Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks in 2019 Reviews

Laptops are one of the best inventions today that has been embraced by most people of all ages both old and young. Those individuals who own a laptop would as a result of the portability of the laptop need something that will make sure they can carry their laptop everywhere they go with much ease. Such a valuable asset has to be kept safe from all kinds of damages since in most cases people have got the most important information on their laptops. Therefore to protect you an essential asset you will need to buy a carrier that would make it easy for you to do protect it. In most cases, the best laptop backpacks are the best choice

Consider the following when buying a backpack for your laptop.

Laptop Backpack Buyer’s Guide

You should like out for the following qualities if you want to get the best laptop backpacks:

1.A backpack has to be one that you are comfortable when carrying it considering the size of your laptop and the ability to carry with ease in the backpack.

2.There are various things you can carry in a backpack apart from the laptop, and you should consider buying a backpack that would allow you to carry other items in the pack apart from the laptop, for example, a notebook pens and a water bottle

3.Perfect fit is another factor worth considering. It should not be too big for your laptop nor should it be too small to carry it.

4.You should also consider its durability. The backpack should be able to serve you for quite some time.

5.Aesthetic value and appeal of the backpack. A backpack that suits your needs regarding purpose is the best however you should also consider how the pack appeals to people and the suitability of the pack to your environment whether at the workplace or even at home. The backpack may be casual, official or corporate, etc. However, a quality product needs to look good.

The Best Laptop Backpacks in 2019

Take a look at the following products that we have researched on and sampled as the best this year.

10.Kayond®laptop Backpack

Last but not least is this fantastic product from the Kayond. It is one of the best backpacks known for its durability, practicability, and ease of use. It is one of the lightest backpacks weighing only just over 1 lb. The bag can house a laptop of up to 15 inches and has a compartment for carrying other accessories. Such other items you can carry are a water bottle due to its side pockets.

A soft protective lining has also been used in this backpack to improve the safety of the materials you would want to carry.

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i)It is designed with unique straps that ease the pressure that usually is associated with carrying backpacks.

ii)It is a lightweight backpack.

iii)It is made of robust and durable material.


i)It is not the biggest as it may only carry up to 15-inch size laptop.

Best Laptop Backpacks

9.P.KU.VDSL Canvas Laptop Backpack

This one is also one of the best, and it is made by the P.K.U VDSL. It is made of a canvas material and is as stylish as you would just love. There are two internal pockets, an outer open pocket covered by a leather material. It has a laptop compartment padded to ensure the laptop is held fit in position. There are; a leather flap that covers this interior and a zipper that is enough for the protection of the materials kept inside the backpack. It is such a comfort backpack due to canvas material as well as canvas straps.


i)A 45-day guarantee is provided.

ii)It is a practical multi-functional backpack.

iii)It is stylish due to its canvas and design.

iv)It is a large bag that can house much material apart from the laptop.


i)It can carry up to only 15 inches laptop, unlike other top quality bags.

Best Laptop Backpacks

8.Winblo Laptop Backpack

It is designed specifically for all the needs that you need in a bag apart from housing your laptop. It is made by the Windblo Company, made of a durable Nylon material it can carry up to 15.6 inches. The bag has several compartments for all the essential things you can carry apart from the laptop. These chambers are divided into a back and front compartments.


i)It is durable

ii)Custom fit adjustable straps.

iii)It is light and easy to use.


i)It may not be able to carry more than 15.6 inches.

Best Laptop Backpacks

7.Kopack Deluxe Grey Water Repellent 15.6 17 Inch Computer Business Travel Laptop Backpack

It is specially made for you in case you are that person that needs a business backpack, made from extremely quality material and features, and this backpack can house up to 17 inches wide laptop due to its expansive laptop compartment. It is clearly a travel bag due to its size and quality. The bag is fitted with dual zipper layers that add some safety t its quality. It can bear up to 40 Kg of weight due to its strong anti-wrinkle and anti-scratch Nylon material.


i)It has expansive compartments.

ii)It focuses on details such as quality; it can carry up to 40 kg of weight.

iii)It is sophisticated with features such as hidden earphone holes, sunglasses strap, etc.


i)It is meant basically for business travels hence may not suit all functions.

Best Laptop Backpacks

6.KAKA Terylene Fabric Backpack for 17-Inch Laptops

It is a durable one made of the terylene oxford fabric with a lining that is resistant to wet conditions and remains durable for quite some time. This is one of the best backpacks with a one year warranty provided for you by the manufacturer. It is expansive and can carry a laptop of up to 17 inches size in its laptop compartment.

It is fitted with a sturdy handle at the top of the bag that enables you to use it as a tote bag. Padded straps have been affixed to these backpacks that make it very comfortable when you have it on your shoulders. Air flow is also an essential feature due to the breathable mesh that has been used at the back of this backpack. Its interior compartments would allow you to organize other accessories like a water bottle, books, pens and other materials.

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i)It is quite affordable and cheaper as compared to other products.

ii)A warranty of 1 year is provided.

iii)It is designed to look comfortable and attractive.


i)It is a slim one.

Best Laptop Backpacks

5.Case Logic VNB-217 Value 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Designed to fit anything that is of the 17-inch size this backpack is one of the most stylish and streamlined in the market today. It has been made to have several compartments that will house your laptop and other accessories. There is an organizational panel that allows you to keep pens electronic devices and other stuff. A speed pocket is one of those places you can have your mobile phone kept. It has an expanded interior that will allow you to have books and files carried as you wish within this backpack.


i)It has an expansive interior.

i)It is designed with a speed pocket for phone storage.

ii)It is designed to have a smart organization for comfort and ease of packing.

iii)It is a lightweight backpack.


i)It might not be safe to have it in heavy rains.

i)The bag material makes some noise that has been classified as a nuisance by some people.

Best Laptop Backpacks

4. JanSport Superbreak Backpack

Here is one of those massive bags that can as well like all the quality ones carry up to 17 inches. It allows you to carry quite a lot of essentials apart from the laptop. You can carry some necessaries in the compartments that have been provided for you by the designers of this backpack. There are organizational pockets that make sure there is sufficient room for all these.


i)Ventilation of this backpack is available to make it comfortable and cool to carry.

ii)It has an internal suspension mechanism that allows it to hold the laptop safely and in a fitting position.

iii)A detachable carabineer key ring is one of the unique features of this product


i)People have complained about its small side pockets.

i)It doesn’t give more internal space like other quality backpacks.

Best Laptop Backpacks

3.Swiss Gear SA1908 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop

This is also a product from the Swiss Gear and as it manufacturers name suggests it is one of those that would not disappoint due to its top quality. It can accommodate laptop of up to a size of 17 inches. It is designed to protect your laptop from any damage as the priority. However, it does not stop there it is designed to make scanning easy and has a smart scan technology that will allow it to unfold in a flat manner. It has an added advantage in that airflow system inside the pack has been designed to ensure this. An organizer pocket is also available for you to carry items such as CDs and pens.

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i)Ease of scanning due to its feature of unfolding to a flat position.

ii)An airflow back system is available to improve comfort.

iii)There is an open viewing compartment due to its unique window recognition design.


i)It is made of a material that though durable, is not waterproof.

Best Laptop Backpacks

2.AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops Up To 17-Inch

Designed and made by the Amazon Basics it is also one of those quality packs that most people will find to be one of the best. It can house a computer that has a size of up to 17 inches. It is one of the most multi-functional packs having the ability to house several other accessories apart from the laptop. The laptop backpack has a small pouch for tablets; it has been made with a compartment that can house the laptop and sleeves that hold it in position makes it even safer and fit when you are traveling. Its design includes a mesh for water fitted outside the pack. It has organizational compartment s that can house some items such as keys your phone and other accessories you may want to carry.


i)It comes at a reasonable price of about $30 considering the quality of the pack.

ii)It prioritizes on comfort as well as functionality.

iii)It is a multifunctional pack with several compartments.


i)It may not be waterproof.

Best Laptop Backpacks

1.SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

Developed by the SwissGear Company, it is one of the best in the market today having almost all if not all you will need to have your laptop safe at any time anywhere. It is designed to have compartments that are large enough to house most of your essentials; these compartments are zipped for safety purposes. There is complete airflow due to a heavily padded back panel airflow technology that this pack is designed to have. It can carry up to 17 inches wide and makes it easy to carry any portable computer in it. A computer pocket has been fitted to make it easy to carry the laptop, and as well sleeves have been provided to protect and hold your laptop in position.


i)It is a durable pack made of strong polyester fabric.

ii)It is one of the most comfortable to use due to shoulder straps and design.

iii)It has an efficient compartment organizer.

iv)Ease of access to the laptop compartment due to side entry mechanism.


i)This is one of those products that have not much negativity around it just maybe the price.

Best Laptop Backpacks


We believe this review made after some extensive research will be helpful and end up making you have an informed choice of the best backpack. Good luck in buying the best from the market.

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