Top 10 Best Insulated Dog Kennel Covers | Crate Covers Reviews In 2021

The comfort, as well as the safety of your dog, is very important as they are nothing less than an integral part of your family who is loved by all. A lot of people often make their dog sleep in a crate which is a healthy practice as it restricts unwanted damage to your home. Growing dogs are prone to chewing everything whenever they can get a hold off so keeping them in a crate is a well-suited option. The same crate that dogs hate can be transformed into a most loving place when you design with the right items such as dog kennel covers.

One of the best ways of doing that is putting a cover over the crate and converts a crate into a cozy den. Dogs love lovely atmosphere and it makes them feel safer while sleeping also. These covers will not only protect your dog from wind along with rain but will also bring down the anxiousness and barking too.

Here is our take on the top 10 dog kennel covers, narrowed down on the basis of customer reviews, construction, and design. With this intention, have a look at the list before zeroing down on an unknown product in the market.

Table of the Best Dog Kennel Covers Reviews

10. Midwest Home Dog Crate Cover

Dog Kennel Covers

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You might be confident about the fact your dog is in the best care under you but there are always grounds for improvement. Your dog spends solitary time in a kennel and you can make the time better by putting a cover over the kennel. It gives your pet the privacy as well as comfort and is highly recommended by experts in the field. This one has been designed to fit large dog crates with ease. Also, it has a smart design plus your dog gets access from three sides, front, rear and sides.

If your furry friend seems very impatient and anxious, then create the perfect home by simply covering the crate with this dog kennel cover for winter or any other season. As it has hook and loop tabs, the cover stays well attached to the crate and never moves away from the place too.

Key features

  • 100% polyester construction has a long life and is very durable.
  • Indeed an easy cleaning as it is machine washable and dryer safe.
  • A total of 5 flaps for quick access.

9. ArcticShield Insulated Large Dog Kennel Cover

ArcticShield Insulated Large Dog Kennel Cover

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Give your pet the five-star protections it deserves even when most of the time it spends is inside a crate. The insulated kennel cover is designed with Arctic Shield technology which will surely keep your pet safe from any outdoor materials like snow, wind, or rain.

Moreover, the intuitive take-up straps ensure a snug fit of the cover to the crate always. Also, it reduces any hassles of wind flaps which might make your dog anxious too. Lastly, the cover is also equipped with carrying handles on the top so that you can easily move it from one place to another.

Key features

  • Designed chiefly with a couple of vented windows on both sides.
  • Doors and windows have zippered closure for enhanced protection.
  • Adjustable straps have quickly detached buckles for easier handling by all means.

8. Petsfit Polyester Pet Crate Cover for Wire Crates

 Petsfit Polyester Pet Crate Cover for Wire Crates

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The not so entertaining kennel or crate can be transformed into one of the calmest places for your dog if it is provided with the right attachments. Although, your dog will not fancy staying inside a crate if you make it better with a kennel cover for wire crates, as it will feel more comfortable and safe. From the house of Petsfit, this durable cover is one of the best in the business and understands your dog’s requirements.

Furthermore, the thickly padded product allows entry of the optimum amount of light while the mesh side windows can be accessed when you need it the most. In addition to that, when it comes to ventilation, the opening on top takes care of it.

Key features

  • Constructed out of oxford clothing which is extremely durable too.
  • Has metal zipper in the back that fits the cover perfectly to the crate.
  • Wind as well as water-resistant.

7. Mud River Outdoor Uninsulated Large Kennel Cover for Dog

Mud River Uninsulated Large Kennel Cover

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So you love the company of your dog even when you are going outdoors but you do not have the right equipment to carry? For this reason, here is easy to clean kennel cover which will ensure the comfort of your dog even when you are on the road. This feature-rich cover for medium sized crates is certainly well equipped and well designed.

On the outside, you get a poly exterior which is safe against any weather conditions and a couple of carrying handles on the top for ease of portability. In fact, there are four D-rings especially for tying of the cover and mesh windows made of rubber for added benefits.

Key features

  • Window flaps are removable as well.
  • Window cover can be converted particularly to a visor to keep rain away.
  • On the positive side, it has an easy to clean material.

6. X-ZONE PET Indoor Durable Windproof Kennel Covers for Wire Dog Crates

X-ZONE PET Indoor Durable Windproof Kennel Covers for Wire Dog Crates

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Make your dog or cat feel cozy and relaxed even when you are residing them inside a crate for longer hours. When your dog’s crate has a cover over it, it becomes a den which gives them privacy as well as security which they would love to have. With this particular cover, the crate will get optional openings on sides, top and front side as well.

Also, the top panel can be converted to a handle for carrying the crate with ease. In terms of quality, the waterproof oxford material is extremely durable and protected against wind, dust as well as insect contamination. Plus, the thoughtful design allows you to wash it directly in a machine and dry in a dryer itself. Further, the rollers shades are easily adjustable too.

Key features

  • Windows have mesh lining for great visibility.
  • Perfect closure is ensured by magic tape and zipper.
  • Roller shades enhance the ventilation factor of the cover.

5. BH Large Dogs Crate Cover for Wire Crates

BH Large Dogs Crate Cover for Wire Crates

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Kennel covers for large dogs are amazing inventions that will transform your dog crate into a home to sleep and instantaneously make your dog fall in love with it. The cover from BH has been designed with attention paid to multiple factors like protection against elements, ventilation, light and durability. It has front door access that allows easy getting in and out option for your dog while keeping the entire crate dark always.

When you allow your dog to spend more hours in this den, the anxious behaviour is greatly reduced and also minimizes barking. Having a one door design, it can accommodate a huge dog up to 48”. Experts and doctors give thumbs up to the application of kennel covers in everyday practice.

Key features

  • Constructed with highly durable oxford fabric.
  • Safe against machine wash and dry in dryer.
  • Long-lasting oxford construction.

4. Precision Pet Outdoor/Indoor Crate Cover

Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover

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We know how much you love your dog so it is equally important to buy only the right things for them. And the combination of dog kennel and cover proves to be perfect. This cover is an example of great design, construction and reliability. Suitable for 30-inches crate, the cover also features a tailored fit and is totally made of heavy-duty water-resistant fabric.

Furthermore, the double stitching gives it the much-needed reinforcement and the zippers are protected against damage. Also, the clever design makes it applicable to use the cover both indoors and outdoors without any hassles whatsoever. Along with that, you get zippers on the back for easy pan removal and an opening of the cover.

Key features

  • Side windows have mesh design for enhanced visibility.
  • Roller shades are included in order to provide ventilation.
  • Indeed a product that can be washed in the machine as well.

3. Molly Mutt Durable & Washable Dog Crate Cover – 100% Cotton

Molly Mutt Durable & Washable Dog Crate Cover - 100% Cotton

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Unlike most other Kennel Covers, Molly Mutt has taken a different approach in designing this cover. There are two door panels on two different sides which can be opened or closed entirely to suit the purpose well. And the panels are on the right as well as a front side. Plus, the cover is made entirely out of cotton which makes it extremely comfortable for your pet while keeping the crate airy and well-ventilated.

Moreover, the beautiful patterns are really appealing to look at and will also make your pet look all the more attractive too. Finally, the durable cotton material will not only assure long life but also will serve as a great cover for pet’s crate for many years.

Key features

  • Again a washable material is easy to keep clean and smell free.
  • Preshrunk material eliminates any inconvenience regarding fit.
  • Available in multiple sizes too.

2. ArcticShield Uninsulated Large Kennel Cover for Winter Moss

ArcticShield Uninsulated Large Kennel Cover for Winter Moss

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ArcticShield has brought forward yet another impressive model of cover that is designed strategically and brings unmatched performance as well as durability. Made out of 500D polyester coupled with PVC backing and waterproof exterior, your dogs will be in safe hands for long years. In fact, the same rugged fabric us totally weatherproof plus will last long.

Moreover, it fits really well and has elastic shock cord closure along with adjustable web straps for enhanced fit. Above all, it has a bottom open design and is extremely easy to handle both for you and even your pets.

Key features

  • Windows and doors are vented for great ventilation.
  • Toggle closure on the openings is easily accessible and workable.
  • Minimizes hassles of wind flap efficiently too.

1. TufToys Large Dog Crate Cover

TufToys Large Dog Crate Cover

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At the top of the list, this is an amazing kennel cover with unimaginable features and flexible options of the application. It is indeed a 4 in 1 product that can transform into a seat cover, microfiber dog towel; it is even a protector for your furniture while remaining the best cover for the kennel. Furthermore, this always ensures a snug fit with the hoop-ties that are placed at the bottom.

Also, when you need cleaning you can just throw it in a machine and not get worried about any damage or risks of ruining it. The soft, as well as strong microfiber, is pretty compact Keep the crate totally out of light with this thick cover, just the way your dog would love it.

Key features

  • Can be folded into a very small bag and certainly transported with ease.
  • The fabric is dirt repellent and anti-bacterial too.
  • Extremely thick as well as the durable fabric used in construction.

Keep your precious four-legged friend always comfortable at their own personal space by using top-rated kennel cover.