Top 10 Best Kerosene Heaters In 2019 Reviews

Some places are cold throughout while for others the cold is seasonal. Either way, a heater is a must because there are so many risks including health that emanate from exposure to cold. Also, some people like to continue working even during these extremely cold seasons hence a need for an outdoor heater or indoor heater for those working from indoors. Kerosene heaters are not only reliable especially in places where electricity is an issue but also very economical. But, when the weather changes, you might consider investing in the best battery operated fan or the best humidifier to ensure that you are comfortable all through.

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Factors Every Buyer Should Consider When Planning To Purchase a Kerosene Heater:

Indoors or Outdoors Kerosene Heater: You should be careful when selecting the heater to purchase. If you will be using it indoors, get an indoor one and vice versa

Heating Capacity: You should be sure that the kerosene heater you are planning to buy will be enough to perfectly heat your rooms based on their sizes.

Fuel Consumption: Apart from reliability and convenience, your kerosene heater should be economical too. It should have a reasonable and affordable fuel consumption rate.

Heating Hours with a Full Tank: The more hours you get from a full tank, the better.

Smells & Soot: Some kerosene heaters produce a lot of awful smell when ignited or shut off while others produce a lot of soot in the process of heating your room so be careful to choose the best.

Safety: Ensure that the heater observes all set safety measures.

Ease of Control: Some have a thermostat while others have auto ignition features so go for the one that’s easy to control for you.

Price: Just as with all the other products, the best kerosene heater should not go beyond your budget.

World Marketing of America Kerosene Wick Heater, KW-12 Kero-World Convection Style, Compact 10500 BTU

This is a great little heater. You don’t have to incur all the costs of keeping your house warm during the winter as this heater gives you a cheaper way to do it. It is super convenient and performs just as well as any electric heater would. It is easy to use, and you don’t need even the manual to figure out how to go about it because every feature is simple to figure out. And, even if you have electric heaters, you might just need one of these for those bad days when strong winter stops take your electricity out. You will be on the safe side if you have one of these heaters.

It is super radiant. You will not only be getting the heat but the light as well. Thus, if your electricity is interrupted, you won’t be in the darkness nor will you suffer the wrath of the string winters. However, there are a few hacks to ensure that you get great results each time you use them. One, always run them dry every tankful and this will give you the best results each time you use one. Second, always keep your wick clean. This ensures that there is no smells or soot when using it.

The heater heats a max of 450 Sq. Feet. Some people question about the heaters effectiveness when it comes to keeping the rooms warm. However, anyone who has used it will assure you that you will be making a great decision of buying it because it has the capacity to keep any room with a max of 450 Sq. Feet in size warm. You can rely on it to give you the best results always, and you will benefit even more if kerosene prices are low in your area. However, even if the prices are a bit high, you don’t have to worry because it does not consume a lot thus just a little of it will keep you warm for a long time.

Operates without electricity thus you can take it with you to those trips that end up in places where there is no electricity. In fact, its small size and compactness make it a great choice for those who would like to keep themselves warm and have some light when away from their homes. It does not require so much “stuff” to operate it and occupies just a small space in your luggage bag thus giving you an easy time carrying it around. It’s also lightweight thus no significant weight addition on your luggage.

World Marketing of America Kerosene Wick Heater, KW-12 Kero-World Convection Style, Compact 10500 BTU

Burns 12-14 hours but this depends on the wick adjustment. You can adjust it to a low setting which will give you 14 hours or on high which will give you 12 hours. You can, therefore, be sure that you will keep your room warm for as long as you want and you can always add the kerosene if you need to keep warm for longer hours. Even for those who want to use it on their trips, as long as you carry enough kerosene, you will have a warm room for as long as need be.

The KW-12 is a great little kerosene heater to invest in. It is built and designed to meet all your needs when it comes to heating and lighting your room. There is a little smell when you put it on at first, but it fades away very quickly you won’t even notice. However, the sure way to eliminate the smell and the soot is to keep the wick clean and run it dry after every tankful. This way, you will always have the best from it. It is super compact thus very durable, and its design allows you to take it with you to various destinations. No electricity needed.


  • Little smell when used for the first time but it fades away quickly.

Mr. Heater, forced-Air Kerosene Heater, F270320 MH125KTR Contractor, 125,000 BTU

Get the heat you need easily and safely from Mr. Heater’s 125,000 BTU Kerosene Heater. You don’t have to run away from your work place, be it your garage, tool shed or barn, just because the temperatures have dropped. You can keep working all year-round with the right levels of warmth so as not to compromise on your health with this forced air kerosene heater. You don’t have to spend the whole day in your blankets during winters. You can just get this heater and keep doing what you like most without interruptions from the cold. However, the best air compressor might be of great help when it comes to dealing with a huge workload.

The heater is delivered in a nice package, and it is very easy to assemble. In fact, it cannot take you more than five minutes to figure everything out and get it started. Even for those who will be owning this kind of heater for the first time, they will find assembling it very easy, and where you are not sure, you can always refer the instructions manual by the manufactures because it is clear and easy to follow.

With this heater, you will be able to heat a maximum of 3,125 square feet of a room which is very generous. You can, therefore, keep your entire workplace warm. It is an ideal solution for those who want to keep working without having to put on uncountable clothes as this might be uncomfortable and might not offer enough warmth. Again, you cannot gamble with your health, so if you plan to continue working in your garage throughout the winter, you’d better invest in a good heater, and this one here will not disappoint you.

Operates even at extremely low temperatures, so even those people leaving in extremely low temp areas will greatly benefit from it. You don’t have to invest in very expensive heaters or those that consume a lot of electricity to keep the room warm. This heater here proves beneficial in all ways possible. It is very affordable and provides perfect result even when used in different environments.

Mr. Heater, forced-Air Kerosene Heater, F270320 MH125KTR Contractor, 125,000 BTU

You get a maximum of 15 hours of warmth with the 8.5-gallon fuel tank. No need for electricity and this enables you to cut on the overall cost of keeping warm during the cold seasons. You also don’t have to retrieve back to your blankets when the temperatures go below your expectations. You just fill your tank with fuel and keep working just as you normally do. You will have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

The heater features high-output fun thus giving the best of results. It has an overheat safety sensor so even when you are so busy with your work. You will always be safe. It also has an auto shut-off when the heat goes overboard so even when you are not around to shut it off, do damages can occur. It also has a power indicator light. Storing it won’t be a problem because it has a cord storage. It also features an oversized pneumatic tires ideal for smooth transport from one spot to another.


  • A little bit noisy

Kero-World 23,000 BTU, KW-24G Convection Kerosene Heater, Indoor Portable

If you are looking for a portable, little heater that does not need electricity to operate, then you might just be looking at the best option now. This heater by Kero World is designed to meet all your needs in a perfect way without leaving you with excess bills to pay. You can use it indoors without any issues because it does not produce any noises nor smell or soot if used as recommended. With it, you won’t even notice the extremes of winter, and you won’t need to buy extra beddings or sweaters especially if you stay a lot indoors.

This 23,000-BTU convection kerosene heater heats a maximum of 1000 square feet. Thus, if you are planning to use it in a room of this size, you will enjoy every minute of it. We know all the health complications that might come up if we do not take the necessary precautions during the cold seasons and that’s why everyone is advised to invest in a good indoor heater. And, the fact that it does not need electricity to operate makes it even a better choice because you end up getting more and paying very little.

Simple matchless ignition makes it easy to operate. This, combined with its ease of assembling makes it a great choice for most people. Once you receive your package, it will only take you few seconds to get everything into the right order and ignite as instructed and start enjoying the warmth. It makes even those extremely cold seasons bearable. You will enjoy staying indoors and doing what you love most.

With a 360-degree protective grill, this is the safest heater you can ever own. Everyone wants to be assured of the safety of the device they are investing in, and with this here, this grill says everything about safety. You will be safe even when your kids decide to use in in your absence as there are no chances of any danger occurring. It’s a great device to place your money on.

Kero-World 23,000 BTU, KW-24G Convection Kerosene Heater, Indoor Portable

Built-in, 1.9-gallon tank, to give you a max of 12 hours of heat. This is an enough time for any user and very economical. However, to ensure that you are getting the best of results from your heater, always ensure that you are using clean kerosene. This way, you will enjoy the warmth without any disruptions. One thing with unclean kerosene is that you might start getting some funny smells from your heater and that’s not good.

It features a portable design thus ideal even for those people who would use it in different places other than their houses. Also, if you want to move it from one room to another, you will have no problem. It needs 2 C batteries, and they are included so no extra costs. You will enjoy the efficient convection heat that it delivers and the ease of ignition as it does not need matches to ignite. It is super compact, so there is no compromise on durability.


  • Produces some odor after lighting it but if disappears quickly.

Mr. Heater F270255 50,000-BTU, MH50KR Contractor, Forced-Air Kerosene Heater

This is a great Kerosene Heater by Mr. Heater. It is designed to meet all your heating needs without adding on any of your bills. The design is great, and you rely on its durability. Unlike most heaters that serve you for the first few days then die off completely, this is designed to take you through many cold seasons comfortably. If is very fairly priced to meet your budget.

50,000 BTU output ensures that the heating is as efficient as needed. You can beat the winter with this heater and continue working as normal, totally uninterrupted. You also won’t be forced to go shopping for new and warmer clothes because, with this heater, you will do just fine with whatever you have currently. You will also be avoiding any health complications that might come up during the cold seasons as you can manage to keep warm all through.

It has a 1,250 SQ. Ft. Heating capacity thus if the room you intend to use it in is within this size range you will benefit fully from the heat provided. It is always advisable to confirm the heaters heating capacity before purchasing and compare it with your rooms’ sizes to ensure that you won’t end up frustrated or be forced to return it as it can’t meet your needs.

With a full tank, 4-gallon, you will have 11 hours of uninterrupted heating. This is enough time to enable you to go on with your daily business enjoying the warmth all the way. This is another factor that every buyer should be keen to look at before placing that order. The heating time from a full tank is very important as it determines if you will have interruptions in between your work and also, it says whether the heater is economical or not. Always go for a heater that will give you many hours of heating.

Mr. Heater F270255 50,000-BTU, MH50KR Contractor, Forced-Air Kerosene Heater

High-output fan enables an efficient heat distribution to all the corners of your room. You won’t have to deal with some cold parts in the room thanks to this fan. This is the best kerosene heater in terms of heat distribution efficiency because it keeps all the room warmed equally. It is everything that anyone could need for those extremely cold days and nights and can be used in various indoor environments. The high-output fan makes all the difference when it comes to indoor kerosene heaters.

A carrying handle makes it easy to carry from one place to another safely. It is actually very portable thanks to its design and the overall weight which is ideal for any indoor heater. The cord storage makes storing it easy as it does not occupy too much space. And, durability is everything in this heater. It will take you through uncountable super cold seasons. Whether you prefer using it in your home, garage or warehouse among other indoor places as you work or just relax, you will love how it works.


  • Smells at times

Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 10000-BTU Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater

If you are looking for an effective and efficient heater for your home, workshop, garage, basement, enclosed porch, warehouse among others, this here by Dyna-Glo is the way to go. It heats a maximum of 500 Square feet which is generous enough for various needs. With this heater, all your heating needs will be met efficiently, and you will never regret choosing to buy it over the many others available on the market.

Reliable for emergency or daily use. This heater is not like the cheaply built once that stop working when you need them the most. It is built and designed to serve you for many years thus very durable. None of its features will fail you as long as you use it as instructed. It might be of great help when need to heat up a room arises unexpectedly. It might be a life savior when you least expect it because it never fails.

It is very economical as it helps you cut your heating bills because you can choose to warm just the occupied areas. You will be amazed by how much you can save if only you took your time to figure out the most economical and convenient heating option for you. Sometimes you won’t need to heat the whole house, and this is where this heater comes in. You can just heat a single room, where you are, thus saving on electricity.

Super convenient as it features an easy to use auto ignition plus a one-touch shut-off. This adds to the economical point as you won’t have to waste the power if the heat is not needed. Igniting it is also super easy thus very ideal for emergencies. You can rely on it to be your number one solution when you need to heat up a room unexpectedly. Also, shutting it off requires just a one touch, and it will go off. This makes it very convenient for use at all times.

Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 10000-BTU Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater

It is totally safe as it features a built-in safety switch that shuts the power off when the unit is knocked over. We all want to know that we are safe with our devices and with this heater, this aspect has been well taken care of. You don’t have to worry about how safe it is if it is left running for a long time thanks to the built-in safety switch. You will be totally safe to use it for as long as you need to.

The Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 10000-BTU Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater is one of the products that I recommend without a second thought. It does exactly what it has been built to do, and it observes all safety requirements. It is very reliable and super durable so you can be sure that it will keep you warm through many cold seasons. You can rely on it to help you cut on some bills such as the heating bills because it is so economical. It is easy and safe to operate.


  • Can’t heat water.

Pro-Temp 70,000-BTU Outdoor Kerosene Radiant, “Sun Stream” Heater

For those looking for a portable and affordable outdoor space heater, this is the best deal that you can come across on the market. Whether you need for your DIY purposes or professional needs, you will find it very helpful. It does not matter the kind of work you have. You will find it helpful just like all the other Pro-Temp heaters. It is built to serve you perfectly for a long time so have no doubts about its durability.

It is ideal for use in workshops, garage, warehouses, construction sites, farms, aircraft hangers, and in many other outdoors where heating might be needed. You do not have to stop working simply because it has become too cold to bear. You can just get this heater, and nothing will stop you from heating your plan. It is the best portable outdoor heater and works just perfectly in any environment even when the temperatures go so low.

With the sun stream feature, you won’t have to worry about noise and the wind that might end up affecting the heat flow. Because of this feature, this heat offers you a Radiant Heat Technology. Thus it heats just like the sun thus the wind cannot affect its heating performance. This is unlike in other heaters, the forced air ones because, with these, the heat gets blown away by winds and noise. It is a perfect choice for all your outdoor heating needs.

Heats a maximum of 1750 Sq. Ft. with a total of 70,000-BTU heat output thus enough to cover a wide area. This is why it is said to be ideal for various outdoor spaces and activities. You can get the amount of heating you need, and in all the areas you need effectively. You will get to do all that you wanted to do without interruptions from too much cold or risking your health. It’s small in size but delivers even better results than other big heaters.

Pro-Temp 70,000-BTU Outdoor Kerosene Radiant, “Sun Stream” Heater

Gives 7 hours of operation with a full 4-gallon tank so as long as your tank is full, you can count on your heater to give you 7 hours of perfect operation. In short, with this heater, nothing can stop you from reaching your target. Even if you are working as a group in your garage or warehouse, you will have all the warmth you need whether the temperatures are at their lowest or not. It is the best little gift that anyone working in the outdoors can receive.

It is portable thus you can take it with you to most destinations. You can also move it from one place in your garage or other places with ease. The power on/off switch makes it easy to operate. You don’t have to stress over how to switch it on or off thanks to this simple feature. The radiant & fan forced heating-system ensures that the heat produce reaches all the required places efficiently. You can never go wrong with this heater and purchase it confidently because there is no doubt, it will serve you as you expect it to.


  • You have to shut it off/on manually

Dyna-Glo WK11C8 Indoor 10500-BTU Kerosene Convection Heater

To heat your home, workplace, garage, all enclosed porches, warehouses, basements among others, all you need is this WK11C8 10500-BTU indoor heater by Dyna-Glo, and you will be able to do all you need with the right amount of warmth despite the changes in temperatures. The heat produced is sufficient to keep you warm all through as long as the tank has enough kerosene.

Heats a maximum of 525 Sq. Ft. with 99% efficient. With this heating capacity, you can be totally sure that all your heating needs will be met no matter which room you are in, garage, warehouse, etc. If you are that one person looking to cut on heating bills but still get something worth the replacement in terms of efficiency and reliability and this here should be your first consideration.

With easy electronic ignition, this indoor heater becomes so reliable as you can just turn it on at any time and with ease. It is, therefore, convenient for use both in emergency and everyday uses. As long as you have it in the room, you can count on it to serve you as you need any time any day. It is what everyone should have to kick the cold out without incurring extra charges. You will also be cutting on your monthly expenses as you might just decide to warm just the room you are in, and you can switch it on and off as needed.

One-touch safety shutoff plus a tip switch to add on safety. Just like when purchasing other products, safety is a key feature to focus on, and this heater’s manufacturers put this into serious consideration. You won’t have any worries about the safety because it is already taken care of. You can use it in all indoor places safely. And, don’t have any second thoughts about leaving it running when your little one is around because it is totally safe. No harm can be caused.

Dyna-Glo WK11C8 Indoor 10500-BTU Kerosene Convection Heater

No electricity is used to run it. This is one of the reasons that make it so economical. Once you purchase it, you will notice the changes in your electricity bills, especially around those months that winter is around. You won’t have to incur any unnecessary electricity bills while you have cheaper heating options available. The batteries you need to operate it are included thus making it even a more perfect option to go with. You will love your purchase especially because it generates up to 360 degrees of convenient heat.

This is a great indoor heater to invest in. It is perfectly designed to meet all your needs by giving you 8-13 heating hours as long as you get the best grade of kerosene and a great wick. It’s advisable to change your wick after using it for some time to continue getting the best results from your heater. You will not even notice how the winter is going unless you leave your house or garage. This heater creates a very warm environment for you, and you can go on with your daily chores undisturbed. There is no compromise on safety, and the efficiency is awesome. You might also want to invest in the best tea kettles to kick that cold out in style.


  • You will experience some little smell after shutting it down, but it fades away very quickly.

Dura Heat Indoor DH2304 23,000 BTU Convection Kerosene Heater

With this heater, you will never know even when the coldest season comes around. It works as described by its manufacturers so you can rest assured that all your needs will be met perfectly. The pricing is just perfect for anyone in need of a great but highly affordable heater. The design is also great and stylish so that it won’t appear like a cheaply constructed heater. You will be able to keep your rooms warm thus avoiding any risks posed by extreme colds.

It provides a maximum of 1000 sq. ft. heating area which is generous enough for this type of an indoor heater. However, confirm the size of the room you intend to heat with it to be sure that it is approximately this size for better results. As long as you use it in the right room in terms of size, you will have the best results and enjoy using it. You might not have to buy extra warm clothes or other heating systems thus saving some bucks.

Features up to 23,000 BTU output thus you will get the right quantity of heat to meet all your needs. There is nothing as full filling as when your product of choice serves you just as you expected or as described by its seller. The problem is that most products on the market are highly praised for their good performance, but most of them give different results once purchased. However, with this heater, you can expect the best of results.

No electricity needed so you will be cutting on the electricity bills every time you use it. Kerosene is obviously cheaper and this makes it a better option for those who want to keep warm but for a cheaper, price. It also becomes a good option for areas where electricity is likely to go down for one reason or another. You can rely on it to keep you warm for a long time till the electricity is back. It is also a good option for when you just need to heat a specific room.

Dura Heat Indoor DH2304 23,000 BTU Convection Kerosene Heater

It features a tilt-type shutoff thus totally easy to shut off and also very safe. No one wants a complicated heater because sometimes you will be in a hurry to shut it off or to ignite it so the easier it is for both, the better. Even if you have not owned this type of a heater before, you will find it very easy to operate thus getting the best results instantly. It is also very easy to assemble and figure out which part goes where and which part does what. You will love it.

The heater also features an installed drip tray ensuring that no mess is made on your table or whichever type of stand you decide to place it on. You won’t, therefore, be left to clean up after every use which is an added advantage in these types of heaters. With 360 degrees heating radius, none of the parts of your house or room will be left unheated. This is the best heater on the market for this price range. As long as you use the recommended type of kerosene, K-1 (1-K) Kerosene, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time.


  • Gives out some odor after shut off.

Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat, Portable Radiant Kerosene 10,000-BTU Heater

There will be times that we all will need some heating in our rooms because seasons will keep changing. However, you can only get the best out of your heater only if you purchase the best. There are so many considerations that you should look into before walking out of a store with one or before ordering online. It might feel like a lot of work, but if you value your work, you won’t be ready to throw money around with cheaply made products. This CTN-100 KeroHeat by Sengoku is the right deal for all your heating needs.

Automatic ignition with ez flame adjuster makes operating it super easy. There is nothing complicated about this heater. You can get it out of the box, assemble it, put everything in the right place and start using it within no time. Even when in a hurry or in case of emergencies, you won’t pace around it trying to figure out how to get it started. You can rely on it to be of great help at all times. The design is simple with no complicated features.

A siphon pump is included. This makes your work easier and ensures that you do not incur extra costs. This is an important factor to consider even when purchasing other products. You might decide to purchase a product simply because the price is low only to find out that you need to purchase other parts that might be too costly hence end up spending even more. The ideal should be to save as much money as possible, and this is only possible if you won’t be buying any more parts after purchasing the product.

4 C batteries included enabling you to begin using your heater almost immediately after receiving it. Some people leave far from their local stores, and it might take sometime to even get simple batteries. However, this heater’s manufacturer ensures that you will have no reason to burn your fuel or go back online to order batteries by including all four of them in your package. Thus, you will end up saving some bucks as well.

Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat, Portable Radiant Kerosene 10,000-BTU Heater

Gives a maximum of 14 hours of heating with 1.2-gallon full tank. You will enjoy the warmth for as long as you need it. 14 hours is a long time, and you can do all you want without feeling the strong cold especially during the winter. No one wants to put their health at risk so a great heater like this one could help a lot. It is very affordable and performs perfectly with great durability.

Ul approved. Thus you can be sure that you are getting a very high-quality product with great durability. You can forget about all the expensive heaters that only end disappointing you in terms of performance and durability. All factors considered, nothing beats this heater. It will perform as you expect it to or as described by its manufacturers. The price is just right and so many people who have purchased it are happy about its performance. All the safety features are included such as an auto shut-off switch, and safety protected guard and tip over switch guard.


  • Smells a bit after switching off but some fragrance helps a lot.

#1. Dyna-Glo 80K-BTU Kerosene Forced Air Deluxe Heater, KFA80DGD

This is a kerosene heater but uses diesel as well and performs very well which makes it a great deal both for those who have an easy and cheap access to kerosene and even better for those who can only access diesel. However, not unless you are using it in a very well ventilated room, you are recommended to use kerosene only as diesel burns dirty. It is a cheaper option to electric heaters and gives much better results each time.

With 80,000 BTU output, you can expect nothing less of all great results. No matter how low the temperatures in your area have dropped, as long as you have this heater on, it will quickly bring the temperatures in your room to a bearable level. You won’t have to over dress or buy other heating systems that are too costly and might not deliver as expected.

Heats a maximum of 1900 sq. ft. room thus ideal for use even various rooms. Sometimes, the heating capacity can be restricting no matter how good of a quality the product is because some people want to use their heaters in larger rooms and unless the heater has the capacity, the results won’t be efficient. You can, however, count on this kerosene heater to warm your rooms just as you would like it to.

Comfort control thermostat that allows for control while conserving fuel. Most kerosene heaters do not have a control thermostat, so this is an exception. With this thermostat, you can be able to control your heater comfortably and thus save on fuel effectively which might not be possible without it. This feature alone makes it very economical while adding to its ease of use.

#1. Dyna-Glo 80K-BTU Kerosene Forced Air Deluxe Heater, KFA80DGD

The built-in air pressure gauge plus an exclusive run time fuel gauge makes this heater a great choice for most users. You can be able to tell how much fuel you use for a certain time, say hourly, thus you can be able to budget for it accordingly and never have to risk guessing whether or not the remaining fuel will take you through the remaining hours. This is especially important when you have no other alternatives because once your heater goes off, you might have a hard time continuing with your work.

For those looking for reassurance on whether to buy or not to buy this heater, all I can say is that it won’t disappoint you. It has all the features that work to your advantage and you will not only be getting quality services but also greatly cut on cost. The fact that it can operate with kerosene and diesel comes as a live savior for most people as you can always go for the cheapest option for you. The output is great, and the heating capacity in terms of the room size is awesome. It is very durable, and every feature will serve you for a long time. And, for those who like some cool breeze, you can get the best portable air conditioners to keep you cool and fresh all the time.


  • Diesel can only be used in highly ventilated rooms


This article focused on everything one should consider before purchasing a heater. There are two types of heaters, indoor and outdoor, so depending on your needs, you can go for that which that will meet your needs perfectly. There are also other factors that you should be keen on as mentioned above and with the list of the top 10 best kerosene heaters in 2019 reviews above, you will be able to make a quick and an informed decision. You can learn more about kerosene heaters from other reliable sources to be able to make a fully informed decision. You can also reach us with any questions about kerosene heaters or interact with the online community for even better answers from those who are using one already.

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