Top 10 Best Indoor Grow Lights (from LED, HID and Fluorescent)

Indoor growing may not be as natural as outdoor growing since most plants require sunlight to make their food and grow healthy. You will need to provide an alternative source of light that will equally be good for your in-house plants. This is possible with grow lamps for indoor growing. These lamps are many in the offing and may not be easy for you to identify, though. A good lamp should not only generate visible light but also create a suitable environment for the growth of plants. It should be durable and have an efficient system that you will enjoy using on a day-to-day basis. To assist you in making the right choice, we reviewed features of some bestsellers herein.

Our Picks for Best Indoor Grow Lights in 2021

10. Phlizon Newest LED Plant Grow Lamp

Phlizon Newest LED Plant Grow Lamp

You will love the simplicity of the Phlizon Newest Plant Grow lamp. It has two color buttons from which you can choose from depending on the growth stage of your plants. You also get an efficient lighting veg setting for seedlings and a bloom option for flowering and maturity stages. Finally, Phlizon has a full spectrum light with the universal Blue-Red infrared UV and white light to promote plant growth and defense mechanisms.

The lamp does not have a reflector. Therefore, the risk of it overheating and burning your house down is low. Besides, it has two cooling fans, which protect your garden from high heat while in use. This lamp is the perfect size for a small beginners’ three-square feet garden. Installed with 1200 watts LED lights, this makes only consume a maximum of 300 watts of power per day. Therefore, it will not raise your electricity bill abnormally.

Why We Like
  • 1200-watt LED bulb
  • Full-spectrum light
  • Double switch system
  • Seedling and bloom settings
  • Two years limited warranty
Our Verdict

Do you have a hydroponic system or grow micro plants in trays. To generate ample light for flowering, blooming, or maturation, check out this 1200-watt double bulb model from Phlizon. You can control its LED bulbs independents using switches. It is also durable and has a full spectrum light that supports most plants.

9. Roleadro LED Grow Lamp

Roleadro LED Grow Lamp

With added RED light in its full-spectrum, the Roleadro LED Grow lamp will increase your indoor productivity compared to other designs. It utilizes infrared light, which enables your plants to grow fast and produce food indoors, also has a unique ninety degrees optical lens for a higher PAR and full light absorption to shorten your plants’ growth cycle. It only uses 130 watts of power and hence, an excellent energy-saving tool.

This LED Grow Lamp both the VEG and BLOOM options for use in different stages of plant growth. To keep temperatures relatively low, this design has a dual fan and adequate ventilations to emit heat from the lamp to the outside. Instead of a reflector, this product adopts a unique LED format. It prevents other LEDs from blowing out when one burns out and hence is much safer.

Why We Like
  • Veg and Bloom options
  • Low-powered system (130W)
  • Soothing infrared light
  • Long-lasting LED lamps
Our Verdict

With an indoor garden, you do not spend money on expensive tools such as electric tillers. If your potting mix is good and your light-source adequate, you can produce tons of food quickly. The Roleadro LED lamp takes care of the latter. Its power-efficient LED system has Veg and Bloom options for improving growth.

8. BESTVA Remote Control Series

BESTVA Remote Control Series

The BESTVA Remote Control Series has a double 10-watt chip to prolong its lifespan and for brighter lighting. This LED lamp is a great power saver. It consumes only 340 watts of energy despite it being a 2000-watt lamp. This unit has a timer controlled via the remote control to set lighting hours, just like having a sunrise and sunset. You may also use the remote to select between VEG and BLOOM to match your plants’ stage of growth.

Its casing is aluminum made with several vents to emit heat from the inside. It also has a robust cooling fan to maintain low temperatures. This unit can singularly cover a large area of more than seven square foot at only two feet high. Its full spectrum light is as good as sunlight for accelerated growth.

Why We Like
  • 2000-watt LED system
  • 4-in-1 remote control
  • Covers seven square feet
  • Heavy-duty aluminum
  • Robust cooling fan (vented)
Our Verdict

With BESTVA, you can grow plants in a seven square foot area without breaking the bank. Its 2000-watt system uses only 130 watts of electricity. You will also appreciate its versatile cooling system, robust LED bulbs, and long-lasting aluminum case.

7. King Plus LED Grow Lamp

King Plus LED Grow Lamp

The King Plus LED grow lamp will last for a long time, thanks to the 10-watt double chips. These balance PAR and lumen output, are brighter, and illuminate most plants species efficiently. With only 185w of power requirement, this design will not deplete your cash. Its electrical voltage requirements are also universal, and hence do not need ballasts to regulate current or voltage.

King Plus offers plants a full spectrum of light with all essential colors, as they would get outdoors. It has two switches to choose between vegetative and blooming stages of your plants to accelerate their growth. The casing has larger vents to aid in cooling the lamp. Additionally, it has a dual fan system to keep internal heat to the minimum and prevent blowing out of LEDs. This make comes with a hanging chain for ease of installation.

Why We Like
  • UV and IR spectrums
  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Universal electrical system
  • 10-watt double chips
Our Verdict

King Plus uses only 10 watts of power to generate soothing infrared and UV light for plants. It is easy to set up indoors via standard power sockets and has long-lasting double-chip LEDs.



The engineering behind the MARS HYDRO LED grow lamp is to balance and optimize PAR value. The idea is to produce a full-spectrum light with broad light bands and infrared. This is to maximize plant growth and defense mechanism. More red lights yield bigger flowers, fruits, and hence, higher productivity per square foot. It also has a power-efficient design with an average daily consumption of approximately 192 watts.

In terms of effectiveness, this lighting can cover an eight-foot square at the height of only 18 inches. It is lightweight and hence easy to install using the provided hanging cord. This system also features a daisy chain function where you can connect a series of similar lamps from one source of power. Therefore, you will end up having a smartly wired garden. The base fan and ventilation offer a perfect cooling system to this lamp.

Why We Like
  • Balanced PAR value
  • Cover 8-feet of space
  • Low-powered (192W)
  • Supports most plants
Our Verdict

Using the MARS HYDRO grow lamp, you can grow big flowers and or fruits indoors in an eight-foot area. Even though it uses only 192w of power per day, the full spectrum light it produces has a balance PAR value, which supports all plants.



The smaller version of the VIPARSPECTRA LED Grow lamp is your suitable option if you have a small garden for growing your indoor plants. This design comes with a daisy chain style of connecting other lamps under one power socket. If you happen to expand your garden, then you will not require additional power points. It produces a full spectrum light with very low energy utilization of fewer than 136 watts. The results are your plants producing more and bigger buds for higher productivity.

VIPARSPECTRA is a good grow lamp for beginners. It has an aluminum heat sink, which prevents overheating. Also, its double cooling fans will ensure low production of heat. It includes a hanging kit to make your installation is much easier. It is also a plug-and-play lighting with no need to install ballasts.

Why We Like
  • UL-certified safe
  • Double cooling fans
  • Robust heatsink (aluminum)
  • Plug and use lighting
Our Verdict

VIPARSPECTRA’s UL-certified technology is one of the safest and most dependable models in this niche. The aluminum heatsink that it comes with prevents overheating. It also has cooling fans, which boosts its safety further and aid pollination of plants.

4. Growstar Double Chips LED Grow Lamp

Growstar Double Chips LED Grow Lamp

The higher wattage Growstar double chips LED grow lamp will give your plants enough light concentration. It has a brighter output compared to other models. Despite its high wattage, this lamp has a lower power usage and a higher PAR output. It only consumes 200 watts of power per day. The double chip LEDs are at a right angle to your plants. As such, they concentrate and direct high-density light to your plants for a bigger harvest.

It is a better choice if you want a higher output and at a lower cost. The lamp produces a full spectrum lighting that resembles natural sunlight. Your plants will grow as they would on an outdoor garden. The design features the innovative daisy chain power connectivity. Hence, you can connect several lights from one power source. Finally, the inclusion of a hanging kit makes the installation and use of this grow light easy and comfortable.

Why We Like
  • Full-spectrum lighting
  • Higher PAR output
  • 200-watt daily consumption
  • Double chip LEDs
Our Verdict

The full spectrum light that Growstar generates mimics sunlight. Thus, if you have an indoor garden, you will grow healthy plants without using the sun. It is power efficient as well, which is good.

3. Phlizon Cree Cob Series LED Grow Lamp

Phlizon Cree Cob Series LED Grow Lamp

The Phlizon Cree Cob Series is a professional grow Lamp for all growth stages of your plants. It utilizes the integration of Cree and Cob full spectrum LEDs to deliver higher brightness and stability than standard LEDs. The technology has small thermal resistance and hence, light reduction. Its lamp beads produce a full spectrum light with different wavelengths for all species of plants (including those with a higher photosynthetic density).

With Phlizon, expect faster plant growth and higher yields. It is a long-lasting grow lamp, which can take care of three stages of plant growth naturally. You can select between seed germination, flowering, and later growth stage using the provided remote. You can also choose these options manually via the two switches provided on this light. The design also features a four-fan cooling system to keep the lamps always cool.

Why We Like
  • Independent switches (two)
  • Four-fan cooling system
  • Has full spectrum LEDs
  • Supports all plant stages
Our Verdict

The full-spectrum LEDs of Phlizon Cree Cob lamp nature plants from seedlings to maturity. They are durable and customizable via two independent switches located on top of the grow lamps.

2. Dimgogo 1500w LED Grow Lamp

Dimgogo 1500w LED Grow Lamp

Most designs in the market have single or double chip LED lighting. However, the Dimgogo 1500w LED Grow lamp is an exemption with triple chips for a powerful grow light. This lamp is magically efficient and much brighter. Additionally, it does not consume as much power as you would imagine. Its vast coverage area saves its users a lot of energy. Its large-scale production saves time and effort by monitoring the growth of many plants.

Dimgogo has three cooling fans that prevent it from overheating. You will like how quiet its three fans run. Besides, it has an aluminum heat sink and a vented top cover, which enhance its safety further. This gives you peace of mind and assurance that there is no risk of the light burning out. The large panel can comfortably garden an area of more than thirty-six square foot.

Why We Like
  • Vented cover (sides)
  • Quiet cooling fans (three)
  • Covers 36 square feet
  • Double chip LEDs (1500w)
Our Verdict

The double-chip LEDs (1500w) of Dimgogo support large scale production of fruits and vegetables indoors. It covers up to 36 square feet of space. It also has fans (three) and vents for safety.

1. VIHIMAI 1000W LED Grow Lamp

VIHIMAI 1000W LED Grow Lamp

Equipped with a triple chip LED design, the VIHIMAI 1000W LED grow lamp has a better concentration of light. Its LEDs are at 60 degrees compared to the others makes at 90 degrees. This assures your plants of a higher PAR, more than what outdoor plants would get in a day. The design is for professional indoor growing of plants as well as hydroponic agriculture.

It features a four-fan cooling system to lower the temperatures its highly powerful LEDs generate. You can be sure the light will be so cool you can touch it with your hands. Its two switches for Veg and Bloom facilitate the right type of light at the right stage of growth. Its daisy chain power connector can link of up to six additional lights from the same power source. Included in this pack, are sturdy copper hanging hooks to sustain its weight.

Why We Like
  • Copper hanging hooks
  • Powerful LED bulbs
  • Supports hydroponics
  • Veg and Bloom settings
Our Verdict

VIHIMAI is a powerful (1000 watts) cool-to-touch grow lamp that supports most forms of indoor agriculture. You can set it to induce vegetative growth or bloom plants. It can also promote proper fruit formation if placed at the correct high. The lamp has powerful bulbs (LED) and hanging hooks (copper) for safety.

What to Look for in a Grow Lamp


Which type of grow lamp are do you want to buy? Fluorescent bulbs are high throughput items that generate a full spectrum of light. However, they are not as efficient and LED bulbs are and thus can frustrate people with shallow pockets. LED lamps are also cooler, durable, and support the growth of most types of plants. Incandescent and plasma grow lights are also popular; particularly in low capacity grow settings. Choose the best one.


The longevity of a grow lamp is a critical accessory to check out if you plan to garden for long. What is the value of the materials used to make your lamp of choice? It should have a durable case, most preferably aluminum. Products with over 1000 lamp hours are also durable and this suitable for high throughput gardening.


While shopping for a grow lamp, keep your safety and the safety of your plants in mind. To avoid overheating and damaging your plants or home, for instance, shop for a product that runs cool. Vented models with quiet cooling fans are ideal. It should also lack ozone depleters and chemicals that can damage your plants.

Conclusion: Did you know that the success of your garden is dependent on the quality of light you provide your plants? Our top ten picks generate full-spectrum light, which mimics sunlight. You can also customize their performance to match the type of plants you are nurturing. With one, expect a positive gardening experience.