Top 10 Best Ice Crushers in 2019 Reviews

In homes and places of entertainment such as bars and restaurants, crushed ice is a sought-after resource for numerous reasons. It is perfect for chilling drinks, for instance. It is also an excellent preservative and has a cooling sensation in the body when chewed. To produce crushed ice in bulk for whichever applications, an ice crusher is one of the best accessories to use. Using brute force, most models produce ounces of crushed ice in minutes. They are also easier to use and do not cost as much as refrigerators and the ice makers individuals have used for years. To get a quality one for personal or commercial use, this reviews highlights 10 of the bestselling models in 2019 worth purchasing.

10. Yescom Commercial

To produce crushed ice in bulk without spending a fortune Yes Commercial is a recommended product to use. As its name suggests, it has a durable professional-grade design with a myriad of interesting features that individuals like. Built to generate up to 440 pounds of crushed ice per hour, it is one of the best for commercial use. Blades (dual stainless steel) are durable, while its efficient electrical system (250-watt) eases crushing. You also get BPA-free stainless steel body and a waterproof on/off switch.

9. Zeny Ice Shaver/Crusher

With Zeny, you get an advanced two in one (crusher and shaver) ice machine with a classic silver themed. Made of stainless steel, its body and blades are both corrosion and rust proof. They are also durable and lack chemicals such as BPA found in plastics. Whether you are looking for a machine for personal or commercial use, this model will satisfy your needs. Rated to produce up to 145 pounds of crushed or shaved ice per hours, it can satisfy high demands. Its stable heavy base boosts its safety and performance, while its sleek and eye-catching design blends well in homes.

8. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700

Forget about the ice bag and the mallet that you use to crush ice manually at home. To fast track the process without compromising quality, consider buying a premium crusher such as Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700. Durable, stable, and with a powerful electrical system that breezes through the toughest of crushing jobs, it is an ideal day-to-day accessory. Its great looking design blends well on countertops, while its suitability for making shaved ices, snow cones, and slushies is ideal. This product is kid-safe, very easy to operate, and has a one-year warranty.

7. DELLA 048-GM-48184

Measuring 14-1/2 x 9-3/4 x 12-3/4-inches, DELLA 048-GM-48184 is a portable ice maker, with a classic red-themed body. Its aesthetic value aside, most individuals choose it to its competition because of its performance. The compressor-based refrigeration technology it uses, for instance, makes ice cubes (two sizes) fast. DELLA 048-GM-48184 also has a sleek and performance-oriented design with a see-through window for checking progress and UL and ETL certification. In a home or a restaurant, therefore, you can use it on demand every day without worrying about safety.

6. Victorio Kitchen Products VKP1126

With Victorio Kitchen Products VKP1126, you get a portable hand cranked ice crusher that works as well as electrical models. Fortunately, it is cheaper. The super-tough stainless steel blades it uses have adjustable coarseness (fine and coarse), while its huge capacity suits most needs. Instead of making small amounts of crushed ice for your party, purchase this crusher to make up to four cups in minutes. For safety, all its components are BPA-free. You also get a strong suction base that prevents spills and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all its defects.

5. Victorio Kitchen Products Time for Treats

Unlike the hand cranked VKP1126 ice crusher listed, Time for Treats by Victorio Kitchen Products is a powerful electrical model. Christened the Avalanche, its ability to make fast treats such as party drinks, slushies, and snow cones has attracted positive global attention. Blades are adjustable stainless steel ones, while the safety switch it comes with prevents its blades from turning whilst its lid is open. This prevents spills. It also improves the safety of users, particularly novice ones. Victorio Kitchen Products Time for Treats is affordable and works with regular ice cubes.

4. Waring Pro IC70 Professional

With Waring Pro IC70, you get a professional-grade stainless steel ice crusher with a large tub. Fitted with stainless steel blades (heavy duty), it breezes through the toughest of ice crushing jobs. Output is approximately 50 pounds per hour, while the wide-mouthed funnel attachment it comes with holds up to 12 cups of ice. If you enjoy chewing ice, or host parties often, it is a valuable accessory to have around. Built to North American standards, Waring Pro IC70 Professional is safe for personal and commercial use. Operation is a breeze while the detailed ice recipes buyers get betters the process further.

3. SharkNinja Ninja Express Chop NJ110GR

Featuring a multi-functional 200-watt design that grinds and chops ices and cooking ingredients, Ninja Express Chop NJ110GR offers value. For those with small families, this product as a compact and well-finished design that does not clutter space. Components are durable, while the BPA-free three-cup container it comes with lacks contaminants such as BPA. Even though cheap, you get a durable day-to-day accessory with a specially designed power head that you will never have problems using.

2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A

Do you enjoy Hawaiian shaved ice? To make your own at home with minimal effort, Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A is one of the best tools to use. Popular in top 10 best ice crushers in 2019 reviews, its durability is desirable. Its electricity-powered (55-watts) system is reliable and super-convenient, while its attractive countertop design blends well in kitchens. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A is dishwasher safe. It is also under warranty (one year) and has a multi-functional system that produces fluffy and snowy ice for margaritas and slushies. Forget about buying its competition.

1. SharkNinja Ninja Master Prep QB900B

Featuring a non-slip base, a large and BPA-free container, and a powerful 400-watts system, Ninja Master Prep QB900B tops our list. With one, forget about manually crushing ice or chopping ingredients using knives and other traditional remedies. This powerful all in one accessory does the foregoing faster and in an efficient manner. It is also durable, easy to assemble and use, and comes with numerous add-ons that make its operation fun. With an original, for instance, you get a fitting anti-splash guard. You also get two interchangeable cups, a power pod (400 watts), and a convenient pour spout (easy flip).

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