Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in 2019 Reviews

They are wide variety of Best Laptop Brands available in global market. Some are compact and lightweight to carry along at ease while others are not. A laptop chosen should be versatile to run various important applications. You can use a laptop for watching, reading notes, listening to music, browsing when connected to Wi-Fi, drawing, writing and keeping files. Some modern laptops are flexible such that you can convert into various forms such as removing the keyboard so that you can use as a tablet and desktop when connected to keyboard. Researching, gaming and video recording is more enjoyable and comfortable when using a laptop than a tablet. Most laptops are available in different sizes, cost and price. Choosing the best laptop is not an easy task.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Laptop

a)Screen Size

Everyone should be precise on size of the screen he or she intends to buy. It is the first aspect to be evaluated before considering the price among other specifications. Your intended function will determine the size the screen. Performance and efficiency of the laptop is most of the times directly proportional to the screen size. If you intended to use the laptop for reading class notes and watching only, small laptops are the best due to their portability. Laptops are available in 11 to 12 inches, 13 to 14 inches, 15 inches and 17-18 inches.


Specifications of a laptop include RAM, graphics chip, processors and hard drive. Processor efficiency is measured in terms of speed and technology incorporated by the manufacturing company. Don’t just check the specifications on the manual have courage to open the laptop. CPU is the brain of your computer. CPU can be Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3, AMD A, Pentium, Celeron and also FX. Some laptops have 2GB RAM, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. RAM is directly proportional to the efficiency of the machine. Hard drive is very important aspect to consider. Solid state drive are faster than hard drives.

c)Lifespan of the Battery Life

Lifespan of the battery depends materials used during manufacture and ratings. For larger notebook used only in the office, battery lifespan is no very important as compared to portable one. This is because they are installed near the power outlet. On the other hand, portable laptops needs to have longer battery life for more than six hours. The main reason for this is that you might be using the machine away from the office or at reserve areas where you cannot access electricity. Before going to the market, read customers reviews on battery life because they are the one who are have been using the machine. It is advisable to avoid charging laptops while them unless you are using it as desktop.


The price of every laptop in the market is directly proportional to its features. To add, technology in laptops field is increasing every single minute. Laptops that are engineered based on modern technology tend to be more expensive. Price also depends on the brands. Some brands overprice the product yet you can access laptop of similar features from another brand at little cheaper price. Different people have different budget levels therefore very important to ensure the cost assigned to the laptop you intend to purchase is within your budget.

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e)Laptop Brand

They are various companies that manufactures laptops. Some aim at giving the customers the best quality while others concentrate on getting greater profit margin. These type of companies might fail to produce quality laptops since they wish minimize the cost of production thus they opt to use cheap materials that are of poor quality. Another thing to consider is reputability of that company. They should be friendly to customers offering after sales services such windows installation among other applications such as excel and MS word.

Having considered the above the guide, here are Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in 2019 Reviews. Choose the according to your need and expectations.

10.Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

This device comes with great features which has made it famous and. The cost attract most users especially those with limited budget. These supreme features includes; great battery life duration of up to 10 hours since it’s a Mac, high speed CPU, exceptional touch pad, svelte aluminum chassis,  amazing 13.3 inch IPS Retina screen display, awesome looking keyboard and 2.9 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor cache. The slimness of its body offers high resolution on its screen and indeed a revolutionary leap. Therefore, this is something everybody either student or an Apple fan would love. With this model you can travel conveniently with it.


i) It features outstanding high definition display.

ii) Uses macOS processing system rather than window used by most of the laptops. MacOS is less vulnerable.

iii) This product is also portable owing to the fact that it is very thin.


i) Quite expensive hence those with limited budget might not purchase this laptop at ease.

Best Laptop Brands

9.Dell Latitude E7440 LED Ultrabook

This device is strong enough therefore long lasting. Gorilla glass touch screen, backed display, Tri-metal chassis and the carbon fiber further extends its lifespan. It has beautiful design and appearance which makes it perfect for business and personal use. This model is a 14-inch device providing the soft touch deck which gives the wrist the comfort especially when you are typing. It also has a very impressive interior and fast fourth generation Intel core i5 4300U processor. 14 inch HD LED-backlit non touch panel display for easy reading. This model also has Intel HD graphics.


i)Has an outstanding keyboard and trackball.

ii) Has a durable chassis.


i) Average battery life taking longer to recharge fully.

Best Laptop Brands

8.ASUS N550J 15.6-Inch Laptop

This device is a perfect gaming gadget. Its unique design makes it suitable for such purpose. It is well equipped with the fourth generation Intel Core i7-4700HQ 2.4GHz processor. 15.6-inch Full HD touch IPS screen display, quad speakers and the NVidia graphics. This device also boasts of its Aluminum body design which includes the external plug-in mini-Subwoofer. Other important features include 8GB RAM, SDXC Card Reader, Gigabit Ethernet port and NVidia GTX850M 2GB-VRAM.

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i) Perfect for gaming.

ii) Gives brilliant audio sound when used watching and listening music.


i) Some user wished the battery could have lasted for more hours.

Best Laptop Brands

7.HP Stream 14  Laptop

This HP Stream Laptop PC is perfect for you to buy if you are searching for something which is not expensive yet it is equipped with the best latest features. It is powered by 1 GHz quad core AMD A4 Micro-6400T processor. Has 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM Memory with the office 365 personal for 1 year. It has an in-built storage of 32 GB with the 25GB of Dropbox. For great productivity, Windows 10 is perfect in bringing forward ideas and ensuring things are done. Its 14-inch diagonal screen HD offers clear view led backlit. The cost of this device is low hence affordable for many people.


i) Radiated heat is dissipated thorough the chassis at the bottom hence has no fans.

ii) It is lightweight for easy portability from one place to the other.

iii) Long lasting battery display.


i) The display has some glare.

Best Laptop Brands

6.ASUS C100PA-DB02 10.1-inch Touch Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip is among the first laptops that have the ability to run Android applications in addition to the operating system based on the Google’s browser. It has the touch screen of 10.1-inch that can bends back into stand modes, tablet or tent and supports multi-touch. This device delivers nine hours endurance and the tipping scales below two pounds. The flip is amongst the most easy-to-carry around Chromebooks you can purchase. It comes with these features; 4GB DDR3 RAM, 16 GB storage, Chrome Operating System, Rock chip 3288-C Quad-Core 1.8GHz processor and silver in color.


i) Rock chip RK3288C processor guarantees exceptional performance.

ii) It adjustable design makes it portable.

iii) Engineered from durable materials that last longer.


i) Display resolutions is a bit low when compared to other similar Chromebook.

Best Laptop Brands

5.Toshiba KIRAbook 13i7s 13.3-Inch Touchscreen Ultrabook

This laptop provides the blend of both thinness and the lightness of the MacBook and MacBook Pro display. This great Ultrabook delivers the option of superior touch capability which can’t be offered even by Apple. This superior notebook is surely the sexy laptop brand that you need to buy. It comes with the following features; 256 GB Solid-State Drive, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7-4500U 1.8 GHz Processor 13.3-Inch Touchscreen with Mobile Intel HD graphics, 256 GB Solid-State Drive and battery life duration of up to 7 hours.


i) Battery lifespan is very excellent. It can last for many years without the need of replacing it.

ii) Good quality keyboard.


i) Highly priced yet it has no retina display.

Best Laptop Brands

4.HP Spectre 13 X2  Laptop

This is a 2-in-1 device which makes you to love the gadget the most. It serves both as the tablet and the laptop. You should indeed buy this model especially for those individuals who are searching for a powerful laptop of stylish design for their use. It suits perfectly the professionals since they can carry around this device for the whole day. This is owing to the fact that it has longer battery life which go up to 7 hours. Also it is well equipped with Zippy Intel core i5 processor, 1080p touchscreen display, 4 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 520 together with very comfortable keyboard.

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i) Robust constructions makes the laptop highly resistant to corrosion therefore lasts for many years.

ii) Has great resolution display.

iii) Heat generated is dissipated quietly without any noise pollution in your working surrounding.


i) It is heavy hence you might feel tired while carrying it around.

Best Laptop Brands

3.HP Pavilion x360 Laptop

This mini laptop has the best touch screen tablet notebook hybrid of 11.6-inch HD display. It has great features which includes; Intel Pentium N3710 Quad Core Processor with 2 MB Cache, 1.6-2.56GHz, 8 GB RAM DDR3L 1600MHz, 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, Intel HD Graphics 405 graphics card and Windows 10 Home x64. When you buy this gadget, you are offered with a 1-year Intel Security MacAfee Antivirus Plus License for free. You simply need to contact the CUK after buying it for you to acquire the license.


i) It unique foldable chassis makes it look so attractive.

ii) Has an excellent battery that last longer.


i) Produces heat while running.

Best Laptop Brands

2.Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Laptop

This laptop mode is one of the lightest and the thinnest notebooks available in the market today. This feature makes it very convenient to carry around without any difficulty. From the suggestion of its name, this device is well equipped with a hinge to allow this device to lie flat on the surface or bend into a tablet. The gadget is lightweight offering great entertainment because of its JBL speakers. Eye-catching touch screen makes it look so attractive. This device also comes with 256 GB Solid State Drive and the 8 GB SDRAM.


i) It has high resolution hence the display is very clear.

ii) Compatible with various software’s.

ii) Produces quality audio sound when playing music.


i) The start button takes sometimes to respond.

Best Laptop Brands

1.ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 Laptop

With 11.6-inch Asus Chromebook C202 kids can’t drop it since it has the ability to stand up to small butterfingers. This laptop brand can withstand great drip up of the level up to 3.9. the keyboard is spill-resistant. It comes with the following features; Intel Celeron N3060 Processor of 2M Cache to 2.48 GHz, 4GB RAM which offers great performance for the most difficult homework and also has 16GB Flash Storage. This laptop also has a battery life duration of up to 10 hours. It is designed such that it handles rugged use with supported rubber guards and easy to catch handles.


i) It is one of the most affordable laptops in the market.

ii) Automatic software update alongside data storage.


i) Has limited work-ability. It cannot be used for graphics design, frequent web browsing and social networking.

Best Laptop Brands

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