Top 10 Best Inversion Tables in 2022 Reviews

When it comes to a bad back, compression fatigue, or other posture problems – inversion tables provide much-needed relief. Its therapeutic benefits include relieving the pressure on nerve roots and spinal discs, correcting posture, and increasing physical flexibility.

Not all inversion tables are made equal, however. Quality-wise, here are some features you need to look for:

  • Durable steel frame and non-skid qualities
  • Comfortable padding for the head and back
  • Reliable ankle supports
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Can accommodate users with varied height and body type

To help you streamline your search for the right inversion table, check out these 10 top choices in the market this 2022.  They will not disappoint you.

List of Best Inversion Tables in 2022

10.  Premium Folding Inversion Table from Invertio

What Are Hair Growth Products For Men? Premium Folding Inversion Table from Invertio

When it comes to versatile inversion tables, you can hardly go wrong with this option from Invertio. It can accommodate up to 300 lbs of load and is foldable, adjustable, and can be fully inverted. With its padded handles and ankle supports, stability is guaranteed. Get the full therapeutic benefits of inversion without worrying about your safety since this unit will stay firmly in place. Comfort is not an issue either because the padded headrest and backrest, plus the lower back supports, got you covered.

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9.  Inversion Table Pro from Best Choice Products

Inversion Table Pro from Best Choice Products

Anyone looking for a high-quality chiropractic table will find this deluxe unit an excellent choice. With a heavy-duty steel frame and a completely invertible and foldable design, relieving the stress of your lower back is now super easy. This table can withstand up to 300 lbs of weight as well and can accommodate a person with a height of 4’10” to 6’6”. Supports are provided by comfortable nylon padding, which is removable in case you need to clean them.

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8.  Gravity 3000 from Ironman Fitness

Gravity 3000 from Ironman Fitness

Sturdiness is one of the main reasons why the Gravity 3000 stand out. It has a tubular steel frame with a scratch-resistant finish for optimum performance. Using this inversion table for relaxing the body is super comfortable with its memory foam backrest. Molded ankle holders, meanwhile, provide the support you need. When it comes to stability, the Gravity 3000’s nonskid floor stabilizers made out of rubber will not let you down. It is foldable for easy storage, inverts up to 180 degrees, and can easily support up to 350 lbs of weight.

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7.  Teeter EP 560 from Hang Ups

Teeter EP 560 from Hang Ups

This top-notch inversion table from Hang Ups will easily improve your joint mobilization training programs and relax your body at the same time. It is designed to maximize both comforts, particularly that of your spine, and the benefits of inversion therapy. It can accommodate users with a weight of up to 300 lbs and a height of up to 6’6”. Made of strong steel frame and easily adjustable for any body type, this unit will definitely help you overcome back pain and achieve more flexible joints.

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6.  ALPINE© Inversion Table

ALPINE© Inversion Table

Steel frames, removable nylon padding, and padded ankle clamps make this inversion table a great purchase. Maximum user weight it can support is 300 lbs and maximum height is 6’5”. Feel free to set an inversion angle you are most comfortable with; no need to worry about stability because this unit’s high tensile strength and easily adjustable components make it fuss-free to adapt to your needs. It is also easy to store since it can be folded to almost flat and is highly portable.

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5.  Ironman LX300

Ironman LX300

Another great inversion table choice is the Ironman LX300, which does an excellent job of providing back pain relief. With its extra-long safety handles and foam vinyl backrest, using it even on a daily basis is no problem. For ankle supports, this unit provides a wonderful combination of ankle cushions and foam roller, which guarantees not only stability but comfort as well. It has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. What makes it a standout is it’s undeniably well-balanced construction and simple inversion mechanism.

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4.  Ironman Gravity 1000


Stimulate your circulation, stretch those joints, and get rid of that back pain by using the Gravity 1000 every day. The tubular steel frame of this unit easily handles a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and allows users to invert up to 180 degrees. It can support users of up to 6’6” in height and does not cut back on comfort. A nylon backrest makes sure your back is supported as you allow gravity to improve your health. The Gravity 1000 also has reliable no-skid floor stabilizers to ensure a safe workout.

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3.  Exerpeutic Inversion Table

Exerpeutic Inversion Table

This table’s comfort foam backrest makes it one of the best this 2022.  Who wouldn’t want to use this when you know you will be doing your training program in an effective and comfortable manner? Even the handle bars are padded and the ankle supports are cushioned to eliminate as much discomfort as possible. Its powder coated 1. 5-inch square steel frame, meanwhile, guarantees durability without sacrificing this unit’s portability. Users (weighing up to 300 lbs) can also take full advantage of the adjustable tether strap to maintain the inversion angle they are most happy with.

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2.  Innova ITX9600

Innova ITX9600

The ITX9600 is one of the best inversion tables out there because of its “True Balance” system, which makes it super easy to maximize the benefits of inverting. Users measuring 4’10” to 6’”6 in height and up to 300 pounds in weight will have no problem with this unit from Innova. Stability and durability are not a problem with its ankle holds, adjustable headrest, and padded backrest – all of which are designed ergonomically. To make sure safety is not compromised, Innova added an adjustable 5-position safety pin to the ITX9600, making it a product well ahead of the strap systems in the market.

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1.  IRONMAN Gravity 4000 – Best of Inversion Tables in 2022

Best Inversion Tables in 2022

The Gravity 4000’s excellent design makes it the best inversion table this 2022.  From top to bottom, its design perfectly combines form and function to exceed users’ expectations. Its best features include the strong and highly stable tubular steel frame, comfortable memory-foam nylon backrest, rubber floor stabilizers, and powder-coated finish. It can easily support up to 350 lbs of weight and folds nicely when not in use. With its extra-long safety handles, going back to an upright position after inverting is no trouble at all. Designed to last and to effectively relieve individuals from their back pains and poor blood circulation, the Ironman Gravity 4000 is the inversion table that is tough to beat.

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Back aches, joint compression, bad circulation, flexibility issues, and body fatigue – these can be remedied with the help of gravity through inversion therapy. Picking the right inversion table is a must, however, to fully experience the therapeutic benefits. With the 10 choices above, finding the best option depending on your needs and budget will now be a breeze.

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