Top 10 Best LED Grill Lights For BBQ Reviewed In 2019

Anyone who has grilled in the dark can tell you that it’s not the best experience. Grilling without a clear view of your delicacies could result in poorly made food as well as fire accidents. If you would wish to evade the downsides of grilling in the dark, then purchasing the best-LED grill lights is the ultimate option. High-quality LED grill lights illuminate the entire grilling environment for proper and enjoyable meal preparation.

Before deciding to purchase a particular LED grill light for BBQ, it’s important to ensure that it meets various vital factors.

Choosing the Best-LED Grill Lights for BBQ Depends on Several Critical Factors:

  • Your current light conditions around the grilling area: Considering this factor will help you know how much more light is necessary to make your grilling operations smooth and comfortable. This way, you will not add too little or too much light; just enough.
  • Power efficiency: It’s critical to ensure that your preferred Led grill light for BBQ, beyond providing the required light, is energy efficient. You will be avoiding hefty electricity bills especially if you grill often.
  • Heat emission: Ensure that your preferred LED grill light does not emit excessive heat. You need to be comfortable to prepare the best meals. Keep in mind that your grill will always be hot, so any additional heat is entirely unnecessary.
  • Mounting capability: Going for a mountable grill light is important. A clamp-on mounting feature will help you mount the light anywhere. This way, you will need to worry about knocking the light while you stray. Again, a mountable grill light will let you grill from anywhere.

By considering these vital factors, we managed to isolate the top ten best-LED grill lights for BBQ in 2019. We then went ahead to review them in the quest to let the reader understand what the best grill lights have to offer. Below are comprehensive reviews of the top ranking LED grill lights by various manufacturers. Be keen to identify the best product that will serve you in the best way.

10. Uarter Barbecue LED Grill Light

Uarter Barbecue LED Grill Light

If you are in the search for a convenient and affordable night lighting unit to light up your BBQ grill, bicycle or camp, then bless your luck instincts for coming across the Uarter Barbecue LED Grill Light.

It’s time to say no more to undercooking or burning food as a result of low light supply. This unit drives out all the darkness effectively and efficiently.

It’s easy to install and use as it’s compatible with a broad range of handles thanks to its variable screw clamp. Also, its simple touch on/off switch contributes to its ease of use.

This product is made of a high-grade ABS material which guarantees its longevity. What’s more, this unit is water and heat resistant and can withstand rain and heat throughout its lifespan. Therefore, it suits both indoor and outdoor use.

You will appreciate its fully adjustable and rotatable nature as you can now position it to illuminate the entire grill effortlessly. It comes with 10 extremely bright LED beads as well as 105 lumens rated 50000 hours.

This unit sources its power from 3 AA batteries not included in the package.

Last but not least, you need no tools to install this accessory through its screw clamp.


  • Suits multiple uses- Grilling, camping, reading, bicycle, and much more
  • Fully adjustable and rotatable
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Super bright
  • Easy to install


  • No batteries included in the package


Begin to prepare perfectly seared BBQ with the help of this lighting unit that fits most grills. With this product, grilling in the dark will become very easy and safe. Apart from grilling, it’s ideal for a bicycle, reading, camping, emergency as well as other occasions that demand adequate illumination.

9. Chef Buddy Adjustable LED Barbecue Grill Light

Chef Buddy Adjustable LED Barbeque Grill Light

Among the reasonably priced, convenient BBQ grill LED lights is this product by the Chef Buddy manufacturing. It comes to let you bring sufficient light to the exact necessary point with ease. With this unit, late night grilling has never been more enjoyable and accurate.

It features 6 extremely bright LED lights to illuminate your entire grilling surface in the best way.

The Chef Buddy Adjustable light LED Barbecue Grill mounts via its magnetic clip base on any magnetic surface. Again, you can vary the light to exactly where you prefer thanks to its 15-inch adjustable neck.

Your grilling will never be limited by time as you can now grill even in the darkest nights.

It requires 3 AA batteries to function accordingly. However, the batteries are not included in the package.

Especially pertinent, this product is built to last as it’s entirely heat-resistant. You will love utilizing this lighting unit.

It measures 5.375*5*16.25 inches.


  • Reasonable price
  • 6 extremely bright LEDs
  • Magnetic mounting makes installation effortless
  • Heat-resistant


  • No batteries included


If you want a BBQ grill light that will serve you in the best way, then Chef Buddy Adjustable light LED Barbeque Grill is a product to consider. It’s also ideal for reading, referencing materials and analyzing maps in low light conditions. We recommend this product for night grilling enthusiasts.

8. Life Mounts All Weather LED BBQ Grill Light

Life Mounts All Weather LED BBQ Grill Light

Coming with an extremely bright 300 Lumen LED light, the Life Mounts All Weather LED BBQ Grill Light is a priceless lighting unit to own. It will light up your BBQ grill completely leaving no shadows on the meals under preparation.

It operates on one AA battery which offers more than 24 hours of continuous illumination. Furthermore, the Life Mounts All Weather LED BBQ Grill Light offers multiple mounting positions to suit your preferences in the best way. It swivels 360 degrees. It will fit on your grill in the best way.

Among the noticeable trait of this grill, the lighting unit is its durability. It’s made of heavy-duty, high-temperature rubber which allows it to last long without bending, cracking, or warping with exposure to high temperatures.

Even more, you will not have to remove it from the grill when out of use. It’s entirely weatherproof; snow, heat, and rain.

The manufacturer stands right behind it even after purchase to let you use this product with utmost confidence. They offer 100% fit guarantee on your grill’s handle.


  • 100% fit guarantee
  • All weatherproof
  • Durable construction
  • Multi-position mount
  • Ultra-bright
  • Power efficient- uses only one AA battery


  • Does not illuminate the entire grill surface; Fortunately, the unit is easy to move around the grilling surface even when attached to inspect the cooking meals.


This BBQ grill lighting unit is designed to spice up your grilling sessions in the best way. It boasts ranking among the few BBQ grill LED lights that fit every grill. It will never melt even under extreme temperatures. It has all it takes to raise your night grilling expertise to a whole new level.


7. LED Concepts® BBQ Grill LED 66 Light 12 Super Bright

LED Concepts® BBQ Grill LED 66 Light 12 Super Bright

With the LED Concepts® BBQ Grill Light, the dark should no longer hinder you from exploring grilling in the dark.

Begin to utilize this powerful but precise BBQ grill light to prepare your delicious meals at any time; even in the darkest of nights. It’s a 2-in-1 BBQ grill light designed to transform darkness into well-illuminated grilling sessions.

It comes to take your outdoor BBQ and grilling to a whole new level. It mounts via its magnetic base to metallic surfaces or through its screw clamp to other surfaces. Its magnetic base is sturdy and heavy to prevent the extendable light from toppling.

This unit consists of 12 LED ultra-bright LED bulbs that are not only reliable but also power efficient. The featured 22-inch gooseneck on this unit adjusts by 360-degrees to assume the necessary lighting position for your grill.

It sources its power from batteries. Therefore, you can take it anywhere independent of the electricity outlets. Apart from BBQ grill lighting, this unit can also serve other purposes. It can be used by handymen, mechanics as well as other professional for illuminating indoor or outdoor work.

It’s ultra-durable as it’s made of sturdy, heavy-duty and weather-resistant aluminum.

Its lightweight nature and practical size make It easily portable. This unit measures 10*7.1*2.3 inches and weighs only 1.4 pounds.


  • Very durable aluminum construction
  • 12 LEDs- Provide just enough light
  • Power efficient
  • Dual installation options- Screw clamp or the magnetic base
  • Easily portable


  • The magnet is not as strong. Therefore, installing this BBQ grill LED light could be impossible. Fortunately, it still works perfectly when installed upright.


Generally, this is a highly recommended LED BBQ grill lighting unit. It delivers as it promises. Its long neck will let observe even the slightest detail of your cooking food for the best results even in the dark. It’s a great product for its price.

6. Cave Tools Barbecue Grill Light

Cave Tools Barbecue Grill Light

If you wish to unleash you night grilling mastery, then having the best BBQ grill LED light is not optional. Well, the Cave Tools Company has provided you with one of the best grill lighting accessories to ensure that you have no one to blame whenever you fail in preparing various meals.

The Cave Tools Barbecue Grill Light, despite coming to you at an affordable price, is professionally designed and engineered. It serves it purpose in the best way and lasts long.

It provides maximum visibility in the dark nights that’s to its three brightness settings that provide more than 100 lumens.

The featured sturdy handle clamp in this lighting unit fits on both circular and rectangular bars. Therefore, beyond lighting up the BBQ grill, this unit can also serve as a bike light as well as other lighting needs.

It’s entirely heat and water resistant and thus withstands high temperatures on the grilling area.

Use instructions are available for download after purchase for easy utilization of the Cave Tools Barbecue Grill Light.

Even more, this product comes with 25 Pro BBQ recipes to take your grilling expertise to a whole new level.


  • 3 brightness settings- Illuminate the entire grilling environment
  • Extremely durable- water and heat resistant
  • Fits all handles- The improved clamp allows this unit to be 100% compatible with circular and rectangular grill handles
  • Fully adjustable- the lamp rotates 360 degrees to work in any position
  • Affordable


  • No batteries provided


In addition to its top-notch performance, this unit comes packed in an attractive gift box. Therefore, you can order it as a gift to grilling enthusiasts. The box also allows for easy storage. This is a high-quality product that is worth using.

5. Kohree Bright Barbecue Grill Light

Kohree Bright Barbecue Grill Light

Could you be anticipating to grill BBQ in the dark? Then, with the introduction of Kohree Bright Barbecue Grill Light, you should have a reason to smile. It’s a top-notch performance LED grill light that is fun to use.

First, you no longer have to struggle with buttons as this light turns on/off by just tapping the painted circle switch fitted at its top.

It’s light is undisputable. In fact, you will be amazed by how well this BBQ light lights up the grilling environment even in the darkest nights. This way, inspecting the entire cooking process becomes ultra-easy.

Apart from the BBQ grill, this unit suits use in other areas thanks to its universal installation clamp that attaches perfectly to round, square or pipe-shaped objects up to 1.65 inches in diameter.

It runs on 3 AAA batteries supplied with the package. One set of AAA batteries could see this LED lamp running for up to 20 hours.

This BBQ LED grill light is durable as it’s made of heat-resistant ABS materials.

The fact that it’s fully adjustable allows you to position it in the best way. It allows for 190-degree vertical and horizontal adjustment.

Inside it are 10 pieces of LED lights which illuminate the whole grill with a brilliant beam of LED light.


  • Durable construction- Heat resistant ABS materials
  • 10 LEDs for bright grill illumination
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Very adjustable for the best positioning
  • Great Lifespan- 50000 hours


  • 2-axis mounting system prevents 360-degree rotation. A ball& socket or 3-axis mounting system would have been better. Fortunately, the unit still adjusts correctly to a good lighting position


If you have always wanted to grill in the dark, then the Kohree Bright Barbecue Grill Light is here to make your dream a reality. It will serve you for long with no disappointments. You won’t find any other BBQ grill lighting unit with similar performance, power efficiency and ease of use as this one within for its price. With its satisfaction guarantee, you can return this unit in case it doesn’t serve as you would wish.

4. Grill Kindle Barbecue Grill Light

Grill Kindle Barbecue Grill Light

If you are still using a flashlight to inspect the cooking delicacies on the grill during the night grilling sessions, then, sorry to say, but you are way deep into the old ways of going about the kitchen. It’s time to adjust to a dedicated grill light that will bring your grilling mastery to a whole new level.

The Grill Kindle Barbecue Grill Light is a reliable grill lighting unit that has all you need to prepare perfect meals even in the darkest of nights. When other grill lights on the market are busy providing unreliable grill illumination, the Grill Kindle comes with 10 ultra-powered LED lights to offer a wide, strong beam to illuminate your grill and the entire grilling environment in the best way.

The Quartermasters grill LED lighting unit allows for easy accessibility thanks to its touch sensitive switch. Activating the light is super easy and straightforward.

This unit is constructed from heat-resistant, ABS plastic. Therefore, it withstands high grill heat without bending, cracking, weakening, or warping.

Its head is precisely angled to direct the light to any position and grill hood. You can change the position of the beam throughout a 190-degree vertical and horizontal range.

Its variable screw clamp fits a wide range of grill handles up to 1.45 inches in diameter.

It sources its power from 3AA batteries which allows the featured 10 LEDs to produce light continuously for up to 12 hours.


  • 10 LEDs for strong, wide grill illumination
  • 12 hours continuous illumination
  • Touch operation
  • Heat-resistant, ABS construction
  • Fully adjustable head


  • Quite bulk


If you are in the search for a leading grill light, then the Grill Kindle Barbecue Grill Light could suit your prospects appropriately. It offers a super-strong and broad illumination, durability and ease of use.

3. The Authentic Grilluminator Grill Light for BBQ

The Authentic Grilluminator Grill Light for BBQ

The super-bright illumination produced by this BBQ LED grill light allows it to stand out from the many grill lighting options available on the market today. In fact, utilizing this product is like having the sun glare to light up your grill in the dark nights. Upon acquiring this unit, all the problems associated with night grilling sessions will gradually disappear. You can now grill with no shadows covering the grilling surface for well-seared BBQ.

It features a durable, weather-resistant design as well as 50000-hour rated LEDs for the best night-time grill lighting services.

All you need to set up this unit is the included micro screwdriver to install the included 3 AAA batteries.

Its universal fit, easy to use C-clamp will let you mount this BBQ grill LED light on any surface. Even more, this unit is fully adjustable to light up the whole grilling surface with no hassle.

It features the highest quality construction and suits the night grilling aficionados.

What’s interesting, you can return this product for replacement within the first few days of use, if you observe any performance or quality issue that to the manufacturer’s lifetime replacement guarantee.


  • Highest quality construction
  • Super bright, 50000-hour rated LEDs
  • Easy, universal installation C-clump for use on any surface
  • No hassle replacement guarantee


  • Quite pricey


If you are looking for a perfect gift idea for a grilling enthusiast, then look not beyond this BBQ grill lighting unit. Present it a grill-master, father, mother, friend or anyone else who loves grilling. This unit suits multiple uses. You can use it on any grill. Whether your grill works with charcoal, gas, or chips, you need not worry. It’s a product that delivers as needed while saving on power.

2. LIGHT IT by Fulcrum 20019-301 6 wireless LED BBQ Grill Light

LIGHT IT by Fulcrum 20019-301 6 wireless LED BBQ grill light

Fulcrum manufacturing brings you this fantastic BBQ grill lighting unit to take your night grilling sessions to a whole new level. This is a versatile task light that provides brilliant illumination through its 6 energy-efficient LED lights. What’s interesting, despite providing the best lighting at the all times, the LED lights need no replacement throughout the lifetime of the unit.

The featured robust articulating clamp attaches easily to a wide range of surfaces. Therefore, you can easily install this unit on hobby tables, BBQ grills, map reading surfaces, as well as other areas to serve many purposes around your working area or home.

It’s powered by batteries and thus provides a wireless illumination. You can utilize this unit anywhere. Adjusting this unit to direct the light to a particular position is ultra-easy thanks to its long heavy-duty metallic goose-neck.

It’s neither bulky nor heavy. Thus you can take it anywhere. It weighs 1 pound and measures 27*7*3.2 inches.

This unit uses 3 AA batteries, purchased separately.


  • Energy saving LEDs
  • Provides a brilliant illumination
  • Easy to install thanks to its articulating clamp
  • Long, heavy-duty metallic gooseneck allows for full adjustability and perfect positioning
  • Easily portable


  • Comes with no batteries


Utilizing the LIGHT IT by Fulcrum 20019-301 6 LED Wireless BBQ grill lighting unit is a great experience. Its sturdy clip allows for installation anywhere. Its neck is fully adjustable to face your grill appropriately. Beyond that, this unit is durable. It will serve you with no performance issues for many years. It’s worth buying.

1. Zeust #1 Barbecue Grill Light

Zeust #1 Barbecue Grill Light

With the Zeust #1 Barbecue Grill Light, grilling has never been easier, more comfortable, or more accurate. It’s a LED grill light designed to deliver as it promises. It comes to let prepare the best BBQ quickly.

This lighting unit features 10 ultra-bright LEDs that provide a perfect illumination on the whole grilling environment even in the darkest of nights.

It’s made of heat and weather resistant nylon glass fiber and features an elegant matte finish for an impressive look. Its clamp is made of zinc alloy for a perfect installation on the grill handle. It installs easily thanks to the featured screw clamp that suits different grill handles appropriately. It should be installed on handles of 1.45 inches diameter.

What’s interesting, this unit rotates 360 degrees and swivels 180 degrees vertically and horizontally for the best coverage of the grilling surface.

It sources its power by 3 AAA batteries included in the package. The batteries keep the LED lights working for up to 18 hours. Even more, the battery life can be extended to 50 hours thanks to the auto turn off feature as well as the efficient LED lights.

Say no more to the frustrations that come with the poor deck lights, other BBQ grill lights as well as the unpractical headlamps that are tough to set up and utilize, inadequately bright, and bulky with the new Zeust #1 Barbecue Grill Light.

With this priceless BBQ grill lighting unit, you can now take your night grilling sessions to a whole new level.


  • Durable construction
  • Elegant- matte finish
  • Easy to operate- features a touch sensitive on/off button
  • Fully adjustable to cover the grilling surface appropriately
  • Super-bright
  • Power efficient -Auto shut off function
  • Easy to install- features a screw clamp


  • You have to take this LED grill light for BBQ on/off if you live in PNW weather areas to prevent rain damage. However, if you own a rain cover, you can just tuck it underneath


All in all, this is a wonderful grilling accessory to own. In fact, it could also be a great gift to BBQ and grilling enthusiasts. The manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee with no question asked in the case of quality of performance issues. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime free replacement guarantee.


Finally, the full LED grill light for BBQ buying guide comes to a halt. Reviewed are the top ranking products in this category. We are confident that you will find a high-quality grill lighting unit to raise your night grilling mastery to a whole new level. All the reviewed products not only offer top-notch performance but also ease of use and power efficiency. What’s left is for you to select your preferred BBQ grill LED light unit. All the best!

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