Top 10 Best Knee Walker Scooters Reviews In 2019

When recovering from injuries, surgeries, and other health conditions, your mobility is usually affected. It is quite hard to move when the knees, legs and feet and injured. However, since the invention of knee walker scooters, such individuals can easily move around with ease. Knee walker scooters are also called orthopaedic scooters, knee cruisers, and knee coasters. They are a must-have for individuals with injuries that need to move around.

With different designs and models on the market, it becomes challenging choosing the best knee walker scooter. Luckily for you, we’ve done our research and narrowed down your search to only ten knee walker scooters that we think are the best on the market currently. Read through our reviews and choose a scooter that is best suited for you.

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Table of the Best Knee Walker Scooters Reviews

10. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Walker

Knee Walker Scooters

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The KneeRover is a perfect knee walker scooter for individuals recovering from surgery or injuries to the feet, leg or knee. This scooter is a proven and highly rated pick recommended for use by experts. It steers easily and offers users with excellent control as the manoeuvre. It is also stable with an adjustable locking handbrake and rear brakes. The handlebars fold easily allowing for compact storage and transportation. Overall, this is an excellent knee walker scooter ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold 300 pounds weight.  The dual ankle design makes it versatile for most 5’-5’6 persons.


  • Dual ankle design for versatility
  • Adjustable and foldable handlebars for easy storage
  • Adjustable locking handbrake for stability
  • Lightweight but sturdy enough to hold 300lbs

3. KneeRover PRO All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter

KneeRover PRO All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter

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This is another all-terrain knee walker scooter with an integrated shock technology for a smooth ride on bumpy roads. It is an excellent alternative to crutches helping individuals with foot, lower leg and knee injuries walk with ease. It is easy to control and ride with a tie-rod steering mechanism rarely found in most scooters. The large 12-inch air filled pneumatic tires walk through gravel, dirt, grass, and sidewalks. Overall, this is a versatile choice ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It features the heavy-duty aluminium bar construction for maximum strength.


  • Holds 350lbs
  • Heavy duty aluminium double bar construction
  • Large 12-inch air filled pneumatic tires
  • Integrated shock technology

2. KneeRover Small Adult Knee Walker for Child

KneeRover Kids and Small Adult Knee Walker

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This is a small and compact knee walker scooter for small adults and kids. It is the first pediatric steerable knee walker scooter in the industry and a great alternative to crutches. The walker offers excellent control and stability giving users safety assurances. It features an adjustable locking handbrake and rear drum brake for added safety. The 6-inch non-foam wheels glide smoothly over surfaces for a smooth ride. It is a pretty comfortable scooter with large 3.5-inch padding on the knee platform. Overall, it is a great buy that adjusts the handlebars and knee platform fully.


  • Holds 160lbs
  • Fully adjustable knee platform and handlebars
  • 6-inch non-marking foam wheels
  • Adjustable locking brake and rear drum brake

1. NEW KneeRover QUAD All Terrain Knee Walker

NEW KneeRover QUAD All Terrain Knee Walker

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The QUAD all-terrain knee walker scooter is our final choice with excellent features for ease of use and control. It is a perfect fit for MLC recovering individuals. The scooter offers excellent mobility indoors and outdoors. The large 12’ pneumatic air-filled tires easily manoeuvre through sand, grass, dirt, and sidewalks. It also features a proven drum braking system style tie-rod steering system for maximum stability and control. The construction is lightweight yet sturdy enough to serve you for long.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction for durability
  • Large 12-inch pneumatic tires for greater mobility
  • Style tie-rod steering mechanism
  • Proven drum braking system


These are the best knee walker scooters on the market currently to offer you excellent value for money. The scooters feature excellent mobility features and are easy to use. Make sure you order one only after reading our reviews.

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