Top 10 Best Hiking Boots in 2019 Reviews

Even though enjoyable, hiking is a challenging outdoor activity, fraught with numerous risk. Foot injuries, for instance, are among the leading problems that individuals face during such escapades. The risk of scorpion and or snakebites is also a significant threat in remote outdoor environments that most individuals hike. Even though caution is one of the best remedies for these risks, a pair of quality hiking boots also comes in handy. The tough materials used to make them stabilize feet well to minimize the sprains and other foot injuries. Water and impact resistance are desirable, while their sturdy deep lugged soles grip most types of surfaces well to improve stability and safety. Even though many top-rated models are available in Amazon, choose one of the 10 models to have the time of your life outdoors.

10. Adidas Outdoor AX2

Home to durable technologically advanced shoes for both men and women, Adidas has captivated individuals with its quality shoes for decades now. With comfort as its major selling points, it has grown to become the go-to brand of millions of people worldwide, hikers includes. If you enjoy scaling rocks or mountains and want a pair of light yet tough hiking boots for everyday use, Adidas Outdoor AX2 is ideal. Featuring an advanced mid core-tex design, made of textile and synthetic materials, its comfort level is desirable. Its durable rubber sole absorbs impact well, while its low maintenance black, dark shade, and light scarlet theme blends well outdoors. For a custom fit, this shoe has a lined interior, a lightweight midsole that offered long-term cushioning, and a molded sockliner.

9. Salomon X Ultra

Confused for an ordinary sports shoe, Salomon X Ultra is as hard as hiking boots comes. It is also light, stylish, and has a multi-functional mid-cut design that users appreciate. With an original pair, therefore, you do not have to worry about a heavy boot weighing you down or a poorly finished one irritating you. Featuring a black and aluminum theme, this boot is eye-catching. The leather and fabric used to make it are professional-grade, while its durable rubber sole is not only comfortable but also designed to dampen stress and impact well. Finally, you get a comfortable 5-inch shaft, waterproof lining (GORE-TEX), and a custom-fitting lace-up design with a high traction CONTAGRIP outsole.

8. Timberland White Ledge

Featuring the classic brown themed that individual like the Timberland brand for, White Ledge is an attractive everyday hiking boot for women. Made of high-density leather, its durability is desirable. The material is also water resistant and has a tough well-reinforced design that maintains its shape over time. Whether you are a novice or a professional hiker, therefore, expect an optimal level of protection with an original pair in hand. Low cut, this boot’s 4.5-inch shaft is comfortable. Its upper and reinforced seams are waterproof, while the moisture transfer lining on its interior keeps feet dry and comfortable in all weather.

7. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

When shopping for a hiking boot, a durable waterproof model will serve you better than the cheaply made ones in stores. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus, for instance, is a valuable squash and cordovan-themed model made of leather and synthetic fabrics. Even though heavier than the Salomon X Ultra boot listed, water resistance is impeccable. Its shaft is a low cut 5-inch design, while the flexible rubber sole it comes with is comfortable and designed to withstand abuse well. It also has a high traction Omni-grip outsole, a padded Techlite midsole, and a breathable lace-up vamp that delivers a snug and comfortable fit.

6. Hi-Tec Bandera

Hi-Tec is a valuable boot brand with numerous high-grade accessories in its arsenal. The Bandera, for instance, is a top-rated mid-cut boot with a 100% waterproof design that hikers appreciate. Ideal for outdoor use, the premium leather and textile use to make it perform well on harsh outdoor terrain. Their puncture-proof designs, for instance, not only withstand abuse well but also protect feet from injuries. They are also comfortable, low-maintenance, and have a striking mustard, brown, and bone theme that most individuals consider charming. As most endorsed brands, this shoe has a sturdy shaft (5-inches), a removable cushioned midsole, and a lace up system that delivers a custom fit.

5. Ahnu Sugarpine

Ideal for female hikers, this dark burgundy Ahnu Sugarpine boot is a stylish outdoor accessory with a comfortable rubber sole. The leather and textile used to make it are durable, low maintenance, and designed to keep water out of feet. Its shaft (5.75-inches) is long yet stable, while its low-profile heel (one inch) works well on all terrain. On smooth, coarse, or rocky rounds, you will walk comfortably. Coupled with its advanced momentum technology, you will also create stable and efficient strides, which lowers the risk of injuries.

4. Vasque Breeze 2.0

With Vasque Breeze 2.0, expect a brown-themed Gore-Tex hiking boot with a durable and water-resistant design made of high-density leather. Its shaft is approximately 6-inches tall from the arch. The synthetic sole it comes with is professional-grade, while its low-profile 1.25-inch heel and platform (0.75-inches) are not only stable but also fun to walk on. If you have sensitive feet and like hiking, this boot will benefit you. The dual density footbed (EVA) it comes with cushions feet well. The breathable abrasion resistant mesh panels it comes with keep feet cool, while its wide boot opening (12-inches) eases wearing and removal.

3. Salomon Quest 4D

Featured in top 10 best hiking boots for women in 2019 reviews, Salomon Quest 4D delivers a comfortable experience on the toughest of terrains. Perfect for hiking, it has a light yet durable design made of quality textile and leather. Its style is impeccable while its stable high cut shaft (6-inches) stabilizes the ankle well for a safe and comfortable hiking experience. For stability, this boot has a reinforced chassis that optimizes protection. It also has a rubber toecap that protects the foot and a rugged lacing that secures it well.

2. KEEN Targhee II

Women love this KEEN Targhee II hiking boot. While its stylish design is a major draw, the level of comfort and stability wearers enjoy has made it a darling of most avid and recreational hikers. Made of high-grade leather, for instance, it is sturdy, impact-resistant, and has the classic old school look that hikers appreciate. Its sole is a durable rubberized model, while its low cut shaft (4.5-inches) enables users to scale rocks with no restriction. As most boots reviewed on this list, KEEN Targhee II is 100% waterproof. Its platform (1-inch) and heel (1.5-inches) are stable, while its dual-density footbed (EVA) and ESS torsion stability shank enhance comfort and stability.

1. Timberland Chocorua

Made of full grain leather laced with flexible fabric, Timberland Chocorua is a top-grade hiking boot with a comfortable mid-cut design. Its shaft (5-inches) is comfortable and has a wide round opening for easier wearing and removal. Its sole (synthetic) is also durable while its sealed waterproof construction comes in handy during rainy days. By keeping water out, it keeps feet dry, which in turn minimizes irritation. For comfort, you get a dual-density EVA footbed (removable), smooth moisture-wicking lining and a padded tongue and collar.

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