Top 10 Best Instant Cameras in 2019 Reviews

Whether it is a wedding, party, picnic or any occasion, catching the unique jiffy with your camera keeps the memories that you will cherish forever. The best way to keep special moments forever is by taking pictures. Instant cameras allows you to take a picture and get them instantly, how cool is that? It is really fascinating to click your camera and get a printed copy at that very moment. We know how important those moments are, that is why we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Instant Cameras in 2019 Reviews, so that you never miss out on capturing any scene you like.

10. Fuji Instax Mini 25 Camera

Fuji Instax Mini 25 is an easy to use point and shoot camera that can print 2×3 inches images. It has an extra shutter button on the side that makes it easy to take portrait and landscape photos. The camera comes with a cose-up lens, auto flash, and a self portrait mirror. The camera is very affordable, easy to use and perfect for people looking to have throwback fun.

Best Instant Cameras

Fuji Instax Mini 25 Camera

9. Lomography Diana F Instant Camera

Lomography Diana F Instant Camera is a great option if you have camera knowledge and you are looking for more out of an instant film. It is not a point and shoot camera as you have to adjust the aperture and select the shutter from the 2 available options. You can shoot as many times as you want on the same frame. The pictures produced are lo-fi and soft-focused images. It is a great option for a creative photographer.

Best Instant Cameras

Lomography Diana F Instant Camera

8. Fuji Instax Mini 50s Camera

Fuji Instax Mini 50s Camera gives you more settings than its sister in position 8. It comes with 2 batteries, close-up lens, and a strap. The photo dimensions are 46×62 mm. The camera is lightweight, easy to use and even has a timer for taking a selfie. The camera is available in white and black color. It a great choice if you want to experience instant camera magic.

Best Instant Cameras

Fuji Instax Mini 50s Camera

7. Polaroid Z2300 10MP Digital

Polaroid Z2300 is available in 5 different colors and takes photos with a resolution of 10MP. It has a LCD viewing screen and has an SD card slot is expandable to 32 GB for uploading photos to your PC. The printed pictures have a sticky back making them great for scrapbooking. The photos having a dimension of 2×3 inches take less a minute to print. It is a mix of old and new technology.

Best Instant Cameras

Polaroid Z2300 10MP Digital Instant Camera

6. Polaroid Socialmatic 14MP Camera

Polaroid Socialmatic is the most expensive camera in our list. This is understandable as it is an Android tablet and a camera all in one. While not taking photos, you can use the Polaroid Socialmatic read a book or check your mail as it connects to Wi-Fi. You can edit, print photos, and then upload them to social media. You have the option of printing multiple copies at once. The camera is powered by a Lithium-ion battery.

Best Instant Cameras

Polaroid Socialmatic 14MP Camera

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S is a reliable and easy to use camera. It is inexpensive thus perfect as a first camera for taking photos in any social events such as weddings, parties and more. The images that are produced are of the same size as that of a credit card. It is a simple point and shoot camera. The camera is lightweight hence you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Best Instant Cameras

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Camera

4. Polaroid PIC-300P

Polaroid PIC-300P is available in 4 different colors each with 4 scene setting. The camera has a sharp focus and is easy to use. It is great for parties as the photos give you an old school sentiment. The business card-sized photos develop quickly. You have films stocked as everyone will want a picture from this amazing camera.

Best Instant Cameras

Polaroid PIC-300P Instant Film Camera

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera features a 70s design which is great for the personality of this camera. You get to choose from 2-shutter positions to take landscape or portrait images. Taking photos with this camera is as easy as taking photos with your phone. The photos come out clear. The camera design and settings makes this camera an excellent choice for adults and people who like to have fun in a unique way.

Best Instant Cameras

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera

2. Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Z340 is a 14 megapixel instant digital camera that allows you to take, view, edit and print photos on a 3-inch screen. The photo size is same as the one in old Polaroids. It comes with many shooting programs with options of adding filters, stamps and borders. The camera comes with a 30-day limited warranty.

Best Instant Cameras

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

1. Fujifilm Instax 210 Camera

Fujifilm Instax 210 is a deal to beat as it comes 5 twin packs of instax film (100photos). You can get film easily and is the camera is reliable. It has a plastic construction which fragile so you need to take great care when open and closing compartments. It has an LCD control panel for easy navigation and the photos produced have a vintage touch while still maintaining good quality.

Best Instant Cameras

Fujifilm Instax 210 Camera

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