Top 10 Best Jewelry Boxes in 2019 Reviews

Did you know that jewelry is among the most collected accessories by men and women? Their eye-catching designs and the shiny materials used to manufacture them appeal to most individuals. They are also luxurious and have valuable designs that individuals exploit to uplift their status. However, when cared for poorly, cases of theft and loss are rampant worldwide. Natural processes such as oxidation also dent their overall charm and therefore their value over the years. To keep these issues at bay, buying a jewelry box is an ideal solution. The 10 types that we have listed here in, for instance, are multi-functional accessories for storage and categorization of jewelry. They are also durable, padded to protect jewelry from scratches, and have lockable designs for safety.

10. Petrus Big Bear

Do you have an expensive collection of jewelry that you are looking to store safely at home? Instead of the tins and used cans that some individuals use, quality jewelry boxes such as Petrus Big Bear work best. Made of dark-stained walnut, for instance, this jewelry box is durable. Its stylish and timeless design blends well in homes, while its space-efficient design benefits people with tight spaces. You can even travel with it occasionally without breaking your back or compromising the quality of your jewelry. With its mirrored lid, preparation for work is easy. Compartments have velvet linings for added protection while its lockable swing doors, drawers, and ring dolls are safe.

9. Kendal LJC-SHD5BK Huge

As its name suggests, this black-themed Kendal LJC-SHD5BK jewelry box is a spacious and functional accessory. If you have problems transporting your heavy wooden case, its leather construction is portable. The material also has a charming outlook and a low-maintenance wipe-clean design. Perfect for storage, all compartments are large and hand lined (ivory suede) to protect jewelry from scratches. Drawers, ring slot, and the main compartment offered are functional, while its top lid has a beveled mirror nestled on the inside. Unlike your small makeup mirror, it will help you to prepare better for work or for a special occasion.

8. Mele & Co. Simone

As the Petrus Big Bear jewelry case listed, Mele & Co. Simone is a durable wooden model made of stained mahogany. Even though expensive than some traditional boxes, its design and overall build quality are alluring. With one, for instance, buyers receive a medium-sized silken-finished accessory with a modern-looking convex shape. It has three drawers (open area) for arranging jewelry of various types and sizes. It also has two necklace doors for hanging chains, bracelets, and even low profile watches. Both its drawers and doors are spacious. They are also easy to access and have smooth hand-lined interiors that prevent abrasions and scratches.

7. Sodynee Two-Layer

Measuring 10.2 x 10.2 x 3.2-inches, Sodynee is a spacious dual layer jewelry box with a striking purple theme. Even though preferred by women, its lightweight lint/fiberboard construction and spacious design can benefit men as well. You can travel with it worry-free, for instance. It will also accommodate all your jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) well without scratching. Compartments are easy to access. The tamper-proof lock and key system it comes with is safe, while the satisfaction guarantee offered attests its quality.


SONGMICS UJBC121W is a top-rated jewelry box/travel case with a lock for safety. Made of white leather, it has a charming design that users appreciate. It blends well on dressing tables and bedrooms in general. The 20 compartments offered (including two large drawers and three layers) have soft beige velvet linings protect jewelry. In storage, therefore, you will never scratch your precious ring, necklace, or watch with an original SONGMICS UJBC121W. Breakages, dents, and environmental damages such as oxidation are also non-issues because of its quality design. For travelers, this case has a free mini travel case that you can use to carry a few jewelry safely outdoors.


Jewelry is expensive yet treasured by most individuals. If you have a few valuable ones, do not store them in a box that will compromise their value. Buy SONGMICS UJBC114 instead. Durable, lockable, and with a spacious design made of black leather, it secures and protects most types of jewelry well. It also fits various types of makeup and has a built in mirror is clear and easy to use. The nine multi-compartments offered (including a drawer and a ring set) have non-scratch beige linings (velvet). They also protect from dust and elements such as UV and have snap-on closures with keys that ward off thieves.

4. Glenor Co

With 28 functional sections, Glenor Co offers, you get enough storage space for valuables such rings and necklaces. It also fits bracelets or various sizes and shapes and has an aesthetic black body made of PU leather. The fabric does not fade, fray, nor attract dirt as cardboard/lint models. It is also sophisticated, easy to maintain, and retains its shape over the years. Whether you order one for personal use or as a gift for a loved one, this 10.25 x 10.25 x 3.5-inch organizer box never disappoints.

3. Glenor Co Classic

Do you have a challenge storing the myriad of jewelry in your possession? While several small boxes work, they clutter personal space. Considering that you are purchasing several of the same case, they are also expensive and somewhat boring. Glenor Co Classic solves these problems. Its unique 50-section design, for instance, has spacious compartments that fit up to three pairs of earrings each. They also hold rings, chains, and cufflinks well and come lined for optimal protection. At home and when traveling, therefore, the probability of scratching your valuables is slim. You also get a gorgeous mirror and magnetic strap closures for safety.

2. Kendal Case and Lock

Kendal is a lockable leather case with 20 storage compartments, five drawers (slide out), and 10 necklace hooks. Measuring 10.5 x 7.38 x 8.38-inch, its portability is impressive. Its oil-finished body is stylish and easy to maintain. Storage drawers and compartments have linings for safety. Its snap-on closures, on the other hand, are very dependable. Finally, at home or on the road, you should never leave your expensive jewelry unsecured. Buy Kendal instead to get a safe lockable product that will limit access to your valuables.

1. Lenox Ballerina Box

Designed to rekindle childhood memories while securing jewelry at the same time, Lenox Ballerina tops our list. Crafted using metal, this music jewelry box is durable. its compact body (7 x 4-1/4 x 5-inches is portable, while Its sweet sounding music (Für Elise) keeps users entertained. Its storage compartment, functional, and has a smooth pink-themed lining that prevents dust and scratches.

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