Top 10 Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Bluetooth Headphones in 2021 Reviews

Boom! The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are out. Well, that’s not all. What is yet to sink into the iPhone enthusiasts’ minds is that the use of wired headphones with iPhones is now a thing of the past. Owning an iPhone 7/7 Plus means no more use of the headphone jack. It sounds limiting, but if you like appreciating technology, then, you may be for the Apple’s idea to eliminate the headphone jack. Bluetooth headphones are the new style for the ‘i’ diehards. Apple has gone ahead to introduce the iPhone 7/7 plus lightning headphones which are also on point and futuristic.

However, for those who wish to use straightforward, simple, but high-grade accessories, Bluetooth headphones are the only way.

Dancing to your favorite tunes from your iPhone7/7 Plus and capturing even the deepest lyrics will never be fabulous as with high-quality Bluetooth headphones. In this post, we discuss and analyze the top ten best iPhone 7/7 Plus Bluetooth headphones. These are the headphones you will be seeing with most iPhone enthusiasts throughout this year and beyond.

10. J&L-200 Swan Bluetooth Earbuds


In matters workout or sport, the J&L-200 Swan headphone is all you need to achieve the best results while enjoying the moments. Music plays magic in building motivation thus with this wireless headphone, working out will be more enjoyable. It features a comfortable design where the ear buds fit correctly into the ears while its single cord lies around the neck region. Its sound is clear, balanced, and free from interference. Apart from letting you enjoy your favorite tunes from your iPhone 7/7 Plus, this headphone also enables you to make calls thanks to the built-in mic and volume adjustment knob. You are free to choose from the two available color; red and black.

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9. Apie Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones


When comfort, perfect sound, and excellent designs are your main points of concern when purchasing wireless headphones, then you will be pleased to come across the Apie Wireless headphone. Included in its making are stabilizers and silicone ear buds (medical grade) which are sure to take your comfort to unimaginable heights. An ergonomic in-ear construction design is a sure bet in ensuring the earbuds do not come off while you use this headphone. Also featured within this headphone is a high-grade HD microphone which facilitates excellent call making. This headphone model keeps you hooked to your tunes, videos or games for about 5 hours before demanding recharge.

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8.  AYL Bluetooth Headphones


When it comes to equipping your iPhone 7/7 Plus with high-quality wireless headphones, this model by the AYL manufacturer should rank among your top choices. Its sound is exemplary. Again, the produced sound comes with no noise or any other form of interference thanks to the featured noise cancellation technology in the making of this headphone. Being sweat proof means it’s ideal for use during extreme workouts. Particularly relevant, this wireless headphone will connect to two iPhones concurrently to allow you listen to your favorite tunes while you answer or make a call. Included in its making is a powerful polymer 80mAh battery which facilitates about 8 hours of continuous use when fully charged.

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7. THZY Sports Bluetooth Wireless Stereo HeadPhones


THYZ is a headphones manufacturing firm that’s dedicated to quality, performance, and durability. This wireless headset from them ranks among the best for some reasons. Its sound is fabulous and has the power to keep you hooked to your music or videos for an extended period. This headphone is also a plus to those who enjoy being noticed thanks to its attractive design. Its earbuds are always set to remain in place throughout your use period without falling off. Most noteworthy, this headphone is ultra-lightweight thus comfortable and ideal for prolonged use. Its compatibility with almost all Bluetooth embedded devices makes it universal.

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6. Spigen iPhone 7/ 7 Plus Wireless Headphones


It’s obvious that you want the best experience with your newly acquired iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. Well, with this Spigen Wireless headphone, you will never ask for anything better apart from the excellent music, gaming, as well as video watching. This is a headphone that proves that you don’t need to go deep into your pockets to get yourself HD sound-producing headphones. Its sound is on point, and you will appreciate their inexpensive price tag. This wireless headphone comes with a snug fit construction style to ensure that the ear buds fit correctly and do not retract while you use it. Its excellent noise cancellation is facilitated by the included latest CVC 6. 0 tech. Making calls have never better than with this headphone that features the best quality mic.

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5. Mixcder ShareMe Wireless Bluetooth 4. 1 Stereo


Want phenomenal bass right in your ears? Then, the Mixcder ShareMe Wireless Bluetooth headphone will collaborate with your iPhone 7/7 Plus to provide you with more than that. The build of this headphone sets it apart from the other brands on the market. Among the features that facilitate its excellent sound production are the included 40mm deluxe drivers. Most noteworthy, this headphone features a foldable construction style which makes it easily portable and convenient to store. Within this headphone is an embedded microphone which collaborates with its noise canceling technology to facilitate hands-free calling. The shareMe technology utilized in the making of this headphone allows you to connect and share tunes with other shareMe enabled headphones concurrently. Beyond that, they come with a powerful rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 hours of continuous use before demanding a recharge.

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4. SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones


Finally, the SoundPEATS wireless headphone specifically for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus is here with us. Its design is legendary as it brings you an high-grade memory alloy and a neckband construction style which results in a fabulous look. The ear pieces on this wireless headphone remain stuck to the tough neckband thanks to the featured magnetic EZ-lock technology. Its powerful battery allows for continuous use for about 10 hours before recharge. Noise cancellation is just another point that sets this headphone model apart as you can perform hands-free calling and listen to your tunes with no interference even in crowded places.

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3. Sound Intone P6 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones


Call it a blessing or whatever you may wish, but the Sound Intone P6 Stereo headphone will regardless remain legendary until the end of times. Its sound is rare to find while its overall construction allows it to lead the way in this category of products. Nothing less than excellent performance can be expected from a headphone that features 40MMNdFeB magnetic speakers. With its noise reduction tech, music listening will always be fun. Its durability is guaranteed by their construction from smooth, elastic and heavy-duty materials. Its finish is also anti-scratch, an added indication of quality and durability.

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2. BLAYZ Bluetooth Headphones


When it comes to the production of classic, fabulous and stylish headphones, the BLAYZ Company can’t be left out. The design of their headphones is exemplary and tough to beat. This particular wireless headphones model is ideal for the stylish individuals. When accompanied by your iPhone 7/7 Plus, you will always look fashionable at any place. Apart from looking stylish, its overall construction is also on point. It fits perfectly on the ears to offer continuous and interference-free music listening. Its power to produce exclusive sound is incredible and rare to find in other headphones’ models within its price range. Say no more to range limitation with this wireless headphones model that allows connectivity with any Bluetooth-enabled device within a range of 30 feet. Again, their powerful battery facilitates up to 8 hours of listening before recharge. This wireless headphones model comes in two colors; that is red and black.

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1. Sentey B-Trek H10 Bluetooth Headphones


Are you in the search for wireless headphones that will let you game on your iPhone 7/ 7Plus in the best way? Then, look not beyond the Sentey B-Trek H10 Bluetooth Headphones. Gaming, listening to music or watching some videos demands the best sound. Thus, this is the primary goal of this headphones model which it achieves effortlessly. It features the latest 40mm drivers which facilitate the delivery of excellent sound. Its noise cancellation ability is aided by the included ear cushions. With this headphone, you can use it continuously for more than 5 hours thanks to the included 420mAh battery. Also featured, are a volume control and mic components that allow for reliable call making and audio control.

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The top ten best iPhone 7/ 7 Plus Bluetooth Headphones in 2021 reviewed herein, have all you need to have the best music listening, gaming, calling or video watching with your iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. Have the best time with your classic iPhone through the help of any of the reviewed wireless headphones. All the best!