Top 10 Best Kid’s Tablets In 2019 Reviews

When you want to buy gifts for your kid there are many products available for you but which item is good for you? You can choose of the many items that are there which is best for your child. Today we have got many different types of tablets in the market, therefore it is good to buy the best tablet which helps your kids improve their skills, experiences and knowledge. The list below guide you to buy the best tablet that is very useful for your kid.

10. Kids Study Dual Core Tablet

This is another good tablet which have a lot of helpful features for its users. It has a dual system operation which includes parent and kids interface. Its unique feature attracts attention from the children, it has in-built for clear listening and built-in camera. This tablet also have got parental control in order to control the use of tablet by their children which include restriction of apps and many others.

Best Kid’s Tablets

9. XO-880 Kids Tablet

Many people are interested in this powerful tablet. This tablet is full Android with high resolution screen, dual-core processor, and latest Android operating system. It also has educational curriculum which helps your children a lot. It also has parental controls which helps in investigating the usage and learning styles. It also have 7-inch HD screen with dual camera sensors to improve the experience of the user. This tablet also has 8 GB built-in storage and 1 GB RAM.

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Best Kid’s Tablets

8. Kurio Kids Tablet

When you want to purchase a good tablet for your kid, you can consider buying this one. It is able to define which websites can be accessed by your kid hence enabling parental control. It is also equipped in such a way that it can control how long and when can kids use it. It also have some preloaded applications inside it which enables parents in teaching their kids. It has a set of up to 8 profiles.

Best Kid’s Tablets

7. Fire HD Kids Tablet

This is a real tablet that is best for your kids. It has a fast quad-core processor that ensure quick app launch times improving its performance. It also has a beautiful HD display and Dobly that is very convenient for watching movies, games and video. This table is of high quality since made from durable materials which suits children. It has a 2MP rear facing camera that allows high resolution features and a front facing camera that is best when you want to set up video calls between parents and the kids.

Best Kid’s Tablets

6. Contixo Kids LA703 Tablet

This tablet is enhanced by a quad core processor which improves its performance. The tablet comes with a pre-loaded apps which are kids friendly. This product is equipped with a lightweight case which can last for a long time. This case also protect it from accidental slips. This tablet actually comes in two models, the LA703-1 and the LA703-2 whereby the difference is that the design case of the LA703-2 is more featured than that of the LA703-1. This tablet also have WiFi settings for the purpose of connection to the internet. Also each model of  LA703 comes with various colors.

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Best Kid’s Tablets

5. ProntoTec C72R Tablet PC

It is one of the best tablet PC for your child. It is enhanced by latest Google Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system. It is also enhanced with Dual Core CPU which offers fast surfing online, funny games and video playing. This tablet is very suitable for kids in using them in studying, working with or entertainment. It helps your child identify images, spelling and sounds. It has got high resolution, touch screen which enables easy usage by your kid. It also has very reliable Wi-Fi connection which enables you to connect this tablet to the internet very easily.

Best Kid’s Tablets


4. iRulu Y1 Tablet PC

4his is one of the best tablet PC that is very helpful to your child. Parents and kids do enjoy this tablet without any worry because it is safe for kids to play with it under the parental controls. It is considered the safe device for all kids. It also has the ability to download educational apps and games, it helps children learn with a lot of fun. Its food grade 3 protects this tablet hence safe for every kid. This tablet is an Android supported by 8 GB storage space which allows you store most of the apps you like very easily. It has beautiful and colourful design which makes it the best choice by many parents and kids.

Best Kid’s Tablets

3. LeapFrog LeapPad Kids Learning Tablet

This kind of tablet is designed to help young kids learn new things in their lives. This tablet has got large hi-res screen which enables children play, draw and write on it. It is also designed with feather-light responsiveness to be easy for kid’s touch. It also has kid-safe web whereby kids can only access age-appropriate content. This tablet is equipped with 11 built-in applications which helps in improving your child’s knowledge.

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Best Kid’s Tablets

2. Ingo Children’s Tablet

This is another tablet which is very useful to your kid. This tablet is pre-installed with android 4.1 which works effectively, dual core CPU which improves its performance and has 4GB internal memory. Its language setup is easy which improves kid’s experience faster.It is has silicone texture which prevents damage in case of accidental slips. It is also fully washable to keep it away from germs and has special design which prevent it from overeating.


1.Ocaler Kids Tablet

It works best with Android operating system of 4.2 and it is enhanced by its 4.3inch TFT-LCD screen which is in a position to provide a high resolution. This resolution enables the kids enjoy the videos they like most. It also supports 3G connectivity which enables you connected to the internet. This tablet also has got high performance due to its DDRII 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM.

Best Kid’s Tablets

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