Top 10 Best LED Grow Lamps in 2020

LED grow lamps are very popular and they are the best method to get the plants the light they require for vegetative stages and flowering of development.They generate the particular wavelengths of light which are perfect for good plant growth.They are very efficient in the electricity usage and the bulbs last for more time, hence although LED lights cost lot initially they may end up saving more amount in the long run. While selecting LED grow lamps, there are many things to consider.We have listed top 10 grow lamps.

10 Best LED Grow Lamps  in 2020:

10.  iGloEZ grow light

iGloEZ grow light

This light is different, available with an adjustable stand which you can keep on one plant or small garden.You can also fold up hence the light may be hung from the top.This light is a total spectrum and also works for each stage of plant growth.

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9.  Apollo horticulture grow light

Apollo horticulture grow light

This light is produced for mid-sized appliances.It contains a life span of fifty thousand hours and contains a seven band spectrum like blue, red and white lights.It is equipped with the inside cooling system, power cord, growstainless steel hanging clips. It is a reliable brand and available in a compact size.

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8.  Advanced platinum series 11 grow light

Advanced platinum series 11 grow light

Tgrowslight is a 150 watt set up which is ideal for tiny to medium sized plants.This light is a new and updated setup with the improved case and inside cooling system. It would be best for the indoor garden and it is also simply based on what dimension you require.

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7.  Miracle absolute daylight grow lite

Miracle absolute daylight grow lite

This bulb is a cheap choice for all with a compact sized inside garden.This light is available in three sizes.This lamp contains a standard clamp on it, hence you can easily connect it to the grow tent.

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6.  Galaxyhydro light 300W

Galaxyhydro light 300W

It is ideal for medium sized indoor gardens. This grow light is available with two little fans, removing the requirement for you to buy extra fans for the grow tent.This is a complete range lighting system which will bring the garden by its total life cycle.

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5. Growstar 300w LED Grow Light

Growstar 300w LED Grow Light

This is another best option for tiny to medium sized gardens.It is ideal for if you need to save place without compromising light quality.The square housing offers a bigger , uniform footprint for covering all plants.

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4.  Taotronics grow light for garden green house

Taotronics grow light for garden green house

It is number one vendor in grow lamps. It is the good choice for a small house garden, offers the right spectrum of light required for vegetables and flowers and lasts more than conventional lights.If you buy it from the unreliable retailer, the warranty is voided.Users said that this light is good for shorter plants.

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3. Erligpowht 45W LED Red Blue

Erligpowht 45W LED Red Blue

This light offers total spectrum protection in a flexible, small and versatile package. It avails wave length of 660nm and 445 m light, that is effective for the full life cycle of the plant.Each strip contains more than twenty thousand hours of life span.It is not very strong like complete LED systems, does not arrive with a power source and it is a cheaper built model.

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2.  Hydro grow LED grow lights

Hydro grow LED grow lights

This light is a best choice for smaller grow places.It fulfills a 2×2 area and offers 400 watts value of light while taking 180w of electricity. It offers speed growth for the plants from seed by flowering stages.The negative aspects is it does not available with free shipping, it is constructed in fans , so very noisy.

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1.  Solar 880W grow light

Solar 880W grow light - LED Grow Lamps

It is the powerful light, easily change to flower mode to vegetative mode.It is prepared with hanging ratchets, so you do not want to purchase hanging cords, DIY a hanging remedy.It contains a special UVB switch which you can avail to provide the plants an additional boost.The light is about 800 watts and you can also receive complete control on the color spectrum through an simple dual spectrum button.The only disadvantage is it is heavy in weight, requires a serious support to make it hung.It is very expensive.

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Had a look on the top grow lights ? Consider its advantages and disadvantages and choose the best for your garden.

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