency. It gives 360 degrees’ illumination. To add, this device is highly collapsible for better portability and ease storage. The in-built solar panel makes it possible to recharge in places without electricity.


i)Solar rechargeable

ii)Sturdy construction improves its lifespan.


i)It is not waterproof.

Best LED Lanterns

2. HiHiLL LED Camping Lantern

HiHiLL LED Camping Lantern features dual hooks for hanging. Each hook is designed serve its specific purpose. One is located at the top while the other one is located at the bottom of the lantern. 3 lighting setting gives the users chance to set as lighting needs. The lantern illuminates 360-degree illumination that is of great quality. Non-invasive brightness is best for reading purposes. It uses 3 D batteries. Furthermore, this lantern brand is resistant to water corrosion. They are constructed from high quality shock proof materials. Its base is made of rubber to minimize slipping. It does not pollute environment. The lantern consumes little energy while giving excellent light output.


i)Strong durable casing.

ii)Good choice of water resistant materials.


i)Quite expensive.

Best LED Lanterns

1. Etekcity Outdoor LED Camping Lantern

This lantern uses 12 AA battery. It is highly portable. On purchase, it includes 30 different low powered LED bulbs that have got greater lifespan. The lantern is constructed of excellent military grade materials so that it can be used in wide range of environments. This ensures the product last longer. You can fold so that it occupies little storage space. Foldable handle makes its hanging and transportation stress-free. It consumes little power giving omnidirectional bright LED light for 12 hours. It automatically switches itself to power saving mode when the battery is running very low.


i)Excellent design

ii)It is durable

iii)Provides light for more than 12 hours


i)It has no latch to keep the light closed.

ii)It is heavy

Best LED Lanterns

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