Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019

It is in the morning, and you are leaving for work. Knowing that you have a few minutes to the time, you dash to your car. However, frantic efforts to start your car do not bear fruits even after several attempts of turning the ignition key. You have arrived late at your workplace severally and are a marked man or woman. It can be a really stressful moment especially if catching a taxi might take almost 15 minutes since there are many people already waiting. Many a time, the problem arises from leaving your car with headlights or ignition switch on. That makes the battery discharge.

Gone are the days when that used to be a major issue. Equipped with a jump starter, you can start your engine in minutes and embark on your other affairs. The primary method of jump starting a car is to seek help probably from a neighbor who owns a car. By locating a set of jumper cables and connecting the dead battery and the good battery, current flows. That helps to ignite your engine and charges your dead battery.

However, you may not have access to another car or hate trouble other people. That’s where jump starters come. The two most important ones are jump boxes and plug-in units.

The main drawback of a plug-in unit is that it is of no use when you don’t have a source of power. In that case, a jump box comes into play.

Features To Look For When Purchasing A Jump Starter

  • Size of Your Vehicle: The size of the car will determine the amps required. The large it is the more the amps needed. A typical small car may require at least 300amps to ignite.
  • Accompanying components: It should come with long cables, alligator clips, and insulation.
  • Portability: Portable units provide the best results.
  • Ease of attachment and detachment: You want a jump start that you can connect with ease, and you hit the road within minutes

There are many brands of jumper starters on the market. Identify which works best can be a real nightmare. Besides, guesswork will only lead to unnecessary disappointments and a waste of hard earned cash. We assumed the trouble and found out top-rated quality jump starters that will save you the nightmare.

Here is a list of the top 10 best jump starters on the market right now;

10. GOOLOO Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

GOOLOO Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

Looking for a jump starter for your car? GOOLOO is your choice. It comes in a compact design combining a jump starter, battery charger, and LED flashlight. And the best part; It is lightweight and small in size enough to fit in your pocket, your travel bag or even the glove box in your car.

The LED has three light modes. The SOS flash can provide lighting for up to120 hours on full charge. The strobe will help you grab the attention of other motorists hence ensuring you are safe.

It works suitably on 6.5L, and 5.0 L gas and diesel powered engines for different vehicle sizes and types. That is not all. With a battery capacity of 15000mAh and peak amperage of 600A, it has enough power to jump start for 30 times on a full charge.

Safety first and GOOLOO has an inbuilt protection mechanism for your safety and well as those of your electronics. Problems of overcharge, overload, short circuiting, and over-current are non-existent. No need to worry about charging. The jump start is convenient in that it comes with a wall charger allowing you to charge at home and a car charger to charge right in your car. Even more, it features dual USB chargers and ports to allow you charge your devices on the go.


  • Portable
  • High capacity battery (15000mAh)
  • Safe to use, built-in protection mechanism
  • Ultra bright LED flash (SOS lasts 120 hours)
  • USB charge and ports for charging other devices on the go


  • No major complaints. Works as designed

9. Black & Decker PPRH5B Professional Power Station

 Black & Decker PPRH5B Professional Power Station

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

Avoid the trouble of looking for another vehicle to jump start your vehicle. Black and Decker jump starter features a 12V DC plug that allows you to use any household electronics such as TV and microwave where you cannot access power such as when camping. And that is not all. The jump starter has USB ports handy for charging your other electronics such as phones and laptop.

What’s more, you will no longer work in the dark when jump starting your car as the jump starter has a super-bright LED flashlight. Besides, your safety is a priority as the LED light helps to provide visibility to other motorists.

The jump starter comes with a cable and clamp. Besides, it simple to use since you only need to connect the cable and clamp after which you switch on and off. Your safe it crucial. In the case of an improper battery connection, it lets out visual and sound alarms warning you of the reverse polarity.

The jump starter is pretty simple to charge as it features an inbuilt charging system. Use any standard household extension cord and recharge till full.

Besides, PPRH5B comes with a 120PSI air compressor that you can use to fill your tire as well as those of other equipment. No need to worry about moving on a flat tire.


  • Portable
  • Has USB ports and 12V DC plug for charging your electronics
  • Ultra-bright LED safety light
  • Has an air compressor
  • Simple to use


  • Problems of battery losing charge if you don’t charge do the initial charging for over 40 hours after purchase

8. Compact-DBPOWER Portable, Flashlight

Compact-DBPOWER Portable, Flashlight

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

When you need a jump starter for your car, DBPOWER is a must-have. If you have your 2.5L gas engine, it will jump start within seconds of clamping and starting your vehicle. And not only that, its powerful 8000mAh battery allows you to perform 20 jumps starts on a full charge.

DBPOWER is the real definition of portability in that you can keep in the glove, pack it in your bag, or even grab it on your palms because it’s light and small in size. Besides, it is super easy to use.

Not to mention that it features LED lights in high strobe and SOS modes perfect for outdoor usages such as camping and picnic. At no time will you have a flat phone battery. DBPOWER comes with portable USB charger allowing you to charge your devices no matter where you are.

What’s more, the manufacturer believes in the quality of the jumper starter and offers a warranty of 3 years.


  • Portable (can fit in your palms)
  • Has an 8000mAh battery capable of jump starting for 20 times
  • Has portable USB cable for charging other devices
  • Features ultra-bright LED light for outdoor use
  • 3 years warranty


  • Packaging does not include a charging adaptor but works as designed

7. Schumacher XP2260 Instant Portable Starter

Schumacher XP2260 Instant Portable Starter

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

With peak amperage of 1200, Schumacher is a portable jump starter that comes to save you hours of trouble. To activate the jump start mode, it has an on/off switch. Besides, it has an internal built-in charging system for automatic charging. You only need an external cord connected to the plug, and you are ready to go. To know the battery status, check the LEDs. It indicates when the battery needs charging or when it is full to avoid overcharging.

There is another outstanding feature of Schumacher. At no given time will it fail to work because of the different location of the car battery terminals. The sure-grip clamp allows you to use it on both the top and side mount batteries. Also, it will not inconvenience you due to the extreme weather conditions. The cable remains flexible however cold it is.

Even more, it features a sealed lead battery whose maintenance you don’t need to worry about. Also, you can store the battery in whichever position and never given it a thought about getting damaged.

Finally, Schumacher features a 12V DC, and USB ports allow you to charging your electronics such as phone and laptop.


  • Portable
  • LEDs warn when battery is low or when full
  • Battery does not require maintenance
  • Clamps both side and top mount batteries
  • Easy recharging
  • High peak amperage of 1200


  • It doesn’t come with a DC 12V charger plug. However, an external one works perfectly.

6. NOCO Pro GB150 UltraSafe Jump Starter

NOCO Pro GB150 UltraSafe Jump Starter

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

GB150 is yet another powerful jump starter that will revive your 12V dead battery in seconds. And you can do that for up to 80 times on a full charge battery. Rated at 4000 amps, the lithium starter is incredibly powerful. It works with 10.0L gas and diesel powered engines. The high amperage helps it to work not only in cars but also large trucks, commercial vehicles and more that have large engines.

It is easy and safe to use for two reasons. First, when connecting to the terminals, it does not give out sparks like other jump starters. Secondly, it has reverse protection polarity. That means you if you happen to touch the clamps by accident or make an improper connection, you will still be safe.

The jump starter features a 500-lumen ultra-bright LED flashlight with 7 light modes including SOS and Emergency Strobe. It can keep its charge for up to one year. Besides, you will no longer have your phone or any other electronic devices on little power. That is because it comes with a USB port for charging them on the go. Also, it comes with a 12V port for recharging other large equipment such as inverters, tire pumps and more.

Before jump starting your vehicle, it is ideal to know the voltage of your car battery so you can identify the root of the problem. GB150 jump starter comes with an inbuilt voltmeter that reads the voltage of your battery. For instance, in a situation where your battery reads 12V, it means that the issues may not be your battery. That can save you lots of time because you will jump right into testing for other problems.


  • Built-in voltmeter for diagnostics
  • Ultra-bright LED flashlight
  • Safe to use, no sparks
  • Ports for recharging other electronics
  • High amperage (4000mAh) making it powerful and work in most engines


  • The package does not include a wall-wart AC adaptor, but the jump starter can charge from a 12V DC charge in the right in your car.

5. Brightech-SmartJump Technology Combination Electronics

Brightech-SmartJump Technology Combination Electronics

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

Days, when we used to depend on roadside assistance, are long gone. You know how awkward it can look with you stranded there after your engine fails to start. It happens to anybody and in the most unlikely places. But with a jump starter, you no longer need to nag other motorists.

Brightech SmartJump is a portable to allow you to carry and use whenever you have a dead battery. It is lightweight enough weighing only 14 ounces. Besides, due to its small size, you can pack it in the glove compartment. However, the size should not put you into thinking that it is not powerful. In fact, it is brings to life V6 and diesel engines. It works with 3L gas and petrol engines and also 2.5L diesel powered engines. And the best thing about this jump starter, it operates in the most extreme of the temperatures (-4 to 140 degrees F). What’s more, it comes with a durable and long lasting 37Wh lithium battery that has a 400amp peak.

Your security and that of other electronics are paramount. It features a protection mechanism eliminating overcharge, short-circuiting and anti-recharge. Talking of protecting other devices, it comes with US and laptop adaptors. Did you forget to charge your phone? No need to worry. When using other brands of portable jump starters, there is usually no way of ascertaining the amount of charge you have left. Brightech SmartJump features 5 LED lights that will show the power you have left after each jump. To help you recharge after use, it comes with a 120V and 220V charger that you can connect with the standard household plug-in

A manufacturer will offer a warranty on a product only when they are sure of the quality. And Brighttech Smart Jump is top quality and offers a 3-years warranty.


  • Safe to use as it has inbuilt protection mechanism
  • Portable
  • Works on anything including cars, motorcycles, SUV and more
  • Long lasting 10000 mAh lithium batteries
  • Comes with cigarette car charger
  • 3-years warranty
  • Has ports and adaptors to charge other electronics


  • No major complaints and if there were, they are incomprehensible

4. Anker Portable Advanced Protection

Anker Portable Advanced Protection

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

Here comes Anker portable advanced jump starter by associated with a leading USB brand in America. It has embraced the latest technology, and you can be sure of the quality of this jump starter. Besides, they offer an 18 months warranty on the jump starter. Due to its versatility, you can use it both for jump starting your car as well as charging other electronic devices. As such, it features two USB ports letting you charge any devices that allow charging through USB.

There is no more getting stranded in the dangerous zones at night as Anker is always at your service. Anker has a 400 peak amp jump starter. The jump starter can jump start your 3L gas and 2.5L diesel cars 15 times before the battery requires recharging.

Not only that, your safety as well as that of other devices is well catered for. That means you won’t experience any power surges, short circuits or even inverse current.

Unlike traditional jump starters that are bulky, Ankle is small in size making it extremely portable. Thus, it allows compact storage in the glove box. Besides, it is lightweight such that you can carry it in your bag and nobody will notice.


  • Highly portable
  • Safe to use as it has protection mechanism against power surge and short circuits
  • Lightweight
  • 18 months warranty
  • Quality and long lasting battery of 10000 mAh allowing you to jump start your car 15 times before recharging


  • Comes with a completely hard to read manual due to the small font of writing in different language but crammed on a single paper, however, you will notice how easy it is to use it without the manual

3. PowerAll-PBJS12000R Rosso Portable Starter

PowerAll-PBJS12000R Rosso Portable Starter

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

Portability is an important aspect of all electronic equipment and particularly car jump starters. Powerall is a portable product that is highly versatile and combines a car jump starter, a charger, and a super-bright LED flashlight best for outdoor use. They come as a single unit for Compact storage. And you won’t believe it. Put them in the pocket and hit the road.

This jump starter is easy to use. If your car fails to start, you only need to get the Powerall. Simply clamp the jumper cables to the discharged battery terminal. In seconds, you will have hit the road. Since the battery has enough charge when full, you can jump start your car 20 times before recharging it. In the package, you will find the jumper cables and AC and DC chargers for fast and convenient charging.

Powerall a very convenient jump starter and you can rely on it as a travel companion to charge almost all of your devices on the go. And it comes with nearly all the adapter plugs for major phone brands and other devices such as cameras, MP3 units, and GPS units. It has two separate US ports (5V) that you can use to charge two devices simultaneously. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the battery getting ruined due to overcharging. It goes into sleep mode immediately the battery is full to conserve the battery and to save energy.

The jump starter comes with built-in protection mechanisms. It can prevent short circuiting, own battery overload to avoid battery damage, over-voltage and overcharge protection so as to avoid damaging all the connected devices.

Powerall is a 400 peak amp jump starter and works well with gas, diesel, and petroleum powered vehicles.


  • Highly portable
  • Can charge almost all devices
  • Durable high capacity lithium battery (12000 mAh)
  • Has own protection mechanism as well as that of any connected devices
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with numerous accessories (adapter plugs)
  • Features an ultra-bright LED flashlight handy for outdoor use


  • Several complaints of battery expanding requiring a new one, but it is very handy

2. Jump-N-Carry JNCAIAR Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIAR Jump Starter

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

Jump-N-Carry is unparalleled concerning power coming with 1700 peak amps. Therefore it can ignite even the large sized vehicles without failure. JNCAIR has highly powerful batteries designed to withstand high power propensity. That offers a great cranking power and long life.

The jump starter comes with super-quality connection cables and clamps that offer a firm grip to penetrate even corrosive batteries terminals for proper flow of current to the vehicle. Even more, accompanying the starter is an air compressor comparable to an industrial air-delivery grade system. The compressor has a 12-foot pipe with a built-in air pressure gauge. The nozzle is pretty is easy to connect since the hose has a screw-on chunk. You can use it inflate your car tire within minutes.

Also, this jump starter has a built-in charging mechanism for automatic recharging. To achieve this, plug your standard extension cord and it starts charging. One feature that sets apart this jumper starter is a mechanism that allows trickle charging. When the battery is full, it automatically stops charging. That means you can plug in your extension cord and leave it charging without worrying about the battery getting damaged.

To enhance the stability of your jump starter, it features an extra-strength rubber boot. That means you can place it whenever you want as without worrying about it tipping over.


  • Features a high-quality compressor
  • Highly power (1700 peak amps)
  • Allows automatic recharging
  • Robust and durable batteries
  • Allows trickle charging/ stops charging when battery is full


  • No warning in case of improper connection, but it does what it says

1. Stanley JC509-1000 Starter Compressor

Stanley JC509-1000 Starter Compressor

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Reviewed In 2019 1

Stanley jump starter tops the list of the jump starters and is rated top on Amazon for its features and performance. You don’t have to get stuck and result to using a jump cable and another vehicle to jump start your car. Stanley guarantees you the best service ever.

Stanley is has a 1000 peak battery amps. Besides, it is easy to connect and use and doesn’t require a professional. Once the unexpected happens, get the clamps hooked to the batteries. After that, you simply turn on the switch and then start your car once again. What if you happen to connect it the wrong way? Stanley is the safest and user- friendly jump starter you can find on the market. If you happen to connect it wrongly, it let out an audible sound alerting you to connect it to the right polarity.

The jump start features 120 PSI air compressor with a brass easy to fit nozzle to allow you connect securely. The air compressor comes in handy when you want to inflate your tire and also others like sports equipment and bicycle tires.

What’s more, charging this jump starter is as simple as ABC. With the standard household extension cord, plug it in and charge until the LED indicator light turns green. Do not fret when your battery goes flat in the dark. You can adjust the LED light to 270 degrees to give ultra-bright light where needed.

Aside from jump starting your car, you can use it for other applications. Stanley features a USB power port and a 12V DC outlet that you can use to charge your phone and laptop when they go low on power. As such, power outages due to the weather will not affect you one bit.


  • Comes with a USB port and 12 volt DC for charging to charge other devices
  • Easy to connect and use (hook clamps to the batteries and switch on)
  • Features a 120 PSI air compressor for inflating tires and other equipment
  • Safe to use (lets out a warning upon improper connection)
  • Easy to charge


  • The battery does not support trickle charging and hence overcharging may ruin. However, that should not be a great concern because it jump starter has a LED light that changes color to green warning that the battery is full.


As a car owner, a jump starter is a must-have if you don’t want inconveniences. Not only are they is useful for jump-starting your car but also a source of power for your electronics too. And now that they are portable options on the market, you have no excuse but to own one. These reviews should act as your guide when shopping for your jump starter. Check the features and choose the one you think will work for you.

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