Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Battery Cases Reviews

iPhone 7 is most probably the most advanced phone on the market so far. Its build is futuristic and might take other manufacturers a long time to beat. However, battery life is one factor that even the Apple Company has not been able to address adequately. Despite having a chance to enjoy the best resolution, lightning speed, and high-end hardware and software, the iPhone 7 enthusiasts will still find its power inadequate in some circumstances.

Get to think of having to stop playing your favorite game, working on a document, watching some videos or listening to music just to charge your iPhone 7, disappointing right? Well, fret not, as manufacturers are busy developing accessories to minimize power inadequacy in the iPhone 7.  The emergence of battery cases for iPhone 7 might, although not fully, be a significant boost to the battery power of this high-end smartphone. Apple has also launched their battery case which goes for roughly 100 Euros. Beyond that, many developers have headed this opportunity to come up with high-quality, durable and reliable battery cases for iPhone 7.

In this post, we review the top ten best battery cases for iPhone 7 in 2021.  Read on below to find out which battery case models for iPhone 7 you will be seeing with most iPhone enthusiasts throughout this year and beyond.

10. Oisle Universal iPhone Battery Case


With its growing popularity and excellent reputation, it’s clear that the Oisle Company offers high-quality products. This battery case for iPhone 7 by them continues to thrive competitively on the market thanks to its excellent construction thus reliability. It comes with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery which boosts the performance of the iPhone 7 by a significant degree. Also included in its making are 4 LED lights which indicate the battery level to eliminate surprises upon power depletion. It’s a lightweight and ultra-slim battery case which adds no extra bulk to your phone. It’s also compatible with other iPhone models including 6S, 6, 6 Plus, 5, iPod and 5S. It’s available in various colors including white, pink and black.

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9. iBeek Portable iPhone 7 Battery Case


If you are looking for a convenient battery case for your iPhone 7, then this model by the iBeek Company ranks among the top choices for you. It’s an inexpensive battery case that brings you reliability, durability, and excellent performance. Within it is a built-in 3200mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery which has the power to offer up to 100% additional battery power to your iPhone 7’s battery. In addition to boasting battery life, this battery case features an excellent build which plays a significant role in shielding your precious iPhone from wear and tear. Its ultra-slim and lightweight design ensures no extra bulk comes to your pocket upon its application. Its 4 LED battery level indicators are there to prevent battery power depletion surprises. It also comes with an on/off component to save on power when out of use.

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8. Foxin 2200 mAh iPhone 7 Battery Case


The Foxin iPhone 7 battery case ranks among the top ten best for some reasons. Its incredibly small construction design contributes to its exclusivity, easy portability, and comfortable maneuverability. It’s, in fact, the smallest battery case for smartphones on the market so far. It will add only a slight thickness to your phone of only 0.31 IN and a weight of only 0.11 Lbs. All these, among other factors, make it comfortable to handle. Through its powerful 2200 mAh battery, your phone will serve you for up to 11 extra hours. Also included in its making are LED battery level indicators to provide accurate information about the remaining battery power. It’s a battery case that you can purchase with utmost confidence as the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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7. UNU DX-7 iPhone 7 Charger Case


UNU is the company behind the design and construction of this high-grade charger case. It features a high-quality 3200mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer atomic battery which will keep your iPhone alive for extra 14 hours after its power depletes. Through its hard-shell back-plate and bumper design, this case will shield your iPhone 7 from common forms of damage like scratches. Its slim, compact and lightweight nature makes it comfortable to hold and easily portable. The fact that this battery case features sync-through technology means that you are free to sync your computer to your iPhone while this case remains on your phone. It comes with a microUSB cable that allows charging it together with the iPhone 7 concurrently. Also, this battery case comes with precise cutouts for easy access to the various sections of your phone as the buttons, ports and back camera.

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6. Vproof 3200mAh iPhone 7 Battery Case


Among the most reliable battery cases for iPhone 7 is this model by the Vproof Company. It brings iPhone 7 enthusiasts an inbuilt 3200mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that has the power to boost the iPhone 7’s battery life by up to 100%. Apart from enhancing the battery life of the iPhone 7, this product features protective traits thanks to its hard-shell back plate and excellent bumper design. Its ultra-slim design allows fitting comfortably on any hand, while its compact and lightweight nature makes it easily portable. Also included in its making is sync-through technology to allow you sync your computer to your iPhone without having to retract the battery case. Again, you can simultaneously charge your iPhone 7 and battery case through the included microUSB cable. The added battery level indicator lights are there to provide an accurate figure of the amount of power remaining in this battery case.

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5. Trianium Atomic Pro iPhone 7 Battery Case


The Trianium battery case ranks among the high-performance but inexpensive iPhone 7 battery cases in 2021.  It was recently released, and most people will be pleased by its superior build and performance. It features a built-in 3200 mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that’s able to boost the battery life of the iPhone 7 by up to 100%. It also comes with a hard-shell back plate and excellent bumper design to shield your hard-earned iPhone 7 from everyday wear and tear. Its overall build is compact and lightweight for easy portability and comfortable use.

Its sync-through technology allows for synchronizing the computer to your iPhone without having to remove it from the phone. Simultaneous charging of the phone and this battery case is possible through the featured microUSB cable. Through the featured Led battery indicators, you can tell the amount of power left before recharging your phone and this battery case.

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4. Peyou 3200mAh iPhone 7 Battery Case


Competition among the iPhone 7 battery case manufacturers is set to take a different path with the introduction of this incredibly built and priced iPhone 7 battery case by the Peyou Company. With less than 15$, anyone who wishes to boost the battery life of his/her iPhone 7 will be free to get this fantastic battery case. It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable Lithium battery that will provide 100% extra power to your iPhone 7.  It’s an eco-friendly battery case that meets and exceeds all environment shielding requirements and is verified by CE/FCC/ROHSS. Also provided with this battery case is a built-in kickstand to enhance your video watching experience. It also has perfect cutouts for the camera, sensors, microphones, and controls. Through its power switch, you can switch this battery case on/off with ease.

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3. Alpatronix BX170 MFi iPhone 7 Battery Case


Enjoy disappointment-free utilization of the iPhone 7 through the help of this high-quality battery case designed specifically for the iPhone 7.  Its ability to recharge the iPhone 7’s battery up to 100% is incredible thanks to its built-in 3200mAh battery. It’s an Apple MFi certified so you can be sure about its performance and durability. It also offers a 360-degree scratch-guard and dual layer protection to your precious phone. The compact design and lightweight nature of this battery case facilitates its easy maneuverability.

It’s easy to install and uses a micro USB to recharge and transfer data. This way, you can easily charge and sync both your iPhone 7 and battery case to your computer without retracting it from your phone. In the purchased box, you will find a battery case, micro-USB charging cable, dual-layer bumper, one-year warranty among other elements.

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2. QCell 4000mAh Charging Case For iPhone


This iPhone 7 battery case by the QCell company brings you a rare-to-find functionality and durability. Its built-in 4000mAh battery rechargeable Li-polymer battery makes its performance exemplary and exclusive. It will boost your iPhone 7’s battery life by up to 163%. Also, it comes with sync-through technology which allows for syncing your computer with your iPhone 7 without removing it. You can also charge it simultaneously with your phone, thus saving on your time. With its hard-shell back plate and all-round bumper design, you can be sure of your phone’s safety from any form of damage like scratches. Beyond that, this battery case features an ultra-slim and compact design which makes it easily portable and comfortable to hold.

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1. ZeroLemon 4000mAh Slim – The Best of iPhone 7 Battery Cases in 2021

zerolemon - iPhone 7 Battery Cases

What else could you ask for beyond a battery case that boosts your iPhone 7’s battery life while still protecting it from all sorts of physical damage? The ZeroLemon battery case ranks among the best products on the market so far in this category. It comes with the ability to boost the battery life of your hard-earned iPhone 7 by up to 140% thanks to its ultra-powerful 4000 mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery. Through its sync-through technology, the struggle to remove the battery case to sync your computer and iPhone is eliminated. You can also simultaneously charge this battery case and your phone through the included microUSB cable.

Its slim design ensures that your iPhone 7 remains stylish even with its application, while its high-grade build material offers maximum protection to your iPhone from any form of physical damage. Also featured are 4 LED battery level and charging indicators for smooth utilization.

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Your iPhone 7 will provide an accurate account of its cost when combined with one of the top ten best iPhone 7 battery cases in 2021.  The reviewed products are of the best quality. You can rely on any of the reviewed battery cases to boost the battery life of your iPhone 7 significantly.