Top 10 Best Instant Film Cameras in 2019 Reviews

Instant Film Cameras is becoming very popular  because they produce quality and clearer photos. An instant camera gives real photos without using a printer. These instant cameras are made by Fujifilm and Polaroid. These two companies manufacture various models which give you a chance to choose the best instant film cameras.

What are the benefits of owning the best instant film cameras?

Instant Film Cameras are very useful in the following ways;

i) Fun Artistries

Most of them feature a unique design that looks awesome which gives user confidence in taking photos especially in public places such. An attractive style improves the atmosphere of events such wedding, anniversaries and engagement ceremonies. It can transform various craft projects making them look good. By so doing, it enhances your creativity to greater extend.

ii) Chat Starter

They are very rare in the market due to their high demand, so anytime you pull it off at the beach it will attract the attention of people around. They will start admiring you gadget giving you the confidence of shooting photos. The chances are that most of the people especially teens have not used these instant film cameras, so they will wish to touch your device.

 iii) Great device for parties

Having instant film camera at the parties is an excellent way to capture fun combined with candid shots. During a wedding, each of the partners wishes the day would last forever which is not possible thus instant film cameras captures live photos that are so clear, it will always remind the couples of their remarkable day in life. You can directly share with fried through media experience of your day.

iv) Instantaneous Satisfaction

An instant camera gives a pleasant feel to the photographer. They feel proud that they have shot excellent photos. It develops photos very fast. All you have to do is snap the picture, and it directly shoots out the print.

v) Improves your Scrapbooking

Most have a broad range of adaptability. The user can try our various photo design. Polaroid-style depictions is an excellent addition to your scrapbook. Small white space below the image can be used to assign the date, label and time.

Which are the best instant Film Cameras in 2019?

Top 10 Best Instant Film Cameras in 2019 Reviews are listed below. It will help you an instant film camera that will serve all your photography intentions.

10. Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera

This device is one of the best instant film cameras in the market, but it’s a bit expensive. With its great design, this device is capable of changing the setting of your scene. The four scene settings allow you capture pictures of high quality. It also has the automatic flash feature which depends on the ambient light. This device takes instants color photographs of credit card size. This product also has other useful features which include adjustable exposure, auto flash function and various scene settings to enable the users to have beautiful pictures taken in any situation. This camera allows you to take photos that you will love when you look at them.

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i)Produces excellent quality glossy prints.

ii)Perfect for events such as vintage-themed weddings and engagements. Pictures leave a small space for the guest to write a message to the couples.


i)While capturing photos, it makes noise that create some form of humor.

Best Instant Film Cameras

9. Fujifilm Instax MINI 25 Instant Film Camera

This device is one of the best rated instant film cameras. It comes with the cute white design which many users love especially the ladies. There are many exciting features which can be found in this pretty small camera. One of the features is the high-quality lens that allows the camera to capture stunning pictures which look good when you print it out. Other features include the stylish design, small size which you will like, the durability and the self-portrait mirror for the selfies. This device is portable and straightforward to operate. Therefore, if you need a small instant camera of high quality, then this might be the one you want.


i)Its compact design makes easy to operate.

ii)Electronic flash ensures that the photos are very clear.


i)Its functionality is very limited and takes a bit longer to develop the film.

Best Instant Film Cameras

8. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera

The Fujifilm Instax wide instant camera covers both the idea of instant camera and large film. It prints off the film which is double the size of the films of other instant cameras. The two different focus zones enable you to take both close-up and far pictures. The feature of the tripod socket that it has is also great. The best part of this device is the fact that you get wide format photos which are great fun when you get together with people. Using this product, you get clear and best quality instant prints. The light and dark control aid in adding high and the subtle effects in the photos.


i)It uses 4 AA rechargeable batteries hence you can use it away from electronic gadgets very easily.

ii)Exposure switches control light and darts parts of the photo.


i)Some dealers do not include neck strap.

Best Instant Film Cameras

7. Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Camera

If you need a valuable model of the instant film cameras that shoots best self-portraits and landscape photos, this device is our best choice. It is long-lasting, has a sleek, streamlined design and is blue- themed. The improved lens and intelligent flash technology give the higher quality of a picture in the dark scene as its selfie mode with built-in selfie mirror which enables to shoot beautiful photos with no help of a third party.  It uses 2 CR2 batteries to get power. It also has the built-in self-timer and tripod socket that works best with the contemporary tripods.

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i)Selfie mode allows the user to take herself/himself photos.

ii)Available at reasonable price hence ideal for those with a limited budget.


i)It uses automatic operation only which might fail with time.

ii)The shutter is not located in the appropriate place.

Best Instant Film Cameras

6. Polaroid Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera

This instant digital camera was made with a lot of unique features to improve its performance. Apart from the ability of the conventional instant camera, this device can do much more because of its 4.5-inch wide full-color LCD Touchscreen to ease the operation of many people using it. Additionally, it has a card slot and 4GB memory which is expandable to 32 GB. The camera allows the users to upload the photo instantly to social networks. The instant printing offers the immediate gratification in the picture format of inkless.


i)4 MP resolution allows photos to be printed in large frames without losing their quality.

ii)Its design resemble Instagram icon that is very attractive.


i)Sometimes the touch screen is not sensitive.

Best Instant Film Cameras

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is amongst the best instant film camera with extremely popular model and design for many users especially ladies. To add to its unique look, this device is easy to operate, and it offers you excellent performance. This camera features the improved viewfinder for excellent visibility and clarity which ensures it captures the best photo every time. The slim body and light weight make this camera portable hence ideal for any vacation. It prints off the business card size pictures which have sticky backs. The new high-key mode enables it to find light in any situation.


i)Slim design there highly portable for outdoor events.

ii)Its operation is very simple and comfortable to variety of users.


i)It is very expensive though made of quality materials.

Best Instant Film Cameras

4. Fujifilm FU64-INSM9K040 Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 90 NEO CLASSIC Camera

This new Fujifilm instant film camera is a beautiful Neoclassic has a convenient Instax mini design which does not inconvenience you while traveling. Operating this device is simple. The two shutter buttons make the operation easy, and the inbuilt storage is enough for up to 40 films you can use to print the photos instantly. This device comes while it is already assembled and ready for usage. The lens it has are of the top-grade and has a higher processing speed of about 4 to 5 minutes without any need of electronics which makes it best for commercial purpose for example for people who cover social events such as weddings and birthdays. Additionally, this camera is affordable and has an eye-catching Instax mini camera.


i)50 exposure films that are includes inconveniences most of the users as they can take as many photos as the wish.

ii)It has two shutters ensuring quality photos.


i)Its resourcefulness is very limited.

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Best Instant Film Cameras

3. Polaroid One Step Silver Express Instant 600 Camera

This device provides the contemporary design and needs Polaroid 600 format film for instant pictures. It has the best features such as focus range of 4 feet to infinity, built-in automatic flash and the switchable lens for the close-up instant photos. You can operate this product so easily. To add on that, it is long-lasting and is unforgettable with the pop-up flash system. With the use of Polaroid 600 Platinum film, this instant film camera produces 3.13-by-3.13-inch exposures. This product is also affordable. Because Polaroid does not make the film any longer, there is no need for you to pass through the third party.


i)It features flexible lenses that you quickly change for regular and close-up shots.

ii)Automatically operated flash results in very clear photos.


i)Though it is quite expensive, you get gifts to accompany it.

Best Instant Film Cameras

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S Instant Film Camera

Mini 50s Instax instant film camera by Fujifilm is suitable for both professionals and individuals and it captures clear photographs. The triple socket design has the self-portrait timer which sets in handy while shooting the photos of the friends and families that are timed. The Auto built-in intelligent flash system it has suits perfect to every lighting condition. Its black compact piano body is easy to carry, stylish and straightforward to operate. Using this device, you can access an excellent performance close-up lens which works best in all the environmental conditions. It also uses 2 CR2 batteries to get power. This camera delivers in white or black color.


i)On purchase, it includes dual CR2 batteries together with a close-up lens.

ii)It is very small so that you can pack in your travel bag very easily.


i)Photos processing takes a bit of time.

Best Instant Film Cameras

1. Polaroid Z2300 10MP Instant Digital Camera

If you are looking for an instant film camera which stores pictures of high quality, then this device is yours. This camera allows you to take photos and print or upload them. It has the benefit of allowing you with high quality to edit the pictures before printing. It also lets you upload photos to a computer and print out pictures. If you want to print off instant memory on more occasions. This device also features ZINK technology which enables to capture, edit and print full-color prints in under one minute. In addition to that, the compact size and easy –to-operate features develops a great social machine.


i)Throwback design makes it compact and portable so that easily pack in you travel at ease.

ii)You get a 16GB memory as a gift with every purchase. USB cable is also available so that you can hook it quickly to a computer.


i)It is very expensive but gives you value for money.

Best Instant Film Cameras

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