Top 10 Best Kid Leashes of 2022 – Reviews

There is perhaps no better way to ensure the safety of your child when you’re out of the house than by fitting them with a safety harness or a kid leash. Although the subject does raise some debate from time to time, there comes a time when you have to decide whether to allow social pressure to affect your decision on how to best protect your children.

When it comes to kid leashes, the market does indeed offer many different versions to choose from, each with its own particularities. Overall, however, you might find it difficult to find one that best suits your needs unless you take the time to educate yourself on the matter thoroughly. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best kid leashes money can buy.

Best Leashes for Toddlers & Kids of 2022

Baby Buddy Deluxe Harness

driverUniquely constructed with four different pieces for added security and a perfect fit, the Baby Buddy Deluxe Harness aims to keep your child safe and close to you at all times. Featuring a set of chair and tether straps, this harness can be used when shopping, going for walks, or even in shopping carts and strollers. It is also available in an assortment of vibrant colors to choose from, which is always nice with these type of products.

Baby Buddy Toddler Tether

Plaza Butterfly Baby Walking Safety Harness Reins Toddler Leash Available

driverAiming at keeping your child near you, safe, and secured at all times, the Baby Buddy Toddler Tether is a great choice among the many kid leashes available out there at this point in time. Featuring an easy to use wristband adjustment, it also comes with a 3-foot, non-elastic long strap for added safety. This baby toddler tether is available in many different colors giving your child the option to choose the one he/she likes best.

Diono Sure Steps Child Harness


driverEquipped with a 4-inch wide fastener with Velcro, the Diono Sure Steps Child Harness offers optimum security and a proper fit ensuring your child is safe and secure and close to you at all times. Boasting extra long shoulder straps, this leash can also fit children that are fairly larger as well as when your child is wearing winter clothing. The unique swivel clip eliminates tangling and the wrist strap can be used if or when needed.

Mommy’s Helper Kid Keeper

Mommy’s Helper Kid Keeper

driverDesigned to fit your toddler’s torso tightly so as to offer optimal support, the Mommy’s Helper Kid Keeper does not affect the stomach area, securing your child and ensuring he is comfortable and safe. Featuring a double swivel snap design and functionality, this leash can be used to fasten your child to high chairs, shopping carts, or any other seats with ease.

It also comes with specially padded shoulder straps for added comfort, with the main strap measuring 42 inches in length. The chest size measures 14 to 25.5 inches and can be easily adjusted to fit most children.

Eric Carle Backpack Harness, Elephant, Children’s Backpack

Eric Carle Backpack Harness, Elephant, Children’s Backpack

driverMade from 100% polyester materials and featuring a cute elephant design, the Eric Carle Backpack Harness is a multipurpose backpack cum leash with many zippered compartments on the sides and back of the backpack. Equipped with a harness for added safety, you can rest assured that your child will be secure and near you at all times. It also features adjustable straps for growing children and is extremely comfortable overall.

E’Plaza Butterfly Baby Walking Safety Harness Reins Toddler Leash

E’Plaza Butterfly Baby Walking Safety Harness Reins Toddler Leash

driverAvailable in one size, the E’Plaza Butterfly Baby Walking Safety Harness Reins Toddler Leash is the most convenient way to keep your kids from wandering far away from you. This leash is a great way to help your toddler to walk and is the perfect safety accessory when you are out among crowds or at gatherings. Equipped with a special adjustable, strap and safety buckle, your toddler can be perfectly positioned into the leash without causing any discomfort.

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness


driverThe Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness is a multipurpose children’s accessory that works both as a harness to keep your toddler near you, or as a backpack. By simply removing the tether, the harness converts into a backpack that contains zipped compartments that can be used to carry your child’s essentials with ease. The backpack features an easy to carry top handle that can be used by the parents when the child is tired. Furthermore, its straps are easily adjustable and extremely comfortable and convenient.

Yodo Upgraded Playful Kids Insulated Lunch Boxes Carry Bag

Plaza Butterfly Baby Walking Safety Harness Reins Toddler Leash Available

driverMade from BPA and Phthalate Free Materials, Yodo’s Upgraded Playful Kids Insulated Lunch Boxes Carry Bag is a multipurpose product that might prove the perfect choice for your toddler in the long run. Equipped with a safety harness, a backpack and a lunch bag, it comes with a detachable tether that ensures your tiny toddlers are safe and secured.

This tether can be removed and the bag turned into a backpack with ease when needed. Furthermore, the backpack itself is spacious, well insulated, and can keep drinks cold for up to three hours. It also comes with an adjustable back strap that can be increased to allow the parents to carry it if the child gets tired.

Goldbug Animal 2-in-1 Harness



driverThe Goldbug Animal 2-in-1 Harness is a cute multipurpose children’s accessory that works both as a harness as well as a child’s backpack. The tether can be easily detached converting it into a backpack in a matter of seconds with no effort whatsoever.

It also features a loop for the wrist, so that the parents can always have an eye on their child at all times. The leash allows the toddler a little freedom to walk around but not allowing him to move away from the parent without the parent’s knowledge.

Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack


driverMade from high quality imported nylon and polyester materials, the Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack comes with many compartments and pockets to help carry your toddler’s essentials. This harness backpack, like the name suggests, comes with a harness that aims at keeping your child close to you at all times.

Featuring a shock-absorbing tether, this kid leash optimizes comfort levels and reduces tension according to your particular needs. It also comes with a special swivel clip that ensures the tether does not tangle in any way. The backpack also comes equipped with a loop that allows your toddler to hang or carry their favorite toy along with them and also works as a hanging hook for the backpack when not in use.

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Why Buying A Kid Leash Is A Good Idea

Plaza Butterfly Baby Walking Safety Harness Reins Toddler Leash AvailableIf you pay attention to what people are saying whenever the subject of kid leashes is brought up, you will quickly find out that there are at least two sides to this argument, both supporting and rejecting the need for such a contraption. Overall, however, it is generally accepted that kid leashed do more good than harm and that they offer a greater degree of control over your children’s actions.

If we are to delve into specifics, here are a few reasons why buying a kid leash is such a good idea:

Kids rarely pay attention to their surroundings – We all know how easily distracted children are and how quickly they can expose themselves to various dangers, whether it’s incoming traffic or messing with hazardous technologies. By nature, most children are egocentric and have no sense of self-preservation past a certain point, which is where a kid leash can come into play to give you control over their decisions at all times.

Kids get lost in a crowd – It often happens that children get lost in crowds, be it as a supermarket, a social gathering, or a concert. A good way to prevent that is to fit your child with a kid leash, one that will put you in full control over where they are and what they’re doing at any given time. It only takes a moment for a child to escape their parent’s protective glaze, which is a perfect argument for using a leash in the first place.

Protect your children from running into traffic – Like we said, children can easily get distracted, a dangerous predisposition when around traffic. Combine a child’s inability to look where they’re going with a driver neglecting to pay attention to the traffic, and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. Again, a kid leash can greatly reduce any risk of injury to the child as long as you pay attention, and this involves traffic accidents.

A good way to educate your child – Not to say that you should treat your children like dogs, but children do share some similarities with dogs when it comes to going out of the house for whatever reason. Both children and dogs get easily distracted when out of the house, which is where a kid leash comes into play. With the help of a kid leash, you can condition your child into always staying by your side, making it easier for you in the long run to take your child out of the house without having to worry that he/she will wander too far away.

Kids are playful by nature – Children never stop looking for ways to entertain themselves, which can be a problem when you’re taking the child with you on a chore. The last thing you want to do when out of the house for a brief period of time is for the child to constantly fiddle with something or someone. By using a kid leash, you ensure that your child will only stray away as long as the leash allows it, saving both you and the child a lot of time.

Handholding can be tiresome – Although most parents enjoy holding their children by the hand whenever going out of the house, it can become quite tiresome if done repeatedly over long periods of time. Not only do children move at a much slower pace than adults, but their hands are also sweaty and sticky most of the time. For a parent who’s dealing with personal or work related issues, having to worry about your kid stepping on your feet or lagging behind can really push you over the edge.

Some of them are really cute – We should point out that most kid leashes are pretty cool to look at. Aesthetics aside, some of them also provide ample storage space in the form of backpacks with zippered pockets. While a leash in itself isn’t too dignified, when combined with a colorful backpack in the shape of a cute animal, such a leash can definitely add an element of cuteness to the equation.

When To Use A Kid Leash

DionoJust because you’ve bought a kid leash doesn’t mean you have to use it every time you and your kid get out of the house.

In fact, the use of a kid leash should be limited to only a handful of occasions.

Reason being that you don’t really want your kid to get too accustomed to being leashed as it may impede its development over time.

Here is when you should employ the use of a kid leash:

You are taking the child to a dangerous location – If you plan on taking the child to the zoo or any potentially dangerous environment, you might want to consider fitting them with a kid leash beforehand.

A parent is ill – If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, the last thing you want to do is to constantly steer your child verbally whenever they stray away. With a kid leash, however, you can ensure that whatever your physical condition may be, your child will never be too far away.

A stroller seems too excessive – If you’re going to a stroller-inaccessible place, you can employ a kid leash with roughly the same results. Not only that but it also saves you the trouble of having to look after the stroller as well.

When you have to look after more than one child – If you’re looking after two or more children at a time, you can always use a kid leash to make sure that all children are close to you at all times. Again, it may not be too dignifying for the children but it will surely keep them safe.

You are engaged in a dangerous activity – If you’re hiking or taking a stroll around any frail railings, you might want to employ the use of a kid leash to ensure that your kid won’t suddenly decide to play around any ledges or large bodies of water.

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