Top 10 Best Homemade Automatic Deer Feeders Reviews In 2021

Deer feeding is in fashion for a significant amount of time. And has also grown more popular in recent years. A lot of individuals resort to providing food for the animals in the outdoors for various reasons. No matter what the reason is, if you wish to feed deer, deer feeders are the best solution. These feeders store the food and release food as per the timer is set. Some have only one timer function while other has many.

The 10 best  automatic deer feeders you see in the list are the very best in the market. If you wish to choose from the best, these are your top options which you can buy directly. Each and every product is well explained with their features and uniqueness. Have a look at the products.

Table of the Best Automatic Deer Feeders Reviews

10. Wildgame Innovations W225D Poly Barrel Tri-Pod Digital Feeder

Deer Feeders

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Wish to take your love for animals to a whole new level and set up a feeding process for them? This barrel deer feeder understands your desire and is designed to ensure an effortless feeding time. With just 15 minutes of your time, you can set up the feeder and watch the magic. There are 4 available feeding times for your comfort and flexibility.

Furthermore, the high-end construction of the feeder deserves appreciation in all ways. As it features an advanced rivet system, the whole set up process goes by effortlessly. Also, the feeder has a built-in funnel system which readily minimizes wastage of food. Besides, the 30-gallon capacity is an added benefit on the feeder.

Key features:

  • The leg kit is heavy-duty and assured with 12 piece coating for supreme durability.
  • Certainly an impressive 30ft and 360-degree feeding range.
  • Spinner plate is made of galvanized steel for added service life.

9. Moultrie Pro Hunter Metal Feeder Kit – ABS Plastic Housing

Moultrie Pro Hunter Metal Feeder Kit - ABS Plastic Housing

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Indeed an example of a deer feeder kit that gives you the comfort of setting up in any outdoor. This one is well-constructed and well-designed to make your deer feeding process much easier. It is a professional feeder kit that has the reliability of ABS plastic housing and even equipped with innovative technology. There is a digital timer program advantage, rewarding you with 6 feed times in one whole day. Even the duration of each session can be customized anywhere between 1 to 20 seconds.

As a matter of fact, there is a quick lock design. Hence it makes it easily compatible with various kinds of hopper and barrel. Moreover, the feeder has an external power cord and battery indicator to let you have the right knowledge of the remaining battery.

Key features:

  • The spin plate and funnel is made of metal and is windproof.
  • Features estimator for the food level.
  • Varmint guard is built in and aids in the feeding process.

8. Outdoor Product Innovations Rhino Outpost Stealth Game Hanging Feeder

Outdoor Product Innovations Rhino Outpost Stealth Game Hanging Feeder

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Designed and manufactured by the brand, Outdoor Product Innovations, this is a very reliable feeder that serves the purpose brilliantly. It has an outpost design which is capable of holding as much as 20 pounds of food in it.

Furthermore, the feeding time in the deer feeder timer is selected as per your choice and convenience. You can use the feeder for up to 4 times in a whole day, meaning complete control and flexibility always. Also, the feed rate is selectable just the way you wish to. It uses a motorized feeding mechanism and even includes a timer to offer more control over the process.

Key features:

  • Weighs as less as just 25 pounds when completely full.
  • Comes with a carrying bag for the ease of carrying.
  • Concealed colour scheme aids in the perfect blending with the surroundings.

7. Moultrie 5 Gallon All in One Deer Feeder with Timer

Moultrie 5 Gallon All in One Deer Feeder with Timer

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Searching for an all-in-one feeder that is blessed with a significant amount of capacity? This will satisfy your requirements. Firstly, it is a user-friendly feeder which you can use for all sorts of the feeding process. In fact, using it is not at all difficult. It has assembled feeder, bucket, deer feeder batteries and funnel which comes ready. Thus one can use it instantaneously.

Moreover, there is practically no need for additional efforts in setting up or installation of the feeder. Also, there is a programmable digital timer to help you work with this in an even better way. The carry handle lets you easily set it up and move it around when you feel the need.

Key features:

  • Has an added ability to attach a solar panel.
  • Offers 4 different feeding times for your flexibility.
  • Impressive 5-gallon capacity.

6. Wildgame Innovations Real Tree Camo Steel Pail Feeder

Wildgame Innovations Real Tree Camo Steel Pail Feeder

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Certainly, something that will blend in with the outdoors in the most fascinating way. The real tree camouflage pattern is certainly advantageous in various ways. When installed in the outdoors, there is hardly any or minimum chances of anyone spotting the feeder. In terms of design, the feeder has an astounding 50 gallons of capacity. It is much higher than most others in the market.

Along with that, there is an option of dawn and dusk feeding times with this. Furthermore, this durable feeder has an impressive 30 ft 360-degrees of feeding range for ultimate results.

Key features:

  • Comes with a plastic photocell control unit.
  • Spinner plate is constructed out of galvanized steel for long term durability.
  • Innovative hanging pail design.

5. On Time 71540 Buckeye Gravity Feeder

On Time 71540 Buckeye Gravity Feeder

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One of the most user-friendly and simplistic designed feeders in the market you get this reliable option. The entire feeder is designed without any moving parts to ensure there is no breaking down of any. In addition to that, there are no added hassles of replacing batteries as the feeder works without batteries. The hopper is made of premium quality and durable polyethylene and is even UV resistant for better results.

Further, there is an innovative internal cone that assures not a single seed gets left behind. Along with that, the benefit of three feeding stations is commendable while the user-friendly removable lid makes refilling very easy.

Key features:

  • Outstanding 200 pounds of deer feeder capacity.
  • Designed with three metal legs for unmatched stability and ease of eating.
  • Legs also work as a feed delivery system.

4. Moultrie Pro Magnum 30-Gallon Hanging Deer Feeder with Metal Hanging Bar

Moultrie Pro Magnum 30-Gallon Hanging Deer Feeder with Metal Hanging Bar

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Deer feeders have a bigger purpose to serve and with this amazing product, you can cover all your needs perfectly. Equipped with digital timer programs, this advanced level feeder is capable of feeding up to 6 times in a day. Plus, feeding times are totally in your control and you can select between 1 and 20 seconds for the work.

Moreover, it packs a brilliant level of construction. From the barrel to the funnel along with the spin plate and housing is made of metal. For your peace of mind, the company offers you a lifetime warranty. Lastly, you can even connect it with solar panels for added benefits.

Key features:

  • The spin plat has raised edges to prevent the action of wind.
  • Have two battery compartments for more service time.
  • Designed with a built-in feed level estimator.

3. Moultrie Pro Magnum All Metal Housing Deer Feeder Kit

Moultrie Pro Magnum All Metal Housing Deer Feeder Kit

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Yet another supreme feeder from Moultrie, like the others, this one is also technologically advanced. It has the reliability of digital timer programs. As a matter of fact, it offers up to 6 feeding times throughout the day each ranging between 1 and 20 seconds. Given that, the innovative diamond-shaped spin plate is user-friendly and has an all-metal housing for added durability.

Further, there is a built-in funnel and varmint guard to make sure all your feed is well used. With the dual battery compartment, you can readily add more life to the feeder. While the external power port ensures the work is carried out in the right way.

Key features:

  • Has a large LCD screen for hassle-free and effortless programming.
  • Battery indicator keeps you aware of the battery life.
  • Feed level estimator is inbuilt.

2. American Hunter R-Pro Automatic Feeder Kit

American Hunter R-Pro Automatic Feeder Kit

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Why compromise with low-quality feeders when you have the option of selecting the very best in the market. Designed with an excellent concept, this feeder is quite unique and smart in its own ways. There is a reliable weather-resistant housing on the entire feeder. It makes sure you can hang it all day all night without having to worry about rains and snow.

Furthermore, the use of premium and highest quality materials in the construction makes it very reliable in everyday applications. There are added benefits of Varmint guard and even the feed rate is totally adjustable in all situations.

Key features:

  • Has a unique analogue clock timer for ease of usage.
  • Compatible with all feed containers.

1. MOULTRIE All-in-One Hanging Deer Feeder with Adjustable Timer

MOULTRIE All-in-One Hanging Deer Feeder with Adjustable Timer

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Moultrie is certainly one of the most popular names in the field of feeders. And this is their one of the best products to ever make it to the market. It is a pack of 2 feeders in one and each has as much as 5 gallons of storage. The tapered shape of the buckets ensures no food is lost during consumption. While the metal spin plate that aids in the eating process is extremely sturdy and strong.

Even better, you can use the feeder directly out of the box and requires zero assembly efforts whatsoever.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a digitally smart timer.
  • Offer up to 4 different timings of feeding.
  • No limitations on the feeding time in each session.

Keep feeding the wild or deer from time to time. Buy a deer feeder and say goodbye to the hassles of feeding them at every interval.